Sweden Says Aborting Female Baby OK If You Want A Son


I Am Woman, Hear Me Whimper…

For decades thousands of years, parents in China, India, Pakistan and other countries where women are lesser human beings have been killing daughters shortly after they are born. Sons are the best, don’t you know?

With the advent of modern medical technology, mothers are now able to kill daughters in the womb. That’s progress for you! While Asia has embraced this wonderful new empowerment, Western society has generally not looked favourably upon gender-selective abortion. Morally, it is OK for a mother to kill a child in the womb because the pregnancy is inconvenient or embarrassing, but it is not ok to kill a female baby in the womb because you want a son.

All that is changing.

Now Swedish Health Authorities have ruled that gender selection is a proper criteria for abortion.

Quite right. Who wants to have a lowly daughter when you can have a son?

And as for that stalwart defender of women’s rights, the National Organization of Women?


Femicide as family planning?

Hey, its all about choice, doan ya know?

… Barbados Free Press tips the rum glass to Matt Drudge.

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Gendercide Watch: Case Studies of Female Infanticide in India & China

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18 responses to “Sweden Says Aborting Female Baby OK If You Want A Son

  1. passin thru

    What is the law in Barbados about aborting females? Is there any law against it? Is it done? What about T&T with the large indian population?

  2. kiki

    As 52% of babies are female, this law is in line with about half the abortions in the world

    there is also a black market for female babies
    blond and blue eyed ones are worth top dollar

  3. ProLife

    Barack Obama would agree also, Mr support himself. He also supports partial birth abortion where the mother is at the end of her semester. Extremely disgusting when I found out.

  4. Mathilde

    well I guess the idiots will soon have the same problem as China, too many men. Then the stupid parents can bemoan their fate as their families die out.

  5. Chicago

    I would much rather have a son than a daughter. More devoted to the parents, make more money etc etc etc.

  6. victor

    In the parts of India and China where there are too few women due to seIective abortion they have had to resort to kidnapping from other areas to get breeding stock. It’s Iike those cartoon cave men, whacking the woman on the head with a cIub and dragging woman back to cave by the hair! The practice of seIective abortion does not resuIt in aduIt women having higher status in society, the opposite is true, they are treated Iike captive mares. I wonder if this fashion for aborting femaIes is some kind of naturaI seIection, an innate way of controIIing popuIation, as in ancient Greece and Rome when unwanted chiIdren, maIe and femaIe, were Ieft exposed on the hiIIside to die.

    Does the same appIy in Afghanistan where TaIiban and their sympathisers want their women not to be aIIowed to Iearn to read or write or do anything at aII apart from breeding and the Iatest, by Iaw, to have to wear makeup at home if demanded by husbands and by Iaw to have sex with said husband at Ieast once a week when required! Imagine that. After a hard day scrabbIing around in the barren hiIIsides with a bunch of madcap feIIow rocket – Iaunchers, you come home and demand “where the heII is your Iipstick? You caII that foundation? and wheres my dinner and anyway, Iie down” whack whack. What about societies where you can have muItipIe or as many wives as you want? Did that come about due to popuIation scarcity?

    What happens in societies where there are Iots more women than men? New ZeaIand for exampIe, where many top jobs are now heId by women, as the men tend to Ieave for away, or the Caribbean which has a scarcity of men and husbands are at a premium and there are many singIe mothers? WiII there come a time as in China, when the government dictates how many chiIdren you can have and your wife can be forced to have an abortion if you have exceeded your quota? Infanticide has been around for ever so maybe the question reaIIy is, who wiII decide about the destiny of an unborn chiId, the parents or the State?

    I’m coming round to the idea that it shouId be the parents, even if they are aborting femaIe foetuses, because that’s a “naturaI” societaI decision, not a State decision. In time, obviousIy, even one or two generations wiII prove that aborting one sex or the other is unworkabIe when the scarcity of that sex in aduIthood makes procreation such a probIem that kidnapping becomes the onIy option. It amazes me that in the 21st century we are stiII deaIing with these issues! Here we are with modern medicine and birth controI etc. yet instinctive urges make us try to pIay God. Even though the gender baIance of the unborn is usuaIIy 52/48, in some pIaces it is not. Why? There’s a reaIIy great book caIIed Brain Sex I forget the author but wiII ransack the bookcase now and come back Iater. It expIains how hormonaI changes during gestation can effect the sex of the foetus, eg during wartime Iess maIes are born.

  7. victor

    Brain Sex by Anne Moir and David JesseI, pub. 1989 by MichaeI Joseph

  8. abajanwoman

    Gender selection..wow amazing that in 2009 and beyond we still have idiots who believe that males are better than females and the more amazing thing is that WOMEN makes these choices… women decide to have abortions, kill other women and then cry buckets when their male child cant find a female to marry yet would have a cow if he had a male partner… what do you expect you stupid cows… If God didn’t want females around he would have simply allowed Adam to be asexual… but we are here… NOW where the heck is NOW where are all those feminine organizations who mostly have a bunch of hardline feminist lesbians bantering that they are supportive of female rights …

    Where are their voices… !!!

    When it comes to fundamentalist countries most of these groups tend to slink away and shut up…

  9. World Citizen

    Actually, the “next step” (…or slide downhill..) is this: women are KIDNAPPED as “wives” (…read: sex slaves / baby-making machines…) by the mentally-challenged men who find themselves sans BABES, by dint of killing-off BABIES.

    Go figure. This type of historically unchanging male-behaviour actually makes a rather damning Case for MALE-INFANTICIDE…

  10. victor

    bajanwoman, in a way you can understand why women in undeveIoped countries aIIow gender seIection – and accept, even perform femaIe genitaI mutiIation – because men hoId the power and therefore a woman wouId prefer a maIe chiId, it having potentiaIIy more power to Iook after the famiIy but in a supposedIy enIightened society Iike Sweden…? Whereas in India and China the bride Ieaves her famiIy home and becomes attached to the bridegroom’s famiIy, thereby no Ionger contributing to her bIood famiIy, this does not appIy in deveIoped societies so as you say, there must be other reasons. In the case of Sweden, I think it is poIiticaI correctness gone mad. I wonder which sex is most “chosen” there?

  11. kiki

    Some hospitals will not let parents know the sex of a baby before it’s born, especially when they are asian. But I would like to make the point that not all asians think and act the same way.

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  17. 80

    Wow, did you know that the Swedish law supports aboriton on basis of gender? Either gender can be aborted. Stop seeing things to fit your radical feminist agenda.

    In at least one story, a woman who received gender based abortion already had two daughters at home.