Guyana Consul in Barbados Norman Faria “Immersed In Barbados National Politics, Reckless, Making a bad situation worse…. Lacks understanding of his diplomatic role”

“Guyana Honorary Consul to Barbados, Mr. Norman Faria’s attacks on the Caribbean Congress of Labour’s (CCL) for its advice to undocumented immigrants in Barbados to regularize their status as offered under Barbados’ recent immigration policy, demonstrates once again the refusal to acknowledge there are significant differences between free movements of skills under the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) and illegal immigrants.

…It should be said that the fact that I am Guyanese does not mean I will join those crusading against the principles governing the CSME, a country’s right to its sovereignty and the rule of law…

The Guyana Consulate in Barbados is the representative of the Government and people of Guyana. Recent statements made by Mr. Faria in the SN favourably comparing the relationship with the Government of former Prime Minster Owen Arthur against current Prime Minister David Thompson is reckless and making a bad situation worse. This immersion in Barbados national politics while performing diplomatic duties on behalf of the Guyana Government indicates that Mr. Faria lacks an understanding of his role.

This is the type of behaviour that pit countries against countries and people against people and more so can contribute to the prejudice against Guyanese living in, or visiting, Barbados. It would have served this nation best interest had Mr. Faria used the time to educate and advise Guyanese in Barbados as to their rights and how they need to pursue same…”


“…The fact that some Guyanese felt, and were lead to believe, that the Free Movement of Skill meant they were not obligated to CSME’s guidelines and Barbados’ laws is an indictment on Guyana’s representative in Barbados…”

Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary of the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL) in a letter appearing in the Kaieteur News: Guyana’s migration has the characteristics of a humanitarian crisis.

When Does A Diplomat Step Over The Line Into Political Activism Against The Host Government?

Norman Faria - Guyana Consul & Political Activist against Barbados Government
Norman Faria – Guyana Consul & Political Activist against Barbados Government

At Barbados Free Press we have followed the antics of Guyana Consul Norman Faria with increasing confusion as to his message and role. Is Mr. Faria a diplomat? A newspaper columnist? A political activist against the Government of Barbados? All of the above?

Does Faria believe that Barbados has no right to control immigration according to its own laws and international agreements and laws?

The Government of Guyana should remind Mr. Faria that he is ceasing to be effective as a diplomat. If he wishes to continue engaging in Barbados political debate, perhaps he should resign as Consul.

As to why there is so much fuss over the Barbados Prime Minister’s announcement of impending mass deportations (for that is the truth of the matter), we have said before and say again…

The main problem with Barbados now enforcing the rule of law when it comes to immigration is that we don’t generally enforce the rule of law anywhere in our society. The Guyanese recognize this fact and are incensed that they have been singled out due to the numbers of illegal Guyanese immigrants in Barbados.


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21 responses to “Guyana Consul in Barbados Norman Faria “Immersed In Barbados National Politics, Reckless, Making a bad situation worse…. Lacks understanding of his diplomatic role”

  1. Sargeant

    Faria could not be doing what he is doing without the approval of the Guyanese Gov’t. I was also concerned when he spoke recently about Thompson declining an invitation to a Guyanese event and compared it to the accommodation given to him by Arthur vs. that of Thompson. One wonders if there isn’t some sort of tacit agreement between Mottley and Jagdeo given their similar approach to the immigration issue, something along the lines of- the enemy of my enemy is my friend-.

    However, no matter how we feel about Faria’s role – he is doing what he is paid to do i.e. advocate for the rights of Guyanese citizens in Barbados. One wonders about the role of Barbadian politicians who instead of supporting a balanced approach to immigration appear to be encouraging other Caribbean countries to impose economic sanctions on Barbados.

  2. Hants

    Barbados has immigration laws. There are penalties for breaking those laws.

    The government of Barbados has the right to enforce those laws without the approval or interference from any other country.

    ILLEGAL immigrants have 2 rights.

    The right to humane treatment and the right to return or be deported to their country of birth.

    MIA Mottley and Owing Arthur have the right to attack the policies of the government of Barbados.
    Any bajan citizen has the right to say how Barbados should deal with illegal immigrants.

    Faria and Jagdeo have no right to tell Bajans how to run Barbados. They have the right and the obligation to help their nationals re settle in Guyana.

    Barbados is an Independent country governed by its own laws and International laws and conventions.

    I support legal immigration and Barbados should continue to welcome LEGAL immigrants but immigration must be controlled.

  3. Gully Boar

    Frank Da silva is a good mouth piece and its time to use his many untapped skills to the benefit of his country men especially since he is a busom buddy of the government. Would Frankie refuse to assist if called upon? He surely understands how things work in the party and in Guyana. It maybe that he might be able to calm the stormy waters.

  4. A-Fish

    Well said Hants.

  5. change

    Barbados has immigration laws, but they are administered subjectively.

    If I want to emigrate to Canada I know there are six immigration categories each with specific requirements. Pick one and meet the rules. Easy.

    But try to find out what the exact requirements are for certain potential immigrants to Barbados. For example, what are the outside income rules for a Canadian applying for Barbadian residency?

    Answer: There are none.

    Costa Rica and Panama and Mexico and most other countries have very clear rules for such people. Why not Barbados?

  6. Jason

    The article says it well. We don’t have rule of law in Barbados. Everything is subjective. That is why the government is having so much trouble with this immigration problem. They want the rule of law to apply after decades of not bothering with it.

  7. Ivan Taylor

    I Love the Debate

    Europe can mover Forward with Single Currency and Free Movement of Peoples over Large areas and we as a people instead of Making steps forward are making Steps Back.

    Well I suppose its Part of our Caribbean Mentality
    Digression Rather than Progression

    Two Steps back
    I Love it!!

  8. ComeOn

    In similar conversations in my house the other day I pointed out to my husband that a local organization such as BARP appears to be more organized than any single Caribbean country and CARIOM for that matter.

  9. Hants

    Change you ask “what are the outside income rules for a Canadian applying for Barbadian residency?”

    Simple. Call, email or visit Invest Barbados. They will give you the information you require.

    Invest Barbados
    105 Adelaide Street West, Suite 1010
    Toronto, ON M5H 1P9
    Tel: (416) 214 9919
    Fax: (416) 214-9815

  10. Hants

    Tune in to Brasstacks and listen to the intelligensia debate the Barbados ILLEGAL immigration problem.

    Educated ashes.

  11. rules versus reality

    Hants obviously isn’t conversant with months and years of delay and nonsense inflicted on Canadian residents trying to deal with Barbadian bureaucracy and inertia!!!

  12. village boy

    now how do you think U.S .A have the information of GUYANA ,ST VINCENT ,JAMAICA and Chinese ,

  13. bajankid

    This is all part of the big mess the BLP Arthur government has left. The BLP first started this Guyanese thing way back when Tom Adams was PM and O’Brien Trotman was in charge of immigration at that time.

  14. Gully Boar

    Former minister Mc clean statistics for arrivals in Barbados over 9 month period 1.6mil people, When on the other side Sen Mcclean had the numbers of illegal Guyanese . She was surely getting to the bottom of things, such bold assurances,and now what?. Different strokes for different folks. A big bundle a paper work a year later and for former IMO to process. Poor fellow had to carry dat work load with him.What was the purpose of her intervention yesterday?
    Sensational,sensational and sensational.
    No critique for the sake of critique.

    A vote for the new minister of defense…

  15. Enough is enough. Barbados has laws that must be respected. If you overstay your approved time by one day, regardless of nationality, you have broken the law. CARICOM nationals have been granted an amnesty, something not done for others. The Government did not have to do this. These immigrants are placing great burden on our housing and social services including education and health. Secondly, where is the inhumane treatment that is being meted out. Do you want Immigration officials to call and make an appointment before turning up to pick up illegals? It has to be done by stealth. Please stop burying our heads in the sand. Guyana and Jamaica like other islands, need to stop the domestic crap and get their economies to the stage where there citizens do not wish to leave en masse. Barbados has always been a welcoming place but there is a limit to the amount that we can absorb.

  16. j.brathwaite

    no one cares about the kids that will be without fathers when the fathers get sent back but hey the government will probably have to help the unemployed moms get welfare for all those bajan kids out there and find work for the mothers (bajan tax payers money )why not let the men who have kids from bajan women stay here and face there responsibility .

  17. Lizzy Lou

    Families first! even though all families are not considered first families.Lets have a heart all
    families have the same needs and need to bond too.

  18. The Scout

    What happens about the guyanese who comes here in early pregnancy and hide until they have the child and then say they can’t be put out because the child is bajan. Can this country afford that?

  19. Hants

    Well said.

    I do not understand why Barbados is supposed to ignore its own laws to accomodate economic refugees from other countries.

    There is nothing wrong with having legal documented immigrants in a managed migration.

    None of the intelligensia has mentioned how to deal with the “Bajan boys on the block” and Bajans living below the poverty line as it relates to the influx of cheap labour.

    Bajan family first.

  20. baku

    What should Norman Faria do. Sit back and see his country men rounded up gestapo like in the middle of the night by bajan immigration officials and keep mum.

    The only Caribbean country where this would happen is Barbados unless they are white tourists

  21. PiedPiper

    Baku: You would be dead wrong. The Barbados immigration police keep a very sharp eye on white tourists who have overstayed their welcome. In the many years I live in Barbados, I witnessed a number of both English, Canadian and German nationals rounded up and escorted to the airport.