Cute Bajan Neighbour Drops In For A Nap…

Barbados sleeping-dogFor your smile and feel-good story today, you really must head over to Margaret Ashby’s Dogs In Barbados blog and read how a strange doggy decided that the neighbour’s home would do just fine for afternoon naps. We can’t wait to read the follow-up story about how things turned out after a note was pinned to the doggy’s collar.

Margaret is a dog-enthusiast in Barbados and she can’t say enough good things about her Bouvier Des Flandres friends. Whether you like dogs or not, her blog is well-written and good for a laugh if you need one.

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8 responses to “Cute Bajan Neighbour Drops In For A Nap…

  1. Anonymous

    Toooo sweet. For a second I thought the dog looked like the one that had gone missing that BFP did a story on but then realized it’s smaller. Nice blog Margaret!

  2. Brings back memories of “Prince” –

  3. Mullins Bay Blog: Google Earth Map Of Devastated Mullins Bay Area – – #Barbados #environment – Pls RT

  4. Sorry about that – last comment posted wrong place in error. Please ignore.

  5. rasta man

    This is not a Bajan story.
    Got an email from england with the same

  6. Sir Bentwood Dick

    Mullins USED to be a nice homely and welcoming beach, until the grabby sharks spotted it and built huge monstrosities, including beach clubs etc, up all around it, to the exclusion of the average bajan.

    Now that the tides have affected the beach, they want Government money to ‘save’ the beach?


    Why do people think that the original restaurant was only a wooden shack in the first place?!

    It was always a location of moving tides and beach area!

  7. This probably is not the thread for this conversation but since you are obviously responding to me, let me just clarify a few things.

    (1) I am neither a “grabby shark” (whoever they are) nor their mouthpiece. I am just an ordinary black Bajan trying to hold on to the house spot on the beach where I grow up, and there are still several of us in the area trying to do the same thing. Our modest homes are the ones feeling the brunt of the impact of the artificial beach-building/protecting schemes in the area.

    (2) Government is at least partially responsible since it gave permission for the beach-building/protection schemes.

    (3) If Government does not act to correct this mess before it is too late, Barbados will be the loser here – not just “grabby sharks” who by then would have moved on to more promising waters anyhow.

  8. Nice story, but the dog doesn’t live in Barbados, her name is Juno and she lives in Taiwan. I know because I took this picture. The picture is in the creative commons, so you are free to use it, provided you link back to the flicker page and give the photographer (me) credit.

    sleeping dog