The Question For The Leader Of The Barbados Labour Party That The News Media Won’t Ask

Dear Mia Mottley,

barbados-mia-mottley-fraudYour member for Christ Church West, Dr. William Duguid, is absent from Barbados and has not been attending Parliament or his duties in his constituency for some months. The news media reports that Dr. Duguid now lives in Canada.

You are quoted in the newspapers as saying, “His family is not here, but he lives here; his practice is still here; his constituency office is still here; he is still building apartments here. But obviously if his family lives overseas, he will be in and out,”

Miss Mottley, presumably Mrs. Duguid and her children have been granted residency status in Canada and lawfully immigrated to that country.

Please answer the following question:

Dear Mia Mottley,

Has Dr. William Duguid, your BLP Member of Parliament for Christ Church West, applied for immigration or been awarded residency in Canada?

Yes? No? … or you don’t know and don’t want to find out?

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68 responses to “The Question For The Leader Of The Barbados Labour Party That The News Media Won’t Ask

  1. Red Lake Lassie

    Good point! Why didn’t the Nation ask this very question of Mottley while they were talking to her? It seems a reasonable question in all the circumstances.

  2. A Mottley Group

    When Ever have you ever managed to get an honest, truthful answer out of Mia Mottley??

    She like her father are dishonest persons, ask the former management at Bryden’s how they nearly had to send the debt collector to reprocess a photocopier from the office of Mottley and Company for nonpayment of the lease fees.

    As for examples of Mottley herself you only have to review her service during her time in office to find many examples of dishonesty lets only mention EDUTECH and her scam with the purchase of out dated computer equipment with her sidekick Steven Williams the son of John Williams, they bought, they made money while we the ones paying the bills suffered.

    Duguid is FINISHED with Politics and he is even more finished with Mottley and Owing so why not do what he needs to do and move on??

    He was not likely to serve the term anyway and after Mottley set him up to look like a total idiot I think he is even less Mottley or BLP friendly, actually his seat may slide out from under them even before Forde’s or Eastmond’s or Pain’s. or Hammie’s.

  3. Canadian Residency

    If Duiguid has applied for Canadian Residency, hopefully the Canadian authorities will have enough knowledge and smarts to ask him about his involvement in the death and other threats on the internet coming out of Parliament.

    Canadians don’t take kindly to these personal threats and Canada has the resources to determine if this man was part of the hate and rascist campaign to smear and intimidate people in order to get elected.

  4. littleboy

    Wait, Cynthia Forde leffing too??? Mia like she is trying to push all those she cannot count on for support.

    She claims that Duguid’s practice is still here. Well try calling and setting up an appointment with him, and good luck too.

    I cannot understand how he and Arthur can take the taxpayers money and refuse to go to parliament or their constituency offices. That is tantamount to stealing.
    Eastmond opens his office once every few months,and George Payne running around with Skeete in Eastmond’s constituency rather than meeting the people of St Andrew. I believe the next bi-election will be sooner than we think and disappointing for Mia.

  5. A Mottley Group

    The base that operated on Owing’s behalf, the funding, the on the ground people are NOT working for Mottley in speaking to some of them they are just not happy with her or her ways, there is much discontent among her own BLP members with her candidate selection process in Christ Church.

  6. A Mottley Group

    more to the point it seems to stem from her trying to stack the selection of candidates with ones of her like thinking, hence the inclusion of Wilfred Abrahams in her selection as a candidate to support her agenda in support of Gay and Lesbian rights.

  7. Hants

    MIA’s reported statement to the Nation, if reported factually tells any reasonable person that Duguid has effectively quit as a member of parliament.

    They just are trying to come up with the “politically correct” spin and buy time to prepare a replacement candidate for a bye election.

    That is the “political” version.

    The “rumshop” version is dat “e wife leffe an gone Canada an he up dey trying to get she back.”

    I hope it is the political version.

  8. A Mottley Group

    Mottley’s name is tarnished and badly so, she was the one that took a leading figure in the last BLP gov’t that over saw plenty, plenty corruption and wrong doing she cannot now walk away and suddenly assume to be a saint, no way she was part and parcel of the cause of the corruption and dishonesty in the last administration let her fool you not.

    Always remember the fiasco of the VECO PRISON that they told us we were wrong in our understanding that all mention of cost in the Parliament of Barbados must be in Barbados dollars but some how we were stupid enough to know that when they quoted the cost of the prison we did not understand that it was quoted in US dollars.

    That smacks with arrogance and contempt that was the former BLP Gov’t.

  9. notesfromthemargin

    Just like how Thompson “cleaned house” when he took over the DLP from Mascoll, the similar process is happening with the BLP.

    You are likely to see several faces leaving the party. This is in fact the proof of the pudding that the much rumoured “leadership struggle” between Owen and Mia is over.

    The BLP will face the electorate with a large number of its candidates being new fresh faces to politics, which will give them the ability to claim “clean hands” from the previous BLP administration, and will provide an appeal to the youth of the country who are likely to feel disillusioned by the antics of the DLP government who were elected on a different platform.

    Will it work?

    …depends on how well the DLP manages the economy in the next 3 years.

    It will be very interesting to watch.

  10. A Mottley Group

    Hants, he should not be too concerned by her leaving after all it was the same Duguid that returned home to Grantley Adams Int’l with a young lady in his company and as he went thru the doors who was there to see who he was travelling with no other person than his wife, it was cat piss and pepper thereafter.

    What is good for the Goose should be good for the Gander or so I am told, ask Duguid or his wife they know first hand.

  11. Hants

    I am more interested in a bye election as it would help the DLP in guaging the political climate.

    A bye election would also provide some “excitement” here on BFP.

  12. Red Lake Lassie

    In Barbados Hants, you mean “buy” election, don’t you? 😉

  13. reality check

    the whole thought of a bye election is all very sad. Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum.

    Is that really a choice?

  14. dominoes

    Duguid sold his practice every since, it only carries his name and for his parliamentary position he will be back here for 2 sittings every month.

  15. Red Lake Lassie

    And what of serving his constituency? What of working for the people every day? An honourable man would resign.

  16. dominoes

    As an opposition what can he do for his constituency, nothing .

  17. Sundowner

    There lies the catch ‘an honourable man’!!

  18. Bragga Dog

    Well boys you did well. All your dlp slips and half slips are showing. There would be joy , joy in heaven if the DLP BARBADOS could win all the seats in parliament. Great job all the others who loose would be available to help TEAM BARBADOS. All focus is now election,all is well in BIM nuttin to worry bout hey.

  19. neither BLP or DLP

    Bragga Dog

    it would be much better if the voter could have the choice of none of the above.

  20. Nothing is new

    It’s interesting to see that the BLP is now facing the dilemma the DLP were in a few year ago.

    The party is obviously in turmoil. Previously, their well-oiled public relations machinery kept everything under lock and key.

    We can soon expect to see war breaking out.

  21. boredickey

    Dr.Lowe sure is cleaning up the environment. That skunk smell around Parliament is gone. He now has to up-route Buffalo Bill.

  22. Bragga Dog

    Looks like Gordon Brown having a dusty time. Only time will reveal the outcome. A lot can really happen in the twinkle of an eye. So says the good book and as would say before you blink twice.

  23. Hants

    The Nation if publishing freely since Owing gone.
    duh e friten nuh mo.

    “The construction of the Vauxhall Senior Citizens Village. monies have been mysteriously utilised in the absence of corresponding paperwork.

    The office of the Auditor General has not been able to locate tendering documents for this project started under the Ministry of Social Transformation in 2002 and completed in 2004.

    The contractor was paid $2.9 million, which was $700 000 more than had been awarded under his contract.

    During the 2005/2006 financial year, $785 000 went into the pockets of some person(s) working under the aegis of the Ministry of Health without “physical documentation” or any evidence that any goods or services were supplied in exchange for the money.

    In 2006 the Ministry of Public Works and Transport paid out over $1 million to a company for roadwork that was not done.”

    en people newses to seh dat BFP telling lies pun de BLP.

  24. Jason

    Hants, don’t be too pleased because the DLP have decided that nobody going to be charged with any thefts that took place under the BLP. The Auditor’s report is more of a joke than anything because nothing is ever done to hold people accountable. There will be no criminal charges. There will be no attempts to recover funds under the civil courts.

    Never have been any attempts by the DLP to bring these people to account and there never will be. DLP don’t want any trouble from the BLP when they lose power.

  25. Hants

    I just wanted to show that The Nation is now FREE to write wha duh like.
    Nuh short man to catspraddle dum.

  26. ZEBRA

    who is Buffalo Bill ?

  27. Sargeant

    Life on the Opposition benches is not a bed of roses. Ask David Thompson, didn’t he have to live through a long rough patch when DLP members were jumping ship in droves to feast at the BLP table? Does anyone think that Mia and Owen appreciate being on the receiving end of Freundel Stuart’s barbs? No wonder Owen avoids parliament. The BLP politicians having tasted the sweet nectar of power have lost the ability to influence people and reward friends.

    I also wonder if some in the BLP are not questioning the manner in which Mia assumed leadership and are not supportive of her policies particularly in relation to immigration. How many BLP parliamentarians have been loud in supportive of her statements?

    So it is no surprise that the honorable member is preparing to abandon ship and flee to the welcoming shores of the Great White North. He can make a good living at his profession and pad his retirement income.

    And to the good folks of Ch.Ch West, so long it was nice knowing yuh

    C’est la vie

  28. E I Grant

    What is the colour of the flag on this blog? Who to contact in order to express an opinion here?
    Are Chineese allowed to blog too?
    Gimme a break in the name of free speech.

  29. passin thru

    Sargeant, the good doctor is not “preparing” to abandon ship. He HAS abandoned ship but is still taking the pay cheque. I guess we have to think “Oh, what can you expect?”

  30. rhubarb

    Is there any way, in the absence of Freedom of Information legislation, that we can learn the attendance record of all the members of parliament since the last election? Perhaps we could ask nicely of the PM and the LofO if they would both agree to disclose the records of their respective members. After all, we know that they are both strongly in favour of that legislation, and would like to tell us, but it takes so very long to have the necessary legislation passed!

  31. J

    Dear BFP:

    Why don’t you ask Dr. Duguid the question yourself. Why wait for a second hand answer from Ms. Mottley?

    I am certain that Dr. Duguid can answer your questions? But will he?

    Dear Mottley Group you wrote “Duguid is FINISHED with Politics and he is even more finished with Mottley and Owing so why not do what he needs to do and move on?? He was not likely to serve the term anyway and after Mottley set him up to look like a total idiot”

    If as you say Dr. Duguid is finished with politics would it not have been good manners for him to tell the PEOPLE who elected him?

    You understand now why I don’t want politicians (of any party) knocking on my door or coming into my home?

    They can stan’ up in the road and if I feel like it I will go out to them (or maybe I won’t)

  32. J

    Hants wrote “The “rumshop” version is dat “e wife leffe an gone Canada an he up dey trying to get she back.”

    I always wondered what she saw in him.

    She is 20 years younger than me and I know for certain that I wouldn’t let him in my ‘er “door”

  33. Hants

    buh J, why would Wille D be interested in a uman 20 years oldah dan e “wife”?

    you got sumting special in your ‘er “door” dat mek yuh mo appealin dan de yunga by 20years wife?

    All jokes aside. I hope Willie come forward and clean up this political mess.
    We need a good opposition.

  34. RRRicky

    It doesn’t matter if Mia arrives at the next election with an entirely new slate of candidates. She was deputy prime minister in the most corrupt administration this country has seen, and we’ve seen a lot.

    If the BLP want to have a hope of winning the next election they must choose a new leader and not one of the old Owen Arthur bunch.

  35. Same time ask for the record for the number of times PARLIAMENT met in last year. That might sure surprise you, and while ya at it the number of walk outs in previous years. The stats might make your head grow. Before ya forget the number of pieces of legislation brought to parliament in the last 15 months and were passed.
    Take it back a little futher if you like.
    Some research skills needed.

  36. crossroads

    Now is the time for a New Political Party to emerge. It will always be a challenge for the new boys on the political scene. However, this island has a lot of intelligent men and women who are honest, respectful and worthy of our votes to get this island on the right track. Its not an impossible task to be accomplished, with the right people in the job, applying themselves.

  37. dominoes

    Duguid is back in barbados,he came in yesterday.

  38. J

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!

  39. A Mottley Group

    Mottley is un trustworthy and incapable of honesty therefore not a good candidate for a leadership role she is to be always remembered for her comment to our builders of this island for saying on the subject of the illegal Chinese Workers at the Four Seasons project, that they the local builders either tow the line with these illegals or remember that they can easily be faced with a VAT and or a TAX audit, that was the extent of the callous arrogant one Mottley for you.

    Thank god the electorate saw the light and evicted her for any leadership role fearing a country run by Mottleyism with her mother Amour and Elliot behind the scenes pulling her strings ?????

    After all these are Mottley’s that believe fully that their entiltlement is to run the affairs of this country and have power and control over you the ordinary people of Barbados.

  40. E I Grant

    Is opposition of any kind neccessary when government is good? What then do we fear?

  41. BFP

    Nice to see that Mia gave him a call and said that people were talking. Will he resign or continue with the charade?

  42. Hants

    Duguid “Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Christ Church West MP told the DAILY NATION he didn’t know how his personal travel had become a national issue”.

    MIA is reported to have said “His family is not here, but he lives here.”

    If it wasn’t so far from elections I would comment further but I will sit back and listen to how they are going to spin this.

    Willie D is definitely into long distance relationships. He appears to have one with Parliament.

  43. Hants

    “However BLP Opposition Leader Mia Mottley, though acknowledging the departure of Duguid’s family, has insisted he is still based in Barbados.”

    And he says this is DLP tricks. He better talk to MIA an Owing.

  44. Sargeant

    BFP: Why wunna telling lies pon poor Billy? If I didn’t know better I would swear that you is part of the DLP propraganda machine that looking to discredit he. Look Billy had to set the record straight in the Nation

    “This is just the DLP’s [Democratic Labour Party] way of trying to hoodwink Barbadians with a non-issue. Let Government concentrate on why so many Barbadians are losing their jobs. Let them tell Barbadians the truth about why they have not been fulfilling their promises,” he said

    Yuh see everything alright it was only family business, yuh mean a man caan go away on family business now and then without wunna looking to toss he from he seat. Dem constituents who can’t get hold a he only looking to stir up trubble. He back to tek care of de people’s business.

    Hugs and kisses, chocolates and candy; sweetness and light, bouquets and flowers, all is fine in BLP land (LOL)

    Wunna betta get de apology ready toot sweet

    I only got one piece of advice for Billy if it is true that his wife has relocated to Canada and it is this: A faraway love is a love for fools.


  45. Knight Templar

    Mr. Errol Barrow left Barbados for six months and said that he was going to re-charge his batteries. Duguid was off island on private business for a mere nine-teen days.

    While you are at it, please remind Barbadians why were Constituency Councils established by the DLP.

    Then, tell tBarbadians if – were Dr. Duguid in the island – the cost of living go down; there would be less shootings in Barbados; there would be no Swine Flue in this country and by two persons who did not even step on a plane or boat.

    Tell us if he want on island whether children at public primary schools would be performing better than those at private schools.

    You see this distraction tactic.

    What about the Auditor General’s 2008 Report and the cost of living? And, where are the unemploymement statistics for the first quarter of 2009?

    Let us start here!

  46. Knight Templar

    Is Dr. Duguid’s absence preventing Prime Minister Thompson from placing Clico under judicial management, as the Insurance Act requires, especially given its multi million dollar Statutory Fund deficit?

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  48. Constitutional right not a wrong committed or anybody’s character maliciously damaged.Dam you wicked doers.

  49. Sargeant

    Welcome back Optimist Prime.. er… er Knight Templar.

    I have only read the introduction to the AG’s report so far but I noticed that his Office conducted some Special Investigations on the following entities: NHC;ABC Highway and NIS. Separate reports will be issued ….Hmmmmmmmm

  50. 2009

    What about the Auditor General’s 2008 Report….?

    For the benefit of you Knight Templar and other BLP PARIAHS…..the Auditor General Report 2008… about the TIEFFING that occured in 2007……!

    Can you remind Barbadians which Government was in office during 2007 ???

  51. Knight Templar

    Like Veritas on BU, 2009 wrote:

    “For the benefit of you Knight Templar and other BLP PARIAHS…..the Auditor General Report 2008… about the TIEFFING that occured in 2007……!

    Can you remind Barbadians which Government was in office during 2007 ???”



    Here is what the Auditor General have to say about your misleading comments:

    “In accordance with Section 113 (3) of the Constitution of Barbados and Section 38 (5) of the Financial Management and Audit Act, 2007 – 11, I forward for laying before the House of Assembly my Report of the examination of the acccounts of the Ministries and Departments of Government, and of other financial statements and accounts required to be audited by me in respect of the financial year ending 31st March 2008.”

  52. 2009

    Dear Ms. Knight Templar,

    March 31 2008 ……is the final 3 months of the 2007 Financial year of the Barbados Government….

    Here are the questions you need to answer :

    * Which gov’t was in office in 2007….when a Gov’t of B’dos crane was rented by a private firm who then get back all the money they paid for it’s services…?

    * Which gov’t was in office from 1994 – Jan 2008 and refused to document the entry of non – nationals into Barbados ?

    * Which gov’t was in office in 2002 when the Vauxhall Senior citizens Home was constructed and the contractor got $ 700,000.00 more than the contract price…?

    These are just 3 of more than 50 financial breaches…….which are all in the Auditor General’s 2008 Report !

    Whew…..need I say more……

  53. Knight Templar

    Sir 2009,

    The government change. You are the government. Proove it:

    Here are a few question for you to answer:

    Where is the Plan to reduce the Cost of Living?

    Why is the government, which purports to be on the side of the people – price gouging Barbadians on Land Tax and petroleum products?

    When is the DLP going to remove the VAT from light bills, as promised?

    Where are 2000 houses the DLP promised to build each year, and should have built last year?

    Where is the Fishing Agreement with Trinidad?

    Where is the Stabilization Programme for the Barbados Economy?

    On which page or pages in the 2009-2010 Estimates is the DLP’s Job creation and job lost Prevention Plan ?

    Where is the DLP’ Crime Prevention Plan?

    Why did Prime minister Thompson call sick-old-men out of retirement from active politics to help him run this country.

    What LAW gives PM Thompson lawful authority to bypass the Insurance Act, and set up a Committee to manage Clico?

  54. crossroads

    And does anyone think the DLP will charge another MP with teifing,…LOL…Auditor report waste of his time unless followed through.

  55. crossroads

    Its about time TIHS hit de fan

  56. 2009

    Dear Knight Templar,

    In light of of the reckless spending and tieffing you BLP PARIAHS put this country through the past 14 years…….would you realistically expect a prudent DLP Government to run this country FURTHER in the ground……considering what a mess it found the treasury in after 15 January, 2008 ?

    C’mon….AFTER 15th January, 2008

    * The ABC highway exorbitant fees had to be brought to book !

    * The Dodds Prison exorbitant fees had to be brought to book !

    * The $ 80 million BNOC bill had to be brought to book !

    The Barbadian people voted for CHANGE….from the BLP mess !

    We cannot continue the BLP rot !!

  57. Kitty

    Good points! I take issue with Notes From The Margin though because the most significant development in the BLP is that all of the bloggers – including those working in Mottley’s office like Knight Templar – spend their time speaking about Owen Arthur’s record and how bright, intellectual and respected he is.

    They say nothing good or progressive about Ms. Mottley! That answers my question in relation to her leadership, aptitude and skill.

    Another point: David Thompson lasted 14 years in Opposition. Some of these guys in the BLP were ready to go home within 12 months of losing! What does that tell you about them… and about David Thompson?

    These simple points tell me something deeper than what is on the surface. And that is who I ignore that two-CXC, idiot-for-hire Knight Templar.

  58. J

    Knight Templar wrote “Knight Templar
    June 9, 2009 at 4:32 pm Sir 2009, The government change. You are the government. Proove it”

    Ya misspell prove.

    Anyhow I always get nervous when somebody says “prove it”.

    All “prove it “generally means is that the rascal did the dirty deed, but that he was wicked enough and clever enough to have carried out his plan so that no evidence was left.

    Sometimes this means destroying evidence.

    And sometimes it means or intimidating others so that they will not talk.

    “Prove it” always NEVER means that the rascal is as innocent as the driven snow; and you know this as will as I do; and as well as everybody on this blog does; and as well as anybody with good common sense does.

    So don’t be walking about telling us “prove it”

  59. Knight Templar

    2009 wrote:

    “would you realistically expect a prudent DLP Government to run this country FURTHER in the ground……considering what a mess it found the treasury in after 15 January, 2008 ?


    You argue that the Treasury is in “mess,” yet David Thompson gave Clico $20 million and wrote off $19m for the Turf Club. Not saftisfied, he went for over a billion in supplemenatries from the same Treasury he said was empty.

    * The ABC highway exorbitant fees had to be brought to book !


    The only fee to be brough to book are the millions for Abdul Pandor and the millions that the DLP will now have to pay 3S when it fired that company in an attempt to pass money to Clico/Rayside.

    * The Dodds Prison exorbitant fees had to be brought to book !


    Decent people who tell the truth are aware that the Prison was under budget and there was a saving to government of about $5-$10 million.

    * The $ 80 million BNOC bill had to be brought to book !


    Having put money into the DLP’ election pot, Simpson is being allowed to price gouge Barbadians on LPG and has also received a sweetheart deal, where ZRs/PSVs have to fill-up at his diesel pump at Weymouth.

    As further protection, david Thompson has said no to the Natural Gas Pipeline from Trinidad. Why?

    The $25m Clico borrowed from Simpson to buy equipment for Rayside. Clico is not in trouble and cannot pay. In return for that a election funding, Simpson is allowed to price gouge on LPG and get guaranteed fill-up diesel business for PSVs.

    By DLP standards, this is not corruption or rot. Just good business.

    You wrote: The Barbadian people voted for CHANGE….from the BLP mess !


    78,698 people voted for the DLP; 69,720 voted to the caring; disciplined; united and intellectually sound – Barbados Labour Party. A mere 8,975 votes difference, but technically a mere 1610 voted separate the DLP from the BLP.

    Note however, that so far, over five thousand people have lost their jobs under DLP rule.

    I bet you are getting scared now, especially since Peter Wickham did say – one term government!!!!


    You said – *We cannot continue the BLP rot !!


    What madness! I think you mean DLP ROT. Look Silly, David Thompson has ordered sick-old-men to come out of retirement to help him run this country.

    Then consider that regional scholars like Professor Girvan, Professor Persuad, Sir Ronald Saunders, Dr. Joseph, as well as highly repected journalists like Rickey Singh – all accept and agree that the DLP is intellectually weak and politically incompetent.

    In “internet speak” where people type ppl for people and pls for please, and with Barbados’ macro-economic indicators in shambles and unemployment at some 12% – DLP bloggers
    take comfort in whether a word is “nonsence” or “nonsense.”

    Yet Kenny Best, as Speaker of the House, is known to say: “I are the Speaker.”

    Richard Sealy cannot say “can” he says: “kin.” and the Education Minister is an authority on green verbs.

    I think I have made my point. Just to be on the safe side – here is my point: “Under DLP rule, Barbados is on a free fall from prosperity to crisis.”

  60. Veritas

    You obviously admire them all!

  61. Hants

    @ Knight Templar.

    Barbadians no longer have to overhear the news on their neighbour’s Rediffusion.
    Barbadians have Satellite TV, Radio and the Internet.

    Every person in Barbados already knows that
    the world is in a severe economic recession.

    Trying to suggest that Barbados is in crisis because of mismanagement is illogical,baseless and untrue.

  62. Knight Templar

    David Thompson’s Poor Judgement and Bad Decisions has resulted in Barbados’ Free fall from prosperity to crisis.

    It is the poor judgment and bad decisions of David Thompson, which has resulted in a dangerous mismanagement of the Barbados economy. Unfortunately, we are now seeing the result of his “governance by delay.”

    The DLP does not realise that unlike 1991-1994, the recession in Barbados is not public sector but private sector driven.

    It is, therefore sad – that a “clueless” DLP government, which does not know what it is doing – is now trying to hide its “intellectual weakness” and political incompetence – by pointing to the global financial crisis, as the explanation for the current drift and meltdown in Barbados.

    But, what are the facts:

    1. For nine months, instead of settling down and doing work, DLP Ministers were busy touring; shocked that they had won on a political high tide(trying to find out who are Bees so that it can fire them) attending school sports or engaging in frequent travel overseas, in some instances, with three Ministers and three different delegations, attending the same Conference. By month 10, the Cabinet was being reshuffled.

    2. But the drift really started when the DLP, which had stated that it will give maximum priority to a tightly managed debt accumulation strategy targeted at the reduction of in both domestic and foreign components of the national debt, and that it will also give priority to achieving and maintaining a balance budget while allowing for small manageable fiscal deficits – tabled the 2008 Estimate, in which it slashed government’s capital works programme, which immediately sent a negative signal to potential investors; put jobs under threat and triggered the melt-down.

    3. The third act in which David Thompson made a difficult international environment worst – was increasing the price of petroleum products as follows: Diesel by 77 per cent; gasoline by 24 per cent, kerosene by 10 per cent and bottle gas by 30 per cent.

    That resulted in jobs being threatened as well as an increase in the same cost of living, he and the DLP promised to reduce.

    4. Mr. Thompson then introduced an inflationary budget, in which he sought to raise an additional $180 million in new taxes.

    That has nothing to do with the fact that in the Estimates he presented in March 2008, his government projected to earn $108 million more in financial year 2009-2008 than it did the year before. A confession that prices had to be rising. So much for the promise to reduce cost of living!

    5. The fifth thing was his failure to intervene when the land tax valuations came out. He therefore continues to price gouge Barbadians on land tax and petroleum products.

    For example, even though the price of a barrel of oil on the world market is significantly cheaper today than when the BLP left office, Barbadians are paying more for diesel at the pump.

    6. The sixth things was his reckless failure over the course of the last six months – to introduce a timely stimulus package and later – a Stabilization Plan to shield Barbadians and protect jobs, when – as a result of the international economic crisis – the credit crunch set in – in September 2008.

    First of all, Thompson took two months to convene a national consultation on the economy. But having convened a national consultation and set up a Special Working Group, that Report was available since the end of November, but Thompson did nothing.


    Nobody is blaming David Thompson the increase in the price of oil on the World Market! Nobody is blaming him for the fact that for the first few months last year – coming out of the last six month of 2007 – there was an increase in food commodity prices on the World Market! But what he is being blamed for – is his failure to act to protect ordinary Barbadians – in circumstances, where he had fiscal room.

    It is clear that the BLP is on the side of the masses while the DLP is on the side on the money or big business!!! It was the DLP that wrote-off $19 for the Turf Club and placed over $20 million at the disposal of Clico, while imposing $108 million in new taxes on Barbadians.

    As a result, in his recent budget, David Thompson did not do – the only thing he could not have done -that is, raise additional taxes.

  63. Hants

    Ok KT you are in full attack mode so enjoy yourself.

    I wll read your post when the next election is called.

    I am sure your unpaid political broadcast here on BFP will be read by your BLP supporters.

    I thought we were fortunate that you went over to BU but it seems you are trying to reestablish your domination of BFP.

    Your loyalty to Owing is unparalleled in the history of Bajan politics.

  64. BFP

    Hi Hants,

    Robert is moderating today. Had a few drinks, not as tight-xxxxd as dear marcus. we know who KT is and we give him some slack sometime. doan worry!

  65. Hants

    I OK with KT’s rants and raves.

    His political bosses will suffer for the animosity he generates.

    Now I gine an drink a genuine bonafide imported Barbados Banks beer, now sold in Ontario liquor stores.

    Life is good.

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  67. 2009

    Well from the photo and story above we can see that Mia Mottley is in SKB standing next to her…..!

    To hell with the BLP !!