British Tourist Shot, Robbed Near Sandy Lane Resort Barbados On June 4, 2009 – Victim Alleges Silence By Barbados News Media, Hotel, Tourism Authorities

“It did concern me that other British tourists who were staying at the hotel were completely unaware of what had happened. I am not saying it was deliberately suppressed but it doesn’t excuse the fact that no tourists were told about it..”

“There need to be warnings to British tourists that there are armed robbers operating in West Coast Road.”

… British lawyer Andrew Thompson tells the U.K. news media about his Sandy Lane Resort vacation – Suffolk barrister shot in Barbados and in a second article here.

Update: Many Newspapers picked up the story including the Daily Express: Britons’ Shooting Terror At Celebrity Caribbean Retreat

Couple Robbed, Husband Shot Walking Back To Sandy Lane Resort

Not A Word In Barbados News Media – Visitors & Hotel Guests Not Warned About Nearby Shooting, Robbery

Hotel is popular with Simon Cowell & Other Celebrities

British Tourists Robbed, Husband Shot in Barbados

Recovering from shooting: British Tourists Robbed, Husband Shot in Barbados

Suffolk barrister Andrew Thompson and his wife Isobel were walking back to Sandy Lane Resort after dinner on June 4, 2009 when they were held up by two men who had to dodge through busy traffic to reach them. Mr. Thompson was shot almost immediately after one robber demanded his wallet and the other snatched his wife’s purse. The shot ripped through his lower leg and caused major damage.

Mr. & Mrs. Thompson are veteran Barbados vacationers, visiting the island some 20 times and staying at Sandy Lane 10 times. They say they’ll be back – but they wish that someone had warned them and their fellow Brits that gunpoint robberies and shootings of tourists happen. They also complain that none of the other Sandy Lane visitors heard about it in the days afterward and so might have been at risk themselves while walking in the same area after Mr. Thompson had been shot and robbed.

The story only just appeared in the British news media some three weeks after the incident and, to Mr. Thompson’s knowledge (and our’s), has yet to be mentioned by the Barbados news media. (Dear readers: if the Thompsons & BFP missed coverage, please let us know and send us the reference.)

Memories of Murdered Canadian Tourist Terry Schwarzfeld

Murdered Canadian Tourist Terry Schwarzfeld

Murdered Canadian Tourist Terry Schwarzfeld

Back in March of 2009, Canadian tourists Terry Schwarzfeld and her daughter-in-law Lauana Cotsman were attacked and robbed on Long Beach on the Barbados South Coast. Sadly, Mrs. Schwarzfeld died from the beating after being returned to Canada in a coma.

Soon, Canadians were outraged to learn that many tourist robberies and rapes had been taking place at Long Beach but the Barbados news media, police and government hadn’t warned visitors even though the media and authorities knew of the ongoing danger! For an entire year or more the Barbados news media and authorities concealed a string of violent offenses at Long Beach and put many visitors at risk until one was finally murdered by the same serial criminal who was stalking the location.


In the ten days immediately following the Schwarzfeld murder, the initial response from the Barbados Government and the Barbados news media was to say nothing and hope it all went away. Only after the Canadian press criticized Barbados for a cover-up did the Barbados Government and our news media mention Schwarzfeld.

FACT: Barbados Authorities Learned No Lessons From The Schwarzfeld Murder

Here we are only a few months after Terry Schwarzfeld was murdered – and once again foreign news media is reporting that Barbados tourists and Sandy Lane hotel guests were not warned that a robbery and shooting of a tourist had taken place nearby!

Once again the foreign news media is reporting that Barbados does not warn tourists of dangerous areas where there have been recent or ongoing attacks.

Have we learned nothing? Barbados and other tourist destinations can no longer cover up incidents of robbery, rape, shootings and even murders as was done in the past. Can you image what the foreign press would be saying if another Sandy Lane Resort guest had been shot or murdered in the same area after the first shooting – and the hotel guests hadn’t been warned of a recent incident?

This is the internet age and information cannot be contained. As Barbados Free Press has stated time and time again…

“…the international traveling public will accept a few unfortunate tourist incidents – but only if there is not one hint of a cover-up or sloppy, uncaring response. Everybody knows that trouble happens – and they also know that what happens after the trouble occurs is the true test of any organization.”

It is outrageous that once again the foreign news media is reporting that visitors to Barbados are not warned of recent shootings and robberies against tourists right where they are staying!

Here is the story from the Nation News about the despicable behaviour of the Barbados news media and authorities in covering-up the Long Beach tourist attacks for a year until Mrs. Schwarzfeld was murdered!

Long Beach robbery cases under review

Published on: 3/30/2009.

A REVIEW of the investigations surrrounding a string of robberies at Long Beach, Christ Church, over the past year is under way.

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin made the disclosure to the DAILY NATION on Saturday, responding to public concern as to why it took a while before lawmen held anyone in relation to crimes on the deserted beach.

It was after the March 18 death of Canadian visitor Terry Schwarzfeld, following an attack on February 28, that police held an accused, charging him with offences dating back to April and July last year.

Noting that it was “a reasonable question” raised by the public, Dottin said: “These things happen in law enforcement. We are currently relentlessly examining the whole matter to see whether there were any weaknesses in our policing.

“We will certainly learn from the review that is being undertaken. But I want to stress it is a reasonable question.”

Schwarzfeld, 60, was walking along the same stretch of beach when she was attacked and struck in the head with a piece of wood and robbed. She died on March 18, two weeks after she was airlifted home in an unconscious state.

Luana Cotsman, Schwarzfeld’s daughter-in-law, was also assaulted during the attack but survived.

On March 25 police charged Curtis Joel Foster, 24, of Wiltshire Avenue, Bayfield, St Philip, in connection with Schwarzfeld’s death, the rape of another tourist and robberies. (TS)


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145 responses to “British Tourist Shot, Robbed Near Sandy Lane Resort Barbados On June 4, 2009 – Victim Alleges Silence By Barbados News Media, Hotel, Tourism Authorities

  1. Oh Oh

    The shooting victim is a lawyer. Were there any recent robberies or tourist attacks in the Sandy Lane area prior to Mr. Thompson being shot? If so, LOOK OUT! Sandy Lane Resort, the police and the tourist peoples could be sued.

  2. cq8

    I never heard about this before. Not in the Advocate or on CBC I don’t think.

  3. Paradox

    I have a fading memory of reading an article in one of the newspapers that a couple was robbed on Sandy Lane a few weeks ago. I cannot remember which paper it was. The paper did not specify where the victims were staying, walking or driving. Appeared the police had an idea of who the robbers were.

  4. PiedPiper

    Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil
    Barbados Police, Barbados News Media, Sandy Lane

  5. cq8

    I couldn’t find a thing online Paradox and the old papers are trashed. I would have remembered a tourist being shot if I read it but maybe I missed it????

    Or maybe what you remember was another tourist robbery? Did the article say the tourist was shot?

  6. Red Lake Lassie

    I didn’t hear about it but the hotel guests in the area should have been warned and the victim says they weren’t. The hotel guests were not told that a shooting robbery happened near the hotel on the main road.

  7. We know something had happened

    We were discussing it back on June 8.

  8. Paradox

    The paper did state that the man was shot in the foot. It was a small ‘clip’ on an inside page.
    I think it stated the police was looking for some name —AKA= Also Know As.

  9. Rumboy

    No where in London is safe and at no time when I checked into a hotel and in the Knightsbridge area was I advised by the hotel, so can we blame our front desk people here. It happens and the exact same caution that they would use in their own country should be used when and where ever they go.

  10. There goes the neighbourhood

    If walking back from dinner on the main road near Sandy Lane is not safe with busy traffic rushing by, then there is nowhere safe to walk on Barbados west coast.

  11. Wright B.Astard

    I recall hearing of this incident on the radio news. It gave all details except the victims name.

  12. observer

    i was thinking the same thing
    but i scolded myself for being insensitive.

    i’ve never been to the UK but you bet if i been i would use my street smarts to the max over there to prevent me or my wife from being robbed.

    not excusing the robbers for the crime they commited, visitors come here to relax and this sort of thing shouldnt be happening.

  13. Chicago

    A tiny article in the newspaper inside page or one 10 second blurb on the radio is hardly enough if (as it seems happened in this case) the hotel guests are not warned that a robbery and shooting happened where guests usually walk home from dinner!

    Nothing is online I checked that too. This looks so bad for us in the UK papers.

  14. Jack Bowman

    The Nation reported this at the time, in a tiny item.

    Much more important for the Nation at the time:

    1 Boy wins prize at school.

    2 Girl wins prize at school.

    3 Man in suit says something not-too-important that you should take seriously and that journalists never question.

    4 Woman in dress says something not-too-important that you should take seriously and that journalists never question.

    5 You’re all going to die of swine flu.

    6. Two pages of international news purchased from the international wire services (thank God for the relief of something approaching decent grammar).

    Main points: (i) The Nation covered the story in a miniscule way and (ii) Bajan journalism is amateurish beyond belief.

  15. Jack Bowman

    A PS to my earlier post

    There isn’t a single professional journalist in this entire country who could dig deep and find a pair of balls. It’s semi-interesting to watch their wretched emasculation, but it’s only ever SEMI interesting.

    A PPS.

    If you’re a paid news journalist in Barbados, don’t you miss your balls? Don’t you miss how they felt? Or does the boss simply rip them right off while he’s explaining the pension plan?

  16. Anon

    There is crime all over the world including England where it is very high

  17. Jack Bowman

    Er .. right… OK.

    Good for you.

    Peace to all.

  18. sad

    It’s depressing to read about such a violent incident on an island where everyone, visitors and locals, would like to live in peace. What is this all about? Why do Bajan journalists cover this up? I’m a journalist myself in Canada and I spend half my life covering depravity and violence with the view that maybe people will see that crime is violent, mean and does not pay…Barbados has, at least until recently, seemed to be a safe place. But all this makes me wonder and worry about what’s happening. Is it hunger? drugs? hate of visitors? any ideas?

  19. Hants

    “The couple have visited the island about 20 times and stayed at the hotel at least ten times. Mr Thompson said the incident will not discourage him from returning.”

    Mr.Thompson should be given VIP treatment every time he returns to Barbados. He got shot and will still return to Barbados.

    BFP’s headline could have included ” but the incident will not discourage him from returning.”

    Thank you Mr.Thompson for letting the world know that you will return to our wonderful Island.

  20. Analyzer

    I remember seeing a small article about it in ‘The Nation’ along with another incident but I don’t recall what the other incident was. I think if St. Lawrence Gap can have security cameras on the road, Sandy Lane or the govenment should certainly do the same.
    To the Thompsons, I was sorry to hear about what happened to you and I hope it doesn’t happen again and I also hope the hotel and the police or government of Barbados take huge measures to see that it doesn’t happen again. This is not good for tourism and our country.

  21. victor

    Rumboy, if a coupIe of weaIthy tourists had been robbed and shot outside the most famous hoteI in the UK you can bet it wouId have been front page news and on TV, ad nauseam, a media frenzy, accompanied by statements from the poIice, tourist associations, poIiticians etc.

  22. RRRicky

    We really haven’t learned anything from the Long Beach murder, have we?

  23. Pat

    I agree. I was in London and stayed at Selfridges not the most expensive, but not cheap either. I never walked anywhere at night, always took a cab. There are lost of robberies on the subway and on the streets around Harrods.

  24. Pat

    He knows it is safer in Bim than in England where there is a ‘knife culture’. In England one person gets stabbed every day and sometimes several. Most end in death. Some are unprovoked. Just ask 199.

  25. ComeOn

    You are charming.

  26. ComeOn

    I don;t understand why if you are shelling out big bucks at SL you wouldn’t take a taxi home at night. Not too smart IMO.

  27. Hants

    BFP have you noticed that the online Nation is a defacto blog.

    There is a comments section under each article.

    Citizen journalists meets the mainstream in their yard.

  28. BFP

    We have noticed that the Nation has implemented “robot blockers” to prevent Google and other search engine spiders from cataloging their stories and presenting them in search engine results online. This, combined with the policy of only including certain stories online – and the Barbados Advocate’s position of presenting their online versions in a photo format (which again cannot be read by search engines) – means that the two largest newspapers in Barbados have surrendered the internet to other websites and blogs.

    Check it out… search for any term and “Barbados” and see who turns up in the search engine results!

    Try searching for the term “barbados prime minister” on Google and you will find that a Barbados Free Press article is return #8 out of over half a million, and in the “Images” section returns, we are photos # 4 and #6 out of over 80,000. BU is photo #1.

    Nowhere does the Nation or the Advocate have a return on the first page of Google returns – either text or images.

    When searching for information about Barbados and Barbados news stories or politics, people around the world are directed to Barbados Free Press – not the Advocate or the Nation. Isn’t that something?

  29. Sargeant

    I fear that you are far too harsh on the reporters. Remember they came from an environment where they were subject to wake up calls from the former PM when they wrote a story he didn’t like. They also had Ezra Alleyne who was the de facto in house lawyer/censor to kill or dilute any other articles that were critical of the BLP. When they attempted to cover the bus tragedy in St. Joseph the police took the film from their cameras; they were also arrested and charged when they tried to cover stories at the QEH and Central Police Station.

    I don’t think that management provides much direction, support or supervision. Given all the above wouldn’t you just put in a token days work and go home and enjoy life with your family?

    After all Barbados is a small and insular society so they don’t want to “mash a big up’s corns”. It may mean not earning that cheque next month.

  30. Adrian

    This is an unfortunate incident, which could have happened in Britain or anywhere else in the world.
    We should avoid casting blame on the Press, the authorities, or hotelier, but the real culprit is the one who pulled the trigger.

  31. PiedPiper

    Jack, I found your post very succinct and amusing. And the answer is, no, they don’t have any balls. Not just reporters either.

  32. PiedPiper

    With a population of 51 Million people in England, I would imagine that it does have a “few” more crimes than Barbados with a population of 280,000.

  33. Adrian,

    Yes, I understand that it is common practice to under report crime in many jurisdictions. When it comes to crime rates, I like to compare murder rates as murders are more difficult to ignore.

    Barbados is still fairly safe, but the last time I checked the murder rate in Bim was 50% over the US average.

    I hope that the culprits are caught soon!

  34. victor

    Yes, KeItruth, the murder rate per capita is much higher in Barbados than in it is in Canada, the US or UK. So much for IoveIy safe Barbados. It is a myth and tourists wander around, star struck by the beauty of the isIand, the “charming peopIe”, then they drive through BoscobeI or try to go to to Fishermans without being moIested. Try waIking from Bathsheba East Road to the Round House without getting mugged by crack addicts. This cosy image is about to go awoI.

  35. RRRicky

    The story is all over the major news media in the UK. Daily Mail, Scotland, Norwich News.

    “Dream holiday to Barbados that turned into a nightmare after barrister was shot by robber”

    By tomorrow morning the Barbados Tourism Authority is going to wish they sent a response team, the Prime Minister, Tourism Minister, Police Commissioner or SOMEBODY at the time this man was shot to look after him.

    The world is about to find out that BARBADOS BLEW IT AGAIN WHEN A TOURIST WAS INJURED.

  36. RRRicky

    BFP is right about one thing. Barbados can’t keep this type of thing secret anymore so we are going to have to learn how to respond to it in the best way to look after the victims.

    The police are also going to have to get off their duffs and do so preventative policing. Arresting culprits after the fact doesn’t cut it anymore.

    Have the police done anything with the Boscobel gang yet? No? Didn’t think so!

  37. livinginbarbados

    My recollection is that VOB carried a report at the time the couple were leaving Barbados, which I think was a day or so after the incident. I happened to be driving on the west coast at the time and the headline caught my attention: “British tourist shot and robbed on west coast” (or similar words).

    We know that coverage, investigation and follow up on local stories is very poor from the print media, whether it’s crimes or any other issue. Generally, much more airtime given to Crop Over and cricket and other social stuff. Maybe they are giving the public what they want.

  38. livinginbarbados

    Remember, also, that the Advocate online does not archive its stories, so a search can really only be trusted to turn up a story published online that day. So, when circulating links, for instance, the original story will not be seen if the link is viewed the next or following day. The only sure way is the laborious process of saving the actual PDF version of the page and sending that. Advocate’s argument was that this precluded legal issues on libel/slander. There must be a better way.

  39. livinginbarbados

    Each has a role to play or a part to contribute. The culprit is allowed to continue unabated by the others not doing their part: eg, press (publicity), authorities (crime prevention), hotelier (crime prevention, publicity), victim (better personal security, publcity).

  40. livinginbarbados

    That’s how most national papers/media are about incidents affecting their citizens abroad. They usually take it on themselves to alert nationals this way, and it’s a process aided by the work of diplomatic staff in their various foreign posts. Barbados’ high commissioner in London might have been doing some damage control, but I have seen or heard nothing to that effect. More importantly, as was evident in the case of the Canadian tourist murdered on long beach, the word goes out from the tourists themselves to their other nationals. So, the ones in the dark are mainly locals here.

  41. skinteeth

    You are correct : giving the public what they want. It is really a feeding frenzy where serious discourse is thrown out the window. i.e at the last budget, within a very short period of time, even before the debates concluded, the Nation interviewed a number of persons, who in the majority, agreed that the budget was fair to good . Unless they were studying the budget from the minute it came out, it was impossible to form a balanced opinion. But the slant and spin was already on with” no new taxes” ( though water rates went up today). This is what the public got hooked on right from the start.

  42. George Orwell 1984

    LIB, it is not about libel because they never print anything even remotely libel.

    It is about controlling history and limiting the population’s knowledge.

    Did you know that a few years back the Barbados Advocate destroyed their paper archives too? At that time Owen Arthur and the Bees were in power.

  43. George Orwell 1984

    My sister tells me the Boscobel boys were still there on the weekend. That says more about policing in Barbados than anything.

  44. yatinkiteasy

    Wonder if the robbers were Guyanese, now out of work?

  45. Dane Lee

    I fought off an attacker with a machete last April 08 at the Southern Palms Hotel and again there was nothing in the media, luckily apart from a torn muscle we were unhurt but the trauma to the family goes on and on, the Police had the attackers blood sample, his fingerprints and a prime suspect just out of prison for the same type of early morning attack and still did nothing and as soon as we left the island the police would not answer any of my emails or phone calls !!!

  46. chicago

    Dane Lee, please send all the details to BFP and let them write a story about it.

    there email is

  47. Sun Tours Inc

    After 35 years of promoting Barbados….I am done! Too many complaints from visitors – too many robberies, too expensive, too rude, too much litter, being hassled on the beach, markets etc., etc., For half the price, I can book clients in other destinations…Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico. We don’t get half the complaints from these countries as we do Barbados. Give your heads a shake Barbados…you have given up a wonderful reputation and country for greed.

  48. Analyzer

    Jamaica? Mexico?
    If our crime problem is worse then Jamaica and Mexico, then we have serious problems!
    What is the murder rate per capita in Jamaica?
    How many attacks have there been on tourist in Mexico? You can’t be serious Sun Tours Inc.?

  49. Sargeant

    They can book vacationers into all inclusive resorts in those countries where the only contact that the visitor has with the residents is the employees of the hotel. Apart from the escorted tour the visitor doesn’t really have a feel for the country unless they choose to venture out on their own which many may not be inclined to do.

    One of the charms of Barbados is that visitors still have a certain comfort level about walking the local streets; taking local transportation and generally interacting with Bajans at places like Oistins etc.

    Some more stories like this and the golden goose will be on its deathbed.

  50. Katie Romer

    Not good to know it is not safe to walk outside after sunset – 50% of the day do not leave the hotel by foot?

  51. Katie Romer

    In fact the Tourism Minister and BTA did go and see the victims.

  52. Katie Romer

    Is it stories like this that worry you – or the crimes?
    Without the publicity there will be no action.

  53. Jason

    How do you know that is true, Katie?

  54. Katie Romer

    It is a fact. Trust me.

  55. Pat

    You should have walked the beach. It is deserted. I did it but had to use a walking stick to help me over the boulders at Joe’s River and below Edgewater.

  56. Pat

    I bet the commisions were better for Barbados though. Anyway, you did not do it for kindness but as a job – a well paid one at that.

  57. Pat

    I agree Sargeant. I, too, have been to those all inclusives. No ineraction with the locals at all. Barbados will still gets it fair share of the tourists visiting the English speaking Caribbean.

  58. Jason

    If you know that and I can trust you, can you answer why the other guests at the Sandy Lane Resort were not informed of the shooting after it happened? Why let the tourists go blind into the same area after the shooting?

  59. Jason

    That seems to be the main thrust of the victims’ complaint.

  60. yatinkiteasy

    I was in Santo Domingo Nov 08…its a dump..garbage everywhere…except at the exclusive, all inclusive Resorts..Jamaica and Mexico? EVERY taxi driver in Mexico is a crook.We cant be complacent, but Sun Tours man (or woman) is overreacting..Barbados is still a paradise compared to these other “choice” destinations.

  61. PiedPiper

    Instead of sniping at the many sources that are reporting that Barbados is not the destination it once was, why not address the problem and, clearly, there IS a problem. Do you begrudge the man/woman his/her livelihood? Stop throwing out red herrings and address the issue. Crime in Barbados is on the upswing and the authorities can no longer hide this fact due to the internet. Will you have something productive to say, will you offer up solutions after the tourist industry in Barbados is ruined completely?
    The BTA, RBPF and citizens of Barbados should wake up and pull their collective heads out of their, errrrr, the sand and sooner than later.

  62. Katie Romer

    That I cannot say as I do not know why no warning was given to visitors walking up and down that road.

  63. ComeOn

    … too many robberies, too expensive, too rude, too much litter, being hassled on the beach, markets etc…

    Those are my complaints and I live here. Every single gosh darn day I go to work and have to have a married self proclaimed religious fanatic stare and leer and make nasty remarks to me, what a charlatan. I keep telling him off and keeps bugging me like a mosquito.

    It is truly time for the Bajans to wake up and get with the program. Barbados isn’t the only option and yes it is strewn with garbage.

  64. PiedPiper

    There is very little that would entice me back to Barbados, even though I lived there for many years. There are so many, far more welcoming and beautiful places to visit where the locals are not obnoxious, do not secretly hate white people, understand that tourism is their bread and butter, do not feel that it is degrading in some way to work in service positions, are not full of themselves and understand that civility, manners and kindness cost them nothing.
    Turks and Caicos, Bequia, Tobago, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Barts, The Grenadines….the list is endless. Barbados is not as special as it thinks.

  65. Mixed Feelings

    I’ve visited Barbados as a tourist many times & love the island. Things I love …. east coast, Bathsheba, Cattlewash, view from St John church, the way the older ladies call you darlin’, seeing the older ladies in the country in their lovely dresses and hats, National Trust hikes, Cherry Tree Hill, driving through St Thomas, beautiful rows of Royal Palms in the distance.

    The list does go on. I don’t really want to go to an all inclusive – they just don’t have the personal touch & charm.

    It does make me sad to read these stories and to see for myself actually that things in Barbados are changing. It is becoming less appealing to tourists. It isn’t too late to change the situation but I fear at some point you will not be able to turn it around. I wonder if in the end the main market that will remain will be the very high end visitors who just want luxury and to stay in a luxurious enclave and not spend any time outside the walls. No one wins in that situation. For mid-range visitors like myself, the negatives & high cost will out-weigh the things about the island that I love.

  66. Wright B. Astard

    Up to today ,after noon they were still there. One guy, with a pet monkey, positioned himself right next to the stop sign ,probably to distract driver and occupants.One up in the bush hide-out was trying to get down, shouting something about a soft drink. But I’ve personally come across worst than those before,and know how to handle myself,but unsuspecting visitors ,as well as locals do not need this hassle,and the police need to act swiftly to remove these yobboes.

  67. Wright B. Astard

    I remember an episode from Steptoe and Son, when the father spent the takings and said that he was robbed by a Pakistani who had on a mask. The son asked How do you know that it was a Pakistani if he had on a stocking mask. The father said, “cause he was wearing a turban on his head.”
    In these times its easier and popular to blame others.

  68. Wright B. Astard

    I was just in contact with a long lost Brit friend, and one of the questions that he asked, “Is crime in Barbados as bad as the media says?” And he is a seasoned traveler. And we have been to some rough places.

  69. reluctant nonbeliever

    June 30, 2009 at 12:17 am
    I agree. I was in London and stayed at Selfridges not the most expensive, but not cheap either.

    What are you talking about?

    You must be confused.

    Selfridges is a huge Department Store, not a hotel…

  70. Tootie Frootie

    I got a good laugh out of that one too (Pat stayed at Selfridges!!) I hope they asked her, “Are you being served?”

  71. Anonoymous

    The Thistle SELFRIDGE Hotel closed on 23 March 2008 to undergo major refurbishment which is expected to take two years.

  72. Anonymous

    I have to agree with you Sun Tours.

    Did tourists also complain of seeing helpless animals chained up and staked out in the hot sun?

    The truth is Barbadians are just too proud to accept that these complaints are true. They absolutely hate criticism!

    Why was “NICE” implemented if there was not a “work ethic” problem?
    Observe the No Dumping signs stating the penalties for such an offense and then see the amount of garbage placed directly under these signs.
    Harassment of women by Bajan males just never ends and sadly the younger ones (primary school age) are learning this disgustingly rude habit too.

    I live here and having endured ALL of the above complaints, have been on the verge of packing my bags…
    what keeps me here? the weather and nothing else.
    I now wait to be called a racist for stating my reality.

  73. sad

    The point about tourism being reduced to all inclusives or high-end luxury estates is well taken. I was just thinking about that myself. That’s what has been good about Barbados because a tourist who seeks contact with the place has been able to find that safely. But that could be changing, as it has in other islands, such as Jamaica, where tourism has also largely gone towards the all-inclusive format. I also agree that urging the government to some form of action is absolutely necessary and let’s hope they do something (although since discovering this web site, I’m beginning to doubt they ever do).

  74. Big Monkey Man

    I have been visiting Barbados for nearly 30 years, I have a home there (which has been burgled with EVERYTHING taken – the serial criminal was caught & got a $4000 fine not a custodial sentence). I was hoping to retire there.

    The Government, Police, Media & People are in denial about the level of gun crime on the island.

    Time to move on? Probably, unless the guns are removed from society or the criminals dealt with properly

  75. bajanbat

    They should take a taxi because they stay at SL?! What a ridiculous comment. I guess that not doing so makes the incident their fault too? Why can’t anyone walk the street without fear of attack?
    Crime happens anywhere and parts of London are unsafe but our west coast H’way 1, with lights all around should be safe.

  76. Pat

    Pied Piper:

    How many Canadians (you live in Ontario) were murdered in Mexico in the last two years? How many in Bim?

    Have you been to the DR? No one coming to Bim has to take malaria shots. Have you ever taken that medicine that is a constant heartburn? People will go where they want to, crime or not. Canadian still flocking to Mexico in droves.

  77. Pat


    Canadians have been murdered in those Mexican all inclusives. No one charged, no one arrested. It is always an ‘accident’. Two years ago an entire family was wiped out. Last year two were murdered. cheupse

  78. Pat

    In the DR, garbage is everywhere. They even poo beside the road, no facilities. You have never seen poverty like it is in the Dominion Republic. It is just like Haiti. People who stay in the resort and dont move around never see the grinding, dirt poor country. It makes you not want to eat.

  79. Pat


    ….slavery and subservience….

    I am black, live in Canada and lots of white Canadians hate me and mine not just secretly, but openly too. Please give us a break.

    I will tell you, I can rent a beach chair on any beach in Bim for $5 bajan. In St. Kitts it was $10 US. It is beautiful though.

  80. Pat

    Selfridges is a store and has its own hotel.

    The hotel was originally for the traders, merchants and staff before it became a commercial enterprise.

  81. Pat

    Shows how much you know too!
    Before you criticize and putdown, you should have googled.

    I hope you are still laughing, ha ha ha.

  82. Tootie Frootie

    I owe you an apology, Pat.

  83. Sun Tours Inc

    For the love of it all “Pat”….commission does not play a part of this. Anyone in the travel industry can tell you that commission went out the window with the open sky agreement & online bookings. You live in the past on this one. Obviously, you are trying to flog a dead horse! Once again….I am reiterating what my clients have told me on returning from vacation…..Barbados has changed so much in the last 10 years….I have lost many return clients. It is a shame. And while we are on that note…..I am Barbadian….have a family there and a family home there… my heart I have a lot of feelings and emotions for Barbados. It was the ‘destination of choice’ for me to recommend to my clients……nothing to do with commission. So sad that is how you read my comments. Maybe this is the BIG problem. Too many people trying to turn the cheek and blame the other side!

  84. PiedPiper

    That is correct Pat. You LIVE in Canada. You are not on vacation in Canada. We are discussing how tourists make the decision on where to spend their hard earned cash on their 1 or 2 week vacation. You have made the choice to live in Canada, hopefully after careful consideration of all the pros and cons, but I fail to see how your decision to do so, has any bearing whatsoever on the discussion at hand.
    As a Canadian, you certainly have first hand knowledge of how brutal winter can be here. Canadians and, of course, many other nationals, who long to get away from the cold and recharge themselves mentally and physically will fork out money they have scrimped and saved for a short vacation in the sun. Most will carefully consider what they have read in various news media, what their travel agent may say and suggest, value for dollar and many will already have first-hand, personal experience as visitors to Barbados.
    The decline of civility in Barbados, particularly by the younger generation, the rude boy culture, crime and the overt disrespect to visitors to the island, all play a part in declining tourist dollars. No one expects Bajans to grovel at the feet of tourists but if you have chosen to earn your living in the service industry, all anyone expects is that you do what you are being paid to do and preferably with a smile as no one forced you to take that job. Is it the tourists fault that service positions within the tourist sector in Barbados pay poorly? That needs to be taken up with the unions and the government. It has been my experience that if an employee within the hotel and restaurant industry provides good service, they will be tipped accordingly by most visitors. Why is it that Bajans themselves complain about the poor attitude of those in service positions whether it be Cave Sheppard or Cheffette?
    Barbados and Bajans need to decide what they want to be when they grow up. Do you want to see the major industry in Barbados, which provides a livelihood for thousands of Bajans, wither and stagnate? Would it be preferable to see thousands out of work?
    Slavery done a long time ago and there is nothing subservient about an honest days pay for an honest days work.

  85. Mixed Feelings

    Very interesting comments from Pied Piper & Sun Tours Inc. I think people feel really torn – on the one hand a genuine love of Barbados (of maybe 10 or more years ago) and sadness for the changes that have occurred.

    This really makes it apparent to me that the government of Barbados needs to listen to what tourists are saying – find out what they want, where the problems lie. They need to chart a clear path for keeping that industry alive. The problems can’t just be swept away – they need to be dealt with. The island has to serve the needs of the population (and their children’s futures) and to remain appealing as a tourist destination. All classes of tourists need to be considered as well … not all are the Sandy Lane famous & big spenders. Many are as Pied Piper described – those who have saved up and want to enjoy an annual escape to the Caribbean. They don’t want to feel gauged on the price. I’m not saying Barbados has to compete price-wise with Cuba but it also can’t be twice the price either. Nor can Barbados a concrete jungle – there has to be some green space and sense of the tropics left.

    I’m sure someone in government is working on this – but they better get a move on it!

  86. vetlet

    In 2007, I came through twice, and was staying with my dad in St. Thomas. My friend and I used to walk up to Lord Willoby’s (sp?) Tavern quite a few times. A relative expressed concern about this saying ‘Barbados is not as safe as it used to be’ and so our night-time wanders were curtailed. Such a pity, too.

  87. Whatever became of your print editions? Or was that for Elections only?

  88. truth

    I think many people are missing the point, the UK is more violent than Barbados this is true. However the main industry in Barbados is TOURISM so saying tourists should be more careful and vigilant is just stupid they are on holiday why not address the problem and put more police on the streets and take them out of their fancy Vitaras. Which I might add bajans are paying for.

    Barbados is supposed to be a peaceful paradise criticising tourists for walking back from dinner is ridiculous, these are the main source of income why not just kill the goose that lays the golden egg and be done with it. But their again bajans are always right what do i know.

  89. Cliverton Not Signed In

    Time, Time, Time Ian.

    Time to do it missing. An time it was done again.

  90. Eyes Wide Open

    …Barbados full stop

  91. Eyes Wide Open

    Totally agree with you Anonymous and Sun Tours!

  92. Eyes Wide Open

    why always compare to other places instead of getting real and cleaning up the mess at home in order to have a country/tourism destination to be proud of?

  93. Eyes Wide Open

    you are so right Sun Tours Inc….”Too many people trying to turn the cheek and blame the other side!” ….and that goes for people at all levels of the society.

  94. Analyzer

    They just announced on the CBC Evening news (Friday, 3rd July) that the police are questioning suspects in this case.
    I think these days you have to be careful in almost any country. The road outside of Sandy Lane is not a heavily walked path by pedestrians at night. We should be as lucky as England to have security cameras in a lot of places. I think this should be considered by government. I agree that more empathy should be shown by some people.

  95. Brutally Honest

    Good night,

    As a resident of Barbados, and as someone who regularly travels the West Coast Road, I can honestly say that the presence of police is random, and almost non-existent in these areas. Oh, of course there are quite a few police cars, jeeps, task force, plain vehicles travelling these roads, but to actually SEE a policeman on the road is a rarity. They seem to come out during the Holetown Festival, or at the end of the month to check car’s license stickers.Sometimes in the mornings there is a motorcycle policeman waiting within the Sandy Lane area to catch unsuspecting speeders. At night they are hardly ever seen. A more detailed police presence is needed in areas where there is none. I don’t mean Bridgetown and St. Lawrence Gap. I mean the West, North and East Coasts in general. There is still crime even when it is not mentioned. True the police cannot be everywhere, but to me it seems as if they are not as apparent as they should be.

  96. Jinx

    My question is :

    Does the Barbados Police Force even have the man power required to protect people and enforce all aspects of the law?

    There was a significant presence of both police and task force personnel at the opening ceremony of the Eric Holder Municiple Complex in St. Joseph recently.

    Where are they when you really need them?

  97. ru4real

    June 30, 2009 at 12:28 am

    I don;t understand why if you are shelling out big bucks at SL you wouldn’t take a taxi home at night. Not too smart IMO.

    Thats right blame the victim a tourist who has come and spent his money in Bim umpteen times already IDIOT!

  98. Analyzer

    The Nation today had this article and it shows people’s comments at the bottom.

  99. victor

    Pat, June 30. You have done a disservice to tourists by suggesting they shouId waIk the beaches between Bathsheba East Road and the Roundhouse at night as “they are deserted”. You obviousIy don’t know the area, you shouId advise these beach rambIers to write their wiIIs before they set off. The beaches are frequented by the “junior crack addicts”, those who have not got the spending money to frequent bars aIong the route described above. If they saw a tourist, especiaIIy one with a waIking stick, they wouId not hesitate to mug that person for any vaIuabIes to support their habit. This is not Peter Rabbit raiding Mr Mc Gregor’s garden, Pat. Anyone Iiving aIong that stretch wouId teII you that to wander aIone aIong the beaches in that area at night is just asking for troubIe unIess you are accompanied. By severaI peopIe.

  100. Michael

    I am a US Citizen of a Barbados mother and a
    US father. In my first 15 years of life in the 60’s & 70’s I spent half my time in Barbados. Weekends
    in Bathsheba, and the work week with family in St. James. Barbados became a violent lawless place after the break from the UK in 1967. Subsequent visits over the last 30 years reveal the same political militancy that tourists, foreign investors,
    OWE Bajan citizens something. The facts are clear,
    lawlessness, drug trade, a lowering of academic standards, racial militancy, HIV aids, and a huge increase in violent crime has caused a mass exodus of productive hard working people…many To the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Grand Cayman. We only hope that
    this new BARBADOS created by the post independence generation, is all they wish it to be,
    You reap what you sow, and Barbados citizens
    and government can no longer blame colonial Britain for the ghastly problems we see in present day Barbados.

  101. Rohan

    I did not know Barbados have problems? I everything crisp. According to what I have have seen on ITV the other iht. ‘The Secret Caribbean’

  102. Analyzer

    To: truth
    Isn’t tourism a big income earner in the UK too?

    To: Michael
    Everywhere has these problems, I don’t think it has anything to do with Barbados becoming independent. The USA became independent, is that why they have these problems too?
    Doesn’t the UK have these problems too?
    Why is everybody picking on little Barbados which is doing the best it can under the circumstances.

  103. victor

    It is not that everybody is picking on “IittIe Barbados”. First, this is a Barbados bIog so we are not going to taIk about crime in outer mongoIia – unIess to repeat the mantra “there is crime everywhere”, so popuIar a reaction to any criticism of Barbados – and second, the point of this thread is that nothing appeared in the Barbados media untiI three weeks after the incident and that onIy because it appeared in UK newspapers. As I said earIier, if this had happened outside the most expensive hoteI in the UK it wouId have been front page news and a media frenzy within hours of the occurrence, the tourism authority, the poIice and other tourists wouId have been interviewed on the evening news and within hours descriptions of the perpetrators wouId have been sought, witnesses found etc. the whoIe incident wouId have been on Crimewatch. PossibIy wouId even have caught the muggers by now. None of this wouId have happened in Barbados where the press and conventionaI media stay siIent in order not to upset the tourist miIk cows. And why is there a constant compIaint that the poIice appear to do nothing eg BoscocbeI? It’s the conspiracy of siIence which is not doing anybody any favours, particuIarIy the Barbados govt. which Iooks Iike it does not give a damn. The opposite of conceaIment is TRANSPARENCY, not “picking on”.

  104. Livinginbarbados

    I was intrigued by the comments from tonight’s Brass Tacks moderator (Corbin) that visitors (local and foreign) have a duty to protect himself, and in the same way that they should heed warning flags on beaches, they should be aware of the dangers of certain locals. Interesting idea. But, if we follow this, is the implication that places in Barbados carry visible warning signs about possible dangers? If there are no warning signs and a person/persons are attacked what then? New signs to deal with future crime? Would merchants/hoteliers etc. welcome seeing such warnings near their properties?

    While talking about the attack on Terry Schwartzfeld, he wondered if it was wise for a woman to walk alone on a beach (or other place) known to be the place of attacks. He ignored the fact that this was not the scenario for the attack on Ms. Schwarzfeld.

    If Barbados wants to give tourists a sunshine guarantee, will it be soon offering safety guarantees, or discounts for attacks?

  105. Livinginbarbados

    CORRECTION: …duty to protect THEMSELVES, and in the same way that they should heed warning flags on beaches, they should be aware of the dangers of certain LOCATIONS…

  106. Analyzer

    To victor:
    Do you have the date the incident happened and the date it appeared in ‘The Nation’?
    Also, the government appears to be trying their best to capture the criminals that commit these crimes and they did infact capture the 3 men that were involved with this incident.

  107. Yes Sir!

    Did the government charge them? Was it in the papers, or was it a case of “the usual suspects” ?

  108. Hants

    corbin said”visitors (local and foreign) have a duty to protect themselves.”
    That is absolutely correct.

    What he should also have said is that the Barbados Government and the Police have an even greater duty PROTECT tourists.

    Barbados is a Tourism dependent country.

  109. PiedPiper

    If tourists are to “be aware of the dangers”, who will be charged with the responsibility of making them aware? Will the government have pamphlets printed and distributed at the airport? Will hoteliers and taxi drivers be responsible for distributing pamphlets? Will the police take a proactive role in educating tourists? Just how, exactly, will the tourists be made aware?

  110. Analyzer

    I can’t believe I had to go back and check my newspapers (like if I don’t have anything better to do) but I suppose standing up for one of the best countries in the world is not a waste of time.
    Tuesday ‘Nation’ July 7 2009, Page 17 – the headline reads No bail for 4 robbery accused – Court Report by Heather-Lynn Evanson. The newspaper shows their faces and gives their names, addresses and ages. They have been charged with a number of robberies including that of a visitor and it goes on to say which 3 of them are charged for robbing Isobel Thompson and wounding her husband Andrew Thompson with intent. The Chief Magistrate remanded all four to HMP Dodds. The newspaper goes on to say that the 3 will appear at Oistins the next day and at Holetown Magistrates’ Court on Friday (which is tomorrow). It also states that 2 of them will appear with the 4th criminal at District ‘A’ on July 24. Do ya think you can buy a newspaper from time to time?

  111. victor

    My point is that it happened on June 4. You can teII me when it was first reported in the media.

  112. Analyzer

    I can tell you? I don’t work for ‘The Nation’. I don’t have access to all the newspapers since June 4th.
    Somebody will have to call ‘The Nation’ and ask for back copies to find out when exactly it was put in.
    So how can you say that nothing appeared in the media for 3 weeks and then you say that I have to tell you when it appeared in which means you don’t even know when it appeared in the media.
    I vaguely remember it being on the CBC Evening news the night before I saw it in the paper because I remember saying to myself, I wonder if they will have anything about it in the newspaper the next day as I was interested in hearing more details about it. Also, I think it was before June 11th because I was travelling overseas and I believe I had heard about it before my travels. That is as much help as I can give unless I phone ‘The Nation’ to find out if somebody can let us know when the article appeared in their newspaper. Or maybe BFP can do some detective work?
    Victor, the article says here that it didn’t appear in the British media until 3 weeks after the incident.
    Just one more note, it seems that the hotel is getting some of the blame for not informing the other guests about what happened. It will be for the hotel to comment themselves on whether they did anything to let their guests know what happened. But I can tell you that last year while in Fort Lauderdale, we were staying at a renowned hotel chain in the vicinity of the Broward mall area and one night the police blocked off the exit to the parking lot mall and the road leading to the mall and to our hotel. My spouse was driving back to the hotel and was blocked from access to the hotel.
    When I phoned the front desk to ask them what was going on, they said they didn’t know.
    So somebody should find out if a hotel is responsible for the safety of their customers. That would be interesting to find out.

  113. truth

    To : analyzer

    Think you will find that tourism comes very low on the GDP.

    But I think you will find that tourism is the main source of income in barbados.

    I bet your dads bigger than my dad and so on is an utter pointless argument.

    Without tourism barbados is screwed.

    But hey thats no problem its not my country if everyone stops coming to barbados on holiday its your loss. Such a shame though if only the authorities could get their act together.

    Try looking at the bigger picture the point of this blog is to discuss issues about barbados and try and find answers not to put up smokescreens.

  114. Analyzer

    To: truth
    I don’t understand some of your comments
    I know the point of the blog is to discuss issues in Barbados and try and find answers, that is why I thought it would be good to find out the responsiblity that hotels have to protect their customers. What do you mean by smokescreens?
    Also, I know that tourism is the biggest source of income for Barbados – duh! I don’t understand your point, you will have to explain better. The police can’t be everywhere all the time, that is why I suggested more security cameras everywhere like England.

  115. truth

    To analyzer

    Your quote:
    To: truth
    Isn’t tourism a big income earner in the UK too?

    Think you will find we were discussing barbados what has tourism in the UK got to do with Barbados. Why even mention it it doesn’t matter what happens in the UK we are talking about barbados.

    My original post :
    Barbados is supposed to be a peaceful paradise criticising tourists for walking back from dinner is ridiculous, these are the main source of income why not just kill the goose that lays the golden egg and be done with it.

    That is the main point I was making how can you critisize tourists for being tourists it beggars belief.

    I tell you what analyzer by the way your name suits you lets all just put our flags in the air and be proud to be a bajan. You know exactly what you are doing on here it would take WW3 for you to admit that their was trouble in paradise, fortunately for the rest of us we don’t wear rose tinted glasses.

    I tell ya

  116. June Jacobs

    Most of the incidents of violent crime in Barbados occur against Barbadians. Of course we care most about the rich white wonderful tourists who visit. Their lives are worth so much more to us!

    Tourists should stay home until there is crackdown on violent crime in Barbados.


  117. Hants

    Barbados is a safe Tourist destination.

    Every country in the western world has to fight crime and yes the BPoliceF can do better.

    My family visits Barbados frequently and will continue to do so.

  118. PiedPiper

    I always wonder about posters who use words like “many”, “lots” etc. June, do you have actual statistics on what percentage of violent crimes are committed against Bajans as opposed to tourists? Any criminal worth his salt is going to target those who a) are probably carrying a lot of cash and credit cards b) who will be leaving the island shortly and therefore prosecution becomes that much more problematic.

  119. Anonymous

    Most means the majority of, ie more than 50%!

  120. truth

    To june jacobs

    “Of course we care most about the rich white wonderful tourists who visit. Their lives are worth so much more to us!”

    I am very suprissed this comment was allowed through on this blog. A tourist is a tourist whatever race or nationality he or she is.

    I do not wish to continue anymore discussions on this blog.

  121. Good Greif

    June Jacobs, are you realted to Sonia Sotomayor or David Commisiong?

  122. victor

    AnaIyzer, yes the question is how much hoteIs shouId be responsibIe for the safety of their guests. I can’t imagine that security guards can hang about on the street outside, it wouId be intimidating to guests. The poIice can’t be expected to stretch their budget to Iurking around hoteIs just in case. Security cameras are awfuI and I wouId not wish the UK widespread cameras on anyone. Yet the idea makes sense . I think it wouId infuriate the peopIe of Barbados that they wouId be watched aII over the isIand fuII time just to protect tourists. It wouId not cost much to set up surveiIIance but wouId not go down weII and we aII know haIf those cameras don’t have any fiIm in haIf the time. And more to the point, couIdwe expect the poIice to be rigorous about Iooking at aII that fiIm? That wouId be expensive! I think we have to bite the buIIet and hoteIs shouId advise their customers to be carefuI, admit there is a probIem and offer advice about how to be aIert, instead of pretending it’s aII hunky dory in “paradise”. It’s true other countries have tourist muggings etc. but Barbados has become so dependent on tourism, aImost to the excIusion of aII eIse, that a soIution to the deniaI of tourist attacks has to be found, pronto. The charm to the tourist is that they can wander around in a peacefuI “IittIe EngIand” yet doing so in beautifuI Barbados. It wouId do them good to reaIise that there are pIenty of peopIe on the isIand who might never earn the money in a Iifetime that pays for one tourist famiIy’s two week hoIiday. If you are poor and struggIing with few prospects it reaIIy sucks that tourists can spend $BDS2k on one night in a hoteI. The man is wearing a watch worth your whoIe Iife’s earnings! I think tourists shouId be toId that there is Iife outside their hoteIs and it is vuIgar and distastefuI to wander around fIashing weaIth. If they Iike the “simpIicty” so much, why do they have to waIk around in shorts wearing a RoIex? It’s just vuIgar.

  123. victor

    Pied Piper, thieves chat up tourists, find out what date they are Ieaving and purposeIy rob them the night before, so the tourist won’t have a chance to foIIow through on the poIice report as they have to get to the airport the foIIowing afternoon to get the pIane home or Iose their fIight home. I aIways teII visitors to pretend they are Ieaving a week or few days Iater than they reaIIy are. Maybe they shouId Iie about their departure date to make it earIier, then set up a trap for the theives. BeIieve me, I’ve done that and we caught the robbers!

  124. Analyzer

    To truth:
    There is trouble here and I am concerned just as everybody else but I’m trying to offer solutions.

    To victor: You said Barbadians would be infuriated to have cameras everywhere but I don’t agree with that statement, if it means they can live more safely, I would think they would be glad. They actually have security cameras now or web-cams that you can watch the site from miles away on your computer at home or work. The hotels could be responsible for looking at their web-cams outside and around their premises. These cameras can be very inconspicuously and can hardly be noticed. The ones in England I think may be quite old technology. I can’t believe you can condone a person for wearing a rolex. At one time, I never had 2 cents to rub together and I would never have imagined of stealing, mugging or attacking a wealthy person. I have had faith in God and so far he has looked after me. Maybe the truth is, is that God is lacking in a lot of these young peoples lives.
    To tell you the truth though, I wouldn’t want to wear a rolex walking down the street but who said the victim in this case was wearing a rolex? I guess you are just using it as an example. But just because somebody is rich, doesn’t give poor people the right to steal from them. Those men on the street that robbed and attacked the wealthy tourists staying at Sandy Lane should be grateful to God that they are spending their money in their country. Why do the few thugs have to ruin Barbados’ reputation for everybody else? Barbadians should be furious. Something should be done to get these young men some form of employment. Maybe this is why the PM is chasing out all the illegals so the Bajan men can get back their jobs.

  125. victor

    AnaIyzer, I agree with everything you said about the Iack of moraIity in the thugs that steaI but can’t you aIso accept that it is horribIe and vuIgar to show up in a country which has Ioads of peopIe just struggIing to get food Iike the eIderIy impoverished pensioners in this country and wander about showing off your weaIth? Visitors need to get a perspective on the pIace they are visiting, show some compassion. I have nothing but scorn for those who traveI in a cocoon of seIf-induIgence, going to aII-incIusives, not even caring about the Iives of those whose home, HOME it is that they wish to enjoy and experience “paradise”.

    The oId Iadies in their Sunday cIothes and hats who Iook so picturesque in a tourists photo on their way to church or the women who work so hard on the roadsides with their cutIasses, might be actuaIIy dirt poor, not just a photo opportunity. Tourists need to understand that it is a give and take, they want the joy of the beautifuI isIand but they need to understand what the inhabitants have to go through, just to earn a Iiving. Who can bIame teenagers for wanting to share some of that weaIth they see fIashed about by the rich young surfer visitors? Youre trying to bring up a young boy put him in his schooI uniform everymorning, send him off to schooI, keep him a good boy though he might be one of 4 kids, each with a different father and you are working as a waitress in a fancy hoteI who might get Iaid off, even from Sandy Iane, when things get tough in the worId ecnonomy. When that boy Ieaves schooI, what chances are there for him in Barbados? There are onIy so many doctors, nurses, teachers, ice-boat fishermen, farmers, chefs, secretaries, businessmen and Iawyers needed in this smaII country, be that chiId a girI or a boy. The minute the chiId goes into the tourism sector for work, there’s a constant contrast in front of the chiId’s eyes, emphasising the haves and the have-nots. If you can afford to send the chiId away for education and work, what, as a parent wiII happen to you once that chiId is away?

    For aII these reasons, I think tourists need to know that their hoIiday destination is a compIex society where it is not aII about fun, fun, fun. Inhabitants need to have a Iife outside the posh hoteIs and restaurants. UntiI the government comes cIean about what Bajan Iife is aII about and issues some kind of advice to tourists, there wiII continue to be this sense of using visitors as a means to an end, up to the point of robbing them as fair game .

  126. Analyzer

    Well, I think vulgar might not be the right word.

    Maybe unempathetic but maybe they are none the wiser like some of them may have been born with silver spoons in their mouths. So do you think if the wealthy tourists want to go somewhere and be able to wear their rolexes and diamonds, that they should go somewhere like Monaco or Switzerland instead of coming to Barbados? I’m not sure but it seems that you may have a chip on your shoulder. I find some Bajans do and they also jump to conclusions. Not all people that enjoy the finer things in life are uncaring and self-centered. Do you think then that Barbados should only try to attract middle-income tourists that dress casually so as not to hurt poor people’s feelings? Also, you don’t know how these rich people contribute to society, they may belong to Rotary or donate money to various charitable organisations. I can think of a few wealthy people that have come here and contributed to the development of Barbados.

    Also, they may be big spenders too and tip generously at the expensive hotels and restaurants. Would it be better for us to have 2 and 3 star hotels only and not the luxurious 5 star hotels?
    The ladies that work so hard on the side of the roads get free medical, pension, their children get free education and it is almost free right up to University level. Also, there is National Housing. I don’t know how much the ladies get paid so I can’t really judge. How is the Barbados government able to take care of the people so well?

    Mostly from tourist dollars. Most of these people work very hard and the tourists from the States usually only get 2 weeks off so they should be entitled to some fun and relaxation. If Barbadians are thinking like you, this is not good. You have to try not to resent the tourist. I don’t know if there was a particular incident that has made you feel this way. I know some people can be snobbish but it is usually their problem, not yours. That is just my opinion, let me know what you think. Basically, do you think you are a good person and would help out your brother if you could?

  127. Hants

    victor says.

    “Tourists need to understand that it is a give and take”.


    When a tourist has paid $10,000 to enjoy our beautiful Island they should spend their time as they choose within the laws of Barbados.

    Tourists pay to vacation in Barbados. They are not invited guests vacationing free of charge.

    The socio-economic problems of Barbados are not the responsibility of Tourists.

  128. Good greif

    Victor don’t be so materialistic.
    Don’t measure a man by inanimate objects, it’s inside what counts.

  129. PiedPiper

    That is correct Victor. Where as most Bajans know who these characters are and the scammers and thieves themselves know not to waste their time chatting up Bajans, tourists are naive and for the most part, do not wish to offend local folks. Unless properly informed, they can be sitting ducks.

  130. Leslie

    I vacationed yearly in Barbados in 1975 and ’76 and lived there in 1977 for 1 year. That was a long time ago. All of my jewelry was stolen right out of our rented villa that is located right next to the Coconut Creek Hotel which has since been torn down. Quaco Bob was the name of the villa at the time.
    When we went out at night to Bridgetown, we were advised by everyone – locals and hotel owners – to be very careful of our possessions. Nothing has changed – this is just old news.

  131. victor

    Hants & AnaIyzer, my point is not that tourists shouId be despised, just that if they have not the sense themseIves to understand anything about their destination, have some sensitivity towards the IocaIs, their hoteIs or the tourist industry shouId make some effort towards warning them there CAN be troubIe in paradise, instead of ped aIIing the myth that Barbados is totaIIy safe. For heavens sake, if you Iive here you yourseIf you think twice about wearing your jeweIIery etc. at night when you go out to certain pIaces. What’s wrong with informing visitors with what anyone who Iives in Barbados knows? There ARE bad guys out there, at times and certain pIaces, there ARE going to be crackhead robbers Iurking around your top hoteI, when you come home at night, etc. In posh Notting HiII in UK there are signs on Iamposts advising you not to waIk aIong using your ceIIphone, warnings announced on the tube about pickpockets, same in department stores. It’s wrong to pretend that you are safe when you are not.

  132. ru4real

    And how are they supposed to do that?

    Follow the sign posts – dont walk here you will get mugged/killed.

    Take a course of self defence before coming on holiday and never go out without some sort of heavy blunt object on your person.

    Why not stick a notice at the airport

    Stay in your hotel dont come out because its your own fault if you get done over you stupid tourist .
    You see we dont really want you we want your moolah so try and not get yourselves killed and think yourself lucky we allow you to come here anyway.

  133. Analyzer

    Victor, now you are making more sense.

  134. Analyzer

    Victor, well put! Good suggestions.

  135. Terry

    It was announced that someone was helping police with their enquires, and may be charged. Nothing since. If charges have been laid then it should be front page headlines and the case should be dealt with in days, not months or years!
    Things like this seriously harm, an already difficult, tourist market. This case should be a priority and well publicised, or have the police not got a clue who did it?
    Dont let this drag on for years, if they know who did it bring him to trial NOW and have them locked up and let the police look efficient.

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  137. Analyzer

    I was looking through some old newspapers and in ‘The Nation’ of Tuesday, June 9, 2009 on Page 5, the Headline reads: ‘Visitor shot in St James’

    A BRITISH VISITOR was shot last Thursdy night and his wife robbed along Sand Lane Main Road, St. James.

    Police public relations officer Station Sergeant Anthony Depeiza said Andrew Thompson and his wife Isabelle were attacked by two men after 9 p.m. She was robbed of a handbag, an iPhone, cash and credit cards, and he was shot in the left foot.

    He was subsequently treated and discharged and they left the island yesterday.

    Meanwhile, police are seeking to interview Anthony Dacosta Pinder, alias “Packer” or “Frog”, whose last address was Woodland, St. George.

    In a Press release, Depeiza said the force was appealing to Pinder to report to the Narcotics Department at Oistins Police Station to be interviewed. He can be accompanied by an attorney or by family member. (CT/PR)

    Hope this helps out in any way possible. I hope Mr. and Mrs. Thompson are doing okay.

  138. Anonymous

    see Mirror 12 July 2009 Three in court over shot Briton in Barbados

    Marion King, 25, Matthew Yarde, 25, and Hassan Alleyne, 23, were remanded in custody.

  139. Analyzer

    God is above.

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  143. J. Payne

    Another attack was just announced in the British press…

    British actress attacked by serial rapist in Barbados says island’s police were ‘only concerned with tourist image’

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 3:32 PM on 3rd April 2011

    Read more:

  144. J. Payne

    Read some of the comments at the bottom of the post above. One asking for a boycott of Barbados, another asking for the British Foreign Office to post an advisory about serial rapists and robberies in Barbados…
    All I can say is this is what happens when the Barbados government refuses to take a hard-line on the criminals….. Then again these MPs refuse to bring in the proper legislation to police one another.