When Did Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter Dump Link To Barbados Underground?

Major Barbados Blog Removes Link To DLP’s Barbados Underground Blog

Barbados Journalist Ian Bourne

Barbados Journalist & Blogger Ian Bourne

Last Thursday we were doing our morning surfing – visiting our regular websites by following the links from one to another – when we noticed that The Bajan Reporter no longer featured a link to Barbados Underground blog in the sidebar link list.

“Hmmmmm, that’s interesting” we thought. There have been a few times in the last year and a bit where we have ourselves discussed removing the link to Barbados Underground. We sent a proxy-protected anonymous email off to Ian Bourne to ask him why he removed the link to BU, but we haven’t heard back in 3 days.

So… we will have to speculate on the reasons why The Bajan Reporter – the most popular Bajan blog penned a named author – removed the link to Barbados Underground: a blog that was once an important voice demanding integrity in Barbados politics.

Why Did Ian Bourne Dump The Link To Barbados Underground?

We think we know. In fact, although we haven’t dropped Barbados Underground from our sidebar links, I can’t remember when we last linked to one of their stories – or they linked to one of ours.

Failing our hearing from Ian himself, here’s why Barbados Free Press is considering dropping Barbados Underground (BU) from our sidebar links…

1/ Racism

Barbados Underground allows itself to be used as a forum for those who espouse positions and arguments that are essentially racist. Blanket statements against Indians, Chinese, Whites and other racial minorities in Barbados are allowed to remain on the blog by the moderator. Here is one example where a regular Barbados Underground commenter named “Negroman” says that “Indians are only bidding their time in Barbados” and he wants to “alert Black Barbadians about the (Indo Guyanese) monster that is at our door and about to unleash itself on Black Barbadians.” The reader is none too happy with Chinese or White Barbadians either – but that is only one of at least a hundred similar comments on Barbados Underground by a variety of commenters.

It is one thing to discuss immigration policy and CARICOM, it is another to provide a platform for those who hate – and Barbados Underground does just that.

2/ Threats Against Witnesses & Political Opponents

In a much talked about series of articles authored by now-revealed Iain Deane, a defendant in a contentious lawsuit called Kingsland, Barbados Underground allowed itself to be used as a forum for vile comments calling for the harassment and stalking of witnesses testifying in that case. There were also threats against Ian Bourne and his wife and their home and pets – which we and many other folks believe came from the same group of people that seem to have free rein at B.U. As to the sources of these threats, don’t forget that Member of Parliament Dr. Duguid publicly confirmed that one of the computers at the Barbados Legislature was used to make death threats against witnesses in the Kingsland case. Failures of our courts, police and the corruption of the rule of law are real and serious issues for Barbados.

As we said in our December 11, 2008 article Witness Intimidation In Barbados

So you can perhaps understand why we are upset and saddened to see that David at Barbados Underground blog has now allowed his venue to be used to deliver further threats to witnesses in the Kingsland case. The author called BWWR (Black Woman Who Reads) has been publishing various Kingsland articles on Barbados Underground and always comes right up to the line – calling Madge Knox crazy and such just like the wording we’ve all seen in the rape and murder threats. This time, however, BWWR is calling for citizens to harass Mrs. Knox and her daughters at their homes and beach home.

Don’t forget, this exhortation to harass the witnesses comes after threats of rape, murder and the firing of the son John Knox from his position at the University.

No matter which side of this Kingsland matter you favour, this threatening, harassment and firing of witnesses by very powerful government elites is the most disgusting event. It has been going on for far too long because of the powerful people involved and the cowardly behaviour of our police.

3/ Barbados Underground Ceased Calling For Integrity Legislation When The DLP Government Broke The 100 Days Promise

From their first articles published in April, 2007, Barbados Underground joined the call for integrity in public life – taking the Arthur/Mottley BLP Government to task for conflicts of interest, unethical behaviour and lack of transparency. Throughout 2007, Barbados Underground hammered the BLP government for its failure to implement Integrity Legislation. When then Leader of the Opposition David Thompson pledged in writing to do so and also revealed a “political donation” cheque deposited by Prime Minister Arthur into his personal bank account, Barbados Underground ripped into Owen Arthur’s corrupt act and celebrated David Thompson’s stated intent to hold politicians and their developer friends accountable to citizens. Thompson and the DLP also promised to implement a conflicts of interest Ministerial Code “IMMEDIATELY” upon election and they promised to make government officials accountable for profiting from their positions.

That was then. This is now…

Everything changed the moment that the David Thompson DLP Government failed to keep the promise to introduce ITAL (Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation) within the first 100 days of their mandate. Barbados Underground became silent – revealing that their calls for integrity in public life were nothing more or less than strategic partisanship in support of an election… or…

… or perhaps it is a little more complex than that. On April 6, 2007, Barbados Underground published an article examining the all-too-close relationship between David Thompson and CLICO CEO Leroy Parris. Today it is difficult to believe that the same Barbados Underground published that 2007 article about the Thompson/Parris relationship: The Man Behind David Thompson: Will He Prove To Be a Liability Yet Again?

Contrast that article with the current BU offering Time To Rally Around Prime Minister David Thompson or Is CLICO Being Used As Target Practice?

Frankly, we wonder if the authors of Barbados Underground were not caught out by the government and co-opted into becoming the only active blog for the Democratic Labour Party. Whatever happened, Barbados Underground long ago ceased to be an effective voice of the people for demanding integrity from the Barbados government and public officials.

Each One Of Us Makes Our Own Decisions

At Barbados Free Press, we’re all for free speech and we’re also for the rights of blogs to publish those opinions and subjects that they wish to. That means that everybody sets their own limits and lines. At BFP we often let folks come right up to the line and maybe even step over.

Where is the line? Sometimes we don’t even know until we see someone go over it. That is the nature of blogging where the public can comment freely.

But just as people have the right to freedom of speech, they also have the right to pass judgment upon the positions taken by others, and it appears that Ian Bourne has had enough of the racisim, hatred, threats and double standards of Barbados Underground.

We Ask Our Readers…

So what do you think, folks? Should Barbados Free Press follow Ian Bourne’s lead and remove the links to Barbados Underground?


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148 responses to “When Did Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter Dump Link To Barbados Underground?

  1. well...

    how is ian bourne’s blog ‘the most popular barbadian blog written by a named author’?

    also who threatened him? what did he do to ‘deserve’ it? i’m curious because it doesn’t encourage anyone to come out publicly when u can have ur life threatened for just having an opinion. wbat did he do about it?

    finally, yes you should remove barbados underground. it is amazingly obvious that they are dlp lackeys. ‘david’ might be david thompson himself… how the hell does hartley henry et al. get to send emails to them, if he doesn’t know them intimately? there is a closeness with the dlp that i don’t like on BU.. added to that, their views on some things are extremely right wing and crazy. even crazier than barbados free press.

    i make particular reference to their position on homosexuality, immigrants, indo-guyanese.. once, i thought bfp was a destructive blog due to its hyperbole and flat out exaggerations and sensationalism. i still think so. but BU is even more destructive because it doesnt even pretend to be a tabloid. it is just an anti intellectual, hate filled ideology that drives them.

    my 2 cents.

  2. BFP

    “how is ian bourne’s blog ‘the most popular barbadian blog written by a named author’?”

    Easy… Ian puts his name on his blog unlike we at BFP or they at BU…

    … and he receives several thousand visitors a day. Not as many as the most popular Barbados blog (Barbados Free Press), but still the most of all the Bajan blogs published by folks under their real names.

  3. BFP

    And what did Ian Bourne do about the threats to his life?

    I believe he did the same thing as Mrs. Knox and Adrian Loveridge… reported them to the police.

    Who did nothing. Do a little link following and searching at Keltruth Blog, The Bajan Reporter and BFP and you’ll see that you have missed dozens of stories on the events.

  4. well...

    but, i see zero comments on most of his posts and only see 20 something followers? (i’m not a fan of his blog or him but i still respect the story) anyway…

    can you put some links up tomorrow about the threats?! i tried searching his blog for them. it’ll help add something to the article and shame the ppl who made the threats.

    also, you know, barbados underground is already in violation of wordpress terms of service, just report them!

  5. passin thru

    Dump Barbados Underground. Thats my vote.

  6. kiki

    Sometimes people are censored when they say the wrong things that hit a raw nerve. In a world of spin you have to seek the truth. Speak the truth and speak it ever, cause it what will, for he who hides the wrong he does, he does the wrong thing thing still.

  7. Hi BFP – Never got your remailer, unless it was flushed in my Spam folder? But yes, you have all of the reasons bang on especially after the unmoderated Nelson debate… You left off one thing though… They are linked on the shadow sites apart from Margin, ain’t that odd?

    Also, anyone can do the math on how many visitors I get, there is a Site Counter listed at the top of my News-Blog – click on it and you can get stats too! Guess I have a bit of ITAL, eh? Identity and number or visitors – I spiked at 2,300 per day during Rihanna’s latest scandal, sad that soft porn draws readers, eh?

    As for comments, Bajan Global Report does not get many comments either – you have to register first with them and with mine comments await my approval, so neither of us get many remarks unlike the BFP crew here who allow anything said and clean thereafter. BTW, Re: Comments – Have you seen the amount of filth left unedited at place I no longer list?

  8. Rip Tide

    Well, well, well … what a bunch of pathetic, infantile morons you lot are. Did I say “bunch”? Well, I’m no so sure about that, because when a blogger calling himself/herself “Huw” (purposely written backwards) exposed you as ONE MAN (Canadian with an Agenda) “Huw” got banned. Ian Bourne? Who the hell cares anything about that pot-bellied overgrown school boy with the mentality of a 10 year old. I have NEVER visited his blog because I like to read intelligent articles, which do appear on here from time to time.
    On BU losing Ian Bourne, a blessing in disguise. Yes, I think BU allows “Negroman” and sometimes “Scout” to go too far on the racial issue which should not be tolerated, so that is my one beef with BU. However, your petty and ridiculous comments suggesting that BU has become the DLP blog just shows up how pathetic you are. David on BU has on many occasions taken the DLP Gov’t to task on many issues, but because they give praise when praise is due, you simply can’t stand that so you go off on a tangent. You have never once praised David Thompson and the DLP for ANYTHING good they have done. In fact, you obviously feel that they have never done one single good thing. Pathetic. All the hell you care about it ITL, ITL, ITL. And you know what, when and if it is ever introduced (and I’m beginning to have my doubts, unfortunately) you will not congratulate them, you will find something else to blast them about. PATHETIC. You lot are totally incapable of praising anyone except Ian Bourne and Keltruth. Perhaps you’re all connected in some way, that wouldn’t surprise me. I seldom check BFP now because I am fed to hell up with the constant brick-throwing, spite and downright hatred.
    BU has become very popular and your eyes are getting greener by the minute with jealousy. You say BU is full of racial hatred, but you are full of Thompson hatred. Pot calling the kettle black. Enough said, and I will not be reading the lashes I will get because I won’t be reading BFP again. So go ahead and waste your time. A truly pathetic bunch(??) you are.

  9. PiedPiper

    The day that “David” of BU, allowed Negroman in his latest racist rant, refer to murdered tourist, Mrs Schartzfeld, as white t(h)rash (sic) was the day that the line of common decency was completely breached. There is no redeeming value to BU. All David is doing, is keeping is alive a platform for sick hate mongerers.

  10. boredickey

    Freedom of speech is extremely important, therefore I strongly support BU. Outrageous sentiments by bloggers should/can be denounced by other participants, including the BU moderator.I think there is a conspiracy to shut down/up BU, and this should be met with stiff resistance.


    I agree. There’s not much diversity of subject matter on that blog. – it’s chief ingredient is biased racism.

  12. kiki

    Sometimes racist sentiments are better expressed in a blog where they can be safely discussed, challenged and exposed for the ignorant mentality than they are, rather than letting them fester and grow like a disease

  13. PiedPiper

    boredickey: David of BU, has NEVER denounced or “moderated” anybody. If anything, he incites and encourages the hate mongerers.

  14. de gap

    “Why are reactionaries trying to Clennell Wickham the BU?”

    BU is providing a voice to a large section of the Bajan community. Whether I agree with it or not the DLP was elected in a landslide based partly on an “essentially racist” platform. The response should be to confront and engage not censure and ignore. The biggest irony of all is the fact that Peter Wickham is one of the most despised people in the BU community. It’s enough to give any student of Bajan history a good chuckle.

  15. reality check

    Barbados Underground sold out shortly after their party was elected.

    It has become an instrument of hate and is completely incapable of moderating the rascists and extremists.

    They have lost any principles of good government and they have marginalized themselves with all but a virulent, intolerant segment of Barbadian society.

    BFP, you can disconect the lifeline of free responsible speech any time you choose.

  16. PiedPiper

    de gap: “BU is providing a voice to a large section of the Bajan community”.

    What a load of absolute rubbish. It is the same 5 or 6 people posting their racist rants over and over again.

  17. Anon

    Barbados Underground is the most useful. Who cares about Ian Bourne.

  18. Technician

    yet still he hardly ever gets comments……some important blog!!

  19. Technician

    That is a lie PP and you know it.

  20. passin thru

    Comments at BU are dominated by about 7 people. That’s all it takes. Also BFP says that some of their most popular articles do not receive large numbers of comments.

  21. PiedPiper

    Technician, it is not a lie and I do not know it. A number of months ago, I appealed to David to put a stop to the hateful racist diatribe that endlessly continued on BU. I pointed out to him that in some countries his blog would have been shut down for inciting racial hatred. His response? Some namby-pamby, wishy-washy statement about providing a means for people to express their opinions openly.

  22. RRRicky

    Barbados Underground are racists. Get rid of them. A murdered tourist called “white trash”!!!

    Get rid of the link BFP!

  23. well...

    so tell us more about the threats ian. who did you report them to and what is happening with the report? did anyone get arrested/found out?

    i was thinking of starting a blog but not anonymously, so precedent needs to be set finding out people who threaten bloggers in barbados if people are to get involved..

    also what is this grouse you have with marginal? is he/she a dlp lackey as well? i found their site to be intelligently written..

    u had 400,000 visitors?! wow!

  24. Jason

    David left all those racist comments up and they are still there last time I looked yesterday.

    For me the big disappointment is that Barbados Underground has been totally silent about the DLP pigging out like the last bunch did. It is obvious that BU is a DLP operation.

  25. Jason

    Have to disagree with you kiki. The Government of Barbados has chosen Immigration as the big distraction of the day. The strategy is to foment public negativity towards Guyanese.

    In Barbados what bad happens is because of outsiders or circumstances beyond the control of our government and our culture. We never want to use bad happenings to examine our own systems and culture to see if we are in any way to blame.

    Things are bad economically. Must be because of too many immigrants. Can’t be because government overspent for two decades and spent unwisely at that. Water system breking down, hospital in shambles, beaches washing away, library fall down, fire fighters begging for used equipment, police have no training and so underpaid that people with education and drive ignore the profession.

    BUT we have a nice new embassy in New York and a largely unused Kensington Oval for hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars.

  26. Red Lake Lassie

    True Pied Piper. Only a handful of racists provide 90% of the comments at Barbados Underground. I don’t go there any more.

  27. Juris

    What would it matter if BFP removes the link? Has Bourne’s removal of BU affected them in any way? You remind me of little children…”I en playing wid you nuh mo’…” Jeeez, grow up, do!

  28. well...

    ”I en playing wid you nuh mo’…” lolol.

    that is the other issue.

    BU clearly gets more visitors than bfp (irrefutable fact) and it has its ‘base’ and nobody will be worse off if the sidebar link is removed.

    in fact, when discussion comes up in public about bajan blogs, general consensus is that bfp is run by white people.

    disgusting as the comments on BU are, the site itself appeals to a larger majority in barbados.

  29. cq8

    Hello Iain Deane!

  30. cq8

    I agree Pied Piper. The w(h)ite trash thing is unforgivable.

  31. kiki

    Jason. Well, you just made a number of points very clearly. The perception that Governments always act in the best interest of its people and ethnic groups should be labeled and marginalised by negative stereotyping needs to be abandoned. There needs to be a forum to address the shortcomings and faults of the regime and also the ignorance of hate and blame which can be instilled into the people..

  32. reality check

    the issue is responsible comments versus hate and the promotion of violence.

    Juris –since you appear to be in defense of the staus quo which is preventing Barbados from moving forward, perhaps you would be more comfortable over at BU where you can defend the failure of government to implement ITAL as promised, whip up some hate against the Guyanese and whites, support governments efforts to shore up a ponzi like companies such as Clico with millions of taxpayers dollars and promote personal threats of stalking, house burning and even death threats with those with whom you disagree.

  33. de gap

    “Agitate, Agitate, Agitate”


    Those 5 or 6 people represent the views of a significant part of the population. The DLP and their functionaries used the same sentiments to get elected, blatantly racist language included. The anti-indian and anti-caribbean sentiments are real while the anglo saxons remain unscathed, and ignoring a problem never results in a resolution. Now is the time to put pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard. Agitate, agitate, agitate….

  34. J

    Dear de gap:

    Let it be known that I love Peter Wickham. Great guy. Intelligent, good looking etc. etc.

    Dear well…

    BU does NOT appeal to a large majority in Barbados, although they would like to think so.

    A number of BU commentators are racists and Negroman is the racist’s cheerleader, and David is the enabler.

    I am still convinced that Negroman is NOT a Bajan.

  35. Juris

    reality check,

    You cannot determine for me where I would be comfortable. Fortunately, I have a mind of my own and while I disagree with much over at BU, the same holds true for here at BFP…unlike some others who shall remain nameless (no pun intended)!

  36. Sargeant

    Ian Bourne unlike the majority of us doesn’t blog anonymously so he is an easy target for some if his views aren’t in line with theirs. However one can disagree without resorting to personal insults and I believe that the foul insults he received from one of the “regulars” when he posted his views on the latest Nelson statue boondoggle was the reason he removed the link.

    Hot button issues always bring out the extremists among us and so it is with the immigration debate. When a story in the newspapers in TO revolves around immigrants if one reads the Comments sections you will always find responses of the “why don’t they go back home” type. This is a subject that many Bajan households are discussing whether it is over their morning “tea” or evening dinner. Some people are able to articulate their position rationally while others have to resort to racist demagoguery. The former should not be tarred with the same brush as the latter. I found it rather strange that in the week in which the PM announced an approach to resolving the illegal immigration issue which is totally different from his predecessor and the opposition party that BFP chose to bury its head in the sand and ignore the topic, instead we were treated to Rihanna’s nipplegate story.

    I don’t agree with some the opinions in either BFP or BU however ……I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Voltaire

  37. akabozik

    I believe that BFP is heading for six million visitors soon. Last week they were the 24th most popular WordPress blog out of millions of wp blogs. I don’t see Barbados Underground on that list at wordpress.com.

  38. akabozik

    Presumably Sargeant is defending to the death the Barbados Underground posting calling the murdered tourist “white trash”

    Time to follow Bourne’s lead and take down the BU link.

  39. PiedPiper

    In all fairness, akabozik, I do not see anythng in Sargeant’s post that would lead to that conclusion.

  40. akabozik

    In context he is supporting all statements at BU with his continued support of BU. My opinion.

  41. Knight of the Long Knives

    Ian Bourne is a crybaby he insulted me and I challenged it and he has not responded up to now. Furthermore despite this I complimented him for his vocal stand on some issues and the bravery for doing this while working for the Government. BU admin has generally tempered their commentary and has not been search engine baiting like BFP to gather hits to brag about. I do not agree with everything they say and Negroman and Hopi certainly are extreme sometimes but the site itself is not in any way racist.

  42. 199

    BFP, I can see clearly where you’re coming from, i.e. copying the ‘censor-everything’ attitude of the west, but have you noticed the trouble which the west is in at the moment! Well, I have n’t only noticed, I’m living with it every day. It just goes to prove that everything which Mr Great White Man suggests is n’t necessarily correct and from somebody who suffers the consequences of his mistakes on a daily basis I can ASSURE YOU that GREATER HONESTY and MORE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IS REQUIRED, NOT LESS!!

  43. Technician

    But BFP lying about the people making threats to Adrian Loveridge and his family is forgivable?!?

  44. Chicago

    True akabozik! I found what you were talking about: BFP #24. Impressive!

    No other Barbados blog appears on the WordPress top blogs list.

  45. saying nuttin

    Pied piper and red lake lassie always comment 4 or 5 times on BFP blogs whats the difference?

  46. 2009

    Let’s get serious my friends….on the 18th May 2009 we Barbadians heard on of the most euridite Budget presentations by our Esteemed Leader David Thompson.

    Let’s give ….Ian Bourne a break !

  47. Hants

    Embrace the concept of freedom people.

    I freely read BFP and BU but I freely don’t read
    Ian Bourne.

    I rather spend my time on Bajantube.

    So enough of this chrap!

    Anyone want to discuss the budget, 4000 Amex employees terminated, British politicians, breadfruit coucou an steam dolphin?

  48. BFP

    We are all for transparency 199. Too bad that Thompson forgot that word the minute he was elected.

  49. Hants

    In the Bahamas, Four Seasons Resort Great Exuma at Emerald Bay, which opened in 2003, will close on May 26. Most of its 500-strong workforce will be dismissed in coming days.

  50. PiedPiper

    “saying nuttin”, very apt handle you have chosen. Have you ever seen myself or Red Lake Lassie post a racist rant?

  51. 199

    BFP, I feel Thompy, like an Englishman, needs more time!! You’re young, and in a hurry!! Give our man a little more time!! 🙂

  52. Knight of the Long Knives

    Oh and BFP get off the high horse. I believe the PM is trying to do the right things much like Owen Arthur did in his first term. Unfortunately Owen’s legacy will be corruption from political birth to grave. From throwing away and eating ballots in the second St. Peter by election against that gave him the seat to his in explicable millionare status.

  53. skinteeth

    “embrace the concept of freedom people.”
    What freedom are you referring to ..ah.. the freedom of speech maybe . Well ,in Canada where you live ,there are serious hate laws and some of that crap that floats around on BU would have gotten some jack jail time. And some seriously negative publicity for our so fragile tourist market when they hear how we refer to people who barely live 200 miles away. Let us see how Amnesty International and other human rights groups would deal with the stories going around about our Royal Police Force profiling Indians and hauling them off public transport. So you can go off and bury your head and worry about Amex while we do our dirty deed and hope no one knows.

  54. Sargeant


    I suggest you read my post again. It’s either freedom of speech or it isn’t. Defending the right of someone to say something is not the same as supporting or agreeing with the statement. I didn’t read the comment made in connection with the tourist and neither would I support it. Not too long ago other people were calling for BFP to be censored or banned so be careful what you wish for……

  55. Remove the LINK

    Removing the link to Barbados Underground is not censoring them. It is showing disgust at their policy of allowing and therefore encouraging racist comments.

  56. A-Fish

    Very well said Hants.

  57. Pat

    @ Rip Tide

    Way to go. At least we have freedom of speech over on BU.

  58. Pat

    @ Juris:

    Dont bother with them. Nelson Barbados lost its case in the Canadian courts, so the supporters of that frivolous action – BFP, Keltruth and Bourne are pissed. They now taking their disappointment out on BU.

    BU posted The Other Side of Kingsland and the decision of the Canadian action for all to see. I have not seen anything on BFP. (We never visit Bourne’s place.)

  59. Pat


    You are so right. The Tamil/Singhalese civil war is allegedly over and this morning on the talk shows people were calling in saying to send the Tamils back. The war over, there are no longer refugees. There are 300,000 in Canada at last count. This does not include regugees not yet processed.

  60. BFP is like a government controlled radio in a repressive S.American country, you are free to say what you please so long as it pleases the editors of the blog.

    If you fall without the anti-Arab. anti Cuban, anti-Chinese perameters, you are immediately invited to desist and open your own wordpress blog, to accommodate these unacceptable blasphemies.

    Now, it beholds the almighty BFP to decree that these blasphemic blogs run contrary to our nu-think and should be ignored.

    To which I say, Cliverton, you seen Holguin and you seen USA we see you made your choice, but boy you ain’t but travelled 2000 miles yet. there’s a whole lotta world to see and experience b4 you pontificate upon Bajan understanding.

  61. Pat


    At least you have the intelligence to read, analyze and see the difference. I am sure others do too.

  62. Pat

    @ Hants:

    You are a breath of fresh air, lol.

    I should have invited you to dinner: yampi, pumpkin, asparagus and dumpling with steamed dolphin head. Delicious!

  63. Pat

    Straight Talk, you are one straight talker. Leh dem tek dat!

  64. Hants

    Well in Barbados there are serious hate laws too.

    However, until such time as The Barbados Government find a way to prosecute bloggers,
    freedom of expression can include the hatemongers.

    I embrace the freedom not to read racist diatribe and hope the day will come when the Police will investigate and arrest people who threaten the lives of others.

    At least the comments on BU has shown that we still have a racial divide in Paradise.


  65. A-Fish

    BFP is it possible that BU may have a lack of moderators on hand besides David to censor the comments that appears of irrelevance?

    BFP has many moderators to keep standards going.

  66. A-Fish

    As a reader of both BFP & BU, it is not fair at all to remove the link of BU.

    Whatever I read in both blogs when I either see post that becomes irrelevant or becomes offending I rather ignore them entirely. Like any other blog even it’s foreign blogs or forums.

  67. Hants

    I thought the Bajan blogs were bastions of FREEdom.

    A blog censoring a blog mekkin muh laff.

    I am a supporter of BFP but “censoring” BU is wrong.

    Next ting yuh know wanna wud be censoring Pat’s superlicious dinner recipe because the word dolphin means both Mahi Mahi and “flipper”.

    BFP there are some really important things in life that you should focus on.

    Steamed dolphin head is one of them.

  68. J

    Knight of the Long Knives please explain “eating ballots” you mean real real eating like chewing and swallowing them? Somebody really do that?

  69. Knight of the Long Knives

    Yes and they still brag about it to this day!

  70. akabozik

    I believed Thompson in December 2007 when he said he would make it illegal for government employees to give contracts to their own businesses. He said he would make that happen right away, like days, after he was elected. Then 100 days later formal legislation.

    December 2007 I believed him.

    In January 2008 I was excited.

    In April 2008 I gave him 3 extra months.

    In September 2008 I gave him to the end of the year.

    On January 18, 2009 after one year of broken promises I gave up.

  71. I stopped reading BU some time ago, couldn’t handle the venom, the racism. It’s your choice if you want to read BU or not.
    Would love some steamed dolphin right now *sigh*

  72. Rumplestilskin


    I disagree vehemently. I have disagreed with many an article, further I have supported a political line with more social policies, have supported the future of Cuba, but have not been banned or otherwise requested to leave.

    Usually I stay away from these ‘he said’ ‘ / ‘she said’ trivialities, but the record must be straight (sic).

    We ourselves have agreed on some issues, maybe disagreed on others.

    I personally address issues only, stay away from trivial and destructive ‘ridiculing’ of any nature, such as this latest ‘quarrel’ between bloggers that has transpired.

    Needless to say, I am more than disgusted by the plain and outright racist language being used by certain bloggers.

    I have always and maintain that issues and argument be addressed, if not rationally, then emotionally with appropriate language, therefore the trend by certain bloggers is not acceptable to me.

    I myself and of mixed race, have friends of all races, have seen my forebears toil for the good of the nation and thus have little use for racism from anyone, of any race.

    Racism, as I noted that one blogger put it, is indicative of one’s own mental slavery and a wall to development of the afflicted individual.

    Peace & Live Strong

  73. Rumplestilskin

    One last thing, I will not comment anymore on this nonsense.

    It was suggested suggest sometime back, that
    a statue be built, large and visible, possibly presenting at the Port entrance, as a tribute to the contribution of ‘Mother Barbados’.

    Recognition, that women have been the backdone of our society, toiling, yet bringing up many children, recognition of the burden borne to bring our nation to this day.

    The thing is, more energy and time has been expended by bloggers discussing Nelson, than EVEN ONCE, discussing or revisiting that suggestion.

    Which would do more good, recognition of contributions that have gone unmarked to date, or destruction of a mark of another era?

    Even if one took the view of removal of an existing monument for whatever reason, the point is that not one word has been printed since, in support of the new statue for Mother Barbados.

    Interesting that!

    Minds mired in destruction, rather than creation, will be forever lost, unable to develop.

    Peace & Live Strong

  74. I have been direct to Cable & Wireless/LIME and after making the report, except for my subscribing to ADSL, I no longer exist…

    Police take information down and that is all that happens – remember a missing cop? Found him and reported info and nothing was done about that either!

    If I am in a situation, I hope I can handle it, since law works when law deems necessary.

  75. Thank you kind sir, well put!

  76. PiedPiper

    No one is censoring BU. The question asked is should BFP continue to provide the link to BU and in turn associate itself with BU.

  77. skinteeth

    “I embrace the freedom not to read.. ” oh this is a new one. This is why it is a breath of fresh air. The racial divide is there and BU perpetuate it even more like all the politicians when it suits them.

  78. West Side Davie

    I agree that removing the link to Barbados Underground is not censoring them, it is removing an endorsement. Bye the way, a large blog like Barbados Free Press removing the link to a smaller blog is noticed by Google and the other search engines. That electronic endorsement matters which is why Free Press Exposed and the other hateful sites tried to get links to Barbados Underground and others. Links matter if you want people to read your words.

  79. PiedPiper

    Pat, butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth would it?
    Are you suggesting that freedom of speech does not exist at BFP? You would be very wrong. BFP does not tolerate threats of physical violence against others (BLP operatives and other riff raff), it does not allow itself to deceptively be used to promote someone else’s agenda (your good friend Iain Deane) and it does not support racism and racial hatred (those who no matter what the subject matter at hand, choose to pull the race-card instead of intelligent discussion).
    The key here is intelligent debate and discussion. Those who have to sink to the level of personal threats of violence against others and inciting racial hatred forfeit their priviledge, and it is a priviledge not a right, to use someone else’s blog for those purposes.

  80. reality check

    Rumplestiltskin is dead on

    Nelson was relevant to Barbados 200 years ago and is part of the past.

    It is the women and grandmothers of Barbados who shoulder the raising of children and often end up doing the lions share of the workload.

    A tribute to all of them would be in order and a lot more productive than discussing those that have long gone.

  81. de gap

    Intelligent yes, but the good looking assessment I’ll leave to the ladies.

  82. Missing Home

    If anything the racial comments at BU have become worst since this story on BFP.

    White people are described as “White Human Pests” and David leaves this up as “free speech”.

    This is the kind of blog Barbados Underground has become! This is why BFP MUST cut the link in the sidebar!!!

    “White Barbadians over the years believe they are a special group of people who are above criticism.Our weak knee leaders from the traitor Grantley Adams right down to today’s leaders including our present leader David Thompson are incapable of putting those white criminals in their place.We black people created an illusion that those white human pests are untouchable.”

    said by “Negroman” on May 20


  83. Kitty

    It is a pity there is no code of ethics between operators of blog sites.

  84. BFP

    Tongue in cheek, we say that blogs look to leadership from the government in the area of “Code Of Ethics”. Perhaps we shall adopt the Ministerial Code of Ethics that David Thompson promised to put in place “immediately upon election” in January 2008.

  85. Chicago

    “White Human Pests” !!!!!!!!!

    I agree BFP. Dump your sidebar links to Barbados Underground.

  86. 199

    It’s not true freedom of speech if he can’t express his opinion. The principle of freedom of speech is far more important than the opinion expressed! I’ve decided that I don’t now object to being called a nigger provided nobody objects to me calling the other guy a white or asian whatever I want to call him. The importance of principle outweighs any other consideration. Equal venom, equal publicity, I say is ok!!

  87. 199

    BFP, we don’t need any code of ethics. Let free speech reign but, without the threats!!

  88. Kitty

    I though you were better – more honest, transparent and accountable. Do you judge yourselves against David Thompson who you call a moron, liar etc.?

    Now you want censorship too?

    You seem confused, BFP.

  89. 199

    So, what’s the big deal!! Some white people ARE pests just as some black people and some brown people are pests – did n’t u realise this!! You need to grow-up, bro!!

  90. BFP

    No codes of ethics needed for blogs or anybody?

    Thank you Mr. Prime Minister!

  91. Missing Home

    Cutting a link is not censorship. It is removing an endorsement that the BU is a proper place to send BFP’s readers. That in no way is censorship.


  92. PiedPiper

    Techie, are you aware that a recent research study showed that chronic use of cannibis causes memory loss and paranoid psychosis?

  93. Thewhiterabbit

    Haven’t blogged in a long time, wasn’t aware of the “changes” at BU, so read the comments above, went to BU to check it out, found most of the negative comments above about racism, party factionalism, etc to be pretty close to correct. Not much more needs to be said. Such a shame!

  94. art

    I would have done just what Ian did. Here is someone who gives of his time to publicise events and stories the media don’t. Why should Ian Bourne be subjected to racial things? Here is a man whose life is an example of NON-racial things.

    Free speech is legal, but where it incites racial hatred it is ILlegal under US consitution and test cases in courts.

    In one of the long BU recent threads I remember quite clearly a comment outlining court cases in the USA, where WordPress is located, and an appeal for this to be curbed at the blogmaster (he ignored it)..

    The operators of BU are taking advantage of the racisms and xenophobias to exploit their objectives. This is nothing new- Goebbels did it too in 1930s- 1940s Germany- and many before/after.

    BU and its sponsor use the same fears to exploit and educate OUR population to racism, additional to their agendae.

    And therein lies the danger to Barbados.

    Yet a few BU threads are not like this, apart from some Qtip heads interjecting at various intervals.

    Should I give my daughter access to my personal computer when she can simply click a down toolbar and go to a BU type site that I have visited?

    Will someone else’s son or daughter be better for this sort of education? What if racism and xenophobia created a right wing state in Barbados?

    These are questions I have asked myself, as I cleared my cache, resolving to protect HER from BU and things similar.

    Not that BU runs Barbados. They are DLP, but in the same way BU is different from Margaret Knight, it is also different from David Thompson.

    One certainly hopes that David Thompson is not in the market for his party members controlling, educating by way of former Nazi methods.

    I went to BU when BFP recommended it. BU was always anti-Gay which I hated in them. I have always been a ‘respect the minority’ type.

    Removing any link does not remove the racism that IS. It removes the racism from oneself that the other seeks to create and to propogate in the future, and therefore removes one’s own responsibility for, and endorsement of, racism.

  95. rohan

    It’s not like BFP doesn’t have issues of their own. Scroll to the top of this page and do a search for “muslims” and see what almost every single article is like.

  96. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    de lights went out for a second or two and when they come back on de man was swallowing so I heard. I was told that was the one that de leacock woman lost by one vote and after the eating incident on the recount the votes were tied lol. True or not its part of Bajan political folklore.

  97. Hants

    Tongue in cheek,I suggest we ask the Speaker of the House of Parliament in the UK for guidance.

  98. PiedPiper

    Excellent post art. You got right tothe heart of the matter.

  99. art

    I tend to agree with you Rohan.

    BFP was well reprimanded on this front and has lately tempered itself. I agree with you that BFP should recognise that this and be tolerant. If there be a case to be made against BFP perhaps this could be it.

    Come back to me and let me hear your thoughts as to whether BU will change when shown.

  100. The Barbados Underground

    There is no need to pull their link
    Have writers submit what they think
    Every thing in its time and in its place
    BU is wrong to allow such attacks on race
    And some may want the crassness of Mr. Bourne
    Relegated to Blogs that dabble with porn
    But no, don’t be like judge and jury
    And start narrowing your reader’s variety
    Don’t make choices for us, we are moral adults too
    Once we see other’s bias we’ll know what to do
    Sometimes it’s important that we see the choice
    Unlimited opportunity to sound our voice
    Never so restricted that we are muted with range
    Dead in our path to things flawed and strange
    Exposing racism is a battle well won
    Revealing the dark corners of society is your job done
    Give the readers their dues and the opportunity
    Respect that they can fight the BUs of our society
    Or if they can’t, they’ll know to stay away
    Unveiling their tolerance to racists is all you needed to say
    Now we your loyal readers are glad to know
    Don’t go to BU until they can clean up their show

    Thank for the info

  101. No ethics whatsoever BFP.

    I think this arrogant miscalculated post has seen you “hoist by your own petard”

    One cannot choose your racism victim.

    You either stereotype a whole lot of victims by their accident of birth, muslims, chinese and cubans, or you endorse your own sweet sweet family ties, as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    I’m pleased you have this cosy arrangement with your fellows.

    It makes me optimistic about the future.

    But for the majority of your countrymen, they ain’t seen no change.

    No change used to be your USP.

    Absolutely proved to be correct.

    Same as the old boss.

    Get back on course being the engine for change in the island we live on, or come clean and say we are hit chasers providing what the blogosphere wants to hear.

    Without Rihanna and murdered canadians where would your WP position be?

    Check out your ultra -moderated posts, OK you all work, but David on BU lets the conversation flow and even though the comments are not to everyone’s taste one can instantly refute them.

    Or ignore them , as in your supposedly banned racist Bimbro aka 199.

    Before calling the kettle clean your pot.

  102. Anon

    Free speech, Barbados Underground is all about free speech.

    I welcome that.

    There is a feeling in some quarters in Barbados that nothing negative must be said about white people. This is garbage.

    The nasty doings of whites in Barbados must be exposed for all to see.

    BTW black people can not be racists.

  103. Missing Home

    “Don’t go to BU until they can clean up their show”

    New readers to Barbados free press won’t know that BU is racist. They will assume that it is a recommended blog because BFP has connected with it.


  104. RRRicky

    Cancel the BU link Marcus. The “white trash” statement is enough ten times over.

  105. Chicago

    Straight talk, please show me an article where BFP can be seen to be against Chinese, Cubans or Muslims.

    BFP’s articles exposed Chinese government murder and oppression of citizens, Cuban government murder and imprisonment of political opponents and terrorism or hate by fundamentalist muslims. I don’t see anything in BFP’s articles other than sympathy for the victims of these brutal belief systems be they Chinese, Cuban or Muslim victims.

  106. Chicago

    Straight talk, please show me an article where BFP can be seen to be against Chinese, Cubans or Muslims.

    BFP’s articles exposed Chinese government murder and oppression of citizens, Cuban government murder and imprisonment of political opponents and terrorism or hate by fundamentalist muslims. I don’t see anything in BFP’s articles other than sympathy for the victims of these brutal belief systems be they Chinese, Cuban or Muslim victims.

    ((sorry about the double entry BFP it was a accident)

  107. Rohan

    You either stereotype a whole lot of victims by their accident of birth, muslims, chinese and cubans, or you endorse your own sweet sweet family ties, as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
    Agreed. The thing is BFP is probably worst.

    With BU we’re talking about comments that go un-moderated. With BFP we’re talking about actual articles written by BFP. Huge difference.

  108. Rohan

    Art, probably BU probably won’t change. I’m surely not defending them either way. But I think it’s a pretty big difference between unmoderated comments by readers (BU) and actual articles written by the blog (BFP).

    I don’t even want to paint the entire crew @ BFP. I wouldn’t be surprised if all those Muslim articles were written by the same BFP writer.

  109. 199

    Straight Talk you have the advantage over me of your posts not being moderated. I’m still waiting for my response to BFP, yesterday, to appear! BFP, if you’re so right than what are you afraid of! Publish people’s posts!!

    Straight Talk, do u believe that a person has or, should have, the right to be racist? Do u believe u can prevent people from being racist just by passing rules and laws and by banning this, that and the other? Well, u CAN confound many of their efforts at racism in that way. However, it won’t stop them still thinking that you’re a dog and still treating u like a dog at every opportunity which they can get away with, if that is their true opinion of you! I would just prefer it was n’t their TRUE opinion of me! That is the major difference between my position and that of many of you!! I PREFER NOT TO DELUDE MYSELF!!

  110. Juris

    Agreed, Rohan. It seems idiotic to me to create a blog to expose all points of view and then censor or refuse to publish them because you do not agree with them. Or say, as is BFP’s childish litany, “Go start your own blog!” Come in, usual suspects.


    BFP says: Juris, you may favour publishing comments that call murdered Canadian tourists “white trash”, but we don’t. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree then, won’t we?

  111. Hants

    Juris you may be right but BFP owns this blog so they are FREE to censor and FREE to be childish and idiotic.

    We are free to post and lambase duh back side until duf ban we too.

    Be Free.

    an Juris ef you start a blog I gine post dey too cause you does write wid nuff sense.

  112. art


    I can prove to you that BU supports its contributors’ racism conclusively.

    I can show you links and BU comments where a contributor threatened another, and BU facilitated them by posting their article of hatred directly afterwards.

  113. art

    I can prove to you that BU supports its contributors’ racism conclusively.

    I can show you links and BU comments where a contributor threatened another, and BU facilitated them by posting their article of hatred directly afterwards

  114. Khaidji? Thanks for the morning laugh – but it is YOU who relegate my blog to porn…

    That’s your right, no beef with me, tried reading your blog and for me it’s a bit dry – but that’s me.

    However – When I do have material that could be construed as “wild,” I put up appropriate warnings about the material, then it’s the reader’s decision to view or not.

    It makes me wonder as a poet if you ever been to poetry slams in Barbados, and what’s your view on the lyrics of some shows which can border on Daggerin’ and yet children are allowed to be present (the flyers have no warning too)? If you believe they are inappropriate under such circumstances, then we are not so far in ideologies after all.

  115. Juris

    Thanks for your kind sentiments, Hants. I am not saying that BFP is not master of its blog, but if others adopt a different stance in keeping with freedom of speech, that is their business too.

  116. More laughs today – wow, since when is racism limited to color – as far as I’m aware, any person of a given background who discriminates against another person from a different persuasion for any reason…

    Be it shape of nose, which way you crack an egg, how you tie shoes or whatever, skin color, length of toe, etc – then they are racist/prejudiced!

  117. Rohan

    Oh really? Post a link and let me check it out.
    Thanks man

  118. art


    Sample quote from dates between Feb 11 and Feb 21:
    ROK // February 19, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    “First they start out in a very hysterical way, calling you an anti-semetic. Then they walk about crying to everybody but especially to your superiors at your workplace. Then they will go to the press with a press release full of lies and concoctions to gain public sympathy.”….”I just waiting for the press release. By the time I done with he, not a Bajan will want to see a Jew again. I guarantee. “….”Don’t talk about the Talmud. Bajans in for a good education.”

    Bush Tea // February 19, 2009 at 10:02 pm
    ..hard ears you won’t hear…’LOL LOL

    ROK // February 19, 2009 at 10:10 pm
    Jews brokering deals with them against us; you better believe it. Between them and the Jews responsible for this sham called financial meltdown.


    This is but a sample of the anti-Semitism on BU. There are volumes of racism against Jews, Gays, Hindus, Guyanese, and others. I cannot even remember the list anymore- it is getting too long.




    February 21, 2009

    BU quote in preamble:
    “BU family member ROK has been relentless in his pursuit about what we shall describe as hidden truths. To day on his blog he had his say on the The Jewish Talmud, be sure to watch the video.”

    Check the dates and times. Note that BU even and also incorporates the Talmud link above in a current article on the anti-Christ. Why do you think a local person would incorporate someone’s religious material into an article on the anti-Christ?

    If someone put the NT in I’;m sure many more would be shocked than only me

    When you read through the anti-Semitic articles and posters on BU the same names come up. The are the same people who inhabit BU, and many of their agenda is anti-Jew. Posters who normally one would tend to respect, they too. It is most disappointing.

    Remember all who read, free speech is entirely legal, but where it escalates hate and racism it is ILLEGAL. I have had no feed back from anyone over the fact that I am showing Bajans undertaking illegal things. I see only support for these illegal things.

    I not only recommend anyone in their right mind disassociating from the BU blog, but recommend that the police try to capture whoever runs it.

  119. Ian, if you were reading my acrostics you may have discovered my condition prevents my public appearances and therefore, no “Slams”

    Rise on a point Mr. Speaker of clarity
    An offer another dry piece of acrostic poetry
    Cause Mr. Speaker I meant no personal assault
    Ian’s audience understands him so I’m at fault
    Somehow he discerned my Blog’s 1500 entries
    To be inadequate, dry constructions with flawed verbosities
    So I rise on a point of clarity and not to debase
    … Mr. Speaker, racists are people disliking others based on rac

    My Worst Enemy

    Poetry meant to inform – See MS – Mock Sport

  120. Be happy in your racist home , Bimbro.

    But don’t allow your double-standardised blogmeisters talk down to me whilst accommodating your ignorant racist rants.

    I recall your Indian neighbours, our Jamaican cousins, BFP handily forgives, forgets and attempts the high moral ground.

    I definitely do not.

    Over and out.

  121. “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.. by one of our Free Press editors, and you preach to us about prejudice.

    This control freakery will be your downfall, such a pity after your ground-breaking openness brought you instant acclaim.

  122. Sing-a-song

    “but recommend that the police try to capture whoever runs it.” Are you serious? I wondered how long before the closet neo-fascists (masquerading as protectors of minorities) would arrive.

    Everyone has views that can offend someone. I prefer that people speak their minds and we discuss rather than attempt to stifle people and drive them underground where their views can fester unchallenged. Often political correctness becomes reverse discrimination. For example, if one expressed disagreement with say abortion that is considered “hate speech” against women who may have had an abortion or if one abhors the misogynistic themes of some rap songs then one is guilty of hate speech against Black people.

    On a related note, some time ago BFP accused the Barbados Family Planning Association and its management of unethically and illegally promoting and performing abortions in order to harvest stem cells for sale. Was this a responsible presentation of an issue of public concern?



  123. reluctant nonbeliever

    Regrettably, BU has become a forum for unmediated, unmoderated hate speech of the most disgusting and virulent kind.

    BFP is surely right to be reconsidering its link to such a site.

    This is clearly not a matter of censorship, as some posters have wrong-headedly argued.

    It’s a matter of ethics, of decency.

    Let me put it this way: would any decent person here complain if BFP were to contemplate dropping a link to a once-estimable site that now contained repeated references to “stinking niggers”?

    I think not.

    So yes, BFP. Go ahead and dump BU – at least until its owner decides to clean up his act and restrain the filthy side of his “family” from defecating all over the house…

  124. reluctant nonbeliever

    Hi BFP

    Am reposting here if that’s ok.

    Was meant to be a separate comment, not a reply.

    reluctant nonbeliever
    May 22, 2009 at 4:44 am

    Regrettably, BU has become a forum for unmediated, unmoderated hate speech of the most disgusting and virulent kind.

    BFP is surely right to be reconsidering its link to such a site.

    This is clearly not a matter of censorship, as some posters have wrong-headedly argued.

    It’s a matter of ethics, of decency.

    Let me put it this way: would any decent person here complain if BFP were to contemplate dropping a link to a once-estimable site that now contained repeated references to “stinking niggers”?

    I think not.

    So yes, BFP. Go ahead and dump BU – at least until its owner decides to clean up his act and restrain the filthy side of his “family” from defecating all over the house…

  125. 199

    Yes, and you also sound like an eminent dreamer, ST!!

  126. Technician

    Ian …you have really disappointed me though.

  127. PiedPiper

    I bet Ian is really broken up about it too.

  128. art

    I am very serious.

    During the time running up to elections the blogs were a viable alternative to the news and TV media. Why? Because the once trusted, and toally proficient, but later corrupted regime, was enfranchised by the corporate intertwining of BNB, OCM and others.

    Cash haemorraged from the Treasury- the % debt climbed out of control while foreign middle men (that linked to our cash flow) raped us. That is what the blogs showed, when the media covered it up!

    Huge role.

    Since the elections changed the regime you now see the print media looking entirely more professional, more middle of the road and more in tune with Barbados, the Barbados I love, and the protectors of this still viable, but very developed, Island Barbados.

    BU has degenerated into its own regime where, in order to hold onto readership while purveying politcal propoganda, it has decided to stir the pot with a form of neo-Nazi derivative that has never yet been seen in our island. Despite this, it has lost serious readership and now finds itself in an unenviable place, having to defend its undefendable racist self.

    I was also embarrassed and disappointed to read some articles printed in BFP, especially some of the Musli bashing, that even a Jewish person like myself, who supports democracy and freedom to worship while tolerating others, was sad to see.

    Peace be unto all persons who love all persons, and who wish peace, with a blessing the L-rd we pray.

    So now the blogs are at the crossroads and must change.

    We see the Governmental non-fulfilment of promises like integrity, like defamation, like the zoning of agriculture, like the lack of green incentives in the budget (with a knowing smile and back pocket), the lack of the public knowledge of the recycling plant; and so much more.

    The blogs need to understand that the roles are now reversed. It is possible that polical affiliation prevents the 2 biggest blogs from so-doing; and this is the reason WHY the readership of these blogs has declined so drastically.

    No role, no will (it seems) to put forward the views that Barbados requires at the moment.

    Why are we blogging these things? To cover up the budget and the fact that our country is in crisis? Why are we not publicising the need for all citizens of all persuasions to pull together?

  129. Missing Home

    BFP bashes all and has no political affiliation Art.

    As far as integrity legislation goes, the only place mentioning it since the election is Barbados Free Press. As to BFP bashing muslims, I don’t see it. Which articles are you talking about?

  130. Gear Box

    Well well well

  131. Gear Box

    You pun dis blog? Shame on your family…!

  132. Gear Box

    Rip Tide like ripping up… Look how he rip up Bourne… !

  133. Gear Box

    Here yah.. Yah surprise mah…! You ain’ so bad after all..!

  134. Gear Box

    I can believe that you and Rohan like being ’bout hey. Man come back to de underground where de lashes sharing. LOL

  135. We all know why Gearbox doesn’t like me – there is a strong likelihood this is Frances Ross who’s married to Art Edwards and she didn’t like a review I did of a bust they presented to the US Embassy at the Hilton…

    It was a 3D portrait of Barack & Michelle, but the First couple had so many teeth in the replica they could have auditioned for JAWS and won!

    So in [quasi-Ross’] view I have been dissed by riptide and this gives them vicarious joy, when I thought that phrase was merely a nice way of explaining flatulence?

    Gearbox – get some “art” lessons and accept the review, Jerome Radigois is an excellent sculptor, get over it…

  136. Gear Box

    Hi little man, if ever your comments were considered worthwhile I would have no difficulty accepting them as expert opinions. But no. Man give me something to hold on too in your defense.. something…! Anything…! Sadly no..very much like so many others in your trade you are simply full of it. Nothing personal of course obviously because this comment could have been a whole lot worse. Sorry, little man, no respect here…!

    BTW guess who paid for all the goodies that you enjoyed.

  137. Gear Box

    Inicidentally leave the dear little English woman out of it. Shame on you to pick on a female. No I am just a good friend of them both. LOL

  138. Sir Bentwood Dick


    Certainly, there are many things in life that should be met with, as you say, ‘stiff resistance’.

    Where one needs to however, one must be discerning, as entering the wrong path can sometimes lead to difficulty.

    I do not think there is any conspiracy to shut BU’s however, but merely that one must also be stiff and unbendable, against outrageous and obnoxious rantings, which would be evidence of hate writings and chargeable in the Hague, if anywhere else in the developed world.

    Unless of course you admit that we are irrelevant here and really do not adhere to international parameters of decency and law?

  139. Sir Bentwood Dick

    Juris has professed to be well versed in the law, surprising then that Juris does not see that the comments under complaint would prove fodder for lawyers in international jurisdictions.

    Sir Bentwood Dick, 4th Earl of Ruritania

  140. Rohan

    Gear Box, haha I don’t know what you mean? BFP is actually the spot where I was introduced to bajan blogs.

  141. Hello GBx or {Art & Frances: sic(k)??}!

    Never professed to be an expert, in fact, if you read my Disclaimer, you would see I try to give a man on the street’s view of events. Yet at the same time, it seems you think only an expert has the right to review a show…

    What happens when an average joe goes into a gallery or museum and asks what s***e is that? Do you scoot them out for not complimenting? Only experts can review your show? How limited…

    Also, if hors d’ouvres, snacks, etc. are paid for and used, must those attending AUTOMATICALLY give a favourable review? I now understand why some media folk never eat or drink at certain events… But if I skip my lunch or dinner to attend, then I will partake – but do not expect I will dosh praise like largesse from a Mega 6 winner?

    Finally – if the Obamas bust was so scintillating how come the US Embassy’s Barbados home page never mentioned the presentation to Dr Hardt? My contributions on the Net may be only 6,000 readers a week at least, but I know that you have indeed passed by my blog;-

    from: Gear Box
    to: *****
    date : Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 11:13 PM
    subject: [The Bajan Reporter] New comment on Flights of Fancy & Flights of Reality – US Embassy….
    mailed-by: blogger.bounces.google.com

    Gear Box has left a new comment on your post “Flights of Fancy & Flights of Reality – US Embassy…”:

    In a place like Barbados which is inundated by high priced consultants and administrators, Frances and Art who actually are “doing” something, as opposed to merely advising and making speeches, deserve better. A little more research on the individuals should have been done before posting this article.


    Publish this comment.

    Reject this comment. {YUP!}

    Moderate comments for this blog.

    Posted by Gear Box to The Bajan Reporter at April 26, 2009 11:13 PM

    Love Gmail, never threw it away, just stored it… Wonder why my review got your knickers in such a knot, LOL? If my blog is so poorly read, then you need not have worried what I said, n’est-ce pas?

  142. reluctant nonbeliever

    well well well WHAT?

  143. Gear Box

    Oh you so sorely miss the point. Your star sculptor was invited to participate at the event at no expense to him. Art and Frances I understand also designed their piece to include the creation of another fine craftsman in Barbados in order to promote this other person’s efforts in the art of glass forming. Yes they paid for the event and chose to invite the participation of other skilled individuals! Selfless I would say. They to my mind are the finest portrait sculptors that the region has to offer and can claim (with the approval of Washington which first had to approve the images) that their depiction of the Obamas are very good, certainly good enough for the participation of high ranking officials of the US Embassy. This world class product is designed here in Barbados by Barbadians seeking export markets in the US and beyond and you Mr Bourne “with the disclaimer” would rather harm the process at inception by remarking on the number of teeth on display.

    Again I say to you that these entrepreneurs do not deserve this unnecessary attention from someone like yourself. Are you so set against people trying to find way to earn foreign currency for Barbados and exposing the skills of others in the process? If you have nothing good to say about such enterprising and selfless people, say nothing. The thing however about portraits is that the average man on the streets can comment and be an expert. It takes guts to be involved in an activity in which every one is an expert judge.

    Now Magnus Whitehead knows Art and is one hundred percent behind everything that he and his wife have been attempting over the years. He too will say that these two people are damned good! Damned good! Verify it and let your 6000 (?) readers know. It is the very least that you could do as an apology. My beef with you and your kind is that you do not research your subjects and you are quick to jump in and tear down something or someone for the most puerile reasons.

    Now the US Embassy Web-site would be a good outlet for there skills I’ll let them know that you made the suggestion. Pathetic..!

  144. Gear Box

    Don’t worry Ian, a response is awaiting the usual censorship..!

  145. @GBx again, Here’s my Disclaimer, read carefully, since parts of it apply to most blogs again…

    “These items are not prepared under ISO 9002 Certified Journalism – it’s just a Bajan’s look at things C’bean & Barbadian; if you are offended by any remarks? Take Panadol! (If you wanna make a remark, click on “COMMENTS” at bottom of each item, it will be moderated before published – if allowed, remember – this ain’t ur blog, ok?)”

  146. victor

    You can understand when some get the jitters over uncontroIIed immigration, you can have a Iaugh at the “white human pests”, “human vermin” – and my favourite, the “hum bugs”, that mysterious species which I cannot find Iisted anywhere. I have asked for cIarification on BU but got none as yet about the creatures. SeriousIy, though the hatred is so extreme it is sometimes funny, – in the same way KKK members Iook so hiIarious in those sheets – the worrying side is that potentiaI visitors, not aII of whom can take a joke, and who are used to hate Iaws being enforced, wiII be put off.

    More importantIy, this kind of Ianguage reinforces raciaI sterotypes and undoes any good that years of IegisIation might have achieved about equaIity. It can’t be psychoIogicaIIy heIpfuI for chiIdren to hear on the one hand that their country is hugeIy dependent on white tourism economicaIIy and yet to grow up to hear aduIts cursing and hating these very same meaI-tickets. As I have said before, that attitude Ieads to tourists being mugged and even kiIIed. These same chiIdren have to grow up surrounded by foreigners and peopIe of aII backgrounds. Iet’s not bring them up to hate everyone eIse!

  147. Knight of the Long Knives

    Yes Art post the links. I keep hearing about them but can’t seem to find BU condoning any of it. Put up or shut up.

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