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Will Chubbie’s Rude Employee Kill Their DVD Rental Business In Barbados?

My first post after a long break and I’m damned cranky.  I had planned to write something nice, not this.  But a trip to Chubbie’s DVD rental this morning changed my mind for me… (snip)

…In his typically friendly manner, Greg says to the clerk, “Good morning.  We’d like to take these, please.”

The clerk recoils.  She looks at the 6 movies Greg is handing her as though they’re dog manure.

So Greg waits until she is behind the counter and he places them before her.  “Hi,” he says again, “we’d like to take these, please.”

No greeting.  The clerk says…

… continue reading the Planet Barbados article Why It’s Just About Impossible To Rent A DVD In Barbados

Sullen Shop Clerk Has Too Many Sisters

Shona read of Jane and Greg’s DVD rental from hell and just shook her head and laughed “That Chubbies employee would last no longer than 20 minutes in New York City and that is saying something.”

Yup, NYC shop clerks are notorious for addressing customers as “Buddy” and saying things like, “Ya wanit?”, but at least they usually acknowledge you as a fellow human being by saying some greeting like “HOWZYA-DOOOO-IN?”

How many other Chubbies customers will be treated the same way that Greg and Jane were? Our guess: fewer and fewer – one way or another.


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