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Damon Corrie Remembers A Kinder Time In Barbados-Guyana Relations

“When the English speaking Caribbean countries were colonies of Britain – there was actually more freedom of inter-regional movement and migration than there is today”

An interesting observation and a typically good article from Damon Corrie at the Bajan Reporter.

As usual, you may not agree with everything Damon says – but he will make you think and question that which needs to be questioned.

The Bajan Reporter: Ordinary Barbadians migh suffer the consequences of the new Deportation policy – by Multi-Caribbean D.G. Corrie


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Michael Jackson Dead – Cardiac Arrest, Not Breathing at 12:21pm Los Angeles Time. CNN: “Jackson Dead”

michael-jackson-heart attack

UPDATE: 6:25pm Barbados Time: TMZ Confirms Death, Further Details

UPDATE: Michael Jackson Reported Dead by www.x17online.com

UPDATE: TMZ.com says Michael was DOA

“Not Breathing When Paramedics Arrived”

“Really Bad Shape – Family Being Called In”

Michael Jackson Rushed To UCLA Medical Center - From x17online.com

Michael Jackson Rushed To UCLA Medical Center - From x17online.com

Yes, we know he went weird, but Michael Jackson’s Thriller is still one of our favourites and we remember him as he was – not as he became.

It looks like he had a heart attack in Los Angeles.

TMZ: Michael Jackson Cardiac Arrest

LA Times: Michael Jackson Rushed to Hospital

Michael Jackson Dead In LA

Above from TMZ.com


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Barbados Continues Immigration Raids, Deportations Of Guyanese – Media Report Of $100 Per Head Reward For Deported Guyanese

“Now I have lost everything, a whole house full of appliances, clothes and so much more. I miss work because I could afford to do so much, now to come back home and just leave that, it’s hard…”

… Guyanese deported from Barbados speaks to Stabroek News: Deportee from Barbados has lost hope in her homeland

Barbados Immigration Paying $100 A Head Reward For Information?

Barbados Immigration authorities are offering BDS$100 per head reward for information leading to the deportation of illegal Guyanese on the island – this according to Stabroek News of Guyana. News reports also say that the Guyanese government is documenting the treatment of deportees by Bajan authorities through interviews, media reports and follow-up visits by the Guyanese Consul in Barbados.

Who Ends Up With The Deportee’s Larger Possessions?

Where are the deportees' autos?

Where are the deportees' autos?

One of the articles we read tells the story of an illegal Guyanese woman whose home was raided in the middle of the night by Barbados authorities. She, her family and friends were packed off in custody with no time to secure her larger possessions which included major appliances such as a fridge and cooker.

Who ends up with the deportee’s major possessions? What happened to the tens thousands of dollars of autos, clothes, appliances and tools that were owned by the Guyanese who have already been deported from Barbados?

Deportees’ possessions – Spoils of the hunt for Barbados Immigration Officials?

Who ends up with deportees' large possessions?

Who ends up with deportees' large possessions?

What have Barbados authorities been doing to protect the deportees’ possessions? Have any Immigration authorities been seen with new stoves lately?

The question is not as flippant as it might seem because if it turns out that Bajan Immigration authorities have ignored the issue of deportee’s property (or worse), it will reflect very badly upon our country.

Yes, we at Barbados Free Press believe that Barbados has the right and the duty to control immigration and to take steps to remove persons who are in the country illegally – HOWEVER – we must not forget that, illegal or not, these folks are just ordinary people who deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and even kindness by Bajan authorities. Anything less will make Barbados a brutal nation in the eyes of the world.


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