Barbados Police Praised By Bahamian Volleyball Team – 2 Arrested, 60% Of Stolen Property Recovered

It has been a bitter-sweet feeling for the visitors who found their locker room emptied of their personal things after playing a game in the just concluded Women’s Volleyball World Championships. Joseph Smith, head of the delegation, said although they had not recovered everything that was lost, the team was very happy about the outcome, especially in cases where there were personal items.

“Members of the team who had I-pods and things like lap-tops with their personal information were ecstatic,” he added.

“We appreciate everything that was done for us and want to say a big thank you,” Smith said.

… from the Nation News article Loot Found

Praise Where Due, But Many Questions Remain

Bahamas Volleyball Team Sorts Through Recovered Property

Bahamas Volleyball Team Sorts Through Recovered Property

Criticism of the Barbados Police by the Bahamian Volleyball team gave way to praise after some good police work resulted in the arrest of two Bajan brothers and recovery of about 60% of the team members’ stolen property. The girls were particularly happy about getting back electronic devices like iPods and laptop computers that contained personal information.

While this sterling performance by the officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force takes the edge off the public relations disaster that happens whenever visitors become victims of crime, it in no way makes up for the failure of the Barbados Volleyball Association officials and planners to protect our guests in the first place.

It is the natural culture of Bajans to write this incident off because the thieves stand charged and some property was recovered. It is the natural culture of Bajans to not want to be critical of the individuals who failed to consider security when hosting an international sports event.

But as we should have learned with the disaster called Cricket World Cup, if you want to play on the world stage your actions will be instantly broadcast around the world – so you had better get it right. Unfortunately, no amount of “Barbados Police get their man” stories about this volleyball tournament incident can ever make up for the original stories that appeared in the Bahamian news media and throughout the Caribbean.

And what about the unrecovered property? Who will pay for that? Who will compensate the team members and supervisors for their lost time at work and disrupted lives?

This is not a story with a happy ending despite the current spin in the Barbados news media.

Our Great Failing As A Society

Bajans (and their successive governments) believe in being reactive, rather than proactive. We seldom act to prevent incidents before they occur – we prefer to clean up afterwards and half the time we can’t get that right. This “doan worry ’til somethin happen” failing has dogged our culture for decades and becomes increasingly worse as our leadership exhibits the same laissez-faire attitude.

I mean, heck – we had to replace a whole fleet of garbage trucks four years early because nobody bothered to change the engine oil as required! Whose fault was that? “Nobody”.

So who of the Barbados Volleyball Association will admit personal responsibiliy for failing to ensure the security of visiting team members during an international tournament? Which person will pay for the losses? Who will resign?

Answer: Nobody

Oh, there will be a press conference where the BVA will announce that they have “reviewed” what happened and “taken action” to ensure that future events are “better secured”… but that may or may not be the truth. It is more likely than not that the “new commitment” will be nothing more than a statement without real follow-up action or ongoing oversight to ensure compliance.

In Barbados, we learn from our Government leaders. We do press conferences and promises very well.

As to taking real action?

Doan mek sport!

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21 responses to “Barbados Police Praised By Bahamian Volleyball Team – 2 Arrested, 60% Of Stolen Property Recovered

  1. BA88/98

    Who told the team to move their stuff to the room it was stolen from?

  2. Jason

    “In Barbados, we learn from our Government leaders. We do press conferences and promises very well.”

    so true. I’m waiting for the new environment legislation that was promised to be in parliament in April.

  3. WildyCoyte

    What i would like Mr.Dottin to do is control those lunatic detective that drive around in those Suzuki Vitaras that are unmarked and wear plain clothes,these guys are out of control,heard about a story in a christ church neighbourhood where these imbeciles pulled up on a block looking for a wanted man and exited their vehicle and emptied their glocks at the youngsters on the block..does that sound like proper policing to you Mr .Dottin?

  4. Hants

    WildyCoyte says “emptied their glocks at the youngsters on the block.”

    How many did they hit?

    glock carries 17 rounds.

  5. reality check

    discharging guns at anyone unless the police are threatened with bodily harm and their lives are in danger is unacceptable just about in any first or second world country.

    Not only that, these police would have been suspended and probably fired.

    Whats your point Hants?

    Whether they hit the kids, intended to miss and scare them or not is irrelevant.

    Drawing and discharging a fire arm is serious business.

    The government has had a policy place for a number of years that an unlicensed and loaded guns gets an automatic 8 years in jail.

    Does this mean that an out of uniform policeman has no restrictions on how he acts or behaves?

  6. Sargeant

    That brings up another point. The Commissioner has said that the RBPF will be carrying Tasers from now on, from the articles in the Nation and Advocate I get the impression that a Taser will be issued to every policeman, not Special Duty policemen but all of them. Tasers are supposed to be a “safe” alternative to guns but based on some experiences in other jurisdictions we may see some Taser related deaths by civilians who have confrontations with the RBPF.

  7. Sargeant

    BFP: There is a lot of information out there -pro and con -about Tasers perhaps you can run a thread

  8. Jason

    Great idea about the Taser thread. How about it Marcus?

  9. Green Monkey

    Heard about the Polish visitor who was tasered to death in the Vancouver airport by the Mounties when he started acting a bit strange?

    Well there has been an inquiry going on as to whether or not the police involved acted appropriately under the circumstances. New evidence has just come out that they have not been strictly truthful in their testimony.

    A bombshell revelation at the public inquiry into the Taser death of Robert Dziekanski has put the hearings on hold until September.

    Just as lawyers were to begin their final submissions, a government lawyer submitted an internal RCMP email sent a month after the Polish immigrant was Tasered at Vancouver International Airport. It suggests officers discussed using the weapon even before they confronted Dziekanski.

    If true, that would contradict previous sworn testimony by the officers. All along they maintained they did not discuss how they would respond while en route to the scene, and had no plan to use a Taser before they confronted Dziekanski.

    Just something to keep in mind if our local cops are equipped with Tasers. As someone has already pointed out they can still be deadly and have to be used with caution and only when strictly necessary. Increasingly it looks like the Taser use in the Vancouver airport situation was not appropriate.

  10. Sargeant

    The Mounties have been fighting this tooth and nail but the video is damning.

  11. The Scout

    Maybe, it was a bajan who made them move the stuff so that a guyanese can steal them. There are rooms at the gym for the luggage, all that the person in charge was doing is asking the team to comply with the regulations. Don’t blame the poor bajan girl, blame the person/s who allow these parasites to come here and tarnish our reputation.

  12. The Scout

    I allow heard of our neighbouring countries, who are crying out for help to contain the spiral rise in crime. Check the murder/crime rate in T&T, Jamaica, St Lucia and Guyana, then compare it with the murder/crime rate in Barbados. A little birdie just told me that the lunatic detectives/police in Barbados is to be blamed for Barbados being left behind in the astronomical rise in murder/crime in the region. Fire them and while you’re at it fire the immigration officers too, then declare a “free-for-all” in Barbados. Wunna like da na.

  13. The Scout

    Do you have an alternative?

  14. The Scout

    I totally agree with you.

  15. Hants

    @ reality check…

    My point is that I don’t believe the police “emptied their glocks” as purported by WC.

  16. Wright B.Astard

    None of these news items,I’ve read mentioned anything about those charged with the theft of these items being Guyanese.

  17. paul sealy

    I hope you or none of your family don’t get shot by these “protectors”seeing that you condone their behavior and once you live in Barbados you would know that the majority of bajans are passive and respect the police,their presence alone speaks volumes..tell me why an officer would discharge a firearm at innocent people if he is not being threatened???

  18. Avatar Gurl


    That looks NASTY…the man is DEAD!!!!!

    Aw, Noooooo…

  19. Seerious alternative #1.


    Two popped necks every Monday morning of life
    – “while stocks last”…
    and watch crime abate in one big hurry.
    Major message sent.

    Same alternative applies to T&T, where stock on Death Row stands somewhere around 300.
    Heck, they could pop nex, 2 per Mon.,
    and keep going for whuh? ..nearly three years?

    ‘Magine dat!

    But alas, we rule not our own affairs.
    We are ruled by the Politically Correct Europeans/Amnesty International
    when it comes to this matter of serious deterrent.

  20. What?

    The video is damning?

    Like…the guy was behaving himself normally?