President Obama A Class Act: Interrupted By Quacking Duck Ringtone During Gay Rights Speech – No Problem Without The Teleprompter

Obama Duck Ringtone

This Guy Is The Right Blend Of Approachable, Dignified Authority & Leadership – And Yes, He Does OK Without A Teleprompter

I haven’t agreed with everything that President Obama has done since he took office, but that’s ok – he probably wouldn’t agree with everything I’ve done either. He’s trying to implement some big changes in the middle of an economic crisis not of his making, but I give him high marks for trying to make many of those changes that he said would be on his list.

One thing I give him credit for big time is a new message to the world about what the USA is all about. Some folks disagree with President Obama’s quiet and friendly style compared to the gunslinger-talk favoured by Dubya. Those folks are, I think, misreading the man. Obama still has a big stick available if he needs it – and the world knows it – but he is secure and confident enough in himself and in America that he doesn’t have to shake that stick aggressively at everyone who disagrees with him. Not right off, anyway.

Which brings me to this YouTube video hot off the press from Drudge Report only 30 minutes ago. President Obama was giving a speech today at the White House about gay rights (LGBT I think means “Lesbian, Gay, uh… Bisexual and Transgendered people” – I think) when right in the middle of it someone’s cell phone went off with a quacking duck ringtone.

Have a look and listen at how the President handled the situation and himself and you will again see that blend of dignity, friendliness and authority. This man is a leader – he is no pushover – and he is confident. What a pleasant change.

Darn, I like this guy more and more. Now if we could only get him to relax a bit on his anti-offshore banking agenda.


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3 responses to “President Obama A Class Act: Interrupted By Quacking Duck Ringtone During Gay Rights Speech – No Problem Without The Teleprompter

  1. Paul Barnes

    Good clip…President Obama is certainly very smooth…but does he have Bush’s awesome reflexes? Never mind Obama’s joke about the duck ringtone, that lightning-quick “duck” from Bush when the Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at him was just about the most impressive thing I have ever seen any US President do…

  2. Jason

    The bailouts approved by Obama did little to keep jobs in the USA. He should have let the auto industry die and used the money to reinvent energy supplies. Big capitalist industrialists love the system only until nobody buys their lousy cars anymore, then they cry the blues because the Japanese and Korean cars are ten times better. Let GM die!

  3. Straight talk

    Paul B:

    Nothing wrong with Obama’s reactions.

    Check out this clip.