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Barbados Free Press Removes Some Sidebar Links – Looking For Additions

We’ve been a tad lazy about maintaining our sidebar links here at Barbados Free Press, so last night we had a “special meeting” (still recovering!) to decide which sidebar links should stay and which should go. Some decisions were easy, like Tamarind Tree Lime – a discussion blog that turned into an automated webpage with no original content. We de-linked that without a second thought.

A handful are simply not there any longer, having been shut down by their owner or host. That is the way it is in the blogosphere: a hot blog can die in a few weeks when the owners lose interest or have family problems.

Some blogs were more difficult decisions. Some haven’t posted new content in over a year, but the old content is excellent. Some announced that they were taking a temporary break, so we let them stand. We’ll have another look in a few months.

Barbados Underground: Say Goodbye or Not?

The big question of last night was “What do we do with Barbados Underground?

Barbados Underground: a blog that until January of 2008 was all but an equal partner with Barbados Free Press in our fight to bring Integrity, Transparency, Freedom of Information and Accountability Legislation (ITAL) to Barbados.

Barbados Underground: A blog that went silent on ITAL the moment that David Thompson and the DLP were elected in January 2008.

Barbados Underground: A blog that publishes reader comments calling a murdered Canadian tourist “white trash” and racially attacking Guyanese, Indians, Whites and Chinese.

Barbados Underground: A blog that published articles and comments calling for the stalking and firing of witnesses in the Kingsland Estates court case.

We laid it all out and read some of the comments and articles at BU, drank some more rum (an one of us tonic and gin!) – then we voted and it was a tie. As with our normal procedure, this BFP being a democracy and all, Auntie Moses was called upon to break the tie.

BFP’s Links Are An Important Endorsement

With almost 3 million visitors a year, Barbados Free Press is arguably one of the most noticed, visited and widely-read internet destinations about Barbados. We often appear in the “Top 100” WordPress blogs and articles and have on a few special days equaled or exceeded the online audience of blogs run by CNN, Fox News and People Magazine. That is public information available at WordPress: you don’t have to believe us!

Google and other search engines pay attention to BFP, and they also pay attention to the websites and blogs we link to. Perform a search for any topic about Barbados and you have a good chance of encountering one of our articles in the first few pages, if not the first page. Heck, right now if you Google search “Barbados Prime Minister”, a BFP article Clico On Life Support – Will Barbados Prime Minister Thompson Favour His Patron Leroy Parris, Or The People Of Barbados? is number six on the list of over half a million returns. Google “Barbados Offshore Banks” and our article President Barack Obama Would Destroy Barbados Offshore Banking Industry – He Said So! is number two of over one hundred thousand returns! Google “Clico”, “Barbados Politics” or “Barbados Environment” and see what the results are.

Are we tabloid? (Definitely!)

Is “Hyperbole” our middle name? (Sure!)

Do millions of people read our articles, check our sources and then decide for themselves when other Barbados media won’t publish certain stories or protects the elites? Unequivocally yes.

And that is why we should pay more attention to our sidebar links, so we promise to try harder in the future.

Dear Readers, please suggest Barbados or Caribbean blogs or websites you would like to see us link to!

The List – Links Removed From Our Sidebar

Broad Street Journal (No original articles since May 2008)
The Bystander (No activity since August 2007)
The Good, The Bad & The LOL (gone from the net)
Gallimaurfry (gone from the net)
It’s all good (No activity since January 2008)
Tamarind Tree Lime (Turned into an autoblog – no human content)
Caribpundit.com (Gone… domain for sale)
Caribbean Aviation News (dormant)
Jamaican Lifestyle (dormant over a year)
Barbados Underground (racist, threatening comments)
Living Guyana (got into a bit of trouble and gone)
The Pan Collective (Great idea for a collaborative blog – died long ago)
Windies Cricket Blog (404 gone!)


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Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry Enlists New Marketing Communications Executive

Ian Bourne

Ian Bourne

The Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry in meeting the current economic challenges of Barbados through effective and efficient communications with its stakeholders has announced the appointment of Mr. Ian Bourne as its new Marketing Communications Executive.

Chief Executive Officer of the BCCI, Magnus Whitehead, says that Bourne will strengthen his organisation’s ability to communicate with its members, government and local and international business partners.  We are pleased to welcome Ian as a member of our team. Following the development of a three-year Strategic Plan in 2008, Ian’s appointment brings us closer to fulfilling our restructuring process and achieving our objectives, says Whitehead.

Bourne, familiarly know as a former Anchor for CBC-TV 8’s Evening News, has several years experience in marketing communications, the most recent as Public Relations Officer with a government statutory organisation.

Bourne says that while grateful for his time with his previous employer, which he views as another family, he nevertheless looks forward to reviving certain initiatives of the BCCI and developing new ones. He says he appreciates and is looking forward to the challenge of carrying forward the directives of the BCCI during a very challenging financial period.


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