BREAKING: Swine Flu Pandemic Imminent – World Health Organisation Declares Level 5 of 6


Airline Flights Scaled Back, Some US Schools Closed, Europe Into Lockdown

We just finished watching WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan on CNN satellite and I wish we had recorded what she said. No doubt you can go to or Drudge Report and get the latest, but here it is from memory…

The World Health Organization raised the pandemic alert to the second-highest level, indicating that a full blown pandemic is “imminent” according to Dr. Chan. Dr. Chan said that “all countries should immediately now activate their pandemic preparedness plans.”

Prior to the appearance of Dr. Chan, some talking heads at CNN were speculating that the Avian flu and SARS were a “3” on the pandemic scale – so that gives you an idea of the seriousness of the threat.

In the news, we see that Air France flight crews are refusing to fly to Mexico. I can’t blame them, but truly it is so appropriate that the French crews would be the first to say “non”. I can’t help it folks — like the old joke “How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris? Answer: no one knows, it’s never been attempted!”

Now for Some Good News… And a More Balanced Perspective

eTurbo News —  a global travel industry newsletter — reminds us that 35,000 people died of influenza in the United States last year alone. Yes, as Dr. Chan pointed out in the WHO briefing a few minutes ago, this new strain of swine flu has never been seen before and should be treated with respect and the utmost precautions. And, we should all take those precautions.

But we at Barbados Free Press are willing to bet that in two months time this new crisis in the travel industry will be ending. Our leaders should not only be thinking about what is to be immediately done to protect everyone, they should be planning for the recovery of our tourist industry after this swine flu passes.

Have a read of the eTurbo News article Applying Tourism’s Lessons Learned From SARS To Swine Flu and you will be reassured that the sky is not falling. This swine flu crisis isn’t the end of the world, but it is going to significantly impact our national economy and your pocketbook. In response, hopefully our leadership will cancel a few champagne brunches at the Hilton and devote themselves to more immediate concerns.

Meanwhile, as we continually remind our readers: look after your family and friends better than you ever have before — you might be the one needing help next week.


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73 responses to “BREAKING: Swine Flu Pandemic Imminent – World Health Organisation Declares Level 5 of 6

  1. glicky

    Empty Virgin plane today at the airport. Maybe ten people on it.

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  3. Come On

    Time to move to Antarctica…

  4. Mary, Quite Contrary

    7 people in the world have died from swine flu.

    A member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has dismissed claims that more than 150 people have died from swine flu, saying it has officially recorded only seven deaths around the world.

    Don’t believe the hype

  5. yatinkiteasy

    More people die every year from lightning strikes!
    This is a great plan to sell millions of dollars of drugs!

  6. Passerby

    Glicky – only 10 people on Virgin plane today ….. You sure that was not the cleaning crew! 😉

  7. reality check

    Obama and all executives of the cabinet are now being graded on CNN. How about grading the PM, Deputy and all cabinet posts. It will let them know what the citizens think of their governance to date.

    You might even vote on specific issues such as transparency, environment etc

  8. reluctant nonbeliever

    For a refreshing alternative opinion on all the panic and hype surrounding swine flu, have a look at the link below (from the UK Guardian).

  9. Hants

    Icreasing your level of personal hygeine is a good idea.

    Wash hands more often and avoid people who are sneezing or coughing etc.

    The flu is spreading.

  10. paul sealy

    Lets see if Thompy makes bajans take the deadly Tamiflu vaccine when it reaches level 6,i’ll take mine when pigs fly!!!

  11. paul sealy

    By the remember that guy that made deals with Saddam and other phychos,whose buddies Bush and Cheney made billions off of the Iraq war ..i think his name is Rumsfield..yes Donald Rumsfield..well he owns the company that makes the vaccinations for Swine Flu..somebody is about to get very rich off of a lot of healthy people.

  12. paul sealy

    watch what you say on here you might be labeled a theorist.

  13. paul sealy

    In other news,the company distributing swine flu vaccine Novavax stocks went up 80 percent yesterday..hmmm..interesting

  14. Nostradamus

    When you have 24 hour news channels and Blogs this is what you get – irrational hysteria!

    reluctant nonbeliever, thanks for the link.

  15. J

    From Dr. Mercola’s website “This is probably the single most important and least expensive action you can take. I would STRONGLY urge you to have your vitamin D level monitored to confirm your levels are therapeutic at 50-70 and done by a reliable vitamin D lab like Lab Corp. For those of you in the US we hope to launch a vitamin D testing service through Lab Corp that allows you to have your vitamin D levels checked at your local blood drawing facility, and relatively inexpensively. We hope to offer this service by June 2009.”

    So I see that Dr. Mercola is selling something. Like everybody else he is looking to make a lot of money.

    For those of us in Barbados just remember that we can get all the vitamin D we want for free.

    It is called SUNSHINE.

    Just turn off your computer, get out of your car and walk in the sun for half an hour or more each day. And “NO” you do not need to send money to Lab Corp to have your vitamin levels monitored.

    Remember that most of us in Barbados are black people. If you are black then it is obvious that you evolved on the equator and are therefore well adapted to sunshine.

    Pay no attention to the people who will tell you that going in the sun without sunscreen will give you skin cancer.

    Use your common sense.

    Didn’t your grandparents and great grandparents work in the sun 12 hours a days 6 days a week and lived to be 80 or 100 without skin cancer?

    Insufficient sunshine will damage your immune system and make your more likely to get flus, cancer and especially multiple sclerosis.

    Get some sunshine today.

    Its FREE.

  16. Wildycoyte.

    I did not want to post this cause this site claims to be free but surpresses certain links and videos,don’t know how long this one will stay up,here is Dr. Leonard Horowitz on the swine flu.

  17. Rohan

    Yup, and he also made a lot of money off the bird flu “epidemic”, somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 million.

  18. Mathilde

    I heard on the news that we have two football teams coming from Mexico to stay with us here. How lovely. Exactly what a smart Government should allow in this scenario. God save us from these buffoons.
    Oh and saying how so many thousands of people die from the regular flu does not comfort me. Those people who die from it are usually OLD with other health problems that the flu aggravates. The swine flu is killing 25-45 year olds who were previously healthy.
    So NO, Im NOT reassured at ALL.

  19. reality check

    Thanks Wild Coyote

    where there is smoke there is fire

    I hope someone up the chain of command can chase these assertions down and prosecute with military precision.

    If true, this would be genocide even more sinister and evil than the sub-prime fiasco and subsequent collapse of credit markets.

  20. Sargeant

    Apparently Mexico was unable to test for the virus, perhaps that is why it took so many days for the details to become public.

  21. leaving lasvegas

    2 football teams visiting from Mexico?
    While this is going on?
    Please don’t let this be true!

  22. leaving lasvegas

    Grenada’s Ministry of Health testing arriving passengers at airport

    ST GEORGE’S, Grenada (OPM) — The Ministry of Health in Grenada says it is aware of the arrival into the country of two persons from one of the countries affected by the Swine Influenza on an American Airlines flight on Tuesday evening.

    The Ministry is taking all steps necessary to ensure relevant tests are undertaken to determine the status of the individuals and the potential risk they may pose to persons with whom they may come into contact.

    The two individuals have been cooperating with the Ministry’s directions and have been provided with the required medical treatment as a preemptive measure. They have been required to stay at home and remain quarantined to determine whether they had been exposed to or have indeed contracted the Swine Influenza.

    Additionally the ministry has put in place a series of measures designed to minimize any potential risk to the population and ensure Grenada remains free of the swine influenza.

    “This is not a time to panic, it is a time to pay special attention to our plan, examine our response and test our preparedness for any potential threat,” Minister of Health Ann Peters said Wednesday.–32-32–.html

  23. reluctant nonbeliever

    You’re welcome, my friend.

    Here’s another one if you’re interested from the same source (Guardian online) by a UK doctor.

    The most telling (and chilling)comment is at the end – re the number of children who died in India and Africa yesterday (an estimated 2000).

    But they didn’t die of swine flu, so no media interest at all…

  24. reluctant nonbeliever

    I urge you all to read the article linked below.

    It coolly, calmly and lucidly places the current hysteria into its historical context.

    The simple message is: we’ve heard all this scare-mongering before (does anyone remember those stupid green disinfectant carpets at the airport a few years ago during the ‘mad cow’ panic in the UK?), and once the pig-flu panic is over, we’ll hear it again in a few years time.

    Here’s the link. Do read it: it’ll cheer you up if you’re anxious, and give you rum-shop ammunition if you’re not!–scared-time.html

    ps My favourite quote? From the Ryanair boss on the Scots couple who apparently caught swine flu on their Mexican honeymoon:

    ‘Will the Edinburgh couple die? No. A couple of Strepsils will do the job.’

    Sure enough, they’ve made a full recovery in a matter of days, without any special medication…

  25. paul sealy

    I hope you all see who the real terrorists are now!!!

  26. queen

    swine flu is already in Barbados inspite of what the media is saying. two people are confine at the QEH with the illness. Ask the CMO at the meeting this evening with the MOH staff at Sir Lloyd Erskine

  27. queen

    swine flu is already in Barbados inspite of what the media is saying. two people are confine at the QEH with the illness. Ask the CMO at the meeting this evening (5:00 – 8:00 p.m.) with the MOH staff at Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre (Sherbourne). I don’t know why the denial. enough said.

  28. Sundowner

    If you know something the WHO don’t know, you should inform them, or are you just using scare tactics.

  29. queenam

    Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre(sherbourne) May 1, 2009 – 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

  30. victor

    Yes, it is right to worry about swine fIu and no, it is not a capatiIist conspiracy. This fIu is Iike any other waterborne virus. You onIy catch it from dropIets from a sneeze or by touching a surface Ieft by a sneeze or cough of an infected person. You are vuInerabIe on a bus or if you Iive in cIose proximity to Iots of other peopIe. This fIu has some interesting characteristics; often fIu viruses kiII young, heaIthy peopIe just because the young have a strong immu ne system which goes into overdrive, Ieaving the patient too weak to tackIe the actuaI virus. But it seems that this time, that gene is absent in the bug, so the young are not so vuInerabIe at that point. MeanwhiIe it turns out that the oIder you are the safer you are, because many of the eIements in this fIu, even though from pigs, are the same fIus we have had for years and are now immune to those. The heaIthier you are, the safer you are and if you are not in tip top heaIth, try to stay away from Iarge gatherings for a whiIe.

  31. Thanks, Victor, very reassuring.

    Now can we have advice for those of us who may catch it?

  32. J

    Victor wrote “This fIu is Iike any other waterborne virus. ”

    Influenza is NOT a waterborne virus.

  33. reluctant nonbeliever

    Hey BFP

    Why is my comment still awaiting moderation nearly 24hours after I posted it?

  34. paul sealy

    This idiot claims its not a capitalist conspiracy,like if this is the first time that Donald Rumsfeld brought out swine flu,do some research before you type BS for people to believe,were you alive in 1976 when Rumsfelds Tamiflu vaccine killed five people and they had to discontinue giving it to the masses and pay the families of people that died millions,get your facts straight before you actually make people believe your crap.

  35. paul sealy

    If i believed people like you i would have already taken Tamiflu.

  36. People like Queen should stop being so irrespondsible. If the test results are not yet back, then how can one confirm a case, whether at QEH or home. It is a sad day when the health status of patients at QEH become public info without the consent of said patient. Queen should trust the competence of the Doctors, nurses, etc. Stop trying to create a panic.

  37. BFP

    Hi RN,

    We can’t see anything in the spam bucket. Did we miss something?

  38. Hants

    RESULTS from the first person residing in Barbados to be tested for the H1N1 (swine flu) virus have proved negative.

    This was confirmed last night by Minister of Health Donville Inniss who told the SATURDAY SUN that the results came in from the testing facility in Trinidad and Tobago late yesterday evening.

  39. BFP

    Yup… Right in the Nation for all who want to see…

    RESULTS from the first person residing in Barbados to be tested for the H1N1 (swine flu) virus have proved negative.

    This was confirmed last night by Minister of Health Donville Inniss who told the SATURDAY SUN that the results came in from the testing facility in Trinidad and Tobago late yesterday evening.

    It was unclear if the tested individual was Barbadian. However, it is known that he recently travelled to Mexico, where the first case was identified.

    “Government is pleased to announce that the first sample came back negative, but we continue to urge Barbadians not to become complacent,” the minister said.

    “We must continue to be vigilant and take all the necessary precautions,” Inniss added, noting that Government had taken the initiative to educate hundreds of health care workers about the disease at a symposium at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre yesterday.

  40. Nostradamus

    reluctant nonbeliever, thanks again for the link.

    “does anyone remember those stupid green disinfectant carpets at the airport a few years ago during the ‘mad cow’ panic in the UK?”

    Just a small correction. The “green carpet” was actually put out for Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) not Mad Cow. FMD is a highly contagious viral infection that affects cloven hoofed animals, but rarely humans.

  41. concerned

    someone i know who was in mexico for a sporting event came back last week. he told me he went through the airport like normal and came home. nobody asked him a question! how can we trust what the authorities are telling us in the news reports?

  42. victor

    StraightaIk, the advice is that you shouId get together a bunch of neighbours, friends and famiIy who can take care of the sick ones and make sure they get the medication. J, this virus IS waterborne, through the air in dropIets, which are either breathed in by peopIe in cIose proximity or by peopIe touching surfaces which an infected person has touched. You then, having touched a surface which is infected, might put a finger to your Iips or rub your mouth, pick your nose or rub your eyes. AII mucous membranes. Apart from breathing another person’s sneeze, the ways described above are the surest ways to get swine fIu. Today it was opined by the medicaI profession that the Iife of the virus upon a surface is one hour.

  43. Sundowner

    The results of the others tests are in and also negative. People just need to be sensible. This flu is spread the same way as any other flu or common cold virus.

  44. Sundowner

    Not in Barbados at all, suspected as being in Barbados, very very different!

  45. La Toyia

    Always research information for yourself ESPECIALLY info that comes from mass media.
    This new strain of flu is what you call a hybrid strain because it is a mixture of Bird Flu, Swine Flu i.e Pig Flu and Human Flu. If you research were the individual strains of flu originated you will conclude that they came from different continents-Asia, Europe, and North America. It is very rare to have a “Mutant” strain of flu that comes from different animals that can hurt people.
    To have strains of flu mixed together from different continents then being generated from a single nation is really AMAZING.

    I think people should take the time to think about the Swine Flu and do they homework before they make any medical and idealistic decisions.

    Could this strain of flu be one that has been generated by design given its genetic make up???

    Could this strain of flu be a wepon by those who have a stake in the Tamiflu vaccine to make millions of dollars???

    How was the outbreak of swine flu back in 1976 handled in the US?

    Take a listen to what American Congressman Ron Paul has to say about the Swine Flu Scare. Ron Paul is also a Physician.

    Read the article entitled: Swine Flu Is Deadly Mix Of Never-Before-Seen Viruses

    Knowledge is indeed Power.
    Don’t accept anything that in handed on a silver platter. It could be poison.

  46. La Toyia

    I am totally in agreement with you Paul Sealy.

    Those that have a stake in the Tamiflu vaccine include top globalists and BIlderberg members like George Shultz, Lodewijk J.R. de Vink and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

    It you haven’t already check out Info Wars:

  47. me

    For the vast majority of people who catch “swine flu”, it’s no worse than the ordinary flu.

  48. reluctant nonbeliever

    Released now (see above).


  49. reluctant nonbeliever

    Yes, of course. FMD it was.

    Thanks for the correction.

  50. Illuminator

    Besides a few other posters , am I the only one that is very deeply concerned about the situation behind the actual outbreak of this virus. Namely the likely concoction and release of it for not only profit but maybe to assist in the riddance of some supposed undesireables.

    Interestingly enough is that the same vaccines supposedly designed to fight these things may also themselves contain a more deadly little gift . Vaccines that we allow our children to be injected with everyday without question for the most part during the routine ‘immunisation’ program.

    I think it would be great idea if more us started to be alot more open minded and got our news from other sources besides the mass media which have been bought and paid for by big business. Its interesting that when you think the ‘official’ story of an event or even accepted reality doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that you are dismissed as a conspiracy nut. Like steel structured buildings being hit by planes and then falling a few hours later in less than 10 seconds or about the the same time it would take to drop a very heavy weight from the same height with no resistance to its path.

    Be open minded and ask yourself ‘who benefits’ from these events. I think many times that would be enough to spark some questions of the ‘official story’. Realise that nuff money , nuff power , and nuff control is a very powerful incentive for people that cares nuffing for u or your family .

  51. La Toyia

    People fell for the the Swine Flu hoax back in 1976. Are we falling for it again?

  52. paul sealy

    Thank God some people are waking up!!!

  53. paul sealy

    Victor said “make sure they get the medication” who do you work for Victor?..Are you even in Barbados?..Did you hear Dr.Joy St.John last night on CBC telling bajans that they have approx. 5000 doses of Tamiflu stockpiled to give to Bajans..i am now wondering who “SHE” is working for..what is her agenda?..does this woman even do research for herself or is she blindly following the instructions of Donalds friends the WHO?..or are they all in it together along with the Government?
    Some of you really need to think with an open mind and don’t follow like a lamb to slaughter!!

  54. paul sealy

    Illuminator..people like you give people like me hope to keep on informing people and making them open their minds…this reply hits the nail on the head.

  55. Rumplestilskin

    A ‘mix’ of equine, avian and human flus?

    I agree, a bit suspicious. In addition, remember a few weeks ago, it was reported, that a three vials of virus sample ‘disappeared’ from a Maryland military research facility. Apparently may have been missing since 2004!

    Top facility and samples ‘disappeared’?

    Now it seems that a farmer in Alberta has given ‘swine flu’ to his pigs!

    As for Tamiflu, we will all do anything necessary to help our families and thus ageed, the ‘fear factor’ is being utilised again.

    Look at who owns the vaccines, including one major ‘character’ in the former US administration.

    Are we not a little bit concerned that these ‘neo-cons’ have such close contact, if not control of secret services, military as well as medical companies such as those that make vaccines?

    We are certainly not the only country where transparency is an issue.


  56. Rumplestilskin

    The virus samples that disappeared from the military facility were some other virus, cannot rememebr what exactly.

  57. Rumple:

    Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis – from the same Fort Dietrick, also proved to be the source of the anthrax in the post-911 scare.

  58. Illuminator

    A must watch, we need some more Alex Jones’s around. Good information, I am not into the hero worship stuff but I consider this man a real hero.

  59. Mathilde

    I have a little baby so if this flu makes it here Im pulling out the biohazard suit 😛

  60. Anonymous

    Full virgin plane on the 30th- over 300 passengers- what isthe trend?

  61. La Toyia

    I second you on that. As young as I am I have been tuning into Alex Jones for years. His show and podcast are very insightful.

  62. reluctant nonbeliever

    Did you know that YouTube has removed this and many other broadcasts by Jones?

    Check out this link for the background to YouTube’s disturbing tendency to censor stuff it finds politically unacceptable.

  63. paul sealy

    They removed the youtube vids because in actual fact on that same broadcast he called the Whitehouse and told staff that he know this administration and past ones are frauds and all these false attacks and hoaxes are transparent to say the least and he wont be led to slaughter like the rest of the sheeple,that got Rupert Murdoch pretty pissed and they pulled his vids…the “Order” doesn’t like people waking up to what they are he gets censored..basically.

  64. WildyCoyte.

    Her is Dr.Rima Laibow on Codex Alimentarius,this is going to be the next card the bankers pull right after they scare us with another flu pandemic this autumn,don’t believe for a second that this is not coming,it’s all about depopulation and the control of food worldwide,you have to watch all the parts.

  65. victor

    We are now being toId that this Swine fIu is just Iike any other annuaI fIu epidemic, symptoms disappearing after a few days, etc. Maybe so but I stiII suggest avoiding crowded areas, if you have to hang onto a bus strap or hoId a supermarket troIIey do not touch your face mouth or eyes untiI you have washed your hands. If your coId/fIu seems worse than usuaI and if you have formed a famiIy or friends group, gang together and demand the TamifIu…. if you can get it.

  66. Sundowner

    I asked some tourists recently arrived from the UK and also from the US, what screening/questions etc had been implemented on their arrival here, as we were told a health officer would be meeting each plane? answer from all of them ‘NONE’!
    So that’s great isn’t it! I also was told by a friend of a workmate who come back from the US last week, with cold symptoms, boss sends him to the Dr’s, having phoned in advance, he’s left to sit in a busy waiting room for nearly an hour but the Dr greets him wearing a mask! after the examination he’s told to go home & a medic/nurse will call at home to take a blood sample for testing, he spent three days home, feels fine, no one been to test him yet!! Dr told him if he feels OK go back to work.
    Very efficient!!

  67. Illuminator

    I try very hard to respect people’s choices and opinions especially if my information tells me otherwise ,but… Victor fa real. Stupseeee…….demand Tamiflu ?

  68. Illuminator

    I haven’t watched the above clip but I believe the Codex stuff also has to do with making a prescription necessary to get vitamins and other suppliments. Can you imagine that. The drug companies were lossing too much money to over the counter suppliment preparations.

    For some strange reason they seem to think or would have us believe that toxic chemical concoctions are superior and safer to anything nature has to offer……go figure.

  69. Rumplestilskin

    Yes, while not being to nonchalant about this flu.

    I expect dengue is much more lifethreatening.

    This flu has filled a few worldwide, while thousands are killed by malaria EVERY DAY in Africa.

    I expect that the wonderful drug companies will donate substantial amounts of malaria medication to African nations, to prevent the deaths of these many!

    Don’t you?

  70. reluctant nonbeliever

    April 29, 2009…9:25 pm
    BREAKING: Swine Flu Pandemic Imminent – World Health Organisation Declares Level 5 of 6

    …and just one week later?


    But people have such short memories. Remember the Y2K bug? SARS? Aviab flu?

    In a couple of years there’ll be another fear-mongering frenzy in the world’s media (including blogs like this).

    And it too will amount to nothing.

    All this has happened before. And it will happen again…

  71. For some strange reason they seem to think or would have us believe that toxic chemical concoctions are superior and safer to anything nature has to offer……go figure.

  72. Very good article. I will be experiencing many of these issues as well..