Former Barbados Attorney General Dale Marshall Should Buy A Computer!

Newspapers and TV broadcasters are falling like flies. News media advertising revenues are down in some cases by 70% from just a few years ago as the old-style media and the old-style media managers are left behind by the internet.

Meanwhile, sharp business managers and the rest of the world discovered long ago that online delivery of news, entertainment and advertising is not only cost-effective but just plain effective. Corporations are invading Facebook, blogs and twitter for a reason: because by doing so they can directly target clients who are the most likely to be interested in their products.

They know that 500 people each recommending a product or a service (or a vacation in Barbados) to each of their 50 online friends can produce marketing results never before dreamed of.

All for some vision and a little time at the keyboard.

And then there is the case of a little-known US Senator named Barack Obama who raised an army of internet friends in just a few weeks and transformed his faltering campaign into a runaway train headed right for the highest office in the land.

All for some vision and a little time at the keyboard.

No, the internet is not the magic pill for success, but these days it is difficult to achieve success in any venture without a solid internet presence. You just have to be there or you are a non-starter. Everybody understands that.

Well, most people do…

Former Attorney General Dale Marshall Doesn’t Get It

dale-marshall-idiotAnd then there is Dale Marshall, who stands up in Parliament and ridicules Barbados’ tourism efforts to use the internet.

Perhaps if he went to Twitter and did a search for “Barbados Tourism”, “Barbados Vacation” or “Barbados Beach” and then followed the trail he might understand how many thousands of people talk about Barbados to their friends every day on Twitter – not to mention other places on the internet.

If Mr. Marshall actually owned a computer that was capable of browsing the internet, he might understand how being a part of the conversation is critical for Barbados tourism.

Dale Marshall also criticized the Barbados Tourism Authority’s “perfect weather guarantee” where Barbados has offered to refund a $100 for every day of a vacation where the average temperature falls below 78 degrees and the island gets more than a quarter inch of rain.

Mr. Marshall of course lied to the news media and the country when he said that tourists would get “all their money back” as a result of the guarantee. He didn’t mention that only the one tourist booking the family’s package was eligible to receive the refund. Perhaps Marshall didn’t read the guarantee before putting his foot into his mouth?

He also failed to mention that the guarantee itself was the subject of hundreds of newspaper articles around the world. Mr. Marshall doesn’t understand how many tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people read those news articles and thought, “Hey, to give that guarantee they must have great weather in Barbados. Maybe I’ll try that next time.”

Mr. Marshall’s BLP government subsidized tourism for years, but in all that time they never got the huge publicity bang that the “perfect weather guarantee” achieved in a week. Marshall sounded like a damned fool with his recent criticism.

Does Dale Marshall Realize That The Internet Probably Cost The BLP The Last Election?

The lambasting given to the Barbados Labour Party on the internet from January of 2006 was probably the tipping point that cost the BLP the last election. Without that open conversation by citizens about government corruption, the BLP might have been able to hold onto power.

It looks like even at this late date, Dale Marshall still doesn’t realize what happened to the BLP, and he still has no idea of the power of the internet.

Dear Mr. Marshall,

If you’re not on the internet, you have zero impact in what happens on the internet. The Barbados Tourism Authority realise that and are wisely embracing the new media including social networking.

You, on the other hand, are embracing looking like an idiot when you display your lack of knowledge.

Further Reading

From the Nation News…

Country relying on blogs, networks, says Marshall

AFTER SPENDING ABOUR $150 million in tourism, the sector still has to rely on the Internet’s more popular social networks for promotion.

Deputy Opposition Leader Dale Marshall made the statement yesterday evening during debate on the 2009 Financial Statement And Budgetary Proposals.

“What we are told is that effort was not good enough and now we have to rely on Facebook, the blogs and YouTube because the $150 million that was allocated to tourism cannot do the job and therefore we have to say to Barbadians that we would now market our country with the blog,” he said.

Marshall said it was truly “the season of despair” when the major marketing tool of the Barbados Tourism Authority has committed to “refund every tourist who comes to Barbados all of their money if the rain falls.”

“No wonder we have to go on the blogs. No wonder we have to go on Facebook and try to tell our brothers and sisters and our friends and penpals to please come and visit our nation,” he added.


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26 responses to “Former Barbados Attorney General Dale Marshall Should Buy A Computer!

  1. Trained Economist

    he are an idiot.

  2. Sargeant

    Not sure who is using their computer. In the attached site which is a subsection of Barbados .org it states that The Right Honourable Owen Arthur is the current Prime Minister of Barbados. What’s the use of using the internet if the folks responsible for updating this information can’t get it right.

  3. Chicago

    The blogs probably were “the tipping point” in the last election. Not sure how the blogs will impact the next one.

  4. reality check

    If young people of good intent and strength come into the political process, the blogs will impact the next election.

  5. cq8

    The more I hear the BLP opposition members the more frightened I become that we will not have a credible opposition in Barbados that is ready to contest the next election. That is unhealthy for democracy.


    When god created idiots he created Dale Marshall as the surpreme idiot.

    When I watched him carry out his bout of poor and distasteful acting last evening in Parliament it just about summed up what the BLP feel about the electorate, they are convinced they sincerely believe all Barbadians are stupid idiots which we know not to be the case.

    Dale Mashall gives the impression that he believes his Sh_T Does not Smell someone went further to suggest that he thinks that he does not Sh_t whichever it maybe he is so disconnected from Barbadian life it is not amusing.


    Not only is the Internet causing the demise of newspapers, it’s also impacting on businesses … and rightly so.

    Speaking of the local situation, businesses here simply drag their feet and if you look in many stores, you see essentially the SAME STOCK they’ve been carrying for the last 5 years. Nothing too new has been added.

    Just a couple of weeks ago I wanted to buy an automatic orange juice squeezer and couldn’t find one anywhere. So? Off to Internet shopping I went and in less time than it took me to traipse from store to store locally, I found exaxctly what I wanted. – – and got it.

    Now some of you will say “well very few people want an automatic orange juice squeezer….” Yes, you are right but the particular item is not the point…

    I go to the pet shop to get a flea comb … they have none. (Didn’t bother to ask them if they knew what a flea comb was, somehow I wonder if they do….) I wanted a set of strings for my cuatro. No ‘music shop’ has any. ? ? ? I wanted some DIM supplement… no local ‘health food shop’ even knew what a I was asking about. I could go on and on but I think you’re getting the gist.

    Should local stores be blamed for their backwardness? I leave you to answer that Q.

    But what I’m saying is this: Bajans are becoming more and more savvy… they are refusing to go along with the status quo … if they can’t find what they want locally, – they are doing what they have to do… shop online and get it.

    The local proprietors dont like it … but we live in a changing world. They’ll either wise up or bring about their own demise.

    Whose fault is it????

  8. The Perfect Weather Guarantee promotion is tantamount to what web 2.0 specialist, David Meerman Scott calls a ‘World Wide Rave’.

    He defines the WWR as “A World Wide Rave is when people around the world are talking about you, your company, and your products. Whether you’re located in San Francisco, Dubai, or Reykjavík, it’s when global communities eagerly link to your stuff on the Web. It’s when online buzz drives buyers to your virtual doorstep. And it’s when tons of fans visit your Web site and your blog because they genuinely want to be there.”

    These are the new marketing tactics of our time for driving major awareness campaigns in this age of the W3. It would be interesting to find out what the ROI is on this promotion once it is finished but it is very likely to be positive in terms of free coverage and arrivals generated.

    Mr. Marshall would probably be interested to know that Montreal, a major destination, recently launched a 100% online marketing campaign.

    It’s time that business leaders stop treating the web as the playground of Generation Y. Do some research on the ‘graying’ of social media, e.g.

    Someone mentioned Obama’s use of the web in his campaign and by extension, the fact that the BLP lost the online leg of the last general election. I actually did some analysis on this on my blog – for anyone who’s interested.

    It is just sad that these are the leaders of our time who seem to have lost the zeal for working, not just for their own mortgages or constituents but to the benefit of generations to come by being forward thinking and futuristic.

  9. 2009

    Well Dale Marshall is not the only idiot in town…what about our esteemed Owen Arthur ?

    Owen Arthur is still sulking about his Catastrophic demise by Mia Mottley !

    How pathetic it was on Wednesday night in Parliament to hear him begged…” Mottley gimme a chance to SPEAK…nuh ! ”

    Now on top of that he declines the offer to sit with previous Finance Ministers of Barbados… discuss issues of National 7 Economic development..!

    But I along with thousands of Barbadians are not surprised..!

    Why ???

    Owen Arthur in the Finance Minister’s chair had not a clue of how to prudently develop Barbados…..unless one want’s to factor in his
    ” Brilliant ” IDEA of……” Sell Barbadians lands to pay the huge bills he and his BLP cronies racked up !’

  10. Hants

    Bajan fishermen understand the power of the Internet.

    watch the video.

    Team Barbados in effect.

  11. Optimist Prime

    As I understand it, there has been a convention in this country where – during budget debates an arrangement is made between the Leader of Government Business and the Leader of Opposition, as regards the order of speeches. Until last night – that agreement has always been respected and followed.

    Given all the talk about: “Team Barbados,” it would have been common courtesy that if there was a change by the government to that order, it should have been communicated to the Leader of the Opposition.

    What say you Mr. Jones – Leader of Government Business?

    Was an agreement reached?

    Speak up, especially since this has to do with good governance, integrity and the same freedom of information the DLP promised.

  12. saying nuttin

    @ Blue Bunny

    Brilliantly said. Gone are the days when stores could say ” Here is what I have and you will take it and like it.”

    the thing is if you know where to look you can find young entrepreneurs willing to give excellent technical advice and source whatever you want if you are unwilling or afraid to do it yourself. And for a fraction of the store mark-up.

    It simply cannot be business as usual.

  13. J

    Dear 2009 you wrote “Owen Arthur in the Finance Minister’s chair had not a clue unless one want’s to factor in his Brilliant ” IDEA of…Sell Barbadians lands to pay the huge bills he and his BLP cronies racked up !’”

    Please clarify for me.

    Did Owen Arthur sell any Crown lands? If so wnen and to whom?

    Did he sell any of his personal lands? If so when and to whom?

    Can you tell me if the Bajans who chose to sell their personal lands have enjoyed the money which they received from such sales? And should any government prevent such reasonable enjoyment?

    Would you like any government BLP or DLP to prevent Bajans from selling their property (or their labour or their skills) to the highest bidder?

    And if so exactly which group of Bajans should be forbidden from capitalizing on what is rightfully thiers?

    And which group would be favoured to receive permission to grow their investment be it land, labour, cash or skills?

    Tek ya time answering.

  14. J

    And nope.

    I’ve never met Owen.

  15. victor

    Demise of newspers nuttin! The UK DaiIy TeIegraph just overturned the UK government! of course, this wouId NEVER happen in Barbados!

  16. littleboy

    This is the year 2009 not 1949 Uncle Dale…s0 you will not understand the importance of Facebook, Twitter,Barbados Free Press etc.

    Surveys show that 90 % of all holidays booked have an internet-linked component. Are we missing something Uncle Dale?

    The “perfect weather guarantee” states that the temperature must be below 78 degrees combined with a rainfall of 2 inches.Can anyone tell me how often that occurs in Barbados? I cannot recall the last such time, Uncle Dale!!!

    We are only saying that we are blessed with “perfect vacation weather”(warm weather) , just like Vancouver advertises and guarantees its snow skiing, Uncle Dale !!!

  17. reality check

    “And which group would be favoured to receive permission to grow their investment be it land, labour, cash or skills?

    Those who have owned and toiled on the land for years and not a bunch of opportunistic sleazeballs whose only job is to raise the value of these peoples land by getting instant permissions and/or rezonings through
    incentivizing unethical politicians. ie Norwoods.

    The concept of fair market value is one that is understood by most civilized countries.

  18. Paul Barnes

    Oh, the irony…sometime within the last 10 years (I forget exactly when), Dale Marshall himself participated in (and I think even chaired, at a point) the FTAA Joint Government-Private Sector Committee of Experts on E-Commerce on behalf of Barbados…now he doesn’t believe in the merits of e-commerce initiatives for Barbados’ tourism product?!?!? You just have to shake your head in amazement, sometimes…

  19. If I were Dale Marshall

    As far back as August last year the BLP were aware that their support was fragile but yet still they in Parliament seem unready to face the facts that they were useful then became totally useless and unable to be trusted.

    Hence the plea for them to support the party on their facebook site, now mind you idf facebook is a tool thast Marshall’s BLP sees useable as a tool to create support why then knock it if the Tourism Authority should opt to use it to market Barbados.

    Michael Angelo (Barbados) wrote
    at 12:01am on August 14th, 2008

    Why is it that this group has become so dead and people have been leaving all the time?

    I want all those persons who have joined this group and who have been supporting this party during the election and when the party was in government to continue to support.

    Com’on people!!!! what going on?????

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  21. Foolbert

    YES and any blinking primeminister who can admit that he does not have answers to solve the country’s problems should buy a ninetendo or Blackberry and learn to play games all day to stop
    boredom when he can’t understand what to do.

  22. Tony Hall

    Don’t be a hypocrite. He said he did not have “all” the answers. Who has all the answers to anything?

  23. @Sargeant – thanks for pointing out the outdated information. It has been corrected.

  24. A Mottley Group

    Can yu really believe that we actually had this half twit Dale Marshall at one time as our Attorney General??

    What a national idiot and giant of a clown.

  25. Wright B.Astard

    And if the Tamarind Hall project in St. Joe did not go into extra time, it would most likely be named the Dale Marshall Municipal Complex.

  26. E I GRANT

    Tell me the people of St Joseph like ‘Boychild ‘ Smith, Maise Barker or even Tamarind Hall which is pure Barbadian is not good enough to be associated with a complex in the heartland of St Joseph? Whose mirror image is better reflected ?
    Good, but not good enough, shame on you Freundel, you should identify with people who like you.