Barbados Free Press Removes Some Sidebar Links – Looking For Additions

We’ve been a tad lazy about maintaining our sidebar links here at Barbados Free Press, so last night we had a “special meeting” (still recovering!) to decide which sidebar links should stay and which should go. Some decisions were easy, like Tamarind Tree Lime – a discussion blog that turned into an automated webpage with no original content. We de-linked that without a second thought.

A handful are simply not there any longer, having been shut down by their owner or host. That is the way it is in the blogosphere: a hot blog can die in a few weeks when the owners lose interest or have family problems.

Some blogs were more difficult decisions. Some haven’t posted new content in over a year, but the old content is excellent. Some announced that they were taking a temporary break, so we let them stand. We’ll have another look in a few months.

Barbados Underground: Say Goodbye or Not?

The big question of last night was “What do we do with Barbados Underground?

Barbados Underground: a blog that until January of 2008 was all but an equal partner with Barbados Free Press in our fight to bring Integrity, Transparency, Freedom of Information and Accountability Legislation (ITAL) to Barbados.

Barbados Underground: A blog that went silent on ITAL the moment that David Thompson and the DLP were elected in January 2008.

Barbados Underground: A blog that publishes reader comments calling a murdered Canadian tourist “white trash” and racially attacking Guyanese, Indians, Whites and Chinese.

Barbados Underground: A blog that published articles and comments calling for the stalking and firing of witnesses in the Kingsland Estates court case.

We laid it all out and read some of the comments and articles at BU, drank some more rum (an one of us tonic and gin!) – then we voted and it was a tie. As with our normal procedure, this BFP being a democracy and all, Auntie Moses was called upon to break the tie.

BFP’s Links Are An Important Endorsement

With almost 3 million visitors a year, Barbados Free Press is arguably one of the most noticed, visited and widely-read internet destinations about Barbados. We often appear in the “Top 100” WordPress blogs and articles and have on a few special days equaled or exceeded the online audience of blogs run by CNN, Fox News and People Magazine. That is public information available at WordPress: you don’t have to believe us!

Google and other search engines pay attention to BFP, and they also pay attention to the websites and blogs we link to. Perform a search for any topic about Barbados and you have a good chance of encountering one of our articles in the first few pages, if not the first page. Heck, right now if you Google search “Barbados Prime Minister”, a BFP article Clico On Life Support – Will Barbados Prime Minister Thompson Favour His Patron Leroy Parris, Or The People Of Barbados? is number six on the list of over half a million returns. Google “Barbados Offshore Banks” and our article President Barack Obama Would Destroy Barbados Offshore Banking Industry – He Said So! is number two of over one hundred thousand returns! Google “Clico”, “Barbados Politics” or “Barbados Environment” and see what the results are.

Are we tabloid? (Definitely!)

Is “Hyperbole” our middle name? (Sure!)

Do millions of people read our articles, check our sources and then decide for themselves when other Barbados media won’t publish certain stories or protects the elites? Unequivocally yes.

And that is why we should pay more attention to our sidebar links, so we promise to try harder in the future.

Dear Readers, please suggest Barbados or Caribbean blogs or websites you would like to see us link to!

The List – Links Removed From Our Sidebar

Broad Street Journal (No original articles since May 2008)
The Bystander (No activity since August 2007)
The Good, The Bad & The LOL (gone from the net)
Gallimaurfry (gone from the net)
It’s all good (No activity since January 2008)
Tamarind Tree Lime (Turned into an autoblog – no human content) (Gone… domain for sale)
Caribbean Aviation News (dormant)
Jamaican Lifestyle (dormant over a year)
Barbados Underground (racist, threatening comments)
Living Guyana (got into a bit of trouble and gone)
The Pan Collective (Great idea for a collaborative blog – died long ago)
Windies Cricket Blog (404 gone!)


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40 responses to “Barbados Free Press Removes Some Sidebar Links – Looking For Additions

  1. PiedPiper

    I applaud you for taking the highroad BFP. As already stated, if nothing else, continuing to have BU on your sideboard, would give the impression that you endorse the content of BU.

  2. Was not aware GBL had gone AWOL… But Gallimaufry had item posted up to May 21

  3. There’s The Trident, but you have to register to see topics; the-trident dot com

    Barbados Forum seems to be in trouble… 404? Broken link? Something, tired of trying to visit!

  4. Had a suggestion which got trapped in your spamguard? Release pls, also comment on GBL

  5. anon

    Remove Barbados “Free” Press.

  6. crossroads

    Love all these blogs, gives u a real insight into the minds of ordinary people, note: not normal but ordinary people.

  7. crossroads

    By the way, Nation today, Police improve system to track illegal firearms, maybe they should look after the Immigration Dept too lol, We cant track people coming through customs but we gine track an illegal firearm LMAO!

  8. PiedPiper

    Remove anonymous cowardly posters.

  9. Juris

    So you are really named PiedPiper or were you appointed to determine who is anonymous…and cowardly? Remember the old saw about pointing fingers…?

  10. Hants

    BFP can we discuss Barbados immigration policy and the illegal economic refugee issue?

  11. art

    Hi BFP

    May I please suggest a link to the National Hurricane Centre
    This site carries in depth radar pics and loops and updates of storms. It is an invaluable tool for monitoring weather during the hurricane season. It shows windcones, predicted tracks, forecasts, wind strengths, etc.

    A Caribbean weather site that is good with the hurrican forecasts and charts too, is

    caribwx sometimes differs from nhc and is sometimes correct. Hurricanes are human too.

  12. PiedPiper

    I wasn’t appointed anything but I have a functioning brain and two hands consisting of 10 fingers that God gave me to put to good work.

  13. Remove everyone PP and talk to yourself.

    In the last 15 posts by BFP there have been a total of 182 comments.

    Quite impressive until you realise that over 50% of them were on one post knocking a sister blog.

    Think about that, and come again.

  14. Maths wrong Total comments = 282
    Last 14 posts listed comments = 137
    excepting “should we delist BU”= 145

    Apologies to all, but read into this what you will.

  15. PiedPiper

    Straight Talk, your previous post makes no sense. I did not initiate the question or subsequent discussion about whether or not to remove the link to BU. That was initiated by the staff of BFP of which I am not a member. BFP staff elicited responses and opinions and mine was but one of many. I’m terribly sorry if you disagree with my right to express my opinion.
    Your statement “Remove everyone PP and talk to yourself” is childish and nonsensical. As an individual who merely posts comments on this blog, I have no right to “remove” anyone, only BFP staff can do that.

  16. Patrick:

    “Remove anonymous cowardly posters”

    Your statement is not meant to influence?

    Need I say more?

  17. Thank you BFP for keeping my Blog in your sidebar Blogroll, it means even more now that we meet your criteria to stay. Some of my working is like this Acrostic which was only an effort to get material together in verse. We are glad to report that of the 1500 or more entries that we have made, many are meaningful and very moving. I’m sure we will continue top please your readers with our variety. Bajans will probably enjoy the Radio Call in programs category and In the News.

    The Unlucky Thirteen

    The Broad Street Journal had no original content since May ‘08
    Harmless but delinquent The Bystander showed nothing of late
    Evicted was The Good, The Bad & the LOL (Life Obviously Lacking)
    Unable to find Gallimaurfry, last they too were packing
    Now don’t be disturbed ‘cause It’s all Good
    Lifeless Tamarind Tree Lime is not part of our neighborhood
    Under great stress most blogs fail is now advertising a sign for sale
    Kudos to those travelers soaring the skies
    You’ve no help from Caribbean Aviation News, the defunct guys
    The Jamaican Lifestyles have closed their door
    Harmful Barbados Underground is racists and more
    Immigration problems in the country now Living Guyana is gone
    Regrets of its demise, The Pan Collective was a good one
    The West Indies Cricket blog was like the batting side
    Every time you were hopeful success was denied
    Each one of the Blogs above were removed from BFP’s sidebar
    Needed surgery was successful and shouldn’t leave a scar

  18. PiedPiper

    So Diggit, I see you have now finally exposed yourself as “Straight Talk”. How many other alias do you have? Are you the Anonymous I was responding to? It would certainly explain your taking such a personal offense to it. I will say this for the final time. I am not Patrick Porter. I have never met the man. I am a female and not a white Bajan as apparently Patrick Porter is. You have my true heart-felt sympathy for your apparent obsession with Patrick Porter which has lead you to the edge of mental breakdown.

  19. Hants

    May 26 (Bloomberg) — Canada’s opposition parties will increase pressure on the governing Conservatives to take additional steps to counter a deepening recession, after Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said the economy will shrink more than he forecast four months ago.

  20. cq8

    Tall_Boy, you must have some knowledge not shared by WordPress. Or WordPress is in a conspiracy with BFP (asif!)

    WordPress says that of the millions of blogs they have BFP is often in the top 100 or top 25. You can look at their stats page and see it. I don’t see BU or any other Barbados blog on that list!

    As is often mentioned all it takes is for 5 or 10 BU regulars to hold political conversations on a article to generate hundreds of comments in a day or two. That is not representative of the number of readers or the popularity of the blog by Barbadians or around the world.

    Doesn’t matter anyway I am through with the racist nonsense at BU. Even after the article at BFP dropping BU link, David at BU is letting Carson Cadogan continue his racist diatribe.

    Here it be:

    “Carson C. Cadogan // May 25, 2009 at 1:54 pm


    The white boys are ganging up against you.

    First Ian Bourne removed you from his sidebar, as if anyone care, now his white buddies over at Barbados Free Press have followed suit.

    It seems like you are mashing some white corns.

    We Black people will continue to support you. So don’t worry.”

  21. cq8 say Poop! to Tall_Boy

    Tall Boy say that

    “BU link popularity = almost 4 million
    BFP = 3,200
    Bajan Report 3,857”

    You are too funny Tall_Boy and full of poop!

    Use MicroSoft’s Live Search or Yahoo or Google and search anything plus “barbados” and see what you come up with! Too funny and full of poop!

  22. passin thru

    Quantcast says that Barbados Underground only has 4 thousand visitors a month and Barbados Free Press has 131 thousand visitors a month. That is silly. The Quantcast site leaves much to be desired as far as accuracy and reliability goes.

  23. passin thru

    If Tall_Boy cannot see a promotion of racial hatred and disunity in Carson C. Cadogan CCC’s comments I cannot help him.

    CCC works hard to transform any blog or comment into a white vs. black thing. BFP has blacks, whites and mixed race people posting. CCC doesn’t like that.

    Go ahead David at Barbados Underground, let CCC and his friends continue to transform your blog into the virulent race-baiting hate filled website that they desire. David, your choices have resulted in the hijacking of your blog and you don’t see it (or that is the way you want it.)

  24. passin thru

    Where are you getting the stats for page views ? Neither site publishes them?

  25. Juris

    Never mind, Tall Boy, BFP seems to attract these “agreers without explanation”. Has anyone ever seen CQ8, reality check, west side davie, pied piper and passin thru together?

  26. Juris

    You misunderstand me, Tall Boy, I am agreeing with you! Oh, I see, you thought I was saying “Never mind Tall Boy””. No, I was telling you to never mind; note the comma. These knee-jerk agreers are everywhere on BFP!

  27. kiki

    Music is my desire
    It’s sets my heart on fire
    It’s what I require..

  28. TheTallestBoy

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. quietly will i inform people in every geographic area that you are currently ahead of BU, about BU. I did this in Barbados, and Massuchusetts. Next is NY, Florida, California. I am convince that once persons are aware of the two blogs, BU will draw the most long-term interest. ha ha ha ha ha

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  30. Greetings to one and all bredrins, Sistrens, Kings and Queens, give thanks for the link here, not sure how it ended up on this page (thanks Kiki?) Whilst i am here, I made a visit to Barbados two years ago for the first time and i enjoyed every single minute, the people, the food, the Gap!! and of course the glorious sunshine, as a Dj i travel to many places, Barbados is one I hope to visit again very soon and bring forth much needed vibes globally, so visit my site if you like your Roots and Culture and Dub played inna original Sound System Stylee!! Leave me a comment if you wish..
    Give thanks and blessings everytime,

    Ambassada Sound System est.1979

  31. And you wanted me to meet up with you 4 years ago when I was in Barbados on holiday. Thank god I did not.

    We have stated a long time ago that for what ever reason not even Cable and Wireless (LIME) knows why they customer can not access

    BFP its your blog you are free to do as you please with it. BFP take note I have no beef with you I have it with IAN BOURNE, as the saying goes Bajan love to pull down each other and that’s just what BOURNE is doing. I say no more, and await the attacks.

  32. This was Euclid or Bended Knees? Well, if you’re so thin-skinned then I am glad we did not meet either…

    Before snapping off & judging, I was not trying to pull down B’dos Forum – merely made a comment on what appeared to be a dead link w/o knowing what happened…

    I am using TeleBarbados’ internet where I am at moment and yes, I can now receive Forum (certain youtube videos play with TeleBarbados not LiME), but not at home under LiME – so what you say seems true, anyway back to Trident… Accessible anywhere, sigh!

  33. Jack Bowman

    Stop linking to Barbados Underground. The writers of BU’s own posts wouldn’t pass 11-plus English, and far too many of its contributors are sub-literate racist dullards who couldn’t make a coherent point if their lives depended on it. Stop celebrating idiocy and witlessness. Would the New York Times or the Guardian give readers a link to the British National Party?

  34. The blog is live again. I removed it temporarily due to some unwanted and potentially damaging attention (it had the potential to affect employment opportunities..)..

    However.. things career wise have taken a different turn and I am writing again.

    You may re-add the link if you feel so inclined.


  35. BFP

    Okay old friend, you’re back.


  36. I appreciate it. Thanks!

  37. Hants

    Clive you missed the Advocate page 3 hint I gave you and GBL snatched the”story”.