Breaking: Did Terrorist Bomb Cause Air France Crash? Bomb Threat Received May 27, 2009


Air France Paris Flight Targeted By Bomb Threat Days Before June 1, 2009 Disappearance

… from the Momento24 Website, Buenos Aires…

“The airport safety delayed an Air France flight this evening before departing for Paris immediately after the company received a bomb threat over the phone at the airport of Ezeiza. The Federal Police, along the Firemen’s direction and the Airport’s Safety proceeded to inspect the plane, that arrived this morning from the French city and, after a brief stop, it was preparing to return.

The routine procedure lasted approximately one hour and a half and, as sources of the airport reported all the passengers are ok and they were not evacuated.”


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30 responses to “Breaking: Did Terrorist Bomb Cause Air France Crash? Bomb Threat Received May 27, 2009

  1. Sir Bentwood Dick

    Blessings to those who have gone with this disaster and to their families.

    As far the cause, maybe computer failure. The elctrical system and A-330 computer has been questioned before.

  2. 199

    Hi BF, u might want to check those intro paras again! I’ve read them twice and, cor bliey, up to now I doan know wha duh saying!!

    Anyhow, thanks for the suggestion of bomb threats – first I’ve heard!! Terrorists everywhere!!

  3. Jack Dempsey

    I may well have been a computer failure, lightning strike or thunderstorm violence, but what a coincidence that there was a bomb threat to another Air France flight in South America only a few days before the disappeared flight.

    With a hundred million Muslim fundamentalists believing in propagating Islam through the sword, it is quite possible that this was a terrorist act.

  4. Juris

    Are Muslims the only terrorists, Jack Dempsey? And BFP, what on earth do those two paragraphs mean? The words are English, but that’s all!

  5. Hants

    I hey listening to Brasstacks. Patrick Hoyos needs to be reined in.

    He is a lame example of a north american “shock jock”.

    I tried to call but can’t get through. I am more than willing to pay to call from Canada to tell him his abrasive treatment of callers is demeaning,annoying and disgusting.

    My recollection from when we was at Kolij is he din nuh “wannabe thug”.
    Ol age musse change e.

  6. Georgie Porgie

    Hants you is a Kolij boy that went school wid Patrick? What years you attended man?

    As you say, Patrick was reasonably well behaved as a youth.

  7. Hants

    1963 to 1969. How about you?

  8. Sir Bentwood Dick

    Alla wunna Kolij boys all ova de place. I guess wunna did learn nuff from peoples like Pepe, Fanny an (oh,please, oh please) Albert.

    Dis means dat wunna know much a de Minsters den, mucha who went to de place?

  9. 199

    Are Muslims the only terrorists,


    Pretty much, Juris!! Did n’t u notice?!! U bline?!!

  10. Hants


    Good men who were dedicated to “stuffing tender brains with knowledge.”

  11. Georgie Porgie

    1962-70 Lol We are contemporaries.

    You started in the batch with John Boyce Darcy Boyce Black Pawn Neddy Ifill Aird Atherley Michael Lovell Young Cap Young Sluggo David Barrow Bertie Cuffley ( an extremly good batsman who migrated early) etc

    Great days LOL

  12. Georgie Porgie

    You forget Captain Hutt Billy the Kid, Chilly Willy and Colonel Rock jaw and his teaching of the difference of two squares? (A cat squared times a rat squared = a cat plus a rat times a cat minus a rat)

  13. Hants

    correct GP. all good educators.

  14. Hants

    I listened to VOB again today and they are using Hoyos verbal pitbull attack on ‘de montreal lady” as part of an Advertisment for Brasstacks.

    I guess the “shock jock” has appeal to the management at VOB.

  15. Checkit-out


    What has the Kolij reminisces to do with the crash? although I did’nt know that people like Blinks and Heads and Fanny were still there in the sixties.

    But back to the topic. So far the only connection I’ve seen between possible terrorism and the crash is the bomb threat delay of an Air France flight a few days earlier in Argentina. Perhaps we should wait a few more days before hanging those pesky al qaeda terrorists and totally discounting the possibility of the ITCZ on the crash.

  16. Hants

    @ Checkit-out

    Are you a defact an enfacto BFP Editah?

    Kolij reminisces are allowed on B Free P.

    You are under no obligation to read anthing of which you disapprove.

    Off topic again. Four Seasons Paradise has new “Canadian Investors”. Back to work soon we hope.

  17. 199

    Further evidence which obviously, you’re either too stupid or too bline, or both, tuh see!!

  18. Hants

    Breaking news from the Nation

    I call it “Free Willy”.

  19. Juris

    Captain Hutt must have deteriorated over time. By my years 1968-75 he merely used to read the history text…no teaching!

  20. Sundowner

    They say this morning that the ‘debris’ is not from the Air France plane, but ‘sea trash’ so the plane has still to be found.

  21. Sargeant


    Looks like you may soon have him as a neighbour, time to hang out the Welcome Mat and bake some cookies to take over.

    In the meanwhile you can teach him some of the intricacies of this land things like:
    1) That yellow mound on the snowbank is not snow but dog poop
    2) He has to buy beer from the beer store and liquor from the liquor store
    3) Those two males walking down the street holding hands may be married (to each other)
    4) The weather may be great now but come January & February he will wish he was back in Rockley
    5) That there are only two seasons in Toronto- Winter and Road construction
    6) That the politicians here are the same as in Bim- they suck and blow all at the same time
    7) The big sport in town is Hockey; all other sports are also-rans, cricket can be found if you have a microscope
    8) When people say they are going to the Beach it is not the same as Accra
    9) That the same disorganization and infighting that surrounds Crop-Over is present in Caribana
    10) Lastly he will not have to go overseas for medical treatment (as he has done in the past)

    You can also tell him that Pig Tail and Green peas, sweet potatoes and plantain are readily available if he wants a good bajan meal. The rum is not the same strength but if you drink enough of it who cares? For local? beer he can get Carib or Red Stripe but no Banks. Someone should tell Mia not to worry he can start a Toronto branch of the BLP to compete with the Toronto Branch of the DLP.

    Welcome there is lots to see and do

  22. Georgie Porgie

    Captain Hutt used to read the history text…no teaching………..all the time! Nothing new. By your time, however, I understand that chaps used to leave the classroom by the window and go to the lav and return thereby without his knowledge.

    He was the master for giving History tests of “one word answers.” LOL

    But I have never heard anyone made Pie Corner sound so far away, as he used to.

    So you went 68-75. That means you most certainly, as a lower first former, bumped into me going to and fro to the dark room, as the lower first classrooms were next to the darkroom.

    I was an ardent photographer then and one of the current doctors who were in the photo club of that year that made a clean sweep of all the prizes in the school boys section of the contest in the then annual exhibition in the Park.

  23. J

    Dear Sargeant:

    Can cricket still be found cricket at King City, Sunnybrook Park or York University?

    And tell him that a bright sunny day may only mean that the temperature is -40 celsius.

    If he is able to stand at a busstop for 20 minutes in that then he qualifies as a real Canadian.

  24. Checkit-out


    Cool it. I went to HC too but, I thought that the thread was moving firmly off-topic into an area of perhaps great import to expatriate old Harrisonians but of little relevance to others.

    Sorry BFP!!!

  25. Sargeant


    Cricket is still played at those locations, plus there is cricket in at least two locations in Scarborough 1) at a field named after Percy Cummins (a Bajan policeman shot in the line of duty in Toronto) 2) another field close to the Eastern campus of U of T. One may also find cricket in Ajax and Pickering but I suppose he can go to Eglinton Flats as there is a Bajan vendor there who sells turnovers; sweetbread and fish cutters on weekends.

    Plus the guys play dominoes and find lots of ole talk

    Bottom line not many Bajans play cricket here except for a few who could be considered over the hill and I don’t think that many young Barbadians immigrate to Canada and if they do they are not interested in cricket. The game here is dominated by South Asians (Indian, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis).

  26. PiedPiper

    Sargeant, Breaking News……Banks now available at the LCBO.

  27. Juris

    I vaguely remember some sixth formers from my first year GP. Let’s see if these names bring back memories…Norman Pestaina was head boy, Patrick Gollop was there, Livvy Forde now Doctor, Johnny Jones of Guardian General, Noel Gittens, Levi Yearwood from BWA…Anne St john, now Doctor….

  28. Hants

    Prehaps he has moved to Ottawa or even to Quebec.

    @ PiedPiper. Glad to hear about Banks at the Lcbo. Will pick up a couple cases tomorrow.

  29. Hants

    Duguid is a Dentist. No bus stops for him. BMW and Benz salesmen will be knocking down his door.

  30. Rumplestilskin

    Note that now a Qantas A330 today suffered turbulence, not unusual no, but there were seven injured passengers, seemingly minor.

    Planes have turbulence all the time, surviving fine.

    But, due to other such incidents, to an untrained, non-aviation person, the appearance is that the A330 may be particularly susceptible to turbulence, moreso than the comparable Boeing for example.

    I have seen it suggested that one reason may be the firm wing suspension, compared to the flexibility of the Boeing.

    Is this a fair suggestion? You have an aviation man in your midst, it would seem.

    I have a feeling we may hear a lot more about the A330.