Barbados Police Receive Training From China – Chinese Law Enforcement Handbook Instructs How To Beat People Without Leaving Marks (Were I’Akobi’s Cops China Trained?)


Slippery Slopes Get Very Slippery Indeed

Officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force already receive training from China’s police both in Barbados and during exchanges in China. As Barbados Free Press has pointed out on numerous occasions, we don’t believe that Barbados police officers have much to learn from a country that drives tanks over teenagers, kidnaps pregnant women off the streets to force abortions upon them and routinely trains police officers in how to shoot prisoners in the head during public executions. Our Barbados Defence Force also receives Chinese training and equipment.

And now we have to ask if the Chinese authorities will be supplying our police officers with the latest textbook for city administration law enforcement squads. The Chengguan handbook instructs Chinese law enforcement officers in how to inflict pain upon citizens without drawing blood or leaving marks…

“In dealing with the subject, take care to leave no blood on the face, no wounds on the body, and that no people are in the vicinity.”

… From the Beijing Municipal Bureau of City Administration and Law Enforcement training textbook “The Practice of City Administrator Law Enforcement”

Did Any Barbados Police Officer Involved With The Death Of I’Akoki Receive Chinese Training?

Barbados Free Press will have much more to say about the illegal arrest of I’Akobi Maloney by Barbados police — an act that is all too common on this island as our police officers routinely exceed their authority in law and abuse the rights of citizens and members of the press.

But for now, we just want an answer from the Commissioner of Police…

Commissioner Dottin — Please inform the good citizens of Barbados whether any of the police officers involved with the death of I’Akobi Maloney, either at the scene or during the subsequent investigation, ever received training from China.

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29 responses to “Barbados Police Receive Training From China – Chinese Law Enforcement Handbook Instructs How To Beat People Without Leaving Marks (Were I’Akobi’s Cops China Trained?)

  1. bad boy jim

    BFP,you have nothing better to write about.Leave the police alone.

  2. oldrooster

    Yes BFP, we know what happens in Barbados to them what criticises de po-lice!

  3. CQ8

    Why On Earth would Barbados police agree to be trained by thugs like the Chinese police?

  4. akabozik

    Wunna swim in a sewer wunna smell like shite. If Barbados Police want to pattern themself after china freedom is in big trouble here.

  5. iWatchya

    Someone should enlighten us on what elements of training were actually imparted on the Barbadian police force.

  6. 122

    Ahh how wonderful, BFP can condemn Jamaica at every step, but this is just another opportunity for us to be able to tell you to clean the matter out of your own eye first. In fact it’s not even matter, more like a cement truck. At least in Jamaica when police jump fence and shoot bystanders by accident they are reprimanded and punished. Did those bajan police even get taken off active duty? For all our problems we have greater accountability and still retain more key elements of democracy that Barbados is yet to achieve.

  7. who is training whom

    The RBPF are smart enough not to put their practices in writing.

    Who was dumb enough to put out a training manual that actually talks about beatings without leaving bruises or blood?

    Does anyone have any doubts that Barbados has become a police state answerable to no one except a few select politicians?

  8. kiki

    Jackie Chan was good in Police Story

    Top 10 Jackie Chan Stunts

  9. Rohan

    Gone are the days when I could take anything at face value here. BFP, would you mind posting a source for this:

    “Officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force already receive training from China’s police both in Barbados and during exchanges in China.”

    Or any other reader for that matter? Thanks folks.

  10. cq8

    Get real Rohan! The Nation was full of Chinese stories before Owen Arthur was defeated. Chinese give computers and boats to the Coast Guard. Police do exchange programme with China. Chinese cooperation in regional security. Barbados is in bed with the Chinese and that includes our military and police. You haven’t been reading the papers.

  11. Red Lake Lassie

    cq8: Concur.

    Rohan can’t be in Barbados. The Chinese were going to save the country under the BLP. I remember a story about a senior police officer going to China for “exchange”or training or something like that. In the Advocate I think.

  12. queenam

    Your headline is totally false. Grow up

  13. Red Lake Lassie

    Wat you say? Barbados police never receive training from China? Wat? The Nation newspaper lied?

    Wunna want to hear th e Commissioner deny it when he was bragging about it last year? Ha!

  14. Tony Hall

    Please show me the evidence

  15. 122,

    I noticed the same thing. Jamaica is much worse crime than Barbados, but Jamaica has a few good newspapers who are not afraid to criticize the powerful when they mess up.

    I also notice that in Jamaica, powerful people get prosecuted.

    It seems that in Barbados, the wicked are never held accountable or at least until BFP came along!

  16. BFP, the Chinese may not have trained these cops. Maybe the Americans did it!

    September 28th, 2008 – Former Sheriff Ken Jenne to be Released from Jail Monday – He Helped Train Barbados Police

  17. Red Lake Lassie

    With a little transparency around here, this wouldn’t be an issue, would it?

    No problem for the Commissioner to make a statement right here about how many officers have received training in or from China. Nothing for the police to fear or hide from the public, is there?

  18. Jason

    Training? Barbados police receive training?

    When did this come about? 🙂

  19. Rohan

    You guys are funny. I made no assertions on whether Barbados police did or did not receive training from the Chinese.

    I simply asked for a reference.

  20. Rohan

    Can you read? I made no assertions either way. I simply asked for evidence. A reference of some sort. That’s how it works in the journalistic world.

    In addition, the majority of people who read this blog do NOT live in Barbados. Just an FYI.

  21. Rohan

    Red Lake Lassie…you are correct, I’m not in Barbados. Just like the majority of people who read this blog.

  22. oh come on.

    BFP is bcoming one huge tabloid

  23. cq8

    Barbados Free Press has not changed in its call for integrity and accountability by government. Was has changed is the DLP supporters who previously were vocal about these subjects at BFP have turned against BFP.

    The DLP has the power and the constant calls from BFP for accountability and transparency have become most bothersome.

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  25. yup

    BFP has always been a tabloid.

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  27. Tony Hall

    All Rohan and I have asked is to post the source where you got your information from. I am sure there has to be documentation.

  28. Bajan Nobility

    I don’t know about BFP but I saw an article in the Nation some time ago where it focused on a police superintendent going for training in China. I tried to search it online but so many of their articles are no longer available since their new format. Maybe others will be more successful. The article about the coast guard receiving new computers and boats is gone too and that had pictures and interviews. It was a big deal on CBC too. That is gone from the Nation archives. Wat is happening?

  29. Bajan Nobility

    Red Lake Lassie, I saw the article you talk about in the Nation but the problem is that neither the nation nor the advocate have public archives. Once a story is printed they don’t want people searching it out. The new format at the advocate is a perfect example. It is offered for a 24 hour period online and then disappears. The paper is put up online in JPG picture format, not PDF, so it can’t be searched and cataloged by search engines like google. This is all deliberate and very different than most modern newspapers that want their articles to be searchable online.