Barbados Free Press Links To The Trident Forum

The Trident

Hello Friends,

This is a little note to let our readers know that we’ve added The Trident discussion forum to our sidebar links under “Bajan Blogs & Chats”.

See you there!


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5 responses to “Barbados Free Press Links To The Trident Forum


    Premier restaurant guru in unnatural death?
    Business caught flying our flag upside down. What should be done?
    Policeman shoots bystander. Opinions?
    Does Barbados need a sex camp?
    Swineflu! Whats the big deal?

    Region and World:
    Pregnant man gives birth….again
    Girl allegedly falls asleep getting 53 tattos on the face when she wanted 3

    Myers Briggs Testing. What are you suited to do in life?
    @$$ kicking advertising

    Relationships and sex:
    Why men dump the right women for the wrong ones?
    Whats the appeal with GT girls? What are the Bajan girls doing wrong?

    Phat and proud
    Sleepless nights

    The best animes
    The best thrillers

    All this and more at

    Join up and opine!

  2. Please release remark, thanks

  3. BFP

    Hi Ian… Happy you mentioned it because it wasn’t in “moderate” it had somehow been diverted to the spam bucket for auto deletion with the viagra ads. Can’t figure it out.


  4. Ian - not logged on

    FYI – Zanz is dead, completely, need to remove link – seriously! Now a real estate site for Bim…

  5. I look forward to being part of the this great community.