Swine Flu Cruise Ship Refused By Grenada – Heading For Barbados… Now What?


UPDATE: Ocean Dream Denied Barbados Entry – 43 Crew Ill With “Flu-like” Symptoms

A LUXURY CRUISE LINER carrying 43 crew members exhibiting “flu-like symptoms” was denied entry into the Bridgetown Port yesterday. (snip)

When contacted, Minister of Health Donville Inniss said: “The situation was drawn to our attention this afternoon [yesterday] that the vessel was heading to Barbados as its second port of call and that several crew members were ill.

“After consultation with all relevant stakeholders, the decision of the Barbados Government is that this vessel should not make Barbados its next port of call.”

… continue reading this story at The Nation: Sail On By!

Original story…

Ocean Dream Due In Bridgetown – Tuesday, June 16, 2009 8am

Grenadian health authorities on Monday refused to allow the luxury cruise ship “Ocean Dream” to dock after some of the crew and passengers exhibited symptoms of the influenza A (HINI) virus, commonly referred to as Swine Flu.

Public Relations Officer with the Grenada Board of Tourism, Edwin Frank confirmed that the ship, which visits the island on a weekly basis with 1,350 passengers, was refused entry on Monday, but could not say how many persons were affected with the flu-like symptoms…

… from the CBC News article: Grenada turns cruise liner away from port

Barbados Health authorities have been doing much public relations about enhanced employee training and screening at the port and the airport, but when the Ocean Dream arrives in Barbados on Tuesday morning (or maybe before), one person will eventually have to make a decision to turn the ship away or to accept passengers who want to come ashore and see some of Barbados. (Ship’s cruise schedule is here)

If we let the passengers off but Grenada didn’t, does that mean our decision is wrong or theirs? Or can everybody be correct?

Whatever the decision…

Zero risk = zero tourist dollars

BUT… could a bad decision put our families at risk?

I don’t know any of the answers folks, but if July and August are much worse than April, May and June – more than a few businesses might not make it to the high season.

Meanwhile… Let’s go for a cruise on the Pullmantur Ocean Dream…


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25 responses to “Swine Flu Cruise Ship Refused By Grenada – Heading For Barbados… Now What?

  1. reality check

    China quarantines anyone who has elevated temperatures.

    The ship needs to give its undertaking to quarantine anyone exhibiting symptoms and maybe Barbados customs can issue masks for those officials having to meet the boat and get everyone to wash their hands after the visit.

    remember this is, so far, a moderate flu.

    Lets take precautions but not become hysterical.

  2. Hants

    No need for hysteria but we must all be careful.

    The health authorities are not going to act irresponsibly and put themselves at risk.

    All of us must increase our hand washing and if you shake someones hand, remember to wash your hands asap.

  3. rasta man

    I wonder what happens to those persons who boarded in Barbados and should disembark here
    Will the Govt pay their additional expenses to get back home?

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  5. Hants

    A LUXURY CRUISE LINER carrying 43 crew members exhibiting “flu-like symptoms” was denied entry into the Bridgetown Port yesterday.

    Good job.

  6. Wright B.Astard

    Given the alleged link with the three confirmed cases the authorities are not taking any chances. What if this was an AA, BA or Virgin Airliner?

  7. Anon

    Excellent point! And if the cruise line decides to omit Barbados from their itinerary in the future will the government send the same ministers overseas (first class all the way) to woo them back? Yet we import nurses with HIV/AIDS to work at the hospital. Isn’t that a double standard!?

  8. Anon

    What if the sick people on board were Bajan?

  9. The Scout

    It would be irresponsible by the cruise liner to want to dock in any country if they think that they are a high level of any virus that can effect that country. This is not double standards, it is called maturity.

  10. The Scout

    That would be our responsibility and that person will be dealt with in the appropiate manner. What do you suggest, dump that person at sea?

  11. The Scout

    A directive has been given by PAHO/WHO on the manner to deal with these cases. All the Government of Barbados and the Min of Health in particular is doing, is following the directives of the world’s organisation. Please don’t blame Barbados for following protocol.

  12. Anon

    The WHO does not recommend restricting international travel. That is their protocol.

  13. Wright B Astard

    43 suspected crew members could transalate into much more passengers,given the fact that these suspected crew members were most likely in contact with many many passengers. And from all indications, the doctors fees on these cruise ships are inordinately high,and passengers may be reluctant to seek medical attention until the last moment,whereas the crew’s medical attention is part of their contract.

  14. Georgee

    I think they did a good thing

  15. Anon

    The news today is that only 3 people tested positive for H1N1 on this vessel. Aruba is going to allow them to dock today, they are out of water.
    I guess some people read the story of the Good Samaritan.

  16. Hants

    Some people also read about Sars.

  17. victor

    If a swine fIu infected Barbadian arrived in a major Western city he wouId be given medicaI care Recouperation and repatriation wouId becme an issue for his traveI insurance to varying degrees, depending on the country he Ianded in, then sent on his way. This couId not happen in Barbados with the miIIions of visitors especiaIIy cruise ship passengers notoriousIy vuInerabIe to infection whiIst on board, as the medicaI infracture couId not support such a potentiaI heaIth care crisis. ShouId not the cruise companies and airIines make quarantine arrangements on board or at centres near airports to deaI with sick passengers? The costs wouId have to be borne by increased fares to cover insurance etc. but sureIy better than tourists too scared to traveI in the first pIace?

  18. Anon

    I agree, and there have been years of speculation regarding avian flu, that better policies should be in place. In fact though none of the passengers have been sick, only crew and they were quarantined on board, so it seems.

  19. Anon

    Some people watch too much “Monk”.

  20. victor

    Anon, where do you think such a quarantine depot shouId be and shouId i t be an internationaI responsibiIity?

  21. Anon

    I think that yes it should be an international responsibility. Where? I don’t know. But surely we are past the stage where we treat people who may or may not be ill, like they have no right breathing the same air we do.

  22. no they would be in the right place anyway ?home

  23. Interesting stuff. Did you hear that there’s a new strain which is resistant to the anti-flu drugs? Tamiflu etc? Found a really good website for tracking it’s progress, seems to be updated every hour or so… http://www.swinefludeaths.co.uk.

  24. playing with fire 2

    I think health is more important then tourism. Authorities should be careful. 2010 will be difficult because of swine flu too.

  25. bus pictures

    I made a journey to spain from brazil by big cruise ship and I was afraiding all the time about this flu. I didnt see anyting special for prevention in the ship. They only want you to clean your hands before you eat food.