Summit Of The Americas Official Group Photo!


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  1. passin thru

    thanks for the smile BFP

  2. Message to DLP Member

    *chuckle* Thompy probably did curse BFP when he saw the blackberry cartoon!

  3. ok and..

    now bfp, ask this idiot of a PM if he would like to articulate some control mechanisms for swine flu that may come in thru tourists from mexico or americans who have recently been to mexico.

  4. Our Prime Minister without a Tie
    Great !

    Asiba-‘Why should I wear a jacket and tie ?’

  5. Sargeant

    It couldn’t be more idiotic than the “control mechanisms” that existed under the Owen Arthur led Gov’t. The policy that said Barbadian entertainers who travelled to Toronto for the “Barbados on the Water” celebration would be subject to quarantine on their return yet Canadian tourists could travel to Barbados at the same time with nary a question about health matters

  6. Sargeant

    I should have said who travelled to Toronto when the SARS epedimic was raging ..etc

  7. ok and..

    now you calm down becky. we are dealing with the here and now. behold, old things have passed away… i don’t give an ass about SARS i care about swine flu and if it is so virulent just what is the govt of barbados under the ‘pm’ doing?

  8. 100% co-sign, look fwd to day Tropics realise we live in heat and ties are SO passe…

  9. Jackie Not

    I love the story in the Barbados Advocate about how we had an international conference of blind people last week and barred their seeing-eye dogs!!!!!

    Only in Barbados!

  10. Sargeant

    @ ok and…

    OK Dearie… I’m calm, but are you? If you start with the premise that the man is an idiot what does that say about you if you are expecting something worthwhile from his Gov’t to combat the swine flu? And it shouldn’t be “what is the gov’t of barbados under the pm doing”. The Barbados Gov’t like the Gov’ts of all countries should have an existing official plan to manage any potential health epidemic. How long has the potential bird flu pandemic been on the horizon? The present Gov’t should just have to dust off those plans as a start; the situation isn’t that different. If there are no plans to manage any pandemic the country is in bad shape.

  11. crossroads

    hahahaha i could keep going all day

  12. Hope they’re not planning a mass vaccination with George Bush’ special mixture from Fort Dietrick.

    things that make you go hmmmm.

  13. Devolution

    BFP used to be so pertinent.
    It has now devolved into a forum for ppl without lives, who simply pick pick pick at the imperfections.
    Anyone promised you guys a rose garden?

    BFP’s major raison d’etre was changing the BLP government.
    Mission accomplished.

    Time to rest now…at least until we get a BFP Government.
    Wun’t dat be cool?

    Until then U continue to bore, bigtime.

    No wonder I no longer come here

  14. Jackie Not

    BFP reason to exist is to bring ITAL integrity, transparency and accountability legislation to Barbados. Thompson promised that so they backed him and got rid of the crooked BLP government.

    Thompson and the DLP lied. They have shown themselves to be every bit as bad as the BLP. Cageyer, but every bit as crooked.

    Thompson the LIAR can therefore expect that BFP and other blogs will continue to attack him and his government because they have been shown to be LIARS.

  15. Passin thru

    Notice how the DLP supporters were all for ITAL until their bunch got elected on the lies.

    Don’t kid yourself Devolution: BFP is as relevant and more important than it has ever been. What is needed is a movement of independent candidates dedicated to ITAL and practicing it themselves from the getgo. BFP gets millions of visitors a year and they may not comment but they read and understand the central message of ITAL.

    The DLP might have thought that BFP was one of their supporters when Owen Arthur was in power, but that turned into a big surprise when BFP started to hammer the DLP government for breaking the trust.

    We need a viable third party people!

  16. chicago

    DLP = BLP = Crooks who won’t pass integrity legislation, conflict of interest laws, freedom of information access etc etc etc.

    Both the same.

  17. Sargeant

    I had a teacher who always said “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”

    One should feel for the plight of the visually impaired people who were unable to attend the conference or bring their guide dogs to Barbados with them but the blame lies with the organizers.A conference doesn’t materialize overnight it takes planning to stage a conference and the organizers had a duty to the prospective attendees to check on any road blocks that would prevent them from attending the conference. If conditions are unsuitable for the members, they should have staged the conference elsewhere.

    To say they had a conference in the Bahamas and there was no problem with guide dogs is a disservice to the people who hoped to attend; Barbados is not the Bahamas the laws applicable to taking animals into the country vary from country to country. All organizations representing disabled people should lobby Gov’t to enact/change legislation to their benefit as anyone who has lived or visited Barbados knows that it is not a haven for people with disabilities.

  18. Hants

    I want ITAL but I am prepared to give the Government time to enact such legislation.

    I understand your impatience with the government and expect you will continue to attack them for their tardiness.

    However I respectfully suggest that you focus on the economy. It is going to get worse. Focus on helping your family and friends survive.

    If you are dissatisfied with the DLP. Vote them out next election.
    Barbados is a democracy.

    I remain a DLP supporter and a supporter of BFP.

    Wuhna FREE to cut my tail.

  19. WildyCoyte

    Don’t forget the Hardwood Housing Scam,seeing that Owen And Mascoll are still walking around Barbados free,no wonder the people have given up hope in both crooked parties..time for “real” change..not from one set of thieves to the next!!

  20. Hants

    Lady in green jacket. No comments? Cliverton?

    BFP you are aware that Obama has a specially made hitech Blackberry clone.

    An how come nuhbody en complain dat Thompy stanning enfrunt Obama?

  21. Hants

    Regional health officials were meeting in Barbados Monday to determine a strategy to deal with the emergence of the swine flu virus after outbreaks were reported in Mexico, the United States and Canada.

  22. turtles

    Oh… OK then. It is all the blind peoples’ fault that Barbados has no mechanism for admitting guide dogs as do civilized countries like UK, EU, USA, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda etc etc etc.

    Ok. I get it!

  23. turtles

    Hants, why do you want to give them a year more than their own stated 100 days? Why can’t the government at least make it illegal for a government employee or elected representative to award a contract to themselves or their spouse or son or daughter?

    No need to answer the question Hants. We know why the DLP won’t make that illegal.

  24. turtles

    Ladies dress one way for bidness. Mens another way. Just admit it Hants. Thompson should have worn a tie and paid attention during the meeting with the other leaders.

  25. Am I mistaken Hants, or did you once say you would give DLP the grace of one year to introduce
    ITAL rather than the 90 days they promised?


    BFP says

    I believe that is true. Hants… I guess we could go back and find it, but it would save some trouble if you would fess up and tell us what your position is now. All the respect old friend, but it is time, yes?


    Thompy is one of the most boring people you could ever want to listen to. It is scandalous how Bajan politicians and people who are called upon to speak in public, manage to “turn off” listeners.

    You would think, finding oneself in a position where efffective communication is required … they would acquire a vocabulary of more that the 150 words they recycle over and over; stop the cliche phrases ~ “in terms of” “against a backdrop of” “looking at (doing this or that.)” etc..; … why don’t they listen to Obama and learn.. ??

  27. I does eat ITAL
    more people should be eating ITAL

    IT IS HEALTHY to eat ITAL and ITAL can be used to control the FAT population in Barbados.

    for me IT IS MORE ITAL
    give me ITAL

  28. Artful Dodger

    Barabados, at times, appears to be stuck in a time warp. The laws governing the entrance of any dogs, not just guide dogs, have not moved with the times. The law was, of course, initially introduced to keep Barbados a rabies free country. Many other rabies free countries have now recognized that an owner who can afford to travel with their dog has in all likelihood, also had their dog vaccinated against rabies since it was a pup and if you can produce documents from a certified Veterinarian that the dog has had all it’s vaccinations, the dog is allowed to enter the country. Typical of many things in Barbados, the law has not moved with the times. Barbados is one of the few remaining countries that still insists on a 6 month quarantine for all dogs entering the island from countries that are not rabies free.

  29. crossroads

    Maybe if Obama had a blackberry he would have less chance of making a fool of himself when tele promptors go wrong, always was a good speaker, or should i say a good reader…..hhmmm


    What’s wrong with putting your speech on a teleprompter? Whether reading it from a prompter (as all news readers do on TV) or from a script on the podium before you… it’s the same.

    But don’t let’s get sidetracked. Teleprompter or not, Obama is articulate. Going along with proper verbalization is one’s expression. I’m using Obama as a model but he is not the only eloquent speaker out there … HOW one delivers is as important as content. You look at Thompy and you see a bland expression as if he isn’t sure he’s on a podium or on a space ship, just waking up… and what I’m saying here isn’t solely Thompys, you can extend this to almost all his ‘ministers’ as well……

  31. crossroads

    I’m not for tommpy either. but I believe that if you giving a speech, please don’t depend solely on a teleprompter. You could see the embarassment on Obama’s face, however i’m sure it won’t happen again

  32. Tek-a-view

    if you search You Tube and Obama teleprompter speech you will find several similar accidents in the past. The teleprompter is a powerful tool in making a successful orator. Let’s hope there is substance to the speeches!

  33. Hants

    wait… you didn’t get it? I drawing attention to a purty uhman en you talking bout dressing fuh bidness.

    my boy Lowdown wudda get it eva sense.