Who Is In Charge Of Environmental Damage On The Barbados Coast… Coastal Zone Management Unit or Town Planning?

Barbados Beach Walk

“The high point for this blogger was the chance meeting for the first time with Dr. Leo Brewster, the Director of the Coastal Zone Management Unit, on Ground Zero and an opportunity for an impromptu and brief interview, and – totally unplanned – in the presence of a section of the print media.  He was gracious but clearly uneasy with the line of questioning. Consequently, his answers were at best evasive…”

Mullins Bay Blog Reports First Person As Dr. Leo Brewster Ducks The Issue

Our friends at Mullins Bay Blog were there for the Tourism Environmental Awareness walk at Mullins Beach yesterday, and their interview with the Director of the Coastal Zone Management Unit highlights exactly what we all know to be true. The destruction of our West Coast beaches is not so much an environmental problem as a political one.

A blind man on a fast horse can see that the choices made by government favour big time developers rather than preserving the environment, universal beach access and protection of the entire coast. In the case of Mullins Beach, a large condo developer has been allowed to build three massive groins that trap sand in front of the condo to the detriment of other property owners and nearby beaches.

What does the Director of Coastal Zone Management Unit have to say when specific questions are put to him in a public forum?

Perhaps diehard DLP supporters will discover much to their own chagrin, as Jack Nicholson once screamed in one of his brilliant performances: “You can’t handle the truth.”

But if you can handle the truth – head over to Mullins Bay Blog and discover right from the mouth of the Director of the Barbados Coastal Management Unit exactly what the government plans to do to save the West Coast beaches: which is nothing.


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12 responses to “Who Is In Charge Of Environmental Damage On The Barbados Coast… Coastal Zone Management Unit or Town Planning?

  1. Paul Barnes

    Sad to see how little of the beach is left these days. One has to wonder how long it would take to recover even if the groynes were relocated…

  2. Well, we don’t want the groynes “relocated,” we want them “removed.” But even when that happens the beach is going to need a lot of help to get back to what it once was. That means massive re-nourishment (pumping in or trucking in sand). For any of that to happen it still looks and sounds like we have to convince Coastal that there is a problem in Road View/Mullins.

  3. Hants

    If Town planning gave permission to erect the groynes they can’t remove them.

    The solution is to do at mullins what is being done at the cheffete holetown site.

    The beaches should be wide enough that we can play beach cricket.

  4. Green Monkey

    The solution is to do at mullins what is being done at the cheffete holetown site.

    What’s that Hants? Last time I saw that beach it was very skimpy and rock strewn, but that was probably well over a year ago. What exactly is being done to revivc it?

  5. Hants

    @Green Monkey.

    Last time I saw it was 4 months ago.

  6. Green Monkey

    But you seemed to indicate there was some action being taken to restore the beach in front of what was the Chefette Holetown location. ( I understand the site has been sold to a developer for more condos and Chefette no longer operates from there).

    The solution is to do at mullins what is being done at the cheffete holetown site.

    I was just curious to find out what exactly was being done at the Cheffette site that was reviving the beach? Your post seems to imply that some action was being taken by someone to restore the beach.

  7. They are building a boardwalk in Holetown similar to the one in Hastings/Rockley. Here is a pic of it from the middle of last month – http://shar.es/umeM -. I don’t think we need a boardwalk in Road View/Mullins but when the groynes are removed the beach will gradually restore itself but it is going to need a lot of help as I said before. If we are serious about tourism and the environment we would do what’s necessary to sustain them.

  8. Yes save Mullins Bay

    I don’t know how many people can really appreciate the disaster that is happening by Road View along the sea. It’s clear over the past years that things have really degenerated. Look at the groynes, look at Kings Beach, look at the beach that’s now falling into the water. The problem is that only a few local families are directly affected by this, not the powerful developers that are wrecking another beach in Barbados. It makes me sick! and I don’t understand why the government does nothing.

  9. peltdownman

    It would be interesting to know just how many of those God-awful condos at Road View have actually been sold – other than the usual investor hand outs, that is. One each for the developers, one for the architect (who should be in hiding), one for the builder – all at cost so that the real purchasers pick up the difference. Suckers!

  10. The Oracle

    peltdownman, you probably should ask those questions of the real owners – http://www.thevillages.com/AboutUs/aboutus.htm

  11. Nation News – “High water a hurdle to beach walk” – http://shar.es/uuUJ – #Barbados #environment

    Save Mullins Bay

  12. More pics of Holetown Boardwalk – http://shar.es/hlp0 -.