Barbados Continues Immigration Raids, Deportations Of Guyanese – Media Report Of $100 Per Head Reward For Deported Guyanese

“Now I have lost everything, a whole house full of appliances, clothes and so much more. I miss work because I could afford to do so much, now to come back home and just leave that, it’s hard…”

… Guyanese deported from Barbados speaks to Stabroek News: Deportee from Barbados has lost hope in her homeland

Barbados Immigration Paying $100 A Head Reward For Information?

Barbados Immigration authorities are offering BDS$100 per head reward for information leading to the deportation of illegal Guyanese on the island – this according to Stabroek News of Guyana. News reports also say that the Guyanese government is documenting the treatment of deportees by Bajan authorities through interviews, media reports and follow-up visits by the Guyanese Consul in Barbados.

Who Ends Up With The Deportee’s Larger Possessions?

Where are the deportees' autos?

Where are the deportees' autos?

One of the articles we read tells the story of an illegal Guyanese woman whose home was raided in the middle of the night by Barbados authorities. She, her family and friends were packed off in custody with no time to secure her larger possessions which included major appliances such as a fridge and cooker.

Who ends up with the deportee’s major possessions? What happened to the tens thousands of dollars of autos, clothes, appliances and tools that were owned by the Guyanese who have already been deported from Barbados?

Deportees’ possessions – Spoils of the hunt for Barbados Immigration Officials?

Who ends up with deportees' large possessions?

Who ends up with deportees' large possessions?

What have Barbados authorities been doing to protect the deportees’ possessions? Have any Immigration authorities been seen with new stoves lately?

The question is not as flippant as it might seem because if it turns out that Bajan Immigration authorities have ignored the issue of deportee’s property (or worse), it will reflect very badly upon our country.

Yes, we at Barbados Free Press believe that Barbados has the right and the duty to control immigration and to take steps to remove persons who are in the country illegally – HOWEVER – we must not forget that, illegal or not, these folks are just ordinary people who deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and even kindness by Bajan authorities. Anything less will make Barbados a brutal nation in the eyes of the world.


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  1. Nonsense

    I want them deport this maid who came here and marry a certain big up, she now in a number two fuh years. All I wondering if she doing a sterling job how come she cant move up or she must die in that position. I feel she responsible for the Guyanese prices in that sector. I hope she aint loyal to Hugo Chavez.Wat is she qualifications?, how much money getting or s………..g. I cant get no news at all pon she. I cud be too malicious?Help needed.

  2. Jay

    @BARBADOS free press,What is more important what others think of us or enforcing the law ?

  3. Sargeant

    BFP could you name another country where people who are about to be deported can arrange for disposal of their possessions? In this country people about to be deported are held at holding centres and have to make decisions about what to do with their Canadian born children rather than their personal belongings. I don’t think that the Immigration authorities arrange for the disposal of their property.

    I also question you’re your broad inference that Bajan Immigration officers are looting the homes of deportees to acquire household possessions for their personal gain. There are always areas of corruption but to make a sweeping generalization about a whole unit is pure speculation. If speculation is the order of the day I can also assume that any Guyanese living in Barbados long enough to acquire “ten thousands of dollars of autos etc.” probably has a domestic partner who will take care of the items. That domestic partner should do his or her duty to legitimize their partner’s status.

    To ensure balance I look forward to Stabroek News publishing articles about the treatment of Guyanese deported from the USA; Canada and Trinidad & Tobago.

  4. Tell Me Why

    June 25, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    BFP could you name another country where people who are about to be deported can arrange for disposal of their possessions?

    You miss BFP’s point. I am asking also “Who ends up with the deportee’s major possessions?”

    Any information Sarge?

  5. PiedPiper

    Bajans will need to steel themselves in the coming months. There will be many stories such as this one in Stabroek, designed to pull at the heartstrings and garner sympathy for deported illegals. Yes, it is sad, that some Guyanese have managed to live peacefully and productively in Barbados but it does not change the fact that they were living in Barbados illegally. The story in Stabroek is biased and not necessarily factual. Can anyone provide proof that Immigration is offering $100 to those who report illegals?

  6. anon

    Who cares what happens to deportees Possessions

    Just get them OUT.

  7. Me.

    I am shamed and sickened by the stances that I see my fellow Barbadians taking, above and elsewhere.

    We are not behaving fairly or ethically. Guyanese are being targeted in a bigoted manner.

    The law is the law, but it should be enforced in a manner that is not only fair, but is visibly and clearly fair.

    That’s not happening here.

  8. Sargeant

    No I don’t have any, do you? BFP is hinting that Immigration officials are somehow making off with deportees’ possessions. If that’s OK with you fine, I just made the point that they shouldn’t paint the whole department with a single brush.. If someone stole something from me in Barbados, should I say all Barbadians are thieves?

  9. sylvan

    they are ILLEGAL. they broke the law. we cannot condone any form of illegality.

  10. Me.

    I certainly don’t see anyone accusing ALL immigration officials or ALL Barbadians of theft.

    But structural policies that leave Guyanese deportees vulnerable to theft are a structural, policy problem that we should hold political leadership as well as the Immigration Department responsible for.

    And a complete absence of transparency in investigation and consequence for misbehaviour by Immigration Department staff is also a problem for management and political leadership.

    This is a revolting problem, and trying to make it into a “Barbadians versus Guyanese” thing only makes it smellier.

    We are responsible for our own misbehaviour. We have a right to enforce our laws, but we have a responsibility to do so ethically.

    Why are people bleating about our rights, and ignoring our responsibilities?

  11. Jay


    You can’t just say the law is the law & then “BUT”.That is actually what got us in this mess in the first place.The prior BLP Government had been saying “BUT” for 14 years & now the Government is actually enforcing “the law is the law” & are being ridiculed.There can be no excuses when it comes to this illegal immigration mess,time after time I hear stories of people being given orders to leave Barbados by the Immigration Department but instead chose to go underground instead of leaving whether their work permits have expired or their visit extensions.As illegal immigrants they basically abscond & the Immigration Department don’t know where they are.

  12. Sargeant

    A woman who admits to being in Barbados illegally for two and a half years claims that she lost thousands of dollars worth of possessions when she was deported. Somehow this morphs into a blanket accusation against Immigration officials. The woman expresses no confidence in the Guyanese Gov’t ability to provide for its citizens (BFP did not mention that), she states that a Guyanese official asked her for a bribe again BFP omitted this from the story but a statement that she lost “thousand of dollars” worth of merchandise is grist to the mill. Is it possible that she was trying to evoke sympathy?

    Cry me a river…..

  13. Me.

    I, for one, don’t care whether or not she was trying to evoke sympathy. I don’t care about her motivations.

    The pertinent question at hand is this: does the current system proceed with fairness and transparency?

    If it does, then even malicious accusations can do little damage.

    If, on the other hand, there is a lack of transparency and accountability, then the motivations of the accusers is not the point at hand.

    Why are you so willing to ignore even the possibility of flaws in our system?

  14. Sargeant

    It is transparent to me and I’m sure it is transparent to all other illegal immigrants. Illegal residents will be deported. Do you want to introduce a Magna Carta or Bill of Rights for Illegal immigrants?

    Save the “Transparency and Accountability” for other worthy arguments

  15. Lalique

    The Immigration officers have a right to deport anyone who over stay their time from one day after the time has expired, so I don’t know what all the talk is about. the Guyanese shoul be out of here ever since.
    If the intended to go, why did they buy all these appliances?
    All the Guyanese I know are notorious liars anyway so I don’t believe a word they say.

  16. Wright B.Astard

    @Lalique, lets give the lady a fair chance. Let her produce the originals invoices for her appliances to Stabroek News who will only be too willing to publish true copies.

  17. skinteeth

    The immigration policy is the law like or not, and the law has to be enforced. But what i can’t take is this sudden embrace of upholding the law with such righteousness. When i look around ,all manner of stupidity is playing out, from lack of ITAL coming down to the average Joe dumping garbage in the Belle. Ever check to see how many people in this country get charge for white collar crimes. I wonder if $19M to the Turf Club ( which was nearly auctioned off)is more or less than the supposed drain on the social services by illegals in a year ( taking back out the VAT that they do pay)

  18. kiki

    1 world
    1 love

  19. kiki

    Don’t Call Us Immigrants

  20. The Scout

    While we are taking the heat for protecting our sovereignty, other Caricom nations are subtly doing worst than us. Where is the prove as stated by SN of the mass exedus of guyanese deportation out of Barbados? If they are being taken up by the bus loads and deported, they must be some evidence of this from both the Barbados end and the Guyanese end, unless they are being dumped at sea. In the mean time P.M.Manning out of T&T, who claims to be going easy on the guyanese, juat rounded up about 25 illegals and shipped them out on Caribbean Airlines.

  21. Paul Barnes

    The bounty has gone up, clearly…it used to be $75 per head for years…

  22. oh come on.

    barbados governement is moving wrong with this immigration policies
    i say if foreigners are breaking the law by overstaying in the country they should be made to pay a fine or face imprisonment.

    when a barbadian citizen breaks the law he is fined and/or imprisoned.

    you stay in this country for years dodging and tricking the authorities and now that you are sent back you cry foul? in my opinion any non national that overstays their set terms of immigration should expect to suffer this small consequence when caught. what do you want them to do? take bajans hard earned tax dollars and reimburse you for illegally being here?

  23. oh come on.

    also let me add, that any bajan caught in a foreign country living illegally should suffer the same fate.

    it is the chance u take when u decide to illegally reside in a country

  24. Pat


    Pray tell give us the evidence that the “law is not enforced in a manner that is not only fair, but is visibly and clearly fair”. Are you basing that statement on the article?

  25. Pat


    I live in Canada and all the Guyanese I know up here are notorious liars too. It must be something in their rice porridge. lol!

  26. Simon

    Jay Barbados is not a planet….it is a small little island that is interdependent with other countries in the world…enforce the law….but remember we’re dealing with human beings

  27. Verdana

    If a person is illegal it is clear and understood that if cought go back home and lose his belongings!
    About the fact that someone is taking advantage …rats all over!

  28. Pearl

    Regardless as to nationality if you are illegal in any country it’s at your own risk. How it is handled is another thing.

    But anyway my question is whether the Immigration Dept. will be given the tools to help them, particularly when people first enter the country? I’ve no idea if it is true but you hear stories about people being deported and then still getting back into the country??

    If you visit the US granted the procedures are intrusive and make you feel like a criminal but they finger print you and photograph you. I suspect some people still re-enter but I assume it does reduce the number.

    Does anyone know if our Immigration Department will be moving to this level of information retention?

  29. blackbart

    It’s not too many years ago that Guyana was on top economically and dealing with a large influx of their Eastern Caribbean neighbours who worked hard and sent their money home to family.
    When hard times came upon Guyana many who could afford to emigrated to those same neighbouring countries bringing their assets and their knowledge.
    Guyana continues to struggle out of the abyss it found itself in but it is building on an incredible per capita wealth of minerals, timber, agriculture and water that will eventually see its renewal as a productive and stable economy to which its neighbours will flock.
    Now what are some of the sayings? Turn around is fair play, ye shall reap what ye sow, what goes around comes around.
    Treat people responsibly and allow them their dignity.

  30. The Scout

    What you fail to mention is at that time, we were all colonies of Britain. we are now seperate nations. Also Barbados has become very densely populated and we are just a big rock or sand bank in the Esiqibo river. We CANNOT sustain the level of migration into Barbados that is occurring

  31. Me.

    But no-one is arguing for immigration law to be repealed and the gates open wide.

    You seem to be missing the point. Crime doesn’t justify thievery and brutality by the police, and immigration difficulties don’t justify inhumane and bigoted behaviour by immigration officials.

    It’s neither useful nor ethical, and the racist diatribes that people are feeling free to engage in (see above “Guyanese are liars”) are both stupid and embarrassing.

    What makes it worse is that Barbados, is actually strongly dependent on undocumented labourers.

    We need to hammer out ethical, practical immigration policy, and have it enforced in a transparent manner free from the racist, bigoted, jingoistic prattle.


    If the story (‘Lucky’ escape) in today’s Nation is correct, then it is a shocking.

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again: re this exportation of Guyanese … 1. It’s a racial thing, 2. It’s a Government to Government feud.

    As West Indians, it just exposes what we really are.

  33. skinteeth

    nail on the head . Make no mistake, if and when all the illegals are sent packing, how does a society deal with officials and government who committed these acts. Do you believe for one moment they will wake up and see the light and say ” i am a redeemed character and i did it for my country”. Not one bit, and who will be next for their transgressions? Iran is a good example; 1979 were the Americans and non Islamic foreigners, see who taking the licks now.

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  35. Sargeant

    Let me see, the following words were used to describe the actions of Barbadian officials enforcing the immigration laws and bloggers whose opinions did not meet with your approval:

    Bigoted (2)
    Racist (2)

    And in conclusion you claim to want an “ethical practical immigration policy” enforced in a “transparent manner”.

    How can you have the latter when this is what you think of most Barbadians?

  36. oh come on

    if we are being racist let me ask this
    is it only indian guyanese being sent back?
    they are lots of black guyanese here also, if i remember correctly guyanese is not a race its a nationality.

    also i see these stories and claims as an attempt to discredit the policy, its like a criminal going to court and claiming the police beat a confession out of him even tho it may not be the case (not liking guyanese to criminals in that statement)

    i think immigration needs to take instructions directly from the prime minister’s office on how to deal with their posessions tho. auction them off and put it towards the plane fare back home.

  37. Question

    turn in your neighbours for being illegal immigrants. Police come, then you get all their stuff!

  38. Me.

    Sargeant, if you’re going to reply to me, do the decent thing and reply to things that I’ve actually said.

    I’ve never said, and do not believe, that ALL of my fellow Barbadians can be characterised by those traits.

    Indeed, I never characterised a single person by those adjectives– NOT ONE.

    What I did say was
    (1) that we can observe language and behaviour that follows those negative patterns;
    (2) that such language and behaviour is unhelpful, unethical, unnecessary, and unacceptable;
    (3) and that I feel that it is our ethical and pragmatic duty to call out such behaviour and strive for better, at an individual level and at a policy level;
    (4) and that it is our further ethical and pragmatic duty to investigate claims of substandard behaviour and hold those guilty responsible for their wrongdoing.

    If you really have a problem with that, I can’t really argue with you.

    But I hope that you don’t.

  39. Laura

    I agree with anon, who gives a s**t what happens to their possessions. Just throw them and their crap out.

  40. Laura

    Can I come and live there illegally? I’m SICK of the US

  41. Laura

    We had a Guyanese working in the US at McDonalds. She got deported, snuck back in again & now she is back, working at the same job. At least they do something about the illegal problems in Barbados, unlike in America.

  42. Hants

    The Government of GUYANA should help out their illegal emigrant returning nationals.

    The Government of Guyana is responsible for their prodigal sons and daughters.

  43. Lalique

    When Barbadians who have overstayed their time in countries such as USA, Canada (etc), and are caught by immigration, they return home with the clothes on their backs, they are not given time to pack. I think the Guyanese were treated fairly. They were given time to pack, things were taken to the airport, but if they couldn’t pay the freight whose fault is it?
    No sympathy from me.
    When you are illegal you should sleep with one eye open. expect immigration anytime. they are now doing their job.

  44. Pat

    Is the US your native country? Why illegal, if you have some skills and a few bucks just apply for immigrant status. By the way, no background checks are made as to how one acquires the money they bring into Bim as ‘business persons”.

  45. Pat

    Laura, just give the yanks a chance. Next time she will be incarcerate before she is sent back. She probably came back on a false passport. It happens a lot with Guyanese.

    Jamaicans are smarter. I met one lady who goes up to Miami for 6 months every year and works in a nursing home. She goes on vacation and her sister gets her the job where she is a supervisor. She says she gets a temp. permit as the sister says she cant find local quallified help.

    The visa is for only 6 months so she is back and forth. I have a cousin who has a ten year visa to the US.

  46. The Scout

    guyanese especially the indians are such liers that they somtimes forget the first lie they told. However, the lie sounds so depressing that you tend to sympathise with them until you hear the truth but alas somrtimes it is too late.

  47. The Scout

    If she can producethe true copies and SN is willing to pay for the transportation to Guyana, if the items are not stored at the airport warehouse, my government will replace them, in Barbados.

  48. The Scout

    Come on, deal with the matter at hand, what does the influx of guyanese got to do with these other matters? Yes, these matters are important and needs to be addressed, so what must my government do? continue to allow guyanese into the country unabated until these other matters are resolved. The mess the BLP left would take motr than 5 yrs to clean up, by then we would have lost Barbados to Jagdeo/Mia & co. We would unofficially known as The Republic of Guyana and Barbados. Over my dead body

  49. The Scout

    What is funny is that my government is compensating those persons who were clever enough to dodge immigration by offering them legal status and we are being criticised for not offering everybody. WELL WELL WELL.

  50. The Scout

    I know of an illegal bajan in FL how had a dispute with his common law wife. This guy was there for almost twenty years and was operating a trucking business. He was deported back to Barbados and is now driving a truck for a local company while his “wife” owns the business in Fl.

  51. The Scout

    The problem comes when there are crooked immigration officers. I know of a guyanese woman who was deported one thursday and was back in Barbados the following Tuesday. One guyanese even told a magistrate, after being told that he will be deported, that that was not a problem, he will be back next week. Many guyanese have multiple passports and multiple names too. Barbados does not have finger printing, yet.

  52. The Scout

    The comment “guyanese are liars” might be stupid and embarrassing but itis TRUE.

  53. The Scout

    If you want to see racism with guyanese, go to T&T. the indo-guynese are treated with kid gloves but the black guyanese are hustled out of the country. Also, your statement “guyanese is not a race its a nationality” is not technically correct. In Guyana you would be classified as Indo-guyanese as against Afro-guyanese who are considered inferior and a lesser mortal, not the same nationality. I would like to see a debate/discussion between barbados documented Indian and African Guyanese, who are both willing to come clean.

  54. The Scout

    A fugitive must always expect the unexpected

  55. Brown Suga

    For all those GTBanna lovers, it isnt only the guyanese that get deported, ok. Deportation aint now start, has been the Immigration Department’s job for many years. Barbados is only 166sq miles, look at the size of all the other countries around ous. Why everybody want to come here and bog us down with their healthcare woes (cause they come here knowing that they ‘sick’, they used to trick the system (but now have to pay), get impregnated by bajan men and then say that their partner made them sick just so that they could get the free pre-natal care and medication to prolong their lives), their crime rate(cause they are bringing it here and no one is saying well that is a non-barbadian who do the crime… it happened in Barbados so we have to take the blame). Even when they shoot each other on our soil it is noted as it happen in Barbados). I dont see it as a Goverment feud. Every land has its own Immigration laws and they are to be adhered to. Our Immigration Department here in Barbados is doing a very very good job. (They not like some of the other government departments like the Supervisor of Insurance Department that can’t seem to take control of its role.) Everybody’s country seeing hard times….not true? When everybody fly and come to little Barbados, what space do we have for our selves? There are some guyanese who are honest and hardworking … but the percentage is so so small. Another thing, when you, a bajan commit a crime and you get haul off to jail, does the law allow you to sort out your belongings? Your stove, your fridge, steroeo, etc. Do you take them to HMS Dodds Prison with you? Please…….. I dont think that much more can be said to the GTBanna lovers.

  56. Aniz

    If you are illegal in a country, why are you accumulating large possessions which you will be unable to carry with you. I understand the need for a humane policy but I don’t hear BFP making any suggestions as to how the Immigration Dept is to ensure that people in the country illegally do leave while at the same time allowing them time to dispose of their possessions or make provision for their transport to their home country. If they give them warning, it should be clear that they will simply disappear as they have no respect for the law which says they need to be here legally. I have lived abroad and I have full sympathy for anyone seeking to better their life by emigrating but it if you know you’re living on borrowed time, sort out your affairs instead of crying when the knock on the door comes.

  57. Yes Sir!

    Good advice Aniz about being ready for the knock. That doesn’t change the situation though that police have a duty to ensure the safety of people they arrest and their possessions. I know from my wild youth that when a person is arrested for drunk driving “DWI” in Maine where I live, the police secure the vehicle and everything in it for safety. You have to pay to get it back but that is the law and if you can’t pay then it is sold according to law.

    Otherwise what is to prevent the police or immigration police from having their friends waiting to pounce on the possessions of people they arrest?

    That might be the current situation in Barbados. It is a form of corruption that is common in backwards countries that the police profit from the property of the people they arrest.

  58. 52

    I believe that if an immigrant is able to pay their ticket they should be entitled to their belongings and if they can’t aford the ticket then the amount that is worth should be taken from them that way it would be better but these people r human beings life is sooo short why not embrace one another and if we know an illegal person encourage them to sort out their stuff instead of smiling in their face and stabing them in the back i mean come on we have familys and if they left their country to live in another we would like to know that they are o.k remember theres a saying every dog has his day and today can be theirs and tommorow yours one love God bless.

  59. Barbados suck ass

    First of all The first indigenous people are thought to be Amerindians all tell me how is it 90% is Afro-Bajan… I say deport all 90% Afro-Bajan there are the illegal immigrant …but don’t worry hurricane after hurricane will wipe u all out. 🙂

  60. Sing-a-song

    Has the deadline passed on the amnesty re illegal immigrants? Any updates on the situation?

  61. barbados do suck

    big time

  62. Rohan

    Look, its simple; laws are in place to protect the people and their interest. These same laws have to be enforced for the same reasons. would you have sympathy for a rapist, or murderer? If not, why is that so? because of the crime or the fact that they broke the law? The reality is that the law has to be enforced , and when broken there has to be consequences , weather thats jail time, deportation, or hanging. In terms of their belongings … come on people, think of the logistics of trying to ship these peoples stuff and the cost thereof. Furthermore , since they were in the country illegally what would you say of their possessions . Its easy, if they would have just followed the law to begin with, we wouldn’t have to be arguing about any of this!

  63. I WAS A VICTIM! Andre

    In February 2009 I decided to travel in the caribbean. Visited many islands before reaching barbados, such a huge mistake. when I arrived there on an air jamaica flight, the agent was very suspicious about me, they took me to a room and asked very personal questions (even if i was a junkie or gay)… after I showed all my money, cards, tickets, reservations, bags etc… they told me to wait… (and kept all the time telling me i was a liar and that i should confess i was guilty?????) after hours they returned and pretended nothing ever happened, and then their boss asked me the same things, when i told him that I was not asking for that treatment and that they should say “thank you mr Andre for visiting barbados cause we rely on tourism” he said he was going to deport me! and then i was 2 DAYS later to georgetown… I saw many many guyaneses being treated like animals, some of them WERE NOT ILLEGAL like I wasn’t! I was doing barbados a FAVOR and still I was treated like a criminal. I loved guyana though and feel very very sorry about the bajan’s acts! one thing i can tell you, my story was heard in brazil (i’m a national of brazil), and now bajans might not get a very warm welcome here.

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  65. 39

    they talk so bad about guyanese but they cannot work like guyanese because they sre lazy so when they see guyanese working and try to progress there self they dontlike it
    guyanese should be treat more better because they are friendly people

  66. Anonymous

    ur weaked more than slave master