Rihanna Nude Photos Surface… Or Not? Bajan Reporter Has The Photos, You Decide

The last time there were allegations of Rihanna allowing herself to be photographed in her altogether, they turned out to be PhotoShop fakes.

This time… more of the same or the real thing?

If you’re interested head over to The Bajan Reporter and see for yourself. (Warning: Rihanna or not the photos are graphic)  The Bajan Reporter: Rihanna Nude?


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41 responses to “Rihanna Nude Photos Surface… Or Not? Bajan Reporter Has The Photos, You Decide

  1. neville

    if the photos are actually of Rihanna?
    She looks VERY BEAUTIFUL and has nothing to
    be ashamed of. It seems to be a private
    moment captured.

    It’s strange that they were leaked
    at this time but? What would an abusive spiteful Boy do who is in trouble with the law, if he found out that his ex-girl was recovering nicely moving on without him & recently spotted in pics with
    a former lover to bring more Drama into
    ex-girl that he once abused life,
    without an actual physically beating her

    Perhaps? Leak Personal Nude photographs?
    or have a friend leak them
    to take the attention off of his Trying to Plea Bargain the courts to get get charges dropped for abusing her? Maybe to try to further ruin her Career or abuse her mentally?

    They really need to check into the source of the leak.

    Rihanna keep you face to sun and the
    shadows will always fall behind you.
    You’re still beautiful and very talented.

  2. ru4real

    Does anybody care?

  3. Analyzer

    Yes, I care and so should you.

  4. timing suspicious

    Rihanna is fit !
    Girls, need to watch out
    for the nude pictures intended
    for their significant other coming
    back to haunt them or posted up on
    the web after a nasty breakup !

  5. rohan

    It must be a dreadfully painful life to be a hypocrite. That goes for all of you who are about to say some holier-than-thou bull like they’re no skeletons in YOUR closets!

    As for them being ‘graphic”, they are pretty benign pictures of a beautiful human body…the horror!!!

  6. J


    Who ever it is has an inverted left nipple.

  7. 199

    Brilliant body, brilliant voice!! What more can a girl ask for!!

  8. ru4real

    Why should I she’s nothing to me their are girls are pretty as her walking down the street.
    Anyway whats new everyone has seen her body on stage anyway- so nothing new there.

  9. Sundowner

    If Chris Brown has released these, then he’s shot himself in the foot, whoever it is has a lovely body to be proud of, but eh, no tatto’s???

  10. drwho

    Ri Ri has nothing to be ashamed off her pics are nice…shame they were leaked to the public….but i think my boy chris wid d panties on he head is helllllllllla funny dude man oh man lol hahahahah i would hate to think he would be so stupid to leak those pics lol hahah especially that one

  11. kiki

    Have you got any nude pictures of your wife
    … if not would you like to buy some

  12. mahoni

    This is insane for a young girl she is always in the news for one thing or another and since she is a role model for lots of young girls in barbados we all need to make sure she is fully supported in her time of need; even if it is a moral support. her naked pictures being shown all over the internet can be very shameful for her family but whoever did it must be close to her. there is no way someone can release these photos without having access to her belongings now or in the past. look anywhere and Rihanna is making headlines http://www.dragtotop.com/rihanna_exposed or tweets are coming by the minutes at http://www.Twitter.com. i really feel for her family and for her and i’m sure the private life of a women should stay private and under no circumstance it should be made public. she is beautiful young women and an amazing singer; bright future ahead. All the people in Barbados are standing behind you.

  13. My thoughts exactly, I feel it’s a distraction – whether it’s her or not… But where are her tattoos?

  14. Wright B.Astard

    Rihanna has enough probems with the press and paparazzi outside. Lay off the damn girl, let her find a sanctuary here when she comes home .

  15. Bobby Ewing

    You have to admit that Rihanna is sexy as hell in these pics – Sausage Legs and all. What a great RACK.

    Additional pics are at

    watercooler dot jlaforums dot com

    You KNOW alot of people think Chris Brown leaked these. REVENGE is a BIOTCH!

    Just wait until you see the Jessica Simpson ones in a couple of months!

  16. kiki

    C Brown would look cute in jail in a pair of panties with and suspenders on


    Analyzer … why do you care?


    Brilliant body… but : brilliant voice? Really 199… please listen to some real singers. That said ~ accolades to Ri Ri … IT’S ABOUT MAKING MONEY. You have something to market? Then go with the flow……..

  19. Pat

    I am not sure CB leaked these and left his own in with hot pink panties on his head. Unless, unless, his people did that to take suspicion away from him. The question to ask is, how many people had copies of these pics.

  20. Pat

    Copied from BU

    Tami // May 10, 2009 at 11:49 am

    Ambassodorial sex tape!!

    TMZ has learned the legal department at Island Def Jam Music Group, RiRi’s label, sent a letter to at least one website that published the photos. The letter refers to “unauthorized photos purported to be…Rihanna,” demands that the photos be removed from the site, and calls the photos a violation of “the Artist’s rights.”

    It’s not clear whether Rihanna really is the woman in the buff because you can’t see her face in the nude shots. She is clearly pictured in two fully clothed pics.

    Interestingly, the letter from Island Def Jam does not deny (or confirm) if it’s really Rihanna.

    To make matters worse, there is an alleged sex tape looking to find its way to the web very soon.

    After shocking nude photographs allegedly taken by Rihanna surfaced on the internet, one can only wonder what’s next, especially since there is talk of a rumored sex tape..

    Nearly seven photos of Rihanna were released online late Friday. The photos not only revealed Rihanna’s pierced breast and buttocks but, a photo of a man bearing striking resemblance to Chris Brown sitting shirtless on a bed with pink panties on his head. The duos photo gallery nearly confirms a rumored sex tape and hotel room romp covered in by both Star Magazine and The Sun.

    Sources said Rihanna was fearful of a sex tape she had made with Brown being released. “Rihanna has no issues with her sexuality but, she’d be mortified if her friends and family found this out,” the source confirmed.

    The tape, which was rumored to have been made the same night the alleged – now released- photos were taken, may be next to make its way to the net. Some even say Brown might have been the culprit who was holding the images over Rihanna’s head.

    If said tape does make its way to the net, both Brown and Rihanna will take yet another blow to their images… can they survive it ? Some believe Rihanna is terrified because she’s seen how quickly Brown can turn on her…

    Source: Bossip.com

    Now has Beenie Man really even embarrassed your beloved Riri, in comparison to the latest news, I think not. She is doing a good job all by herself.

  21. Karia

    Whats the big deal the human body is to be admired. So often we are in relationships where we let our guard down and then we are bitten by those we trust. Regardless she is a beautiful black woman.

  22. ANON

    I want a piece of dat. She look real good.

  23. gourgette

    That she looks good in the photos isn’t really the issue. The fact is that it would be mortifying for such private photos to be leaked no matter how good you looked in them.

  24. Your mum once looked like that.

    At least she thought she did.

    It’s Mother’s Day, go give her a kiss and tell her you love her, she’s still a woman, and probably the best one you’ll ever meet.

  25. reluctant nonbeliever

    “your mum once looked like that”?


    paging Dr Freud…

  26. sauer kraut

    Too many boobs to look at lately. First Paris, Britney and Lindsay. Then Cassie (whoever that is) and Rihanna. Next year… J-Lo, Shakira and fill-in-the-blank.

    Those boobs at least aren’t ugly like Rush, dickless and Mitt.

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  28. permres

    I am not very good with this computer stuff therefore I cannot at the moment give a link, but there is an e-mail being forwarded around which says that “Umbrella” is promoting occultism and worship of the devil. It appears to be quite convincing, with stills from the video, in its analysis.

    This needs investigating, and if true needs reporting to our Government concerning the ambassadorship of Rihanna.

    Can anyone here help to get this forwarded e-mail circulated, or should I trash it?

  29. J

    Trash it.

    Too often people like to say the devil made me do it.

    When in fact it was human folly.

  30. Goldenbead

    Sounds like someone with too much time on their hands. Come on, Umbrella is promoting devil worship? Please!!

    Shame her pics ended up on the net, I feel sorry for her. She has had a hard year so far. Just carry on with your head held high Rihanna!

    Pay no attention to the haters.

  31. permres

    Many thanks for your advice, J, I too am tempted to trash it. However, unless there is an alternative reason for the images in the video, which I would like to hear about, this e-mail is being circulated and possibly spreading its lies.

    I will give one example. I have seen the video on the TV several times, and never understood why Rihanna (if it is her) appears naked but painted in silver? This e-mail says that in the video a previous backdrop to her dancing shows an abstract painting with some sort of silvery slime going across. They say this is the devil’s sperm. Then in the video, Rihanna is coated with his sperm!!

    Intelligent people have put this video together. How do they explain these images?

  32. jacob

    How is Grand-daddy Bennie Man ever
    going to think of embarrassing ANYONE
    with his own share of escapades with the Women in his Past? Including rumors of domestic abuse and cheating in His Relationships?
    He is old , He has children almost Rihanna’s age & He should know better!
    Rihanna is still a very young girl, What’s his excuse for his own public relationship follies ???????

    Are Rihanna photos much worse than any
    daggering dancehall tapes or very
    scantily clad women attending those
    placed when posing and exposing every
    orifice to entice Men at these events on the Internet or the dances that so many do these days?
    Women often compete to pose MUCH WORSE knowing that the pictures and videos taken of them will be made public worldwide at the dancehall events.

    Correct me if I am wrong but these
    Photos were supposedly hacked from her
    personal collection,
    I guess no one has ever
    had any bedroom photo play or sex tapes
    made with their
    lover or mate, things that were meant
    to be and stay PRIVATE?
    I do not understand the prude
    stance so many island people take!

    Rihanna has a beautiful body.
    & it’s too bad her personal photos were
    stolen and outed for all to see on the internet in
    that way.

    Keep your Head up Rihanna!

  33. kiki

    It’s about that money
    Big Cheques
    You think the sex is next
    I’m getting money caught a flight to new york
    just another day in the life of Too $hort

  34. Knight of the Long Knives

    anyone here who did not see this coming a mile away?

  35. permres

    My apologies for troubling this blog! I just Googled “Rihanna occult” and there’s loads there for and against. I can now make up my own mind.

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  37. kiki

    My name is:
    “I’mA Pimp-Named Slick-Back”

    You’ve got to say the full name not “Slickback” or “A Pimp-Named Slick-Back”

    Now repeat my full name…
    .. “I’mA Pimp-Named Slick-Back”

  38. Bourne Jr talking rot again, where is Gearbox when you need him?

  39. Jonathan

    chris brown the
    woman abuser pleads guilty!


    Settlement reached in Chris Brown’s alleged beating of Rihanna
    A plea deal has been reached between Los Angeles prosecutors and pop star Chris Brown, who is accused of assaulting singer Rihanna before the Grammy Awards.

    Brown will plead guilty to a felony and receive six months in jail or community labor — such as graffiti removal or trash pickup — and five years’ formal probation. He will also undergo domestic violence counseling. Judge Patricia Schnegg said he will be allowed to complete counseling, community labor and probation in his native Virginia, but is to be treated there like any other offender.

    [Updated at 2:15 p.m.: Schnegg says she plans to issue “a stay-away” order barring Chris Brown from having contact with Rihanna. But an attorney for Rihanna said she doesn’t want the order. Sources told The Times that Brown’s camp initially rejected the plea agreement and had been mulling the settlement for several days.]

    [Updated at 2:26 p.m.: “I think it is comendable you took responsibility for your conduct,” Schnegg told Brown.

    After Chris Brown left with his entourage, Rihanna was brought into the courtroom and informed of the stay-away order by the judge. “Thank you,” she told the judge and then left through a back door of the courtroom.]


    Why should I she’s nothing to me their are girls are pretty as her walking down the street.
    Anyway whats new everyone has seen her body on stage anyway- so nothing new there.

    —————–yes but can they cut it like Rihanna
    —————some of them would be terrified to do
    —————It is not easy for everyone as pretty or ——————prettier to do better
    —————the girl has value-everyone has value-

  41. is that nude 000come on