Boscobel Road Toll Gang Still Operating Freely In Barbados

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Last year you talked about “road toll” incidents at Boscobel and begged the police to make arrests. The gang is still there every day at the intersection preying on tourists as if it was a regular job. Without exaggeration I tell you they are there every day. Last week some of our guests were frightened to death when they were stopped by one of the men blocking the road. When he asked for money they drove off and the man kicked the side of the car denting it and fell down pretending to be injured. Fortunately they kept on driving. Will you please draw attention to this once more?

(Name withheld)

The road is closed. I need ten dollars.

The road is closed. I need ten dollars.

Dear BFP Reader,

Here you go… we’ll republish our earlier article NOT THAT IT WILL CAUSE THE POLICE TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING…

Before we get to the original article, here are a couple of satellite shots for the tourists so they can avoid the thugs. We’d say the maps are for the police, but they already know about this gang… NOT THAT IT WILL CAUSE THE POLICE TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING…

Click on the images to view the large size in new windows. Blue dot marks the gang’s usual intersection. They sit on the south side and take turns stopping hired cars.

Boscobel Robbery BarbadosBoscobel Gang Barbados

Barbados Police Helpless In Stopping Boscobel Road Toll Gang

Hundreds Of Tourists Being Accosted For Money Every Month!

The Boscobel “Road Toll Gang” have been doing their thing for at least three years now. They stop tourist hired cars by standing in front of them. They inform the drivers that the road is closed, instruct them to drive another way and then demand money for the “assistance”.

They are big, nasty men and most of the tourists pay. It is a lucrative business for the gang.

Always seven or eight sitting at the “T” intersection and while one engages the driver in conversation another will sometimes come up behind on the passenger side, reach through an open window to grab a purse or a camera and then run like hell. Sometimes they will even open an unlocked door.

The Royal Barbados Police Force are well aware of this bunch of thieves, but have done nothing except take the reports from the poor tourists who are stupid enough to stop and roll down their windows.

I guess that Commissioner Dottin and his officers have much better things to do than to look after this group of thugs who are singlehandedly destroying the reputation of this island sometimes ten and twenty times a day.

No trouble finding them: they are at the “T” in Boscobel every day. It is their place of business, and their business is shaking down fearful tourists…

… continue reading this article here: Barbados Police Helpless In Stopping Boscobel Road Toll Gang


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69 responses to “Boscobel Road Toll Gang Still Operating Freely In Barbados

  1. Jason

    The thugs are indeed still there every day.

  2. RRRicky

    They go after tourists only so I’m ok! 🙂

  3. PiedPiper

    If nothing else, this suggests that the police have a vested interest in not arresting these thugs. Tourism is already taking some serious knocks in Barbados, this is just one more.

  4. Green Monkey

    I am sure the police will do something about this…… after there is an incident when a tourist gets beaten up, stabbed or shot by one of the thugs during a holdup attempt and it makes the news in North America or Europe. After all, as we have seen by previous example, the standard operating procedure when doing things the authentic “Bajan way” is to shut the stable door, but only after after the horse has fled.

  5. X

    That’s kind of an ignorant comment – let me educate you.

    You enjoy relatively a high standard of living in Barbados in large measure due to the strength of our currency. This strength is due in a big way to the tourist dollars coming into the island which help to fund our foreign currency needs to buy imports. Imports like the car you drive, the food you eat, the housewares you buy, etc., etc..

    If this type of thing persists, and the tourist dollars slow (or slow more than they already are) how do you think we will be able to import these items that you so readily consume? What will happen is the currency will devalue, the choices in the supermarkets, the hardware stores, Automotive Art, etc., etc., will decline and soon we will look like Trinidad, battling it out with Jamaica for the highest murder rate in the region.

    Don’t be so quick to think that this is not your problem.

  6. reality check

    Since the police appear to be impotent or part of the scam, what, pray tell, is the Barbados Defense Force doing during the day or night if it isn’t protecting its citizens and the tourists?

  7. Sargeant

    When the tourists are scared away whom do you think they will be coming after next?

  8. 199

    X, Ricky is either joking or is an ***hole!! BFP, do u think it could be the police don’t know where Boscobel Road is?!! Barbadians sometimes make me ashamed of being Barbadian!!

  9. cdub

    It seems to me telling the tourists not to pay the fee or paying any fees associated on the roads is a way. The only reason the gang gets away with it is because people pay.

    I find people in Barbados tend to be genuinely scared of almost everything. Can’t do this, wait for this person to do that, prime minister this and that. It’s your island, treat it as such.. If someone needs a hand or leg chopped off to set precedent.. seems simple enough to me. Or you could wait for the police to do something.. when ever that happens.

  10. cdub

    Don’t you understand that by bare virtue of this site’s existence the news has already made it to North America.. People looking for information on where they visit will come across this, read it, and decide to not stop and visit in Barbados because they fear some wanton gang that blocks roads and charges fees.. Go to google.. type: Barbados gang or barbados crime.

    It’s that easy nowadays.

  11. Chicago

    My Goodness, you are right. Use google to search for “barbados gang” and the two Barbados Free Press articles about Boscobel are #1 and #2 out of 1.9 million articles and this was published only today (?????? !!!!!)

    How can BFP’s article get to the top of the search right away? Is this normal?

  12. Chicago

    I tried BING search too, the new one from MicroSoft, and the BFP articles are 1 & 2 out of 900,000+ results. (!)

  13. 187

    Look what I found. A 1992 New York Times article warning about driving in rural Barbados!

    Not much has changed:

    TRAVEL ADVISORY; Barbados Acts To Stem Crime

    Published: Sunday, May 17, 1992

    In response to a notice issued by the State Department alerting prospective visitors to recent increases in crime on Barbados, the Barbados Government has announced stepped-up security efforts. The measures include cancellation of all leaves for police officers, longer hours for the police and intensified patrols in the capital of Bridgetown and other tourist areas (the west coast beaches and the Flower Forest in the north-central part of the island among them), some including members of the military.

    Until recent months, the island has had little history of crime directed against tourists, the State Department notice says, but incidents of purse snatching, pickpocketing, sexual assault and armed robbery, have been reported, particularly in Bridgetown, sometimes in crowded areas and in daylight.

    According to a spokesman for the Barbados Board of Tourism, there were 61 crimes in Barbados involving Americans, mostly thefts, from Jan. 1 to April 21; the notice was issued April 22.

    The State Department suggests the following precautions: leaving cash and valuables in a hotel or ship safe, not carrying a purse while walking and being wary when driving, especially in isolated parts of the island and exercising caution when walking on the beach or at tourist attractions.

    For information on current conditions or to report problems, travelers are advised to contact the United States Embassy’s consular department there in Cheapside, telephone 431-0225; outside working hours, on weekend and holidays, the number is 436-4950.

    The internet address is

  14. Sargeant

    Does it occur to you that tourists would be very intimidated if they faced a situation like this? Perhaps locals may not pay but I can assure you that all visitors want to return to their homes safe and sound – and the “highwaymen” knows this.

  15. Hants

    Call Brasstacks.

  16. bp

    Where? Boscobel? By that Y junction? I might just go down there and have a “brake failure” and make sure I take out a couple.

  17. Nonsense

    I come form there I grew up seeing how “begging the tourist”send we to fairs and ease the patches we wear and feed we too.God bless them all.I also work in the hotel Industry From gardener to nightshift and saw what the Tourist complain about get put in waste paper baskets.It was always they felt local staff should be paid a decent wage,What are the bosses doing with the profits,How every year the room is the same.etc. Never once about this. All tourist feel after day one that they are being RIP OFF from top to bottom. As soon as heat hit a big wig,look out . I gine stop hay. fuh now

  18. Lance

    As a tourist with limited resources I have chosen Barbados as the one place I want to spend my two weeks a year. I’ve grown to love my second home and have always felt safe in my travels across your beautiful island. In the last year I’ve heard more stories of violence against visitors (Long Beach is especially tragic) but accept that it’s a changing world and what is happening in Barbados is still small compared to other parts of the world. What is frightening to me however, is what happens after these incidents are report to the police. Nothing. The murder of a Canadian tourist at Long Beach might have been prevented if the Barbados Police were proactive. Instead they were reactive. Only after negative headlines in Canadian newspapers and on travel websites did they become proactive and make an arrest, even though many reports of attacks and rapes had been reported to them. History appears to be repeating itself, only this time at Boscobel Road. I pity the poor tourist who finally gets some action out of the police. I suspect it will make international headlines once again – at the expense of an innocent life.

  19. ProLife

    One of these days we are going to feel the wrath of the evil that dwells in this land and this is because we are a corrupt cover up society. We like to sweep things under the carpet and pretend it doesn’t exist. Like the many other things we bypass such as the destruction of our young people with the nonsense that has appeared and still appears on our television and the destruction of young babies being aborted and raped in homes. This is just another symptom of the problem and that is the moral decay of our country. No one wants to hear about our father in Heaven anymore who can save us all if we just confess our sins to him and turn away from our evil ways. We all have contributed to this decline in one way or another and I believe it is time for us as a country to repent else the carnage will continue and the devastation we will face will make these incidents in boscobel look like a walk in the park.

  20. Wright B.Astard

    I do not think that the authorities have yet invested the powers of arrest to members of the BDF. They may only act in the aid of civil power, ie give assistance to the police. Of course any one of us ,including members of the BDF,passing that area any seeing a felon being committed has the right to effect a Citizen’s Arrest.

  21. Wright B.Astard

    When people are in a foreign they do things out of fear that they would not do at home.
    It is time that either the Police start patrolling in H-Registered Cars, or the authorities should consider doing away with the tell-tale H-Registration.

  22. Wright B.Astard

    Do these guys that you are blessing heard of a honest days work? Begging? Every Guyanese, God bless them, come to Barbados and can find gainful employment.And we have a rat-arsed bunch of criminals sitting on the block and harassing visitors.

  23. John

    Long Beach.

  24. 199

    Sargeant, u tell e!! As I indicated, either the guy’s a joker or an idiot, or, possibly both not to mention an ethical-derelict!!

  25. Sundowner

    No they don’t, I wrote the original letter to BFP on the previous article about this gang, we were stopped, local car, go back and read the first article.

  26. no name

    We were stopped in our local car with private registration number plates. Some expletives were exchanged and we drove past.

  27. reality check

    Aside from the fact that the BDF was used to clean up a number of “tiefing” crack users about 10 or more years ago in Maxwell and did so very quickly, this is exactly the kind of bureaucratic answer that keeps the country from moving forward.

    The Parliament can vest this power in the BDF in a matter of hours whenever the cabinet deems that the security of the country is at risk or it is in the national interest to protect its citizens.

    If you look at what the news report said the police did in 1992 and what occurs now, one can readily see that something has drastically happened since that time to the RBPF.

    The Rule of Law has been supplanted by the Rule of the Jungle.

  28. Nonsense

    1000% I back you, a talk shop and too much club members. What ever happen to MERIT.

  29. rasta man

    Reality check:

    I have been wondering for years what is the purpose of the Defence force????
    And now to top it off the taxpayers will be funding a pension for them

  30. Jack Bowman

    The notion that the police have a “vested interest” is particularly worrying prospect. In principle, how much time could it possibly take for the police to carry out a classic “sting” operation – put three or four plain-clothes officers in a rental car, have them drive through the junction and see what ensues. I’m no expert in Barbadian law but there must be something on the statute book that penalizes extortion, especially extortion with menaces.

    Since it seems to be relatively simple for the police to resolve this problem in only a few hours, you have to wonder why nothing is being done. Are the police completely overstretched with other work? I mean, what we have here is a crime happening right out there in the street, in broad daylight, every day, by the same easily-identifiable people – and the police do nothing? That’s simply a disgrace.

  31. bajanbat

    You see what’s happening in St Lucia? The vagabonds have declared “war” on the Police there and murdered five people. Things there seem to be getting out of hand. Believe me, we are only one step behind them and barely a stone ‘s throw away.
    What if some @##hole decides to kill a few of our tourists over some ‘perceived’ issue? Our Tourist trade will wither in a flash!
    What is it going to take for the PM to have a quiet word to the Police to deal with the problems and he makes a public statement that matters are being addressed and then makes sure that it happens?
    Unfortunately, when issues like the Maloney death are treated with blatant public suspicion it becomes more difficult for the Police to do their job efficiently.

  32. cdub

    In response to Chicago; this site is gaining a high page ranking on things related to Barbados in the index.

  33. bajanbat

    Hear what’s happening in St Lucia? gangs declare war on the Police! We are one step behind.
    Time for the PM to tell the Police to do their job without fear once they are fair in their process. Time for the PM to tell the people that his Government will take action and make sure that it happens.
    If some @##hole decides to kill a few of our tourists because of some perceived issue we will find the tourist $ scare. Then the gangs will turn on the local population for their handouts.
    Stop it now.

  34. cdub

    I see that as a valid view point, in some foreign land and a random group of people seem to be intimidating you. I understand that view point but I’m not arguing from the tourists view point. The situation for them has already been laid out.

    That said, there are two types of situations. Ones you can talk about and the others where you have to do something.

    If the police force is going to do nothing then the community that is affected has to be willing to protect their own interest without them. Really, at the end of the day it’s only affecting the reputation of the whole island. In today’s climate where everyone is afraid of everything it only makes sense economically to nip it in the bud. I find that even locals are afraid to go certain places.. On an island this small that is nonsense.

  35. cdub

    I have to say.. i’ve been here 2 weeks and there is an obvious class system. Why the people allow it to continue though is beyond my comprehension but people seem rather complacent.

    Everyone is on the same island and look down on one another instead of working together. I can see that and i’ve only been here two weeks. So those without need blessings, they may want to do an honest hard days work but can’t find employment. Which is why this toll gang nonsense is probably an issue.

    So, I’m sure it’s a complicated problem but for my birds eye view it doesn’t look like anyone cares or is working on it. Tourism wise a small rock in Greece had more going for it.. and they had to import potable water! I can’t rent an ATV, none of the attractions have been developed.. Just saying “Here’s an island stay at this hotel and we’ll take care of you” isn’t sustainable enough in 2009..

  36. I am a Bajan living in Canada, and when I read all the stupidity going on in Barbados nowadays, I get really pissed off. I am speaking from my heart, if I was the Prime Mininster of Barbados you would see a extremely different change to all the B.S. that is going on. There would be a major change to the law in Barbados for what the police is allowing people to get away with. I keep up to date with Caribbean news and if these stupid, retarded bajans don’t smarten up for their own good, Barbados and Barbadians will not have anything anymore.

    St.Lucia will have everything because, they are trying to steal everything from Barbados now, and I wouldn’t blame them anymore because, of the dumbass, stupid bajans. NO.1 St.Lucia is way more beautuiful than Barbados, so that alone will make Barbados lose out big time. People are already putting down Barbados and praising up St.Lucia. Barbados needs to keep an eye on St.Lucia because, they are watching and listening to everything that is going on in Barbados so they can continue to steal and copy from us.

    Barbados needs to keep the little bit that we have that is low crime rate to compare with the other islands and yes that also includes St.Lucia because, they have more crime than Barbados. The stupid government needs to keep the tourists and citizens of Barbados as safe as we can if not you won’t hear anything more about Barbados. And I am also suspicious to who this so call toll gang is? I know that Barbados has a big problem with illegal people, maybe the government and the police needs to check out the individuals in the gang, and the government needs to check themselves and the police out as well because, they all seem to have big problems with themselves and each other. I too sometimes feel ashamed to be bajan.

    Bajans used to be kind, God serving people and most is not like that anymore, that is why St.Lucia is going to take over from us and then what will you stupid dumbass bajans say and do then! For a long time now bajans are building up St.Lucia, eg: roads, hotels, condos, schools, businesses, maybe that is because, Barbados is so to disappear. All you stupid bajans better wake and start doing something right, postitve and Godly to get back and stay on track. If not we all will be lost and we’re not far from there anymore.

  37. permres

    I too was accosted at this junction about two months ago. I am a permanent resident, and my wife (Barbadian) and myself were treating ourselves to a little drive around the island.

    During the incident the guy shouted that the road ahead was closed. I ignored him (my wife was pleased and surprised, I usually wind down the window because I thought Bajans were friendly) and drove on. There were no closures on the road.

    If I had known then that this was a trouble spot, I would have immediately cell-phoned the police. I am sorry now I missed the opportunity, these people must be taken off our streets.

  38. PiedPiper

    Wow Shelly, well put and I agree with you. If Bajans and their government don’t see the light soon, many more people will see themselves thrown out of work and the ability to support themselves. I, also, have read in various media sources that St. Lucia is the up and coming place to be. Tourism is taking off in St. Lucia and many who might once have considered Barbados are now booking St. Lucia.

  39. Hants

    I am a Bajan living in Canada

    “The same common sense you use when in brooklyn NY or some neighbourhoods in Toronto applies on a lonely road or beach in Barbados.

    “The Toronto police guns and gangs unit executed several pre-dawn raids in the city’s northwest end this morning – a section of Toronto that has been plagued by a turf war in recent weeks.”

    The Police need to turn up the heat in Barbados because the economy depends on visitors.

    Permres, as man, you did the right thing.

  40. Many Examples at Travel Advisor

    Trip Advisor started a forum topic on this and there are a dozen tourists who experienced the road toll gang giving their accounts.

    When will the Barbados police do something about these people?

  41. Many Examples at Travel Advisor

    Here is what one person said

    “Obviously this is a common occurrence. Another sign of police incompetence in Barbados. How could it be so hard to catch these guys? Guess they have never heard of a decoy car”

  42. San Diego

    Oh, yes, indeed,they definitely heard of a decoy car, and maybe a couple of “decoy people” too! I heard only today, during a discussion about the Boscobel Toll Gang, that a few years ago, when the gang first made their appearance, a decoy car was sent to the area, and after the gang leader pulled out a cutlass, he was … shall we say, “taken care of”. That’s what they need to do again.

    On the other hand, perhaps if such action is taken again, you’ll have You Know Who screaming that the Police go around shooting “innocent” people.

  43. Sargeant


    The difference is that if you are visiting Toronto or Brooklyn either your friends or the hotel staff would tell you which areas are likely to be safe or unsafe. In Barbados there is no such warning as everywhere is presumed to be safe. The man charged in the Long Bay murder was charged with several other crimes which occurred in the same location over a six months period. As far as I know no warnings were issued by any organization.

    BTW I have a friend who lives in Ch.Ch who refuses to drive home via certain roads if he is out late at night.

  44. Anonymous

    You see what’s happening in St Lucia? The vagabonds have declared “war” on the Police there and murdered five people. Things there seem to be getting out of hand.
    Shelly did you read this. St.Lucia better watch itself if not criminals will take over.

  45. Hants

    Baton,Taser,nine and pepper spray

    Firepower khaaan dun.

    Boscobel boys better run and hide.

  46. Jason

    Hants, the lack of weapons was not a factor in the police doing nothing with the Boscobel boys in the last few years. Lack of leadership, lack of focus, and lack of an understanding about strategic policing will not be cured by pepper spray and tasers.

  47. Jason

    I forgot about a huge factor: the RBPF is about 100 officers under strength right now because the politicians haven’t properly funded policing for 20 years or more. Why should qualified candidates bother with the police force when they can make a better life for themselves and their families almost anywhere else.

    I believe that garbage truck drivers make more money than a police constable in Barbados.

  48. victor

    Yes, this is awfuI and bad for Barbados but what shouId you do if confronted by the gang? Arm tourists with weapons? If you issue tourists with advice about safety when they get here, wiII you not be putting off those same tourists who might otherwise experience no probIems at aII? I know someone whose poIicy is “say nothing, tourists are gone in 2 weeks” and he rents to tourists who VERY OFTEN get robbed at his pIace. Short sighted, those who do get robbed wont come back again, idiot. I can see it now in the traveI brochures: “Keep windows cIosed in the car, doors Iocked, caII poIice on the foIIowing dedicated number – as if there is one! – and drive on, meanwhiIe taking pictures on your ceII”. What a IoveIy hoIiday! I say again, if Government convince the whoIe popuIace that tourism and tourists are nothing but money spinners, the soIe source of income, the attitude that they can be miIked wiII fiIter down through society to the dregs where “miIked” means “robbed”.

  49. Mathilde

    Any of them TRY to stop me and I’ll just rev up and run him down >:P self-defense and all dat 😀
    (I KID!! I’d probably reverse as fast as I could)

  50. rasta man

    On another matter , I see that the chickens seem to have come home to roost for SIR Allan Stanford.
    Pity this cannot happen in Barbados where everything is a cover up !!!!!

  51. Sundowner

    Best thing to do, keep the windows up and drive through them, I certainly will next time I’m that way.

  52. Sundowner

    I meant to drive through them not reverse!!

  53. BFP

    Yes, we’re doing up a story now. Surprising similarities between the Stanford case and the CLICO matter.

  54. Yes, I read about the criminals declaring war on the police in St.Lucia, that is why I said, compared to the other islands and that includes St.Lucia is why Barbados crime rate is not as high. But despite the fact about the crime, one of St.Lucia’s main objectives is to knock Barbados out of the water and beyond if possible. Allen Chasentent and the St.Lucian P.M. and the gov’t and others are doing everything they possibly can to get ride of Barbados. The Barbadian P.M. and gov’t must see this and recongize it and stop it in is tracks, believe me or not despite St.Lucia’s natural beauty, that is all they have.

    Barbadians have natural beauty, brains, brawn and everything that makes St.Lucia very extremely jealous of us and that is the main focus to why they want to get rid of Barbadians and Barbados. I am honestly telling every bajan in the world about St.Lucia’s goals and dreams to destroy Barbados. Allen Chasentent and the St.Lucian P.M. and the gov’t and others are planning day and night to get rid of us. Take a look at what is going on in St.Lucia. And don’t ever forget it is the stupid bajans building up their country for them to take over from us. I heard that visitors are going to Barbados and want to go on the Jolly Roger, and their are told that the Jolly Roger has been shipped to St.Lucia. Can anyone honestly tell me why did Barbados do this, and now there’s no Jolly Roger ship in Barbados.

    We are doing everything for St.Lucia, they cannot do anything on their own. Another reason why people are now noticing St.Lucia after they have always been there is because of bajans helping them and their country to have a little something but we must not at the same time allow them to come and take over from us, again the only thing St.Lucia has going for them is the beauty of their island but Barbados in comparison has so much more and that is what the St.Lucians what to steal away from us. They have already stolen and copy alot from other islands but Barbados the most. Bajans, I tell you all the God to honest truth regardless of if you believe me or not, Barbados can and will always be on top, no-matter what St.Lucia what’s to think, say, and even do to a certain extent, Barbados will always and forever win and the St.Lucians know this all very to well and that is what is killing them, that is why they wish so desperatly that they were like us the very same Barbadians that helping them. God is on our side because, we are not looking to harm anyone but to help them. Peace and Love to all my Bajan Bothers and Sisters in the World.

  55. victor

    Sundowner, what if when you drive through them you run over one of them? They obviousIy have thought this through, eg dispIays of faIIing down etc so it show these guys have knowIedge of “compensation cuIture”, and as we have seen from numerous exampIes on this bIog, does not wash in Barbados, even when justified. So it seems to me the highwaymen are not just IocaI idiots but couId be crackheads from away.

  56. Sundowner

    If they are crackheads from away then the same crackheads are there day in day out month in month out…………and last time I was that way (about 3 months ago)I put my foot down and they moved out of the way, but I was coming down the road they tell people coming from the other way is closed. They don’t bar the road, but wave you down. Trouble is, I and probably other women driving alone, now go out of my way not to drive that route because of the intimidation, & that shouldn’t be.

  57. Avatar Gurl


    If Bajans like to wait until the horse bolts out of the stable to close the door…


  58. Anonymous

    How many of these people are there? How hard is it for a few car loads to travel through that area and when stopped everyone get out and give that gang a beating!! Then call the polic to arrest them for attacking you on the spot while they’re sleeping on the ground from getting knocked out!

  59. UK Tourists

    We are two tourists with a rented car. The car was stopped at a junction near Little Bay. Money was asked for and we both felt vunrable with the group of guys around the car. We paid and left in a hurry.
    The thugs that do this put your country at risk as word of mouth about tourists retuning to their own country will only put a BRABADOS in a NEGATIVE light. If the police know yet do nothing it will certainly encourage more youths to this so called “Job”.

  60. Rafal Laszczyk

    Last year I and my wife spent almost one month in Barbados, and the only thing which scared us and mared the idylic image of Barbados were those guys in Bascobelle. We have travelled all around the island, and it is generally safe. The only place where we did not reach was the northern tip of the island where we will never go again. I did not pay those guys because I had no change. I said it to them, but in a very assertive voice. They let me go, but it was not a nice experience.

  61. Neil

    Updates anyone?

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