Will Chubbie’s Rude Employee Kill Their DVD Rental Business In Barbados?

My first post after a long break and I’m damned cranky.  I had planned to write something nice, not this.  But a trip to Chubbie’s DVD rental this morning changed my mind for me… (snip)

…In his typically friendly manner, Greg says to the clerk, “Good morning.  We’d like to take these, please.”

The clerk recoils.  She looks at the 6 movies Greg is handing her as though they’re dog manure.

So Greg waits until she is behind the counter and he places them before her.  “Hi,” he says again, “we’d like to take these, please.”

No greeting.  The clerk says…

… continue reading the Planet Barbados article Why It’s Just About Impossible To Rent A DVD In Barbados

Sullen Shop Clerk Has Too Many Sisters

Shona read of Jane and Greg’s DVD rental from hell and just shook her head and laughed “That Chubbies employee would last no longer than 20 minutes in New York City and that is saying something.”

Yup, NYC shop clerks are notorious for addressing customers as “Buddy” and saying things like, “Ya wanit?”, but at least they usually acknowledge you as a fellow human being by saying some greeting like “HOWZYA-DOOOO-IN?”

How many other Chubbies customers will be treated the same way that Greg and Jane were? Our guess: fewer and fewer – one way or another.


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50 responses to “Will Chubbie’s Rude Employee Kill Their DVD Rental Business In Barbados?

  1. Never surprised

    Welcome to Barbados!!!

  2. 199

    LOL! So dat’s what it’s like in Bim!! An wunna tink I should go dere?!! LOL!! No boa! I gun stay right way I is in Hinglen, at lease d service is usually 100 times betta dan dah an, if it is n’t, well, at least it’s not my own people treating me like dirt!! Dah is why I caan onstan how Bim doing suh well!! Wid all d better education yure suppose to be having over day an everyting an dat’s d way wunna behave!! LOL!! When I tink uh d success uh Bim, all I can say is dat ‘it mus be d white people’!! Is dat wha it is B, d WHITE people responsible fuh wunna success!! I assume d clerk was BLACK!!

  3. akabozik

    I have never been able to understand why so many sales staff in Barbados think the customer should beg for the honour of being abused. This is a universal problem that costs us more than time. I’ve heard a few people say they wouldn’t return to Bim on the basis of the rudeness and cold reception they received at various businesses and restaurants.

  4. Wright B.Astard

    I’ll never forget the Saturday morning I went into a Christ Church shop, the young lady attendant was in the low range mode,then her cell phone rang. She picked it up and said, “girl I can’t talk to you now, cause these people keep coming in here all the time.”

  5. Sargeant

    Par for the course at Sheraton Mall. I’ve had indifferent service at many establishments there (including FCIB).

  6. Paul Barnes

    Chubbies still doing that ignorance about non-transferable memberships? Stupes…Same thing happened to me years ago… and that was the last time I went back there, I can tell you…

  7. Rumboy

    Fire the (person)*


    BFP’s Auntie Moses says:

    You doan talk like that * (word removed) or I will ban you forever an ever!

  8. I fully agree with many employees being rude with bad attitude. Where is management and why are they not training staff properly.
    Thankfully, I have experienced proper and friendly service a few times.

  9. bp

    Don’t give them a second chance. Never return…ever. Spread the word.

  10. Green Monkey

    I went in the new Jamaican restaurant that opened at Sheraton a few months ago anticipating digging into a nice dish of jerk chicken. What I did not anticipate was the surly, unmannerly server behind the counter.

    She did not appear to really want my patronage, so I turned around and left to take my money and my business elsewhere and have not been back since.

    In contrast to the above, I have been quite impressed with the service at the new Italian/Pizza place in Sheraton, Il Forno. Every time I have been in there, the staff have been extremely courteous and pleasant and don’t act like they are doing you a big favour just by deigning to take your order. Also the 4 Play roti shop is pretty good too.

  11. I’ve gotten into the habit of leaving places that I dont think appreciate my service.

    I mean I dont want the clerk juk up under me as soon as I walk in the door but if I’m interested in something and ask a question have some courtesy to treat me properly cause its us customers that paying your salary when it all boils down to it.

  12. reluctant nonbeliever

    It’s all about broughtupsie!

    If you’ve been brought up in a home environment where people have no manners, sullen, sour, twist-up faces and dead-fish eyes, you’re obviously going to be rubbish at serving the public.

    And let’s not forget people that a lot of customers are just as unmannerly and sour as the people serving them. No smile, virtually no words, just a few grunts.

    Even when cashiers/clerks/shop assistants/waiting staff etc aren’t actually explicitly rude to your face, their dead, unsmiling faces can still vex your spirit…

  13. 199

    Even when cashiers/clerks/shop assistants/waiting staff etc aren’t actually explicitly rude to your face, their dead, unsmiling faces can still vex your spirit…


    We’ve heard these complaints for decades! The real question is, what IS the matter with Barbadians and is ANYBODY going to put it right or do you intend to be the world’s laughing-stock, forever?!!

  14. bp

    Thanks for telling me. As much as I like jerk anything, I won’t go. You want real service, I mean smile-on-the-face have-a-great-day service? Try Shell Redmans, I had to tell them that I have been flabbergasted….everyone is so nice!

  15. Homegrown

    Angie is the best at Shell Redman’s (she works by the food area) she always says hi to me– and she knows what like to eat, makes sure it’s fresh, etc. They have a good thing going in there.

  16. Sundowner

    A colleague of mine went to Costa Mannings to purchase a new stove. She chose which one she wanted, with no help from the three staff sitting chatting, and had to approach them and say ‘excuse me I’d like to buy a stove’ they then had a discussion amongst themselves about who should serve her! none of them actually greeted her in any way at all!
    I would have gone elsewhere………..

  17. AK-47

    What’s new BFP? where you been these last 15 years? You just returned to the land of arrogance?

    What is difficult to deal with is: your average Bajan is a litterer, they are impolite, they are dull and boring and cannot carry on a conversation, – hey, I better stop.

    Well, you had better get accustomed to it. it ain’t gonna get any better ant time soon.

    PS – take a ride on a ZR van before you go back.

  18. Rohan

    “your average Bajan is a litterer, they are impolite, they are dull and boring and cannot carry on a conversation”

    Really? Just like the AVERAGE human being has one testicle?

    Yes, service can suck in Barbados, but this may be a bit much.

  19. Greg

    Read Richard Hoad’s reply (in the weekend Nation) to something my brother said on the radio. It’s interesting; he touches on the causes of bad service, though he still defends Bajans (when they choose to work). But retail is considered one step above cutting canes or something equally degrading, and the clerks’ revenge is to take it out on their customers. And no-one ever gets fired… I since got our Apple TV working, and we’ll never, ever go to Chubbie’s again.

  20. 199

    I guess I’ll wait all year for a suggested solution, or, maybe there is n’t one!! Maybe Bajans are destined to be ill-mannered louts for which there’s no cure!!

  21. crossroads

    Funny how a lot of returning nationals think they are better than us…….whatever!

  22. crossroads

    serves no purpose to do that, open your mouth to management and they should put it right.

  23. crossroads

    Agreed, went there about 4 weeks ago, about 3 attendants came to my car, one put in gas, one each on the front/back windows cleaning and very pleasant as well. keep up the good work people.

  24. no way

    Shell Redmans is one of the worst stations i been to, i went there serveral times and got poor service from inside.

    i stop going there long ago

  25. Wright B.Astard

    I also went into Manning at Warrens, and was waiting for service. Two people were sitting at a desk whom I assumed to an employee and a customer,probably engaged in a hire-purchase deal.
    After about 10 minutes wait a store supervisor passed and enquired if I were getting through. When I said no she turned and addressed the two who were sitting at the desk.They were both employees and could not give a toss.

  26. bp

    Of course it does, it saves my heart rate from going up. It saves me from wanting to strangle the person. It spreads the word that the service sucks, so business drops and somebody (hopefully the right body) gets laid off.

  27. bp

    What do you expect from a country where the average IQ is 80? Remember, that is the average, just above borderline idiot!

  28. bp

    Oops…I meant 78

  29. 42

    bp: Would you care to share some proof of that assertion you just made?

  30. Wry Mongoose

    It is what I call the “Ackee-Sucker Syndrome”. You know the look – approach a government employee or retail attendant and they have an ackee perched between their lips, eyelids heavy, arms folded or akimbo – and you know you are in for a rough ride.
    Lord help you if you encounter a Vicks inhaler in one nostril … you could as well spin and guh back out.

  31. Wry Mongoose;

    and woe betide, if ever in a government office, you interrupt either their cellphone conversation or computer solitaire.

  32. reluctant nonbeliever

    On the positive side, I agree the Shell Redmans staff are cool.
    And the ladies at Esso Blackrock are really nice and friendly.

    BFP, why not compile a list of other “friendly service” outlets, and name and shame the ones that stink?

  33. Iain

    Don\’t blame the employee – blame the employer.
    It\’s all down to training.

  34. bp

    So many cons

  35. No Power

    Add Sunpower Hot Water Systems to the list of bad services. You have no hot water, so you call them and they say they will come that day. You call EVERY DAY after that for weeks on end and they never show up. They are the pits. The only company that is probably worse than them – if that is possible – is Durette. Forget altogether about using them!

  36. Happy

    Things must have changed at Sunpower. Last year I called Sunpower about my 10 year old solar water heater system (which was made by another brand) and within a week of initially requesting service inspection and installation of new panels was done. I\’ve been happily enjoying hot water since then.

  37. Nostradamus

    My experience with Sunpower has been all good and that’s right up to very recently.

  38. 199

    BFP, no doubt, u think the new layout is brilliant but, I tell u, it’s nigh impossible to tell the most recent post(s), without a good deal of difficulty – unlike before!!

  39. 199

    OK, Clive, how much I has ta pay u tuh tek me off dis moderation ting!! How much!! Jes tell me!!

  40. BFP

    You have to behave yourself 100% but your rehabilitation is not quite finished judging by a few comments last week.

  41. Johnny Postle

    Bajans just do not understand the importance of service excellence. You could beat them with a stick and put a gun to their heads, they will try for a few days but soon go back to walloping in their ignorant ways. They think being nice is a sign of weakness but remaining screw-pooch and vex is the hall mark of power. A culture of being nosy and minding everybodies business, except their own, is deeply engrained. I really do know if we can move away from this mindset.

  42. rasta man

    No power,
    I can attest to Durette.Their service, if you can call it that ,is the pits. I have stopped using them.
    Talking about service,the Town & Country Dept also needs investigating.Had an application in since Jan 2009 and have not received any correspondence one way or the other after making numerous calls.Seems Barbados does not have a housing problem as my application would help along those lines.
    We live in hope and die in despair

  43. On one of my first visits to Barbados, Greg took me to Ship Inn for lunch. The service was appalling (and it’s a buffet!) and I’d never been back in the two years since.

    Until today for lunch. And based upon today’s service – kind, smiling, gracious service – I’ll definitely be back to Ship Inn.

    Service makes ALL the difference. To me, it’s more important than anything else. As someone said in an earlier comment, poor service can vex your spirit. Life is difficult enough without someone behaving as though they despise me! Good service lifts me up.

    Today, the folks at Ship Inn lifted me up. Good food, too!

    Thx to you all who read my blog post on Chubbies. I appreciate it.

  44. Blame someone else

    Right, its always someone else’s fault. I is a idiot!

  45. 199

    Oh Lord!! Yuh mene I in trouble again?!! Lord, wha I can do!!

    Sweet B, I’ve asked u before!! Simply tell me what to think and I’ll write it, ‘BFP-democracy- style’!!

  46. 187

    Iain, are you nuts? Training? To what: not be ignorant and lazy? This is a cultural problem. It is the same cultural problem that causes people to not insure their home and when it burns down they demand the government build them a new one! 90% of the store clerks in Bridgetown wouldn’t last a day in retail in Britain or the USA.

  47. 199

    BF, believe it or not – and, no, this is n’t Bimbro jes being controversial again!! – but, I would actually and honestly, like to read the most recent posts first, before anyting else!! These days, I don’t know where to find them, quickly!! Please help me Messrs BFP and Co!! 🙂 – by reverting to the old system!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  48. Rumboy

    My apologies.

  49. bigsky

    I called the same chubbies video store in Black Rock and enquired about a DVD that I had ask an employee to put one side for me the lady told me that she had not seen it.Well I said please check the shelf then and I really couldn’t remember the name of the movie but instead of checking for me she quarrelled with me for about 20 minutes.She could have just check the shelf with the new releases as the video shop don’t be that busy.I felt so bad that I just hang up the phone.Please do not rent any dvds or tape from Chubbies Black Rock.I called on14/09/2010 at abot 9:25 and the lady worked the morning shift.