Time For The Semi-Annual “Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital Needs A Cafeteria” Story

“For nearly 15 years now, getting a cafeteria or canteen has been an urgent matter for the island’s main health facility and has been ventilated by doctors, nurses and the board, but even now no one can say when the much-needed facility will be in place.”

From the Nation story Call for new QEH Cafeteria

Who says Barbadians don’t have a sense of humour?

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21 responses to “Time For The Semi-Annual “Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital Needs A Cafeteria” Story

  1. reality check

    without putting up goverment monies, these projects could be put out for public proposals specifying quality of food and menu, number of seats etc.

    These companies with proven track records would be given 20 year minimum exclusives to put up their own capital to build the facilities and maybe a side facility for hospital meals.

    Government needs to get going and not try and do everything which usually ends up meaning doing nothing.

  2. me

    I am a doctor.

    I remember well, over a decade ago, when a functional hospital was still a fixture of recent memory.

    I remember the issue being brought up during a discussion with the then-minister of health.

    Her response was that, when she was working late, she could order KFC Delivery, so she didn’t understand why hospital staff couldn’t do the same.

    “I ain’ here to breast-feed nobody”, she said. “It’s time somebody put [you doctors] in your place”.

    No wonder there’s still no cafeteria.

  3. Artful Dodger

    me: That is the type of arrogant behavior I have come to expect from Bajans who get a little power. They forget where they came from and think they mek themselves. KFC is expensive for a young intern, expecially every day, also, it is unhealthy to eat that greasy chicken every day. Someone should have put she in HER place! Insufferable arrogance!

  4. Artful Dodger

    Waaiiiiit, dah wasn’t dah lard-ass Mia? She put enough KFC in she belly and we can all see the “end” result.

  5. Message to DLP Member

    For 15 years this has been “URGENT” ???

    Ha ha ha ha… Good joke.

    Does Zimbabwee have a cafeteria in their hospital?

  6. Nostradamus

    Reality Check, a publicly advertised request for proposals? Are you off your rocker? A multi million dollar “Highway Flyover and road widening” project was awarded without a RFP or Tender. You really think a humble cafeteria would be subject to a RFP?

  7. Hants

    “It’s time somebody put [you doctors] in your place”.”

    Funny as heck.

    When she get a gall bladduh attack uh hope de emerjuncy doctuh in duh PLACE an din ha to “guh down by de shop” tuh get sumting to eat.

  8. reality check

    The suggestion wasn’t for the existing government but for those who are fed up and will be replacing it.

    When someone gets mad enough they will have some ideas on how problems are normally solved.

  9. Rumplestilskin

    To ‘Me’,

    If that statement was made I am shocked and appalled, yet I do believe you.

    Such is an example of why development of the conuntry has been so stalled.

    Nevertheless, I have seen such arrogance in the private sector as well, where the ‘powers-that-be’ bully those who do not hold sway in decisions, but merely ‘contribute by work’.


  10. Sad To Say

    Was that Lizzy?

  11. Anonymous

    That is the type of nonsense Liz Thopmpson used to say and do. She wont tell anybody that after her ass got so fat in the early 2000’s that she spent hundreds of dollars in a certain weight loss program.

    Liz refused to renew a contract of a doctor, just becaused the said doctor had rip her up in the courts when she tried cross examining him in a case

  12. Georgie Porgie

    I can remember attending supper with a student nurse girlfriend in the QEH dining room in the early seventies. That is the days when the student nurses were under the aegis of the Ministry of Health instead of the Ministry opf Education.

    When I was a medical student and intern, there was a cafeteria for the doctors and nurses (77-81). Sometime towards the end of that period some one thought that the cafeteria ought to be opened to all workers from the Ministry of Health. In those days, there was not enough food for doctors and nurses to get lunch. Nurses on the late lunch shiff and doctors who were delayed in theatre had to go with out lunch.

    Not sure when the cafeteria was closed, but it was a pleasant experience in those days when the cafteria was opened only to the nurses, student nurses, doctors and medical students.

  13. Simple

    If there is a lunch room at the hospital why can’t the doctors take to work their lunches. Are the nurses requesting a cafeteria also? A little self help goes a long way.

  14. Artful Dodger

    Simple: Are you aware of the hours that interns put in at the Hospital? Many of them are stuck there for 30 hours or more before they can take a rest break. The schedule of a doctor in training is brutal and leaves little personal time to prepare several meals to take to work with them.

  15. no wonder indeed.. and that came from a minister of HEALTH too.. tsk.

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  17. Sad To Say

    The QEH will not be able to diagnose the FIRST case of swine flu even if the pig accompanied the fist victim.

  18. Georgie Porgie

    True! The QEH wont, but the doctors working there will!

  19. Sargeant

    Good comeback

  20. GP:

    Come back boy, hit us with your snake entwined stick.

    Unless you really do believe this is a heaven sent plague, entreated by Zoe, to remove ROK, Rohan and Simple Minds from the endless my god can piss farther than your god discussion.

  21. Georgie Porgie

    Straight Talk
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