Moody’s Puts Barbados Ratings On Downgrade Watch

Don’t worry folks…

Barbados is heavily invested in CLICO – good as gold, I tell ya!

From today’s Wall Street Journal…

Moody’s Investors Service is reviewing its credit ratings on Barbados’ foreign- and local-currency bonds for possible downgrade amid mounting government debt, predicting the Caribbean island’s ability to cover its debt will worsen in coming years.

The nation’s local-currency rating is A3, four notches above junk …

Moody’s Puts Barbados Ratings On Watch For Possible Downgrade


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15 responses to “Moody’s Puts Barbados Ratings On Downgrade Watch

  1. paul sealy

    Sad to see we exchanged one tief and his crew for another tief and his crew ……now we are four notches above junk..good going David,now we can see why you are in a hurry to get these Guyanese back home cause wunna know what coming and wunna ain’t want no extra problems(CRIME).

  2. Donald Duck, Esq

    Any bets on increases in taxes in the forthcoming budget on the 18th!!!

  3. Rumplestilskin

    ”ability to cover its debt will worsen in coming years”

    A statement which can apply to any country today, with the exclusion only of an oil-rich nation and possibly China.

    Anyone who was undecided previously, should now have a clear understanding that the word ‘recovery’ does not refer to a sudden ‘back to the last decade happy place’, but rather a permanent lifestyle change and a long road ahead for economic reorganisation, internationally.

    Look at the oil price, even in this difficult time, USD 60 per barrel, do you really think things will return to ‘the good old days’?

    But, as I said, Barbados is not in this alone, this is an international problem, it will continue to be felt internationally, no country has the ‘magic answer’.


    Peace & Live Strong

  4. Rumplestilskin

    By the way, what currency is the Barbados dollar tied to? Ah yes….

  5. i agree

    i agree with rumplstilskin, sometimes dese blogs tend to sensationalise just like the damn tabloids

  6. Juris a Joker

    It is the Wall Street Journal that says our currency is a few notches above junk. Don’t blame the blogs for repeating what the street says.

  7. TheNickster

    Get used to being self sufficient, we have to ween ourselves off of the import “stuff”, and really look hard at the “what if” we were “cut off” scenarios. Is it still too difficult to imagine? securing our farm industry and sorting our alternative energy sources should be our top most priorities. Foreign income zealots won’t be too happy without their northern creature comforts but clearly doing things their way has left us vulnerable. We need to be able to live on when the pale hand turns into a cold fist.

  8. Mark

    Do you guys believe everything this joker prints simply because it’s online? An A3 rating is actually quite good. There are only two higher ratings above “3”. Moreover, A is the highest rating possible. Read before you believe!

  9. Hants

    The world is in recession. Barbados is part of the world.

  10. cq8

    Yes the world is in recession and so is the travel industry and our banking industry is under attack. Time to raise chickens again if no one thief them.

  11. Hants

    “Standard and Poor’s downgraded its view of the UK to “negative” from “stable” for the first time since it started analysing its public finances in 1978.

    It said the UK’s finances were deteriorating faster than expected.”

  12. BFP

    Yup…. doesn’t make one optimistic for that important segment of our tourism, does it?

    Hants… I think you need to come home more often. We need those Canadians dollars!

  13. Hants

    I was in Barbados end of March and will be back soon.

    Family and friends are there right now.

    Bajan canadians supporting “Team Barbados”.

  14. BFP

    See you at Oistins Hants… bring money! 🙂