Michael Jackson Dead – Cardiac Arrest, Not Breathing at 12:21pm Los Angeles Time. CNN: “Jackson Dead”

michael-jackson-heart attack

UPDATE: 6:25pm Barbados Time: TMZ Confirms Death, Further Details

UPDATE: Michael Jackson Reported Dead by www.x17online.com

UPDATE: TMZ.com says Michael was DOA

“Not Breathing When Paramedics Arrived”

“Really Bad Shape – Family Being Called In”

Michael Jackson Rushed To UCLA Medical Center - From x17online.com

Michael Jackson Rushed To UCLA Medical Center - From x17online.com

Yes, we know he went weird, but Michael Jackson’s Thriller is still one of our favourites and we remember him as he was – not as he became.

It looks like he had a heart attack in Los Angeles.

TMZ: Michael Jackson Cardiac Arrest

LA Times: Michael Jackson Rushed to Hospital

Michael Jackson Dead In LA

Above from TMZ.com


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31 responses to “Michael Jackson Dead – Cardiac Arrest, Not Breathing at 12:21pm Los Angeles Time. CNN: “Jackson Dead”

  1. PiedPiper

    Michael Jackson has not officially been declared “Dead”. Just because he was not breathing at the time paramedics arrived, does not mean he can not be revived. However, having said that only 2% of all true cardiac arrests are brought back. Depending on how long he was VSA, he and his family may wish he, in fact, had died rather than possible brain damage.

  2. Lady Anon

    RIP Michael…

  3. BFP

    Hi PP,

    Reports are now that he is gone. Multiple sources. CNN on satellite

    Haven’t seen a press conference at the hospital but that will be happening if the reports are correct.

  4. PiedPiper

    You are correct BFP. It is now official. Michael Jackson dead. This is not ghoulishness on my part but I would love to read the autopsy results. Fifty is relatively young to die of a heart attack.

  5. A-Fish

    Hollywood lost 2 more popular entertainers besides Michael Jackson (Being the iconic pop star) this week alone.

    This is a sad week in Hollywood.

  6. Abby

    i cant belive that michael jackson had a heart attack. i thought he was in good health, becuse he took care of himself.
    best wishes to his family….
    RIP Michael

  7. JMM

    Michael Jackson’s last words: “At last I’ll be white”

  8. CLib

    While Michael Jackson may have been a pop icon, let us remember that he was also a child predator.
    Furthermore, while police blocked off the enterance to the UCLA Emergency Room because of a deceased pop star, where did all the other emergency patients go…did they have to be transported across town to Cedars-Sinai in traffic? If so, was their care (or lives) compromised because of this delay in care?

  9. queenam

    A heart attack and cardiac arrest are not the same thing. in a cardiac arrest, the heart stops working completely and most people do not ever survive. in a heart attack, the heart is still working but in a compromise state and many people do survive heart attacks with some people having a minor heart attack and not aware of it.

  10. dontknow3

    Rip Michael Jackson we respected that man for his talent and passion towards music and entertaining we have a tribute for him at http://www.dontknow3.com LIVE Mahalo

  11. bp

    Well, i guess he wasn’t allwhite

  12. Batya

    Was Michael ever convicted of being a predator? God knows what did or didn’t take place. Let Him be the judge. Anyway I don’t think this is the time to be dwelling on such. Lots of people are in grief right now across the world. Why is it that people can never focus on the good that others did, the lives they would have touched. I’m not making excuses for him, but neither am I throwing stones at him for I don’t know that he was guilty as you are saying. I think his family would appreciate some kind words at this time. My regret is that he didn’t use his gift to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  13. I think you are crazy, jackson wasn’t in good health. why did he take all those idiotic operations. DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT WAS GOOD FOR HIM?
    Best wishes to the jackson family btw.
    RIP Jackson

  14. Rumplestilskin

    To see a soul who transends the politics and hatred, is truly uplifting and in of itself contributes more to world unity and understanding than any other action can.

    Fare thee well, Gunslinger.

  15. kuang ku

    Best wishes to the jackson family btw.
    RIP Jackson

  16. Nonsense

    As a sufferer Ben is my favourite and to those he left behind My Sympathy, may he R I P.

  17. Sargeant

    BFP: Pls release my post

  18. PiedPiper

    When you dead, all yuh secrets laid bare. Michael Jackson died of a lethal overdose of Oxycontin, which he has been addicted to for years, and Demerol.

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  20. reluctant nonbeliever

    Any of you hear MacFingal talking about MJ on LOVE FM today?

    I was with a couple of tourists (one Jamaican, one Brit) doing an island tour, and they couldn’t stop laughing as we listened to him being interviewed by Gaynelle – but not in a good way. They couldn’t believe how foolish, rambling and incoherent Mac was. And he did sound terrible in truth, mispronouncing words constantly.

    And then he mentioned that he’s a teacher and they just went WHAAT?? I laughed it off, but I was really ashamed.

    What a role-model for our youth.


    RIP Michael.

  22. Avatar Gurl

    The only impression I have had of Mac Fingall was when he “buse” me on a football field between Lodge & another school.

    The ball had gone off the field, and instinctively, I kicked a spare ball on, not knowing that the ball that went off had been recovered, so there was 2 balls on the field, which was against the rules.

    Mac saw me do this and nearly tore off my head, yelling if I was “stupid” and “what I do that for.”

    To be quite honest, I was so shocked at having a teacher say this that I just walked off without answering.

    This was my only impression of him. I have never met him under any other circumstance.

  23. Avatar Gurl

    This man was my first crush @ 5 years old! I have always adored his music and his talent. You will be missed Mike…

    Rest in Peace, sweetie…

  24. De Bajan Prophetess

    Eat your words August 2009 the true Messia is MJ’s biggest fans and they know the truth and the world will soon so he can Rest in Peace..

    All hell is going to break loose in the coming months wait and see….

    MJ 1993 defense coming to a court of public opinion near you stay tuned.. De Bajan Prophetess will unleashed soon.

  25. Linda

    We love you Michael Jackson

  26. quorinzia

    I have always been a fan of your. When Iheard that you had passed away it made me think about my own mother because i lost her 2yrs ago and it had been very hard without her it goingto be 3yrs seen she had passed away. I wanted to say that i’m wery sorry for your lost. you can always e-mail at thiekequorinzia@yahoo.com when ever i get on the computer i will lpve to talk to you your family.

  27. yo era cantate de todos bailes todos

  28. jubakala

    One begins to feel himself old when his childhood idols start to past away in an increasing pace… R.I.P. Jacko, you were truly phenomenal!
    The Michael Jackson Discography Guy

  29. Michael Jackson’s death is just another reminder of brilliant people living tormented lives. Thoughts and prayers.

    Life’s short. Play to win.