Canadian Police In Nationwide Search For Barbados Murder Suspect Shawn Andre WEEKES – Reward

WARNING - May Be Armed And Dangerous

INTERPOL WARNING - May Be Armed And Dangerous

UPDATE: March 22, 2010

Shawn Andre WEEKES is still wanted for murder, so we’ll leave this up for a few days.

Wanted For Murder In Barbados – Has Ties To Canada

Our thanks to a long-time BFP reader for alerting us to this story.

Canadian police and CrimeStoppers network have launched a national campaign in an effort to track down some dangerous foreign criminals who may be hiding in Canada. Each fugitive is known to have connections with Canada.

On the list is Shawn Andre Weekes who is wanted for murder in his home country of Barbados. There is a reward for information leading to his capture and you can make a tip and collect the reward anonymously through Canada’s Crime Stoppers programme. I don’t know if you could collect any reward through Barbados’ Crime Stoppers. (Cnews Article: Winnipeg Crime Stoppers Joins Global Manhunt)

Like Rihanna, murder suspect Shawn Andre Weekes has a Gun Tattoo

Here is the information from Canada’s Crime Stoppers…

Shawn Andre WEEKES
Male, born September 21, 1983 (25 years old)
Place of birth: Bridgetown, Barbados
Nationality: Barbados
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black/brown
Marks: Pierced ears, Gun tattoo on upper right
Arrest warrant issued by Barbados

If you know where Weekes is, or has been lately, contact Winnipeg Crime Stoppers anonymously via telephone or ONLINE.

Website: Winnipeg Crime Stoppers.Org

Phone – Winnipeg Local: 786-8477
Long distance: 1-800-222-8477

To use Crime Stoppers’ secure website to leave a tip: Submit a tip anonymously here.


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43 responses to “Canadian Police In Nationwide Search For Barbados Murder Suspect Shawn Andre WEEKES – Reward

  1. Anonymous

    Just had to include the Ri Ri reference to pick up the search engines didn’t you?

  2. kiki

    Subconsciously BFP fancies Chris Brown, I mean T-Pain, I mean Jennifer Lopez, I mean Rhianna

  3. kiki

    .. sorry I meant Britney Spears

  4. reality check

    well if you want to get this possible killer caught and the message out to as many people as possible, its not a bad strategy by BFP.

  5. West Side Davie

    BFP knows what it is about. How many thousands of new visitors will see the header about an inquest for the Codrington family? I don’t care what internet tricks they use if it causes enough embarassment for the government that we start to clean things up around here.

  6. West Side Davie

    Today is the Chris Brown hearing and that will bring visitors galore to BFP to read about the Codrington NO INQUEST.

  7. Like Rihanna, murder suspect Shawn Andre Weekes also has been known to use an umba-rella-ella ella when it rains of course. lol

  8. Hants

    BFP did you have to associate Rihanna’s name with an alleged criminal ?

    Rihanna was a victim of abuse.

    Even if she had tatoos of fists, knives and bull pistles tatooed on her face she does not deserve to be mentioned in this post.

    If Auntie Moses see this I think she will not be pleased even though she may not approve of tatoos.

  9. Jamie

    Shame on you BRP for associating Rihanna with this murder suspect…..That was not necessary.

  10. Jamie

    sorry BFP

  11. Willowrun

    RiRi’s gun tattos are discusting.

  12. PiedPiper

    BFP: No information on the murder that Weekes commited?

  13. Paul Barnes

    So Shawn Andre Weekes has a gun tattoo like Rihanna, eh? I bet he is a Combermerian too, right? Just like the good old house lizard of a prime minister that you had so much faith in before he was assumed office, BFP?

    Do you see what I’ve just done there? Do you see? Well, it was just as stupid as what you did with the Rihanna connection above, BFP. Really.

  14. Pat

    I too was surprised at how they linked Rihanna to, in their words a “murder suspect”. Callous….

  15. Willowrun

    What kind of peoples has gun tattoos? Wake Up Barbados! Your ambassador has a gun tattoo. What do you think of this??!

  16. Sargeant

    What kinds of people have gun tattoos?
    1) Gangbangers and wannabe gangbangers
    2) People in the Hip Hop world anxious to show their street cred
    3) Young Impressionable people who thinks it is “cool”
    4) People with more money than sense

  17. cq8

    Thompson was a fool to name Rihanna as an ambassador for Barbados. She is a child with money. A child let run free in a candy factory. What does she know? How is she a proper choice to represent my family, my wife and children? Where the he*l was Thompson’s brain on this? Did he get caught up in the celebrity? Frankly, I expected much better from David Thompson all around.

  18. cq8

    I agree that BFP can use any headlines it want to. WE HAVE A PROBLEM IN BARBADOS with the courts and police looking after the richies.

    As far as I am concerned, Barbados Free press can make any headline if it draws the attention of the world to our corrupt government and courts..

  19. reluctant nonbeliever

    I second this

    Thompson’s turned out to be a bitter disappointment in every way.

  20. crossroads

    BFP check ya nation paper

  21. weco

    What is in the nation paper?

  22. Hants

    Prehaps Rihanna should stop praising Barbados in public and tell the world she is Guyanese.

    She should be saying ” I would like to than my mum and grandparents who are from the beautiful south american country of Guyana.”

  23. Rohan

    Surprised? Really?

  24. weco

    Should say “what is in the nation paper?”

  25. Hants

    Pop star Chris Brown must stay away from Barbados-born singing sensation Rihanna and she must stay away from him.

    five years of supervised probation and six months of community labour. Brown will be formally sentenced on August 5.

    May they live happily apart ever after.

  26. StPeteBeach

    So much for our youth ambassador getting mix up with people like that.

  27. kiki

    two words:
    “Like Rihanna”

    in a tenuous link:
    “murder suspect Shawn Andre Weekes has a Gun Tattoo”

    .. seems to have got everybody sidetracked on the issue about a murderer (not the teen pop star)

  28. Hants


    glass houses….? stones….?

  29. Hants

    Sorry BFP family but forgive the intrusion.

    From the court in Barbados.

    “I have removed myself from the capacity of work because I am not paid what I am worth,” he declared.

    “So as soon you get up, you drink?” asked Beckles.

    “Even before that,”

  30. bajanbat

    Thompie appointed RiRI an ambassador becos and only becos it would catch the eye of the yutes. They are future votes so he needs them. What he does is not necessarily for the good of the people it is for the good of the party’s future and his position.

  31. Bongo

    My Barbadian brothers and sisters should probably be more concerned about the declining levels of morality, uprightness and locally produced food items in their fair land as opposed to trivial “pop-culture” matters such as Rihana’s tattoo. Poverty breeds deperation & crime…Jamaicans now this well. Barbadians, look into producing more of what you eat and practice being dirt poor like many Jamaicans & Haitians have learned..albeit unwillingly. When the outside world stops providing Barbadians with ample tourism dollars and genetically modified food grown on megafarms….only the strong will survive in Barbados. The spiritually,mentally and physically strong, that is. Praise ye God and contemplate matters pertaining unto Him. Jamaicans such as myself thrive on God Almighty’s blessings and protection.

  32. Donald Duck, Esq

    What happen between David Estwick and Dale Marshall?

  33. Something(s) Happening

    Donald Duck, Esq

    March 22, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    What happen between David Estwick and Dale Marshall?
    I am surprised a DUCK like you is clueless !

    Dale Marshall attempted to steal David Estwick’s Blackberry phone. The good doctor gave him an upper cut. Much like you would have done if confronted by a criminal like Dale Marshall.

  34. Donald Duck, Esq

    Something(s) Happening

    Dale Marshall attempted to steal David Estwick’s Blackberry phone. The good doctor gave him an upper cut. Much like you would have done if confronted by a criminal like Dale Marshall.


    That’s not what I heard happened. Try and come again with the truth!!!!

  35. Donald Duck, Esq

    Something(s) Happening

    Remember there were witnesses!!! God et al!!!!

  36. 113

    Donald Duck, Esq
    March 22, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    Something(s) Happening

    Remember there were witnesses!!! God et al!!!!
    Not surprised that you , Dale Marshall, would deny that you did such.

  37. Distant Voice

    just thought I would mention this. After 8 weeks of closure, almost no work has been done to the existing toilet building located at the Hastings rocks next to the boardwalk, however I note that our taxes are being used to pay for 4 Ellco portable toilets located nearby. Following this I have started to notice Ellco toilets on government properties all over the place, beaches, stadium, parks etc.
    At a time like this I have to laugh as I watch treasury money being flushed away along with the shit. Who knows, one day we will find out who is responsible and then we will be able to put names to faeces

  38. Politically tired

    Distant Voice, no work done? what a surprise, bit like Joes river bridge, no one seen anyone working there for a month, thought they were talking about completion end of March, must have meant next year………….

  39. Tundr

    BTW – Shawn Weekes is a black Barbadian – should we now also assume all Black Barbadians act like him.

    It is dumb to point out that Rihanna has a gun tattoo and for others to actually link the two of them is even worse.

  40. Tundr

    Donald Duck Esq

    You must be David Estwick’s lackey if you telling ppl that story…. and you did not report it to the Speaker or the Police or to your constituents on Sunday when you addressed them.

    The man walk across the Parliament floor and steal your Blackberry and you did not say anything but proceed to uppercut him – Good God – no wonder the children out there violent. Their own representatives resolving everything with violence what can you expect.

    Nice role model you supporting.

    Come on Donald – stop quacking and get a grip

  41. Tundr

    Sorry not Donald – Something Happening is who I meant

  42. Vernita

    Faulty logic BFP!