Guyana Deportees Report Thefts Of Money, Property In Wake Of Barbados Immigration & Police Raids

“When I got to my room,  the door was off, all my clothes thrown on the floor, my suitcase ravaged and all my documents and money gone. I could not believe it. I had recently bought  a Dreambox, a dvd player,  and I had $1 300 Bajan saved and it’s all gone.”

… An illegal immigrant tells of thefts during Immigration Raids in The Nation article Lucky Escape

Free-For-All As Landlords And Others Profit From Deportations

barbados-steal-moneyTwo days ago Barbados Free Press asked what our Barbados Immigration and Police were doing to secure and protect the valuables and personal property of persons arrested in the recent immigration raids. (See BFP’s Barbados Continues Immigration Raids, Deportations Of Guyanese…)

Now we know: Barbados Government officials are in fact doing nothing to protect or secure deportees’ valuables. It is a free-for-all with neighbours, landlords and passersby grabbing the “abandoned” property and money of arrested persons. Our authorities are doing nothing except dragging persons away from their rooms and homes.

What a National Shame for Barbados

So far there are no reports of government officials ending up with deportees’ property, but where there is no system used to properly seize, protect and catalogue the property of arrested persons – it is only a matter of time until the abuses start if they haven’t already.


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65 responses to “Guyana Deportees Report Thefts Of Money, Property In Wake Of Barbados Immigration & Police Raids

  1. Hants

    BFP can you assure us that the stories you are printing are true?

    I think Immigration should invite the press to witness these raids like the Canadians did when the rounded up portugese construction workers and sent them back to portugal.

    They should do a documentary like CBC Canada did showing how they hunt down illegals in Toronto.

    It is now up to the President of Guyana to attempt to retreive the money and property which his citizens earned ILLEGALLY in Barbados and provide his citizens who ILLEGALLY emigrated to Barbados with resettlement assistance.

    The Guyanese government is responsible for Guyanese citizens.

  2. Hants

    We need a comment from Juris on this issue.

    My understanding is that ILLEGAL immigrants have no rights other than the right to be treated humanely during the deportation process.

    I think the Barbados Government should go a step further and secure the posessions of the ILLEGALS who are to be deported and the Guyanese government should assist their citizens in retrieving their posessions.

  3. Trudatz

    I’m getting very tired of this foolishness.
    There is a nasty perception going around the Caribbean that Barbados is just ejecting Guyanese and other non-nationals, documented and undocumented and this is just NOT TRUE!
    Put the damned emotionalism aside. You cannot start wrong and finish right. If a person is illegally residing in any country, Barbados or Bermuda, that person automatically takes on a calculated risk that they will be deported if caught.
    I don’t understand why BFP is helping to perpetuate what essentially is just one side of the story. Just because a response has not been fast-tracked to you does not make these allegations true.
    All of this ignorant rhetoric aside, I know that my country has a proud tradition of employing DOCUMENTED non-nationals at all levels of this society.
    How many other Caribbean countries can you name where a non-national is the Director of Public Prosecutions for goodness sake. Ironically enough our present DPP is Guyanese and not so long ago the Deputy DPP (now deceased) was a Jamaican.
    The head of the Barbados Drug Service is Nigerian…and I could go on and on.
    Stop the damned Barbados bashing or this situation could start to get very volatile on the ground.
    Nobody knows whether the people executing these raids are getting cooperation from the persons they go to arrest/deport and whether or not they are getting resistance.
    There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with carrying out raids to round up people who are in Barbados or any other country illegally.
    If a Barbadian is living in New York, Australia or wherever, if he or she refuses to regularise their status and the law catches up to them, they have to take what they get.
    The law is the law…whether we like it or not!

  4. Question

    The question BFP is asking is who is getting their possessions. BFP points out quite rightly that it looks like the deportees’ possessions and money are there for the taking. The government isn’t seizing the possessions, so who is?

  5. Question

    Turn in your illegal neighbours and the police come and take them away. You get whatever the police leave. That sounds about right.

  6. BFP

    BFP doesn’t say that Barbados doesn’t have a right to deport illegals. We just want to know what happens to their possessions and money. So far the answer seems to be that their possessions are taken by the neighbours or passersby.

    We think that is morally wrong. Whatever happened to the law? In any civilized country the arresting officials are also responsible for securing and protecting an arrested person’s possessions. Whatever happens to those possessions should be according to law, not the rule of the jungle.

  7. BFP

    Hi Hants,

    We are taking the stories from the regular press like everyone else. We have been trying to discover what happens to the possessions and money of the deported persons and so far it seems to be “finders keepers”. We think that is shameful. Whether the property is to be forfeited to the Barbados government or given back to the deportees doesn’t matter: we say the property should be properly seized and protected by the arresting authorities – not left for passersby.

  8. Canadian Reader

    When I read these articles & comments it all sounds so vindictive. The people (illegal or not) are still human beings. They all want what we want – happiness & to take care of our families.

    I can’t help thinking that if it was Canada, USA or Britain treating people like this, there would be outrage coming from the same people who seem so happy to see people hunted down in the night and unceremoniously dumped out of Barbados. Where is the compassion?

  9. Report you Neighbour, get their property

    If I report my illegal Guyanese neighbour I get their stuff after the police arrest them at 3am.

    I like it!


    If the story (’Lucky’ escape) in today’s Nation is correct, then it is a shocking.

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again: re this exportation of Guyanese … 1. It’s a racial thing, 2. It’s a Government to Government feud.

    As West Indians, it just exposes who and what we really are.

  11. observer

    what do yall think should happen to the deportees belongings?

    should we spend tax dollars to ship them back to guyana? should we spend tax dollars auctioning them off and wire the money back to where ever they come from?

    can anyone give a solution that doesnt cost us tax dollars to implement? i mean we are already paying for the flights back to their home lands, we already have given them amnesty.

    someone give an idea of a cost effective solution?

  12. Hants

    As a fellow canadian citizen, I suggest you find the documentary on Canadian Immigration crackdowns in Toronto and on the arrest and deportation of portugese carpenters and families.

    People in glass houses should not be so sanctimonious and throw big rocks too.

    Yes I would like illegals to be treated better but don’t pretend that USA and Canadian Immigration invite people to be deported.

    They hunt them down, put them in “detention centres” and deport them.
    Never heard of amnesty in Canada yet.

  13. Hants

    Let the Government of Guyana invest in their citizens and pay for the shipment of their belongings.

    They could also give each returning Guyanese 10 acres of land to help them resettle.

  14. Liverpool Friend

    I think a “lawless free for all” happens with the possessions of the Guyanese.

    Much as happened with the possessions of the Jews that were carted away in France and throughout Europe in 1940-1945 I’m sure. It provided good incentive to turn in neighbors who were suspect.

  15. Pat

    I agree. In the 50’s a relative was picked up in Newy York, placed in SingSing and deported with the shirt on his back. At least the Guyanese not ending up in prison first!!!

  16. Pat

    You obviously do not know how Immigration deportation works in Canada. They are picked up and held in custody (jail) at the airport until a seat is found on a plane. They are handcuffed and placed on the plane. Sometimes the officer travels with the deportee and only then the handcuffs come off.

    It was all on TV in Canada. The entire process was filmed. The raids, everything. You cant even grab your wallet.

  17. Pat

    I suggest you go live in Guyana illegally and get the experience from that side. Then, maybe, you will have something to crow about.

  18. Pat

    Same as your forebears did to us Africans. Only difference you sold us too, and stole our treasures which are now sitting in your MUSEUMS and private mansions. Even one of Queen Elizabeth II crowns was stolen from Ethiopia. cheupse…

  19. Anonymous

    The illegals have to leave because of the current and expected economic difficulties.

    I am certain that we can come up with a system that is more humane. They should be given time to safeguard their belongings.

  20. The Scout

    It seems like everything someone says negative about bajans to many of you is gospel. If someone came into this country on vacation for three weeks, as they told the immigration officer and three years after, that person is still here, never ask for an extension, when that person is caught pray tell me why they should be given time to rid themselves of large appliances like fridge and stove. The person should be jailed for defrauding the country. I think my P.M is too humane. Did those thirty people who got deported from T&T yesterday get to carry fridge and stove. This is the P.M who said he is going easy on them.

  21. canadian

    Never heard of amnesty in Canada yet. Then educate yourself about Canadian history my fellow citizen. try for starts .

  22. Hants

    Pat, maybe Canadian Reader lives in Thunder bay or Moose Jaw and does not have National TV stations.

    “The Immigration Task Force (ITF) is also a part of the GTA I&P Section. It is a joint forces operation comprised of law enforcement personnel from the RCMP, Canada Border Services Agency, Toronto Police Service and Ontario Provincial Police. ITF has 23 members who work together to safely apprehend high-risk migrant fugitives through partnerships, teamwork and the effective use of intelligence. ”

    Duh doan mek sport up hey.

  23. observer

    y wud u have a fridge and stove for what what was supposed to be a 3 week vacation that tek 3 years or a 6 month work permit that has gone 6 years without renewal?

    the day that fridge was procurred was the day u decided that you are willing to break barbados law and overstay yoor time. how much more accomodating must barbados government and barbados tax payers be?

  24. Canadian Reader wading into the bitter fray again

    Read my comment again and notice it did not say Canada (or the other countries mentioned) do not deport people or treat them unfairly – my comment is on the attitude prevalent in the comments re : the immigration posts …. Take any post & substitute Canada/USA/England for Barbados & substitute Barbados for Guyana. Imagine the outrage you would feel upon hearing your citizens were targeted like that. Further, imagine if the general public was supportive of the harsh treatment.

    It is disturbing to note the bitterness directed towards the Guyanese and the delight in their harsh treatment.

    What a defensive lot you are.

  25. kiki

    It’s the hate and prejudice in the mob mentality that is wrong, the message coming across is bajans don’t like guyanese.

  26. Anonymous

    Two wrongs do not make right. Let the illegals sell their belongings. Alternatively they should be able to ship them back home.

    Some of us want to get things we did not work for. That is not the correct way to acquire things. Go and work for what you want.

  27. Nonsense

    Simply put the day them decided to run away form who sponser them they become a Fugitve and surrendered all rights. It was them who made that decision.Babadus sweet bajan women went and get children for a lot of the pretty hair ones. Why?


    Pat : is it, or is it not …
    1. a racial thing,
    2. a Government to Government feud ? ? ?

  29. skinteeth

    Is there a rush by the locals to take back the jobs that were so ruthlessly taken by the illegals. Times are tough so i would expect that to happen nah ?

  30. Themis

    Are you people telling me that illegals do not have a right to property? So anyone can take their things without any offence being committed? What does the Constitution mean when it says that ‘every PERSON is entitled to the fundamental rights…” including the right not to be deprived of one’s property?

  31. kiki

    Themis, I was just about to say the same.

    In fact the police may be liable for not performing there full duties and allowing the thefts.

    In Europe the following human rights apply

    Article 8 – Right to respect for private and family life
    1. Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.
    2. There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

  32. Oh Please

    My friend when you are on the run living like a fugitive you don’t have rights, where are you living ….on mars…when you decided you coming to stay for 4 days and buy a stove, tv, and fridge obviously you not going back home in any hurry.

    Now when you are caught you now talking about rights…what rights what, go home and go somewhere else and make that country miserable.

  33. kiki

    but obviously the police have to make rightful arrest following the proper procedures.

    criminals have the right to be treated properly, or should I say exactly the same way you would be expect to be treated

  34. kiki

    BTW, stealing these peoples property is also against the law


    Flying saucers are amazing things. The other amazing thing is that *the great* Forbes Burnham single-handedly turned Guyana from a thriving, bustling country, into a dump and the place has never been the same. Perhaps one day….

    Yet, you’ll NEVER hear this from any West Indian politician. We are a bunch of dishonest, cowardly people.

  36. queenam

    i doubt those stories very much just i as doubted the story of the Jamaican women who claimed that they were molested at the airport and sent back home. on speaking to someone who was there, the women were not touch but ‘they looked extremely dirty’. i did not asked for them to elaborate on that statement.

    The recent story of the illegal guyanese really sounds too silly to be given much thought. i think this is all about putting pressure on the immigration department to leave the guyanese alone. What police would go into a bathroom and see a woman on the toilet and proceed to drag her off? From the time they enter the bathroom, they would know what she was doing because that activity would carry a not pleasant smell. Are police in Barbados so unhygienic that they would want to drag someone off a toilet bowl when they could smell defecation all around? Please! I give the police and immigration department the benefit of doubt in this instance.

  37. Themis

    Queenam, do you believe the story that there are so many illegal Guyanese they are putting a strain on our social services or is this just something the Government made up? Did the figures cited by the PM this afternoon impress you?

  38. Pat

    Centipede, go live in Guyana illegally and then you will have your answer. Dont ask me.

  39. Pat

    That is like saying because the USA and Canada deport illegal migrants from the Caribbean that they dont like us. What absolute nonsense.

  40. Pat

    Wait, give them time to pick up their heels and run? What utter nonsense. The goods should be sold and proceeds go to the General Revenue Fund to defray costs of raiding and deporting the illegals.

  41. Pat

    Those rights are reserved for citizens and legal immigrants. Illegals are criminals and have no rights.

  42. Pat

    I dont usually agree with you Queenam, but this time I do – 100%.

  43. Themis

    Where did you hear that, Pat? Criminals have no rights?…shame on you…No the rights are for PERSONS, but I suppose you might wish to argue that an undocumented alien is not a person?

  44. queenam

    June 26, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    the Director of the barbados drug service is a nigerian married to a barbadian who has spent half of her life in barbados as a legal citizen. She’s a wonderful lady.



    @ Themis
    I cannot say just how much but I do believe that they are putting a strain on our economy and social services. I see guyanese immigrants every single day. when I am the bus, they are there. when I am my way to or from work, I am usually accosted by them who are blunt with their wish – they want a wife and willing to pay. I did not hear the figure of the PM but I can bet they are thousands because the immigration department in the past did not seem to properly manage the influx so that it has gotten out of hand.

    the ministry of Economic affairs or some ministry should sensitize bajans to the effects of illegal immigration. maybe that will help alleviate the situation, if only a little. i am in sympathy to guyanese but being illegal in b’dos is not the same as being illegal in a first world country. we are only so big. it’s like 2 people working to support 20 and that 20 continues to increase. at some point in time someone will suffer. the PM must do all that he can now and we should give him whatever support he seeks. We must think of our grand children and our great grand children. we must leave them a heritage. but barbados cannot solve Guyana’s problems and i think it is vulgar for the guyanese consulate in barbados to assume a hostile position of the police and immigration dept, assuming without evidence that the illegals are being victimised. yes they have rights but so does the govt of barbados in looking out for the future of barbados.

  45. kiki


    Human Rights applies to everybody

    the following website may help introduce people to the facts that they are not aware of

    next you might be saying murder and rape of these people is also acceptable

  46. Chicago

    At last Pat is getting the idea. There should be a law and a procedure for what happens to deportees’ major possessions. Whether the law states their possessions are forfeit or that the deportees are allowed to sell or ship later, there should be a law.

    Otherwise the deportations become an excuse for theft with neighbours and officials participating because “they gone an left their things”.

    The comments about turning in your neighbour so you can profit are not far from truth.

  47. Lady Anon

    It seems to be turning out that quite a number of these stories are false…just fuelling the fire. Symptoms of “mass hysteria”? Group think? Who knows…

  48. Lady Anon

    It is amazing that some of the same people who castigate the lack of investigation by “reporters” are the same ones who are willing to accept whatever is printed in the news.

    Lack of investigation seems to be the common thread throughout. Many of the stories published by Starbroek News…(if it is misspelled, my apologies)…anybody ever questioned whether the persons interviewed were actually ever in Barbados? Ever left?

    This is a lot of heresay. And unfortunately, because the issue surrounds ILLEGAL immigration, we will never know…

    Final word…these are individuals who are breaking the law…the people who are touting CSME obviously do not know what CSME is all about.

    Remember when Antigua expelled Julian Rogers and Julius Gittens? They were covered under CSME…professionals with valid work permits, entering the country LEGALLY. But there was none of the furor as there is now.

    Free movement of labour under CSME refers to the skilled persons and professionals WHO FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES as set down by the CSME protocol. Not any and everyone who pick up, under false pretenses (and false names and false documents and false everything else) and just migrate.

  49. The Scout

    Therefore if an alleged criminal is in his house , no police officer can enter and arrest him, RIGHT? WRONG. These illegals technically are criminals, they defrauded the immigration and in so doing lied to the Barbados government.

  50. Hants

    “Eight non-nationals, including four Guyanese, have been deported from Barbados this month, but 177, including 71 from Guyana have had their stays extended.”

  51. The Scout

    First you have no RIGHT being in the country, so that illiminates anyother RIGHT that you might have. Secondly, there is a room at the airport that is stacked with property belonging to deportees. I suggest government auction them off to offset the airline tickets cost.

  52. BFP

    Hi Lady Anon

    While we remain open-minded on the veracity of anything we read or hear, we haven’t seen anything that refutes any individual stories we have read in the oldstream news. If you could direct us to some counter-evidence that shows some individual stories to be false, we would appreciate it.


  53. The Scout

    I will soon hear a guyanese say that he/she bought a BMW and had it taken from them. DEM GUYANESE COULD LIE!!!!!!!!!

  54. The Scout



    Original comment follows…

    I guess you’re sinble, well even the married men getting offers. I was at home in my garden and a indo-guyanese told me she can do that for me and more. I promptly told her, I am quite happy with my BAJAN wife and don’t want a dirty indo-guyanese not even to clean the dog kennels as they are prepared to do. She passes my house daily and in bajan parlance, cut she eyes at me. Sorry, but I’m not one of them stupid bajan men.

  55. The Scout

    Also MUST abide by the laws and constitution of the particular country.

  56. The Scout

    I want to hear SN deny that

  57. The Scout

    and bring proof.

  58. kiki

    Scout calm down race riots and race hate is illegal

  59. kiki

    Scout would like to be an immigration officer
    but if he is not then it is not his business

  60. Jack Bowman

    One of the most striking things about all the populist demagoguery surrounding this issue is that Bajan “reporters” and “journalists” are largely reduced to reporting what is said in the foreign press. It’s breathtaking.

    In any other country with a “free” media, the local press would have been all over this story like a cheap suit. Every politician and civil servant with some connection to the immigration issue would be plagued by reporters wanting to know some actual facts. How many illegal immigrants are in the country? How many are employed and therefore contributing to the local economy? How many are destitute and therefore a drain on resources? What is a sudden upward pressure on wages likely to do to business confidence? Will the jobs left vacant by deported immigrants be filled by Bajans?

    Given the facts, other journalists would be estimating the likely economic impact on Barbados of a sudden exodus of immigrants. Unless they’re growing all their own food, making all their own clothes, living on the street and walking everywhere, immigrants are contributing to this economy simply by buying goods and services. It might be the case that their contribution is offset by other factors (are they swamping the schools and the doctors’ offices, for example?) but in the absence of reliable data the whole discussion is moot. Or rather, it ceases to be any kind of cost-benefit analysis and degenerates into the kind of “Guyanese-are-smelly” infantile bigotry that infects some of the discussion on this very thread.

    As far as I can see, Bajan “reporters” are people who go to press conferences, keep their mouths shut and write down what the guy in the suit says. Or they re-write corporate press releases and then publish them as news stories. On any realistic ranking of priorities, at the moment it really isn’t important to know what was said at the graduation ceremony of every single school on this island. Bajan “reporters” aren’t journalists. They’re typists.

  61. victor

    Scout, I agree. The iIIegaIs’ posessions shouId be soId at pubIic auction, the proceeds used to fund their repatriation. But who wouId supervise this fund and ensure it did not turn into yet another unnacountabIe racket? Who wouId administer the surpIus and ensure it wouId not end up in some corrupt pocket?

  62. victor

    Is the reason that the ferry Windward which used to go from Barbados to St vincent, Trinidad, VenezueaIa etc. went defunct, meant to be repIaced by Trinidian vesseI Carribean Rose in 2007, not going because of poIiticaI reasons? Is the stop to this usefuI vesseI happening because of fears of cheap paying iIIegaI immigrants? Is it about smuggIing drugs or a deaI with IocaI airIines I name no names? Is it because Barbados wouId not agree to the idea of tourists Ieaving the IsIand? It was a fantastic service, enabIing peopIe to take their cars and drive around destinations at the other end for a very reasonabIe price. You couId sIeep on board and visit the reIatives. Perhaps Barbados does not want those kinds of tourists these days! Does anyone have any information? I have been bombarded by requests for info. For those who wish to potter around the isIands on ferries, my advice is aIight in Grenada. Same price Virgin fIight as to Barbados. From there you can ferry around to your heart’s content, Carriacou, the Grenadines, the adorabIe Bequia, and St Vincent without getting shot at outside posh Sandy type hoteIs.

  63. The Scout

    Does that post about WRITER BANNED FOR LIFE refers to me? I hope not but if it does, that’s no problem, that would not stop the drive forward for cleaning up Barbados, what it will do is escalate it. furthermore my pot don’t boil-up at you and I’ll still get up in the morning , God’s gift if posible, and havr my breakfast after morning meditation with my family.


    BFP says,

    Scout – I’ll give you one more chance but I’ll take heat from Marcus and Shona. Any further racist talk and you’re history. You have much to offer the discussion. Don’t spoil your contribution with base racism. You are on probation.


  64. The Scout

    Hire a documented guyanese to work alongside a bajan employee

  65. hell in bim

    1000 kids without fathers fathers get deported bajan taxpayers have to support them cause you all send the immigration for them the kids then grow up to be violent thinking people and the government hate them