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Bajan Dream Diary – An Excellent Read

Bajan Dream Diary

As our own Robert said in a September 2007 article about Jovan Reid and his Bajan Dream Project…

“The more I read what Jovan has to say at The Bajan Dream Project blog, the more I find myself agreeing with many of his ideas โ€“ even ideas I had rejected before.

Most disconcerting.”

We wanted to mention but didn’t get around to it – that Jovan Reid’s Bajan Dream Diary blog has become a major online venue for news and commentary about Barbados society, social agendas and politics.

Although Jovan puts his name to the blog and must therefore stay within certain limits, he is articulate, educated and deeply devoted to his cause – which is social reform and policy in Barbados.

Once again, you may not always agree with what he says, but he and his stable of friends and writers will make you think.

And, as BFP’s Robert discovered, that can be “Most disconcerting.”ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out a few of the articles at Bajan Dream Diary…

Barbados Water Quality Compromised By Squatters

The Right To Marry: Separating Religious Ries From Civil Rights

Homepage: Bajan Dream Blog


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Searching For Barbados Relatives Of Rawle Lawson Knight

Sword Beach on D-Day: The brave, the frightened, the dead

Sword Beach on D-Day: The brave, the frightened, the dead

My grandfather, Rawle Lawson Knight, who was from Barbados fought in WWII. I know that he was on the front lines, having been shot while in Europe. He met my grandmother, Catherine Phillips in Wales, where she was from, and after they got married, following the war, they settled in Toronto, ON where my father and his siblings were born. I am trying to find out more information myself and since he is now deceased I find it even more difficult to come by.

On a another note, I know that he was quite the cricket player. If anyone can help me find out more about my family I would greatly appreciate any leads you might be able to provide. Thank you!


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Former Barbados Attorney General Dale Marshall Should Buy A Computer!

Newspapers and TV broadcasters are falling like flies. News media advertising revenues are down in some cases by 70% from just a few years ago as the old-style media and the old-style media managers are left behind by the internet.

Meanwhile, sharp business managers and the rest of the world discovered long ago that online delivery of news, entertainment and advertising is not only cost-effective but just plain effective. Corporations are invading Facebook, blogs and twitter for a reason: because by doing so they can directly target clients who are the most likely to be interested in their products.

They know that 500 people each recommending a product or a service (or a vacation in Barbados) to each of their 50 online friends can produce marketing results never before dreamed of.

All for some vision and a little time at the keyboard.

And then there is the case of a little-known US Senator named Barack Obama who raised an army of internet friends in just a few weeks and transformed his faltering campaign into a runaway train headed right for the highest office in the land.

All for some vision and a little time at the keyboard.

No, the internet is not the magic pill for success, but these days it is difficult to achieve success in any venture without a solid internet presence. You just have to be there or you are a non-starter. Everybody understands that.

Well, most people do…

Former Attorney General Dale Marshall Doesn’t Get It

dale-marshall-idiotAnd then there is Dale Marshall, who stands up in Parliament and ridicules Barbados’ tourism efforts to use the internet.

Perhaps if he went to Twitter and did a search for “Barbados Tourism”, “Barbados Vacation” or “Barbados Beach” and then followed the trail he might understand how many thousands of people talk about Barbados to their friends every day on Twitter – not to mention other places on the internet.

If Mr. Marshall actually owned a computer that was capable of browsing the internet, he might understand how being a part of the conversation is critical for Barbados tourism.

Dale Marshall also criticized the Barbados Tourism Authority’s “perfect weather guarantee” where Barbados has offered to refund a $100 for every day of a vacation where the average temperature falls below 78 degrees and the island gets more than a quarter inch of rain.

Mr. Marshall of course lied to the news media and the country when he said that tourists would get “all their money back” as a result of the guarantee. He didn’t mention that only the one tourist booking the family’s package was eligible to receive the refund. Perhaps Marshall didn’t read the guarantee before putting his foot into his mouth?

He also failed to mention that the guarantee itself was the subject of hundreds of newspaper articles around the world. Mr. Marshall doesn’t understand how many tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people read those news articles and thought, “Hey, to give that guarantee they must have great weather in Barbados. Maybe I’ll try that next time.”

Mr. Marshall’s BLP government subsidized tourism for years, but in all that time they never got the huge publicity bang that the “perfect weather guarantee” achieved in a week. Marshall sounded like a damned fool with his recent criticism.

Does Dale Marshall Realize That The Internet Probably Cost The BLP The Last Election?

The lambasting given to the Barbados Labour Party on the internet from January of 2006 was probably the tipping point that cost the BLP the last election. Without that open conversation by citizens about government corruption, the BLP might have been able to hold onto power.

It looks like even at this late date, Dale Marshall still doesn’t realize what happened to the BLP, and he still has no idea of the power of the internet.

Dear Mr. Marshall,

If you’re not on the internet, you have zero impact in what happens on the internet. The Barbados Tourism Authority realise that and are wisely embracing the new media including social networking.

You, on the other hand, are embracing looking like an idiot when you display your lack of knowledge.

Further Reading

From the Nation News…

Country relying on blogs, networks, says Marshall

AFTER SPENDING ABOUR $150 million in tourism, the sector still has to rely on the Internet’s more popular social networks for promotion.

Deputy Opposition Leader Dale Marshall made the statement yesterday evening during debate on the 2009 Financial Statement And Budgetary Proposals.

“What we are told is that effort was not good enough and now we have to rely on Facebook, the blogs and YouTube because the $150 million that was allocated to tourism cannot do the job and therefore we have to say to Barbadians that we would now market our country with the blog,” he said.

Marshall said it was truly “the season of despair” when the major marketing tool of the Barbados Tourism Authority has committed to “refund every tourist who comes to Barbados all of their money if the rain falls.”

“No wonder we have to go on the blogs. No wonder we have to go on Facebook and try to tell our brothers and sisters and our friends and penpals to please come and visit our nation,” he added.


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