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Guyana Consul in Barbados Norman Faria “Immersed In Barbados National Politics, Reckless, Making a bad situation worse…. Lacks understanding of his diplomatic role”

“Guyana Honorary Consul to Barbados, Mr. Norman Faria’s attacks on the Caribbean Congress of Labour’s (CCL) for its advice to undocumented immigrants in Barbados to regularize their status as offered under Barbados’ recent immigration policy, demonstrates once again the refusal to acknowledge there are significant differences between free movements of skills under the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) and illegal immigrants.

…It should be said that the fact that I am Guyanese does not mean I will join those crusading against the principles governing the CSME, a country’s right to its sovereignty and the rule of law…

The Guyana Consulate in Barbados is the representative of the Government and people of Guyana. Recent statements made by Mr. Faria in the SN favourably comparing the relationship with the Government of former Prime Minster Owen Arthur against current Prime Minister David Thompson is reckless and making a bad situation worse. This immersion in Barbados national politics while performing diplomatic duties on behalf of the Guyana Government indicates that Mr. Faria lacks an understanding of his role.

This is the type of behaviour that pit countries against countries and people against people and more so can contribute to the prejudice against Guyanese living in, or visiting, Barbados. It would have served this nation best interest had Mr. Faria used the time to educate and advise Guyanese in Barbados as to their rights and how they need to pursue same…”


“…The fact that some Guyanese felt, and were lead to believe, that the Free Movement of Skill meant they were not obligated to CSME’s guidelines and Barbados’ laws is an indictment on Guyana’s representative in Barbados…”

Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary of the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL) in a letter appearing in the Kaieteur News: Guyana’s migration has the characteristics of a humanitarian crisis.

When Does A Diplomat Step Over The Line Into Political Activism Against The Host Government?

Norman Faria - Guyana Consul & Political Activist against Barbados Government
Norman Faria – Guyana Consul & Political Activist against Barbados Government

At Barbados Free Press we have followed the antics of Guyana Consul Norman Faria with increasing confusion as to his message and role. Is Mr. Faria a diplomat? A newspaper columnist? A political activist against the Government of Barbados? All of the above?

Does Faria believe that Barbados has no right to control immigration according to its own laws and international agreements and laws?

The Government of Guyana should remind Mr. Faria that he is ceasing to be effective as a diplomat. If he wishes to continue engaging in Barbados political debate, perhaps he should resign as Consul.

As to why there is so much fuss over the Barbados Prime Minister’s announcement of impending mass deportations (for that is the truth of the matter), we have said before and say again…

The main problem with Barbados now enforcing the rule of law when it comes to immigration is that we don’t generally enforce the rule of law anywhere in our society. The Guyanese recognize this fact and are incensed that they have been singled out due to the numbers of illegal Guyanese immigrants in Barbados.


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