Damon Corrie Remembers A Kinder Time In Barbados-Guyana Relations

“When the English speaking Caribbean countries were colonies of Britain – there was actually more freedom of inter-regional movement and migration than there is today”

An interesting observation and a typically good article from Damon Corrie at the Bajan Reporter.

As usual, you may not agree with everything Damon says – but he will make you think and question that which needs to be questioned.

The Bajan Reporter: Ordinary Barbadians migh suffer the consequences of the new Deportation policy – by Multi-Caribbean D.G. Corrie


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6 responses to “Damon Corrie Remembers A Kinder Time In Barbados-Guyana Relations

  1. observer

    do ppl actually realise the impact illegal immigration has in a country?

    here is a small example

    you plan a small party and cook food and set out chairs for 100 guest, u actually invited 90 guests and provided 10 chairs and meals for small overages (future growth)

    on the night of the party, you have the 80 guests you invited along with 60 unaccounted guests.

    with only food and seating for 100 the 40 extras gonna eat up an use the seating that was set out for the 80 original guests.

    now if the party planner had info pertaining to the 40 extra guests maybe he could be more accomodating.

    the party is our country .

    the planner is our leaders and consultants

    the 40 extra ppl are the ppl not on the list and therefore are unaccounted for illegal immigrants

    the food are our resources whether it be traffic, public trans. health. education etc etc.

    i value the immigrants that come to barbados and contribute to society, and help build our nations

    what i cant appreciate are those that try to cheat by overstaying. you think they dont know that they are illegally here?

    The Prime Minister has given them Amnesty, isnt that enough? you have commited an offence and the government of barbados is looking the other way by not issuing a fine or jail time, isnt that enough?

    what if a bajan commited an offence and the police that caught you told you what you did was wrong and just send you home, wouldnt you be greatful?

  2. Jay

    So now Independence is a curse for some & a boon to others ?Maybe Guyana should have remained British Guiana if that was truly the problem.

    At least the article got it right concerning intra-regional movement we weren’t going to present day “Co-operative Republic of Guyana” we went to another Territory belonging to Britian called “British Guiana” hence it was all legal,not illegal like the current wave of illegal immigrants to modern-day independent Barbados.

    I think it is also interesting to note in a recent news article published by the Nation that not only are illegal immigrants in Barbados staying illegally they are also playing cat & mouse with Barbados immigration officers.
    [quote]Going to stay

    “Ryan” said: “I’m going to stay, hide and work until December, so I can save enough money to live comfortably when I go back. It makes no sense facing immigration on your own because regardless of what the Prime Minister said, immigration and police doing their own thing . . . .
    “This Government needs to check it out urgently because immigration officers are angry about this amnesty . . . .
    “I plan to evade them until December because had I been caught the other morning, all the appliances I bought would have been left behind and I’ve been here for four years, spent a lot of money here[/quote]

  3. The Scout

    What would you like my P.M to do? swing open the gates for whosoever will may come? We have given amnesty to persons who have lied to our immigration and we are being criticised for it. T&T has told the region that they are gentle to guyanese yet they are shipping them back daily; only two days ago 25 illegals were rounded up and returned. Do you believe Barbados is shipping them back by the hundreds as SN reports? how are they getting there? Is there an aircraft at the airport waiting just to take them back. If everytime an aircraft lands at Jagan Airport from Barbados with guyanese on board, they are deportees, therefore every time one arrive in Barbados with guyanese and they are given entry, then they too are illegals; at lease potential illegals. You are a sensible man, don’t get caught up in the lies; think for yourself. Barbados is open in what they do T&T are saying one thing and doing another, while Barbados alone is taking the heat. Antigua is also following T&T. The bottom line is migtration has to be controlled. People from the region have been making Barbados their home for many many years but over the last 10 yrs or so the numbers have increased to the point where they are over-running barbados and something has to be done to control this rise.

  4. kiki

    The same race born in barbados, jamaica, america, canada, england

  5. reality check

    all true observer


    Whats the difference between a police officer who takes the money or drugs away from a drug addict who is not going to believed in a court of law and keeps them for himself versus,

    a customs or immigration officer who takes into custody a defenceless Guyanese illegal who is handcuffed and deported and keeps his belongings as “the spoils of war”.

    Surely this requires a transparent strict code of conduct by the authorities to protect these illegals when they are being sent back.

    Or do we care that these people might, under different circumstances, be us?

    This is the job of the PM or AG while they are “cleansing” Barbados.

  6. angle

    u scout bajan is talking about guyanese andotherpeople coming to live in barbados what i am not hereing about u bajan that liveing in other people country like US CANADA and other country ha i want u to know we all r god children and have the right to live the world is his no one or barbados can take away a man wish go to god for help bajan it not too late i am praying for world