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Barbados Company In Middle Of Philippine Election Intrigue – Fears Of Uprising and Revolution Over Automated Balloting Problems – Memories of VECO Corporation’s Barbados Contracts

“How could a company based in Barbados, which has only a handful of employees, complete a contract worth US $141,356,604?

… from The Daily Tribune (Philippines) article Comelec faces failed bidding

“…the public might be provoked into taking to the streets again if no election takes place in 2010. “If that is the case, Mrs. Arroyo should accept the near future scenario of being the third President ousted by the people through another popular uprising,…”

GMA NEW.TV – No-election in 2010 could spark another uprising

How Kickbacks Work: Barbados Smartmatic-Total Information Management Corp. Subcontracts Work To Philippine President’s Friends!

bribery.jpgHere is a lesson for all of us in Barbados who aren’t part of the past or current government inner circles. You know, we ordinary folk…

The government of the Philippines wants to implement electronic voting for the 2010 election. (As an aside, electronic voting is probably the most dangerous silent threat to democracy that the world has ever known – but we’ll leave that issue for now.)

So the Philippine government strikes a deal for voting machines with a bunch of Venezuelans who run a company out of the Netherlands that has a sub-company out of Barbados. This is the same technology that Hugo Chavez used to get elected again in Venezuela.

Got all that?

The circle becomes complete when the sub-company out of Barbados subcontracts work to a Philippine company owned by a friend of the President of the Philippines.

Is there a kickback from the Philippines company to the President of the Philippines? You’ll never prove it.

But that is the way the world works. Corrupt? Yes! Centered upon profits rather than the good of the country and the people? Sure!

Welcome to Dodds Prison, Barbados…

Dodds Prison in Barbados was built under the BLP – Barbados Labour Party – by the disgraced VECO Corporation of Alaska. VECO – a company that regularly practiced bribery of government officials to obtain billions of dollars of contracts from governments around the world.

Yet, the current Democratic Labour Party government of David Thompson refuses to audit the expenses and the companies that built Dodds prison for… How much? US$200 million? US$300 million? US$400 million?

The citizens of Barbados are not allowed to know how much the new prison cost us!

According to our source, the stainless steel toilets for Dodds prison were purchased from an intermediary for 200% over the regular cost!

Do you want a sample of what Dodds was all about? According to our source, the stainless steel toilets for the prison cells were not purchased directly from the manufacturer in the USA. No Sir! The toilets were purchased from an intermediary company in Florida that inflated the price by some 200%. Who owened the company? Why did Barbados pay so much over the going rate?

Prime Minister Thompson knows… and he is holding the information as a trump card for his benefit. As far as the people of Barbados are concerned…. don’t look to recover your overage costs anytime soon!

From the Philippines news media…

MANILA, Philippines—Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile expressed on Tuesday concern over the preparations for the conduct of the automated balloting next year, warning a failure to hold the presidential election could spark a revolution.

During a four-hour Senate hearing, officials of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) were questioned on whether due diligence had been made in selecting the consortium of Smartmatic-Total Information Management Corp. to carry out the computerized polling.

The signing of the P7.4-billion contract has been set for Friday with the Barbados-based company to supply 82,200 counting machines to get results of the polls within two days of voting instead of weeks it takes currently.

The senators also sought a review of the “hubs” where the counting machines will be stored following disclosure that planning for this had been subcontracted by Smartmatic to a forward firm, To Go, owned by the Aboitiz family that is closely identified with the First Family.

“If you don’t have an election in this country, you’re going to have a revolution,” Enrile said. “We have to be very careful and be sure that we can really hold an election with an automated system. Never mind the money, it’s the social explosion that will come that we should be worried about,” he added.

… from Inquirer.net: No election could spark revolution


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