Searching For Barbados Relatives Of Rawle Lawson Knight

Sword Beach on D-Day: The brave, the frightened, the dead

Sword Beach on D-Day: The brave, the frightened, the dead

My grandfather, Rawle Lawson Knight, who was from Barbados fought in WWII. I know that he was on the front lines, having been shot while in Europe. He met my grandmother, Catherine Phillips in Wales, where she was from, and after they got married, following the war, they settled in Toronto, ON where my father and his siblings were born. I am trying to find out more information myself and since he is now deceased I find it even more difficult to come by.

On a another note, I know that he was quite the cricket player. If anyone can help me find out more about my family I would greatly appreciate any leads you might be able to provide. Thank you!


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  1. Knight descendant

    There were 2 Knight brothers and a sister.
    My grandfather was Vernon Knight and worked at DaCostas and did a lot for Barbados, infact he should be a national hero from what I hear about him. His brother was Prime Minister Thompson’s maternal grandfather. I have some documents on the family tree and I will have a look in the near future if I see anything about Rawle Knight. Do you have any other names that might help?

  2. Margaret Knight

    BFP: I know I said I would never appear on this blog again because of remarks made about my son, and I have so far stuck to my word. However, sometimes one has to eat humble pie! Actually, this has nothing to do with my son or politics. It is in reply to the above post by Knight Descendant, concerning the Knight family. Pleased to meet you, Knight Descendant!

    My father was Leonard Arthur Knight, a brother of Vernon Knight, and they both worked at DaCostas. My father was Secretary/Treasurer and my uncle Vernon became a Director. It is not for me to say whether or not he should be a national hero, but he certainly did do a lot for Barbados. He was responsible for obtaining jobs for Bajan workers in the oilfields of T & T, Venezuela and Curacao. He negotiated the introduction of Pan Am into Barbados and he was on the Board of the Barbados Tourist (Development) Association and had much influence in bringing visitors to Barbados. He did all of this in his quiet, unasuming manner, not seeking praise. He had a rich, beautiful voice and he and his wife, Mercedes, used to sing over Radio Distribution (later re-named Rediffusion).

    I have on file on my computer a full Knight Family Tree, but a Rawle Knight does not appear on it. Vernon Knight’s three girl children are all alive and well – Rosalie lives in Trinidad, June (as in June Knight, the singer) in Barbados, and Consuelo in Germany.

    Me, I write books, praise the Lord that I have lived to see my son Prime Minister of Barbados, and I praise my son when he deserves it, and brow-beat him when he doesn’t!

  3. Knight descendant

    Thanks for your input Margaret. Good to hear more about Grandpa Vernon.

  4. Candice A

    The only other name I know of off the top of my head is Basil Knight who still lives in Barbados and at one time, if not still, owned a restaurant. I have contacted my aunt in Toronto for more information so I will be sure to post when I hear back from her. This is so interesting and exciting. Thank you very much!!

  5. Regina Knight

    Hello, my name is Regina Knight and was born in California. My deceased Father Ivan Reginald Knight was born in Antigua West Indies. Joined the US Navy and moved to the US. I was just visiting Antigua on a relative search as well. I was told that there were two brothers one which would have been a great grandfather of mine. One went to Barbados and the other to Montserrat. No one seems to know which island the Antiguan Knight family came from, but is nice to know we have other relatives looking. I know there was a Roy knight born in the 1900. There was also a knight in charge of a prison in Montserrat in the 1900. I am still looking like you but a lot of my family has also gone to England some of them returning to Antigua.
    Some of the names and people found during my visit are below:
    Edris Knight
    Grandfather is Roy Knight father is
    Ethel Knight
    Sheila Knight
    Reginald Knight
    Ivan Reginald Knight
    Evelyn Knight
    Hudson Knight
    Joan Knight
    Flex Knight
    Dr. George Knight
    I am a descendent of Vernon Knights brother and trying to find out what his name is. If someone knows can you let me know please?
    This was an interesting film I found on line
    West Indian Film from WN
    West Indies Calling (1944) … Background: In the early 1900’s, famed photographer … video results for: west indian film

  6. Marie Heard

    I, too, am searching for a Knight – Clarissa who married Edmund Harrison. Anyone out there with info for me. Supposed to be related to the above Leonard and Vernon. Thank you.

  7. Hi, I am St Lucian but understand that my grandfather Harcourt Reginald Knight was born in Barbados but later migrated to French Guiana (Cayene) with my grandmother, Sylvia, who was St Lucian. I have been trying to trace my family for years but have been unsuccessful. The older folks in my family have all passed away so I have no leads. I would really love to trace my family because I believe that I have many relatives and would love to get to know them all. PLEASE HELP!!!

  8. Anne Wright

    I am looking for information on my great-grandfather who was born in Barbados in 1857. His name Arthur L Knight.