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Nurses At Barbados Psychiatric Hospital Frustrated By Working Conditions, Long Hours, Mandatory Overtime With No Pay

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Nurses at the Psychiatric Hospital are frustrated with the many unsatisfactory conditions which face them currently. First of all the night staff are asked to work 12 hours shift four nights a week totaling 48 hours a week – 8 hours more than the stipulated working hours – and however are expected to work for the same flat salary without being paid overtime. Those additional eight hours per week total to 32 additional hours monthly.

Despite the many petitions put forward to the relevant authorities our requests to cut down on these hours or at least be paid for them are denied.

Secondly, with changes to the Qualifications order nurses at the Psychiatric hospital who are general trained are being paid and are expected to take up post as a nursing assistant. After going through three years of training how can anyone in their right minds be asked to accept these things! Why should our nurses be subjected to such unfair circumstances as a result of poor management?

Why subject nurses to such and then wonder why there is a shortage of nurses in Barbados?

What the nurses of the Psychiatric hospital want the Minister and relevant authorities to know is that if change doesn’t come about on these two major issues we will be forced to take action and at this time when swine flu is becoming a panic, I would think that they would want to deal with it immediately because we are uniting and intend to fight this all the way through. We stand united as one and are prepared to protest these matters if it comes to that.

We are the frontline of health yet we are treated like we don’t matter.

It’s time for change and we are not backing down. We intend to see this one through!

(Received anonymously at Barbados Free Press)


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