Bajan Dream Diary – An Excellent Read

Bajan Dream Diary

As our own Robert said in a September 2007 article about Jovan Reid and his Bajan Dream Project…

“The more I read what Jovan has to say at The Bajan Dream Project blog, the more I find myself agreeing with many of his ideas – even ideas I had rejected before.

Most disconcerting.”

We wanted to mention but didn’t get around to it – that Jovan Reid’s Bajan Dream Diary blog has become a major online venue for news and commentary about Barbados society, social agendas and politics.

Although Jovan puts his name to the blog and must therefore stay within certain limits, he is articulate, educated and deeply devoted to his cause – which is social reform and policy in Barbados.

Once again, you may not always agree with what he says, but he and his stable of friends and writers will make you think.

And, as BFP’s Robert discovered, that can be “Most disconcerting.”Β  πŸ™‚

Check out a few of the articles at Bajan Dream Diary…

Barbados Water Quality Compromised By Squatters

The Right To Marry: Separating Religious Ries From Civil Rights

Homepage: Bajan Dream Blog


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6 responses to “Bajan Dream Diary – An Excellent Read

  1. Chicago

    Jovan is doing an excellent job of recruiting his UWI friends to write for his blog.

  2. reality check

    These are well thought out and well written articles. Good luck to this blog.

    PS If you think a bunch of poor squatters can ruin a Zone 1 water protected area, its nothing quite as fast and deadly as a bunch of corrupt politicians and their friends who can rezone Norwoods to golf course with all its chemicals in a matter of 10 or so days. We are still waiting for a copy of the Environmental Impact Study to be made public?

    The squatters have to go but so do the politics of the PM having the right to override long term Barbadian interests for short term gain for a few people.

    These issues shold be the Hallmark of any principled change in social and political direction and it all must start with strict ITAL and FOI.

    Did anyone notice the Egyptian Billionaire today who had his mistresses throat cut by a security guard just got sentenced to death.

    Normally in these third world countries he would have bought his freedom.

    There is hope Barbadians!!!

  3. Jovan

    bfp, thanks for this. i, along with delaney (the very talented author of the ssm article) and all the other writers truly appreciate your recognition.

  4. Rohan

    Jovan, great blog man. Good luck.

  5. necessary change


    Did you and your group of writers ever think of forming a responsble ITAL and green bloc?

    You may be surpised at the support you would get!!!

  6. Jason

    Jovan, it is time for a new political party dedicated to integrity. Nothing worthwhile can be done without it!

    R you game?