Source: Rape-Accused Roy Morris Bought Off Girl’s Family – About To Be Re-Hired By Barbados Nation Newspaper

"Best for everyone if you take the money and forget all about it." What about the next girl? That's her problem, not yours.

"Best for everyone if you take the money and forget all about it." What about the next girl? "That's her problem, not yours."

Barbados Rapists Can Buy Their Way Out Of Jail – Larger Societal Interests Forgotten

While we compose our thoughts about the Roy Morris rape charges fading into the mist, we’ll print this letter received anonymously through an anonymous remailing service in Russia. We remind folks that the letter is anonymous and may contain falsehoods. We also remind our readers that the Roy Morris rape story was broken right here at Barbados Free Press. The oldstream Barbados news media refused to cover the story for almost a month after we printed our first article, and many believe that the police would have allowed the whole issue to drop if not for Barbados Free Press.

Take it away anonymous source…

Dear Barbados Free Press

Just when you thought it was safe to work at the Nation Newspaper as a young female reporter, it seems as though they are about to bring a sexual predator back on board.

Word is that the once feared news maguffy Roy Morris might have exhausted his cooling off period and is about to return to the Nation Family.

It is understood that Executive Editor Roxanne Gibbs has presented a proposal to the board for Morris to return as duty Editor of the Weekend nation and the Sunday Sun. This would be a slap in the face for both Sanka Price (weekend editor) and Carol Martindale (Sunday Sun editor.)

However, the moronic Gibbs has been under pressure to inject some life into the major publications. If that is not enough Gibbs will also put a case for Morris to manage the internet publication.

But hold on, wasn’t this the organisation that laid off 18 workers earlier this year? Is it now hiring again? Or were those lay-offs a guise to make way for the return of the self-style Don of newspaper journalism.

One of my friend’s nieces who attends UWI Cave Hill said she came face to face with him in one of the corridors and trembled and shivered in his presence. Oh yes it seems as though our boy Roy has been contracted by University in some way or the other.

Imagine this, putting the fox in the hen house amongst those young vulnerable female teenagers at campus.

My friend told her niece to be on her guard and if he looks at her too hard please report it to so that justice could be done. By the way could Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin say if the constabulary has returned Morris’ licence firearm.

As for the case, remember last year it was adjourned sine die (meaning without a date). It is understood that Morris paid the lass or her parents a pretty penny to done the case and and it is this back and forth negotiation which has gridlocked the case. If Ralph Thorne is wunnuh lawyer ask he. He would know more as Morris’ lawyer.

But for now they are making space in Fontabelle for the return of the DON.

No Public Court Trials Needed In Barbados: If The Accused Has Enough Money

"So tell me. Do you like your job here at The Nation newsroom?"

"So tell me young lady. Do you like your job here at The Nation newsroom?"

Question: We haven’t checked the Nation yet to see if the old Roy Morris rape stories are still online – or have they been removed? Perhaps some of our readers can do so and let us know in the comments section. This should be interesting!


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54 responses to “Source: Rape-Accused Roy Morris Bought Off Girl’s Family – About To Be Re-Hired By Barbados Nation Newspaper

  1. Hants

    The Nation probably has no choice but to rehire him. He has not been convicted in a court of law.

    The BFP court does not count.

  2. BFP

    “No choice but to rehire him. He has not been convicted in a court of law”

    Really? So a male manager can’t be dismissed for hitting on a sixteen year old female employee over which he has authority? Oh… that’s right Hants, in Barbados the male managers can do pretty much what they want with the female staffers. Always been that way and always will.

  3. Jason

    Messages To Society from the Roy Morris story:

    Message #1: Rape Victims Keep Silent Because The System Will Protect Your Boss

    Message #2: A Boss Can Rape A 16 Year Old Employee, Then Pay Off The Family

    Message #3: Falsely Reporting Rape Could Be Profitable!

  4. Hants

    BFP I only referred to the fact that Morris was charged with rape and has not been convicted.
    Nothing else.

  5. code of conduct and transparency


    I am sure you are aware, living in Canada that most canadian companies and businesses have a written code of conduct and all employees and managers must sign off on them.

    In Canada, Mr Morris would have has been permanently dismissed for cause many months ago.

    Is there any earthly reason that The Nation would not have a code of basic human rights where 16 year old employees would not be protected from aging Don Juan’s who use their position and office to violate what should be a neutral and safe work space?

    Who are the Board of Directors of this disreputable “newspaper” and what do they actually do at their meetings?

  6. Hants

    Just so you know BFP, I Hants does not now or ever will condone the abuse of women.

    My point related solely to whether a man charged with rape and NOT CONVICTED in a court of law could be fired from his job and not be rehired.

  7. Come On

    Jason you make some good points– I believe that $$$ was definitely a factor in this situation, as you stated, and I annotated:

    Message #3: Falsely Reporting Rape Could Be Profitable! (For the family.)

    Now what Hants said is true, innocent until proven guilty.

  8. Jason

    If criminal conviction is the only standard for dismissing a 40+ male manager who drives a 16 year old female employee to a secluded area (no matter what happens next), then male managers can continue doing what they do!

    Welcome to employment in Barbados. Not much changed from the plantation where the good looking women had to be “friendly” to management to retain their jobs.

    Not much changed at all.

  9. Red Lake Lassie

    The country deserves to have public trials when criminal charges are laid. Doesn’t anyone realize how bad this looks to the rest of the world? Criminally accused persons are not allowed to secretly buy their way out of charges in the USA, Canada or Britain!

  10. Georgie Porgie

    Well certainly the people can still have a say- or THE LAST SAY- in this matter!

    For a start

    or better


    Jason’s ist of Messages To Society from the Roy Morris story are indeed a VERY SERIOUS FOOD FOR THOUGHT:

    Message #1: Rape Victims Keep Silent Because The System Will Protect Your Boss

    Message #2: A Boss Can Rape A 16 Year Old Employee, Then Pay Off The Family

    Message #3: Falsely Reporting Rape Could Be Profitable! (Especially to innocent male empoyers.)

  11. PiedPiper

    Let me play Devil’s Advocate for a minute here. Because this matter has not gone before the courts and may never go before the courts, there are details that will never come out. Was this a forceful, violent rape without consent or was it statuatory rape? Was the young girl a virgin or had she had previous sexual relations? Was she a willing participant? If this was not a forceful, violent rape, did the young girl make her objections clear? Did the young girl agree to a financial settlement without pressure or did her parents agree to a financial settlement regardless of the young girl’s wishes?

    There are so many unanswered questions but “code of conduct and transparency” is absolutely correct in that, places of employment, should and need to have a “code of conduct” where all employees, regardless of sexual orientation are protected against unwanted sexual harassment. If there is such a policy in place at The Nation, Roy Morris should not be reinstated regardless of the circumstances.

  12. Shut ya face say nothin

    The outcome of Roy Morris returning to the Nation reflects our national values that women are useful objects. Nothing to be concerned about that Morris had his way with a young female staff member. That is a woman’s price of admission into the workplace.

    True Bajan and Caribbean values.

  13. I will do a freeze-frame or Print-Screen and save the record, but here is the following search link concerning the man and the case;- http, colon // archive, dot, nationnews, dot, com/ archive_results, dot, php?mode=allwords& IncludeStories=1&numPer=20&start=0&keyword=roy+morris&smartText= roy+morris

  14. J

    Dear Pied Piper some of y0ur comments make sense, but what do you mean by this “Was the young girl a virgin or had she had previous sexual relations? ”

    So just because I have had sex ten thousand times with ten different people over the last forty years does that mean that anybody that feels like can have sex with me without my consent? just because I’ve been had ten thousand times before?

    Explain to me if you can at what point a woman’s consent to sex is no longer required? 1st time, 2nd time? 10th time, 1st man? 10th man, 100th time, 1,000th time, 16th man? Please explain.

  15. RRRicky

    Two justice systems in Barbados. One for them with money and influence. The other for the rest of us.

  16. Typical Bajan Male

    So what if Roy Morris paid off the family? She’s only a 16 years female. Nothing to get excited about. The police, the courts, the judges and the prosecuting authorities aren’t too excited about it if they approved the deal. Only a 16 years female. Nothing important.

  17. Roy Morris: You are a perverted SOB.

    The lady in question: You have been seriously degraded by your nearest and dearest.

    The family: If you have settled for cash, you are pimps.
    Shame on you and may you have on your conscience for eternity you value your womenfolk no more than marketable receptacles for big-up dollars and their issue.

    Young lady, I feel for you deeply, and I weep for what my country has come to.

  18. Sargeant

    @Pied Piper

    Are you joking? How can consent be a defense if a male of Mr. Morris’s age has sex with a teenager that he is in a position of authority over? If consent was a defense some Ontario teachers would not be subject to conviction when they had sexual relations with their charges. The court looks at the relationship and the power which the accused has over the other party. In Canada even if the teacher met the student in a club and he was unaware that she attended the school where he teaches if they commence any sexual activity and she complains at a later date he will be in a whole heap of trouble.

    As for virginity once again I thought that you are not allowed to bring up the victim’s past unless there was some relevance. If the girl previously had sex with her boyfriend is it the Court’s business? I thought that you women were fighting for those kind of questions to be excluded because “they didn’t want to be victims all over again”.

    I don’t know whether Mr. Morris is guilty or not but the question is not consent but the inequality of the relationship and his power over his accuser.

  19. Anonymous

    J, what I meant by that sentence was: If she was a virgin and had no previous sexual encounters with men, was she gullible and naive to get in the car with Morris in the first place and/or she lacked the capacity to understand what was happening until it was too late. That’s what I meant. All that wasted breath over the 100th and 10,000th man….

  20. Wright B.Astard

    Did someone mentioned, Innocent until Proven Guilty?
    The man has just been accused, drawn and quartered by the jury of this forum.

  21. BFP

    Last story is in August of 2007…. then all record disappears!

  22. BFP

    … Or…. she didn’t want to lose her job, or she was intimidated by his authority over her. Or, she trusted him because he was her boss.

    And what about the rumours of the gun? He was only charged with rape, but nothing in the media about a gun. (I think… who knows what the truth is when the newspapers and broadcast media protected Morris for a month.)

  23. BFP

    Roy Morris was on the run for a month – but how are we to know whether he is really guilty or not when there is no public trial? It is common in Barbados that well-placed men and employers typically buy their way out of rapes.

  24. Anonymous

    cleared muh cache……Anonymous above is PiedPiper

  25. Pay-per-abuse

    As long as there is a willingness to pay and to accept. Young boys and girls can be disrepected by older members of the society without accountability. Roy Morris and Mark Goodridge have something in common. If true Barbados really sucks.

  26. Anon

    I can not understand why all of you are pretending to be so outraged.

    This is how things are done in Barbados. The more money you have the more justice you can buy, and it has always been this way.

    Do you remember the little boy who beaten by two white men not so long ago, Hal Gallop representing the two men made sure that the mother of the little boy accepted a few dollars to make it all go away. I would bet my life that the little boy did not see a cent of that money. His mother spent all of it.

    Barbados has always had hand to mouth people and rich people who manipulate them.

  27. PiedPiper

    Did you not read the first sentence of my post? It says I am “playing Devil’s Advocate”. If this matter ever went before the courts, not only would all of the same questions I asked be asked by the defense lawyer but the victim would have been coached by the prosecuter as to how to respond to those questions.
    My post does not and could never be contrued as to mean that I agree with Mr. Morris’s actions and possible culpability in the matter.

  28. Sargeant

    @ PiedPiper

    I did read everything you wrote, however I think it is a weak argument to justify under the guise “Devils Advocate”. You are presuming that the defense lawyer could ask certain questions so the jury can determine “well she wasn’t a virgin and perhaps it was consensual so there was no crime”. I don’t know if those questions are allowed in a Barbados court when the accuser is a minor but here is how that approach can backfire: What if a member of the jury has a teenage daughter who works or is contemplating employment at some firm and he/she is thinking if this happens to my daughter can they get away with that?

    What do you think that juror would do?

  29. LB

    Straight Talk, I echo every single word that you wrote. I too weep for my country. Why are people referring to Roy Morris as “a big-up with money” who can afford to pay off the girl?
    Is he a wealthy journalist? He doesn’t look wealthy. Did he get rich from his job as a jounalist?

  30. Roy Morris may not have money directly, but since he helped the Nation earn money by boosting circulation with his controversial photo-journalism showing ZR’s and Police parking indiscriminately or otherwise and also he brought down George Walton Payne as acting AG…

    RM wrote one day and said reporters have to watch what they say or they can be victimised, GWP using official Gov’t stationery admonished RM to be guided by his own words!

    RM print the letter as is – even scanned the document, so next day acting AG was canned, serious papers sold then – thus support towards RM for next boost of circulation…

  31. BTW – he would get heavy bonuses for same boost of sales, it is alleged he bought an SUV off of one bonus on an occasion…

  32. queenam

    @ PiedPiper

    What kind of retard are you? Rape has nothing to do with whether the victim was a virgin or not
    It has nothing to do with whether it was “a forceful, violent rape without consent or statutory rape”.
    I now understand why such incidences happens in Barbados and not much is done. Most Bajan men have the same simplistic, uneducated backward view as you. Thank God my husband is NOT a West Indian.

  33. PiedPiper

    queenam, intelligent debate usually preculudes name-calling like little schollyard bullies. Let me spell something out for you. Firstly, I have expressed several times already that the questions asked in my post are not necessarily my questions but questions that would or could come out in court. Secondly, I have stated that because this case has not gone before the courts, there are many unanswered questions. Lastly, we have no knowledge of whether this was rape, as in lacking consent and being forced on the girl or whether it was statutory rape as in the girl consented to sexual relations but was not of legal age under Barbados law to give consent and the perpetrator of the rape knew she was not of legal age.
    Comments based on pure emotion as opposed to looking at the facts and, in particular, the legal aspects aren’t worth the time of day.

  34. Also – what happened to case of when white man rammed black woman and threw her cell phone away? When Jambusters started? It’s alleged this degenerated into racial attack but was really sour ending of affair between them as both were married or involved? He made an appearance in court and that was it…

  35. Wright B.Astard

    Yo mean she was rammed twice by the jammybuster?

  36. No it happened if I recall by Texaco Kendal r’bout as Jambuster was starting, I believe the man’s name was Kirton?

  37. That was a lawyer for Godd-Ent, it was father and son looking for missing Pit Bull puppies… No one answered why teen had scissors in back-pack, also had list of priors, watch flames grow now, LOL

  38. BFP had comment on lawyer and son who beat a teen, please release if it meets criteria?


    BFP says,

    Hi Ian… approved no problem. Don’t know why the spam filter grabbed it. None of the words are on the list and neither is your IP. Just one of those things I guess!

  39. Sargeant

    Ian: For a man who earns his living by writing I am surprised that you failed to notice the double-entendre by Wright B. Astard

  40. Anon

    When children are abused sexually or otherwise and then the parents accept money to make it go away, then I believe that they are selling their children out.

    This too is a form of child abuse.

  41. Hants

    queenam says

    “Thank God my husband is not a west indian”

    I that the implication by that comment offensive.

    Cliverton? Marcus? What say you?

    Do you support queenam’s opinion of Bajan and West Indian men? simplistic, uneducated backward ???

  42. Sargeant? Not everything I reply to…

  43. PiedPiper

    ……..and by the way queenam, I am a woman.

  44. tstt

    Stop talking and do something! Should the letter be true, then hit the Nation where they really hurt- boycott the paper. Stop buying the print edition and don’t log onto the Internet version. We sit here an request integrity legislation and stuff like that from our public figures, yet we sit by and accept immoral behaviour from those who should know better.

  45. Saying Nuttin

    Hants don’t be foolish. Criminal conviction is not necessary to remove a person from their job. All you need in the corporate world even in Barbados is behaviour or actions not in keeping with company standards or bringing the company into disrepute or in the case of a managerial position , lack of confidence or satisfaction of the company in the manager’s performance or ability.

    That criminal conviction thing only applicable in the Public Service and only then because nobody chooses to challenge it.

    Look at companies which fire two or three employees for the misappropriation of funds even though they cannot prove which one did it or if there was collusion. Do you know that in this case even Roy Morris’ superior could be fired for not maintaining an adequate corporate environment and not implementing standards and rules to prevent the alleged incident from happening. Do you know that even if Roy did not rape her that he could be fired for simply abusing his managerial authority by taking a young female employee off premises . Even if she agreed to go Do you know that he could be fired for failure to excercise the level of judgement expected of someone in a managerial position.

    There are so many choices.

  46. Hants

    @ saying nuttin.

    It appears that the entire discussion is influenced by the reputation and presumed guilt of the accused.

    I think our friend Juris should enter the discussion.

  47. kiki

    Hawaii Five-O

    [McGarrett] : Isn’t a pay-off a sign of guilt?

    episode ends with the arrest of criminal

    [McGarrett’s catch phrase to Williams]:

    “Book ’em, Danno!”

    “Charge for – Rape one!”

  48. Juris


    A company can indeed fire an employee on reasonable suspicion of having committed a criminal offence, but if and when the Employee Rights Bill becomes law, the company will have to show that it carried out reasonable enquiries. As it is now in Barbados, an employee a can be fired simply by giving him/her adequate notice or payment in lieu.

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