Dr. Duguid Returns To Barbados – Fails To Address THE QUESTION: Did William Duguid Apply For Canadian Immigration?

Duguid Barbados Canada

Hey folks… I don’t think Dr. Duguid or Mia Mottley ever gave us a straight answer about whether or not Duguid had applied for Canadian residency. So how about it, Doc? Did you apply for Canadian residency? Yes… or no?

Evasion & Deceit From Dr. William Duguid & Mia Mottley

William Duguid, the BLP Member of Parliament for Christ Church West, returned to Barbados yesterday from Canada amid accusations that he and his family have immigrated to Canada while Duguid unethically retains his parliamentary seat & salary. Even BLP supporters are complaining that Duguid is not providing proper representation to his constituents and are calling for his resignation. (Nation News: Call for Duguid to step down.)

Duguid had the press waiting for him at Grantley Adams International Airport, but considering recent articles in the Nation and at Barbados Free Press – Duguid’s comments were evasive and the news media let him get away with it. The press never questioned him as to whether or not he has applied for Canadian residency, and Duguid never addressed the issue. According to Duguid, the whole thing is aDLP Gimmick and he was away on “personal family business. Is something wrong with that?”

Gosh, I guess Duguid had better have a talk with his party leader then – because according to Mia Mottley there is some fire in all this smoke..

Barbados Labour Party interim leader Mia Mottley already confirmed for The Nation newspaper that Dr. Duguid’s wife and family have moved permanently to Canada, saying “His family is not here, but he lives here; his practice is still here; his constituency office is still here; he is still building apartments here. But obviously if his family lives overseas, he will be in and out,”

In our article The Question For The Leader Of The Barbados Labour Party That The News Media Won’t Ask, we demanded to know the truth about Duguid and his intentions.

So we ask again, this time directly to Dr. William Duguid – and we’d like an honest answer because the people of Barbados have a right to know whether their elected representatives are full time, dedicated members of Parliament or are looking at other horizons.

Dear Dr. Duguid,

Have you applied for immigration to Canada, or been awarded residency in Canada?

Just the truth, Doctor Duguid. No evasion, no deceit. Just the straight truth from you to your constituents. You can be remembered for your years of service – or as the guy who tried to squeeze every last dollar from Barbados while his constituents were left with part-time inadequate representation from their elected member.

Your choice, William… and you don’t have a lot of time to straighten this out before it becomes your legacy.

(photo from The Nation News of Barbados – fair use showing that their reporter was on scene but failed to ask the important question)


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54 responses to “Dr. Duguid Returns To Barbados – Fails To Address THE QUESTION: Did William Duguid Apply For Canadian Immigration?

  1. RRRicky

    Quite right BFP. It matters if Duguid has applied to live in Canada!

  2. 2009

    Is it possible for a Barbadian MP to have sworn allegiance to a foreign Nation….while being seated in the Parliament of Barbados ?

    I await Dr.Duguid’s usual rambling response when he joins this site !

  3. Jason

    Dr. Duguid is a frequent visitor to bfp although less vocal than he once was. He has probably already read this and the other articles.

    Please doc, do the right thing. Either * or get off the pot!

  4. 2009

    BFP……by the way what has become of your beloved contributor….Jerome Hinds ?


    BFP says…

    Jerome was banned for continually stepping over the line. He may be here under other names, but never again under his own name. He seems to be much happier over at another blog where they do not mention that the DLP Thompson government once upon a time promised Integrity Legislation etc.

  5. Hants

    Willie D can frequent Canada as a visitor. He does not have to immigrate.

    However he should understand that being an MP in Barbados requires his undivided attention.

    MIA dealt him a blow below the belt with the “his family lives overseas so he will be in and out”.

    All she should have said is “Mr.Duguid is out of the island and will be back in a few days.”

    Instead she bowled a yorker instead of an off break.

    Barbados politics sweeeeet.

  6. akabozik

    Has Duguid applied for Canadian residency? It matters to me too.

  7. John

    June 8, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    MIA dealt him a blow below the belt with the “his family lives overseas so he will be in and out”.

    All she should have said is “Mr.Duguid is out of the island and will be back in a few days.”

    Maybe she sees him as a threat.

    I always figured that he was a potential leader because he was a family man.

    The ball is in his court!!

    He still has time, but the clock is ticking ….

    …… telecommuting will not be an option, he will need to be on the job.

    For the moment a man has to do what a man has to do.

  8. 162

    It would be interesting to see how many politicians on either side of the parliament hold status in other countries.

    I think that while BFP goes on about a opposition parliamentarian who may or may not have residency in Canada, we could be talking about serious issues…..

    for instance…..

    why is the Trinidad and Tobago Central Bank Governor saying that Barbados is trying to raise a US dollar loan on the Trinidad capital market to “avoid going to the IMF”?

    but no it’s much easier for BFP to natter on about a politician who has already publicly said he ain’t running again.

  9. A Mottley Group

    I can direct you to the person that can give you the address of the office space that he has rented to setup his Real Estate company from out of main street Toronto, he intends to sell Timesharing at his properties while pursuing his quest to obtain his pilots license.

    He is also selling his properties while in Toronto, these were all gained by contracts awarded to him by Arthur, Mottley and Company to do buildings for the former BLP Gov’t.

  10. J

    2009 wrote “Is it possible for a Barbadian MP to have sworn allegiance to a foreign Nation”

    But Canada is not a foreign land.

    It is just Barbados north.

  11. Hants

    “out of main street Toronto?”

    He renting somebody house or a subway station?

  12. Knight Templar

    Hants said

    “Maybe she sees him as a threat. ”

    What nonsence!!!

    As I understand it, Barbadian Scholar, and trusted BLP Member – Dr. William Duguid – will lead debate today in the House when a $50m guarantee is discussed for the Barbados Port Authority.

    As I understand it, “Unity Team BLP” will support this Resolution.

  13. Knight Templar

    162 wrote:

    “why is the Trinidad and Tobago Central Bank Governor saying that Barbados is trying to raise a US dollar loan on the Trinidad capital market to “avoid going to the IMF”?

    Excellent question, especially since Prime Minister Thomposn tabled a Resolution in Parliament and told Barbados that the US$150 million he is seeking to borrow from the Trinidad Market – is to enable him to execute projects this financial year.

    Which is it, to execute projects or to prevent Barbados going to the IMF.

  14. PickUhNoise

    Millie went tuh Brazil oh lord poor Millie

    Willie went tuh Canada and had to return oh lord poor willie.

    Willie look a lot slimmer dese days.

    How long um does take to have a tummy tuck and to recover? nineteen days????

  15. Knight Templar

    David Thompson said on pages 1 and 5 of the Barbados Advocate of Monday, March 16, 2009 – that the 2009-2010 Estimates are designed to create a sustainable growth path for Barbados over the next 50 years. Here are his five specific areas of focus:

    1. Creating the best environment for attracting and conducting business.

    2. Positioning Barbados to become the most environmentally advanced “green’ economy in the region.

    3. Investing in a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

    4. Becoming known as the island that works.

    5. Implementing a people’ first focus.

    But none of these were mentioned in the recent budget! So, is there going to be a Mini-budget just like in the 1990’s.

  16. Hants

    Keep yuh Bajan accent Willie D.

    “A Canadian Highway Patrolman pulled a car over and told the Guyanese driver that because he was wearing his seat belt he had just won $5,000 in the Province safety competition.

    ‘What are you going to do with the money?’ asked the policeman.

    ‘Well, I goin an get a drivin license,’ he answered.

    ‘Ay, doh listen to he,’ yelled the Trini woman in the passenger’s seat… ‘He does geh on like a fool when he drunk. ‘This woke up the Bajan guy in the back seat, who took one look at the cop and moaned, ‘I know we wasn’t go get far in dis thief-in car.’

    At that moment, there was a knock from the trunk and a Jamaican voice said in patois, ‘Yow!, I man mek it ‘crass di barder yet?’

    The Canadian Highway Patrolman smiled, and handed the $5,000 check to the driver. ‘I always loved the island talk, but I could never understand it. Have a nice day.’

  17. Hants

    Knight Templar
    June 9, 2009 at 1:22 pm
    Hants said

    “Maybe she sees him as a threat. ”

    No I did not say that. it was John replying to what I had written.

    What nonsence!!!

    Spell check RR SG KT. It is spelt “nonsense”.
    As the man who deemed Owing Seymore Arthur the “Prime Minister for life and father of first world Barbados.”

    We expect more attention to detail. You are a great asset to the DLP.

  18. Knight Templar

    @ Hants,

    Thank you kind Sir for your observation: “nonsense.” I stand corrected. (Full stop).

  19. Tempted to Bite

    LOVED the joke


  20. Kitty

    Did you hear Duguid today? It is clear that he does not live in or care about Barbados.

  21. PiedPiper

    Not to get off this topic but to return to the old topic of the threats of violence to persons and property that came from the PC used at Parliament by Dr. Duguid.
    I still believe that Dr. Duguid would not be so stupid as to admit that those threats came from his PC if he was the author of those threats. Passwords can fall into the wrong hands and all of us have been guilty of walking away from our PCs at work and even going to lunch without logging out of our PCs. I suspect, that Parliament, with it’s many employees and government lackeys with hidden agendas and lack of ethics (could name a few but BFP posters probably already have a few in mind), wouldn’t hesitate to use someone else’s PC to send those evil messages.

  22. BFP

    Dr. Duguid was not stupid when he admitted that his computer was used for the threats, he was being honest in the light of the solid and very damning evidence presented to him. He maintains that someone else used the computer to send the threats.

  23. Hants

    BFP remember Willie D tried to participate meaningfully on this blog even defending and “explaining” Glyne Clarke’s “situation”.

    On this blog he did not exhibit the visciousness of other BLPites.

    The stress of commuting to see his family might make him a “tougher” politician.

    Then again he may just quit at the appropriate time.

  24. PiedPiper

    ……and we do not know that that in fact is not the case.

  25. Cmore

    Duguid has 18 more months to qualify for lifetime pension. Anyone willing to bet that he quits early in 2011….easy money!!!

  26. skinteeth

    In Canada,you swear allegiance upon citizenship not in permanent residence status, which you will get first . So he can side step this issue ,for about 4 years.

  27. Avatar Gurl

    Hey, I want easy money too!

    Which politician do i have to have sex with?


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  29. Hants

    Willie D would probably want to stay in Barbados while Canada is still in recession.

    “Ontario’s contracting economy and plunging corporate tax revenues, along with recession-driven demand for government services, has left Ontario with a $24.7 billion deficit, says Finance Minister Dwight Duncan.”

    “Overall employment is down three per cent, or 205,000 jobs, from a year ago.”

  30. Donald Duck, Esq

    BFP. why are you repeating comments posted since june 2009

  31. BFP

    Hello DD,

    Once in a while we bring a previous article to the fore and paste it at the top when the issue is unresolved. A shame that newspapers don’t do this because they let things fade away even though there is no resolution. It is their most damnable quality.

  32. Sargeant


    The stories and articles on the blogs are repeated incessantly, why do you seem to have a problem with this one? Are the comments from June less relevant now than they were then? If it is cutting close to home just come out and let us know. Confession is good for the soul.

  33. Donald Duck, Esq


    I am sure there are many other issues of mpre importance to reiterate

  34. Johnny Postle @

    These politicians do so much shite and get away with so much shite. Absolutely sickening how this country operates and is governing.

  35. more important?

    Daffy Duck

    You are correct that there are many important things facing Barbados but its hard to imagine much worse than making personal threats from a parliamentary computer and taking a salary to represent your constituents when you are not there and waiting for your pension before you resign.

    This is symptomatic of a society led by dishonest people without integrity.

  36. Hearsay

    Dr. Duguid was overheard on a flight to Canada bad talking Owen Arthur, how he is forgetful and useless etc.

  37. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    @Hants, “However he should understand that being an MP in Barbados requires his undivided attention.” That cannot be a requirement for standing MPs. With no particular political axe to grind, I can think of issues over the ‘divided attention’ of Mr. Arthur, or Ms. Mottley, to name two, or if we look at Senators, one has often seen the name of Ms. Thompson in this category. But in the end, constituents will decide if they got what they wanted from their man or woman.

  38. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    Applying for foreign citizenship is not illegal; it’s also forward looking, and takes time for the process to be completed. There is not really an issue for an MP until it is granted and then he/she may have to resign the seat, if it is not constitutional for the person to hold dual citizenship. If he/she tries to hold on to the seat when dual citizenship should cause illegibility should be a good test of whether the system (political and judicial) work, as has been the case in Jamaica.

    Maybe someone can cite the relevant piece of legislation and then we will all know. (I’ll look for myself later, just as a matter of interest.)

  39. Sargeant


    I think you are jumping the gun a bit about citizenship, applying for residence does not automatically confer citizenship. I don’t know if Mr. Duguid is applying for Canadian residence or not but an MP is not an ordinary citizen like you or me ( I’m presuming that you are an ordinary citizen). MPs are elected to represent citizens at the highest level in the decision making chamber of the country. The question is should the electors who have chosen him as their representative know of his plans? I can’t imagine any other country where this would not be a problem whether it is constitutionally prohibited or not.

    There are some issues about dual citizenship e.g which countries’ interests come first and this is being played out in the various custody battles that surface when one partner in a dissolving relationship absconds with a child or children to another country where they may have citizenship despite court orders in the country of residence. In Canada there was also a backlash against Lebanese Canadians who returned to Lebanon to live and demanded repatriation to Canada (at Gov’ts expense) during the most recent flare up of the ongoing civil war. Recently I spoke with a woman who was born in Canada of Israeli parents and she told me her brother (also born in Canada) was in danger of being drafted into the Israeli Army if he returned to Israel.

    I hold dual citizenship (Canada & Barbados), every time I visit Barbados on a Canadian Passport the Immigration officer asks me about the length of my visit, I know some Barbadians who travel with two Passports, I don’t know what questions are asked of those Canadian citizens who travel with a Barbados Passport.


  40. BFP

    Hi Dennis,

    If Duguid applied for Canadian residency it shows a certain mindset and I think that his constituents have a right to know, especially in view of his earlier protracted absence from the island.

    In the end, it’s about honesty, transparency and integrity – and what respect the Doc has for the people who elected him.

    His evasive “explanation” tells the whole story. We already know the truth from his evasion, but we’d like to hear him for once come clean with his people.

  41. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    @Hants, I was very much not trying to jump the gun, meaning the imply that applying for something is nothing more than some expression of a desire, which in the case of citizenship or residence may not cause a problem for an MP. The problems arise if the application(s) are granted.

    In terms of constituents ‘knowing’ of future plans, my implied point was that if one looks forward Dr. Duguid may be signalling future intentions, which are not a problem now: eg, he may be intending to not contest his seat at the next election, as is his right.

    As a dual national, travelling to one of your countries of your citizenship on a foreign passport will normally generate a question about length of stay, as if you were a foreigner. You do not say if when travelling to Bim on your Canadian passport you indicate whether you are a Canadian or Bajan citizen, ofif you annotate and indicate ‘dual’. So, at first blush the question is not odd. Assuming the officials are attentive you touch on some of the possible issues in your discussion of other ‘national’-Canadians.

  42. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    @BFP, my point to Hants about signalling future intentions applies to your comments too. But, I would not make his absences more of an issue that it is for other politicians. I could even ask if as a working physician he has work commitments in Canada. Ms. Mottley’s forays for legal work are a clear parallel in that regard.

    I don’t think his ‘evasion’ tells me anything about ‘truth’ other than an unwillingness to say more at this time, which itself is not much indication of anything. Politicians are not the most fulsome of beings at the best of times. “I have no further comment at this stage” is a well worn phrase of politicians.

  43. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    @Sargeant, sincere apologies for referring to you as “Hants”, as I had some other comments in my head. What sacrifice can correct silly error?

  44. Sargeant


    Apology accepted on my part, can’t speak for Hants he may want compensation

  45. Hants

    @ Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados) and Sargeant.

    The only compensation I want is fuh wanna to continue blogging.

    The opinions of others are priceless.

    For the record,Wille D. is a Dentist and can become a resident of Canada anytime he wants to.
    No waiting in line for that class of immigrant.

    He could pay a courtesy call to the Minister of immigration and I am sure he would be accorded the “privilages” of an MP from a country so closely “aligned” to Canada.

    Wuh duh even open a Bert’s Bar in Ottawa.

  46. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    @Hants (really). So kind and decent…and Canadian-sounding. I breathe a sigh of relief. But I would love to be paid for my opinions.

  47. Sargeant


    For the record,Wille D. is a Dentist and can become a resident of Canada anytime he wants to.
    No waiting in line for that class of immigrant

    Are you sure about that? It depends on where he got his degree/credentials. Every month I read about foreign trained doctors/engineers etc. who are working as cab drivers in Toronto because their qualifications are not recognised in Ontario/Canada.

    Perhaps Willie D is doing his homework to ensure it doesn’t happen to him

  48. Hants


    Dr. William Duguid BDS FDS FDRCS JP MP

    Work History

    •Pine Dental Services 1992
    •House Officer Royal Gwent Hospital 1992-1993
    •Registrar Royal Gwent Hospital 1995
    •Pine Dental Services 1995-2005
    •Member of Parliament 2003 – Present
    •Chairman National Petroleum Corporation 2003-Present
    •Pine Dental Inc 2006
    •Director Tenax Central Corporation
    •Chairman of Bayview Hospital


    •Harrison College 1979-1986
    •University of Wales 1987-1992
    •Royal College of Surgeons 1993-1995
    •Royal Gwent Hospital 1992-1995


    Certified in Astra and Tenax Implant Systems
    Bachelor of Dental Surgery University of Wales
    Fellow of Dental Surgery Royal College of Surgeons Dublin
    Justice of the Peace
    Member of Parliament
    Member European Union – Afro Caribbean Pacific Joint Parliamentary Assembly


    Barbados Exhibition Winner 1986

    Now Sargeant, do you still think that Willie D. would have to drive a cab in Toronto while learning English and studying at night to get accreditation ?

  49. Hants

    BFP moderating me again.

    wanna can’t believe I write a fair comment about my political enemy Wille D?

  50. BFP

    Hants, please be fair with your comments about being moderated. “We”, that is the editors of BFP, do not moderate your comments. The automatic WordPress filter over which we have no control does that. We “un moderate” your comments when we see them or when you alert us to those being held.

  51. Hants

    BFP you should know that my comments about moderation are NOT hostile.

    I know it is automatic but I like to mek sport.We is still frens.

    Wish wanna did here by me to help muh finish dis bottle uh mur lot wine.

  52. Sargeant


    Note I said “it depends on where he got his degree/credentials”. I wasn’t aware of his bio, thanks for the update. Yes, you are correct credentials from the UK will be alright.

    Hey, I didn’t know he was your “political enemy”. Who/What are you running for?

  53. Hants

    I running from BLP politicians.lol.

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