William Duguid Re-appears In Barbados Parliament – Speaks… but not about his Canada Permanent Residency Application

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Has William Duguid applied for Canadian Permanent Residency or not?

Barbados Labour Party MP Dr. William Duguid has been quite prominent in the last few days in and out of Parliament. This flurry of activity was no doubt the result of recent reports here and in the Nation that Dr. Duguid had been neglecting Parliament and his constituents while “visiting family” in Canada. (See BFP’s Dr. Duguid Returns To Barbados – Fails To Address THE QUESTION: Did William Duguid Apply For Canadian Immigration?)

Questions are naturally on people’s minds: Is their absent MP getting ready to pull the ejection handles from Barbados and the BLP? Is he trying to live a dual life between Canada and Barbados so he can complete the little time remaining to receive a full pension? Is it fair that constituents elected a full time Member of Parliament but now have a part-time MP whose focus is wavering?

The island press, Interim Opposition leader Mia Mottley and Duguid himself made things worse instead of better by tap-dancing all around the question of whether or not the Member of Parliament for Christ Church West has applied for permanent residency in Canada.

Nobody in the regular media has asked the question directly of Dr. Duguid or interim BLP leader Mia Mottley.

So how about it, Dr. Duguid? How about some direct and honest communication with the people of Barbados? Frankly, as far as we’re concerned at BFP we’d be prepared to cut you some slack if you were forthright about your intentions, worked hard while you are in Barbados and publicly announce your on-island/off-island schedule.

How about it, Dr. Duguid… Have you applied for permanent residency in Canada? Do you intend to? Do you intend to complete your term?



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15 responses to “William Duguid Re-appears In Barbados Parliament – Speaks… but not about his Canada Permanent Residency Application

  1. Informed

    Rumor has it that Duguid’s wife is suffering from medical problems that are of a nature not treatable in Barbados. Hence her move to Canada and his excessive travels there.

    I am sure that he is struggling with many issues related to this, including his responsibility to Barbados as an MP. Perhaps a little sensitivity to this issue is warranted as opposed to the repeated attacks. We have a right to free speech AND a responsibility to be sensitive in how we use it.

  2. 2009

    Informed……if what you report above is indeed the case…..them Dr. Duguid would be a bit hamstrung to be in Barbados all the time…!

    However, does such a situation warrant him applying to become a Canadian citizen ?

    Secondly, as sitting MP in the Pasrliament of Barbados…..does our Constitution allow MP’s to swear allegiance to a foreign country ?

  3. passin thru

    One must surrender a certain expectation of privacy when elected as a Member of Parliament.

    Duguid’s family has moved permanently to Canada. He has been absent from Parliament while in Canada himself. The explanations from Mottley and Duguid smack of evasion.

    It is the public’s business. The public will be “sensitive” if they are told the truth. If they are fed BS, they will feel abused.

    Right now, I feel that my trust is being abused by Mottley, Duguid and the BLP.

  4. BajanCanuck

    Canada Immigration requires that all immigration applicants take and pass a comprehensive medical exam that includes chest xrays, blood work and declarations about past ongoing treatment and medical problems. It is unlikely that Mrs. Duguid would have been admitted to the country as an immigrant if she had a serious medical condition as “rumored” by “Informed”.

    “Informed” sounds like an attempt to create sympathy for Dr. Duguid to enable him to continue to avoid answering valid questions by electors.

  5. Anonymous

    So who said that Mrs. Duguid traveled into Canada as an immigrant? Mrs. Duguid, like anyone else who can afford it, can seek medical treatment in Canada.

  6. John

    …. the art …. man the art!!


  7. cq8

    Now the spin starts with no answers from Duguid or Mottley. Read what Mottley had to say, read the newspaper. Talk to your friends, listen to what the BLP supporters in Christ Church West are saying.

    Duguid’s wife and kids are gone for good. Don’t try to spin it. It would be so easy for Duguid to say “My wife and children are not in Canada permanently.” and confirm he and they have not applied to immigrate.

    They are gone gone gone and don’t try to spin.

  8. Jason

    Love the Barbados flag on the side of the airplane hidden by the smoke! Great art is right John!

  9. 187

    The only thing missing is Mia flying the BLP airplane. 😉

  10. reality check

    what would that do to the aerodynamics of the plane?

  11. BA88/98

    reality check, the aerodynamics wouldn’t change assuming she fit inside the cockpit. It is the gross weight of the plane and the engineering factors that are of concern. Consider the ultimate load factor of the wing, it might break or bend! 😉

  12. madashell

    These politicians seem to forget to whom they answer to. These politician conveniently forget to whom their alleigence is sworn. If your political future is depended on how your personal business in another country works out then you have no right as an EMPLOYEE of my organization (BARBADOS). YOU SHOULD BE FIRED FIRED FIRED.

  13. Pat

    Canadian immigration would not give permanent residency to the wife and kids – the entire family gets it. They are considered a unit. They probably had it for quite a while and has now taken up residency to get their citizenship. I know of others who did the same, with Canada and the US.

  14. Avatar Gurl

    Willie, Willie…

    Please…take some CARICOM nationals with you!


    Ok, ok, that was in bad taste. But seriously…

    If I was Duguid, I’d bail out too! Quit the politics first though, THEN bail!

    Straight up!

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