Prime Ministers David Thompson and Stephen Harper Working With President Obama



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44 responses to “Prime Ministers David Thompson and Stephen Harper Working With President Obama

  1. Jason

    “I wish I had of remembered my tie.”

  2. cq8

    “If I hold this in my hand, I can sleep and no one will know!”

  3. peltdownman

    “Nothing! Absolutely nothing! God, I hate LIME!”

  4. WildyCoyte.

    We have a problem people,lets nip it in the bud now.

  5. Hants

    Friends of all, Satellites of None.

  6. But wait..

    Is anything about this fool Prime Ministerial? For one he looks monumentally bored, he’s on his blackberry, he’s wearing no tie AND WORSE, can you believe he’s wearing brown slacks with that blazer?

    He looks like he’s at Lemon Arbor waiting for souse!!

    The only person who looked more undistinguished than Thompson was Rene Preval – which is quite an accomplishment.

    God knows he probably kept silent the whole way through on Barbados’ behalf.

  7. “*hugzz* luv you too lee lee, ^_^”

    on a serious note .. why he look so fa trute? man look like he get invite late and could only borrow a jacket from somebody. everyone else in a full suit n tie as expected of em as heads of state and my man as somebody say look like he waitin pun souse. lol. way to represent us thompy.

  8. My view

    How much more silly can BFP get? Just like the pictures of Arthur and Castro or Wood sleeping at a Conference. A moment in time becomes the entire event….

    What is “Prime Ministerial?” Today’s news says that Obama will get his security blackberry within 10 days. He is a blackberry addict – is that “Presidential?” Do you have a problem with that?

    Didn’t I see Brazil’s leader in a “track suit” at that same Retreat? And Ralph Gonsalves, Haiti’s President, Suriname’s President all in casual dress? What do you wear to a Retreat nowadays guys?

    BTW, was it Obama’s Conference? I thought it was a conference of leaders! Equals???!!! Do we ever remember that? Or have we lost our own confidence?

  9. BFP

    Perhaps next time we could spend a little less on CLICO so our PM could have a tie. It wouldn’t be much, and we shouldn’t worry about it too much because as a small island nation we’re not expected to measure up to the accepted standards of an international conference involving heads of state.

    Like looking the part.

    Stuff like that.

  10. bajanbat

    @My view – I don’t care how the other “leaders” appear at the Summit or what they do, what matters is how our “leader” appears and conducts himself and this is just not the way. Being a Blackberry addict has nothing to do with it so leave that red herring out of it. And it being just “a moment in time” is not acceptable either. DT has demonstrated what he is all about. From the picture it is evident that something worthy of the President’s attention and applause was taking place but the PM finds it all too boring.

  11. reality check

    not to be undone by Owen, David is texting Hugo for a hand holding photo opportunity for posterity or maybe he is approving further monies from the Central Bank to shore up Clico?

  12. Paul Barnes

    He was probably sending a text to Rihanna…

  13. BajanGuy


  14. reality check

    complete and utter paranoia

    If you count the promises and action being taken since election time, Obama is performing amazingly well.

  15. Robin Hood

    I really hate to say it but we were all aware of his competency, mental and otherwise, from way back in the 1990’s! Remember who was Minister Of Finance to “Sandi”,aka the Clown, back in those years?? The very same Rt. Honourable (now PM)
    David “Sweetcakes”. Remember? A leopard cannot change it’s spots

  16. Rumplestilskin

    The Middle East could be about to go all to hell in a handbasket, due to the Pakistan situation, which could potentially mean the biggest military conflict since WW2, yet here many are more concerned about our PM’s checking his latest info on something?


    Peace & Live Strong

  17. Sad To Say

    Text: Mia, are there any strip clubs near by?

  18. skinteeth

    why does DT remind me of George W. during his last months

  19. bp

    I agree with Thompy, we are in the Caribbean!! If it was me, I would be in shorts, slippers and flowery shirt…..scratching my balls and all!

  20. Pat


    Why do you think it is necessary for people in the tropics to wear a jacket and tie?

    I had to deal with this perception issue in the late 1980’s trying to get Canadian Bankers to understand that an entrepreneur wearing a jacket and tie is not a sign of future success of a business.

    It was not easy convincing them that in some cultures, clothes do not make the man. We spent many months if not years meeting with the Bankers Association and only convinced them when they realized that these ‘rejects’ were getting loans from overseas, and were doing extremenly well. That is why the Hong Kong Bank of Canada is now so well established.

    We finally had to establish a multicultural committee to liaise with those stuffy bankers.

    If Mr. Thompson is comfortable, then he is dressed correctly.

  21. Cheryl

    Barbados and its politicians must always stand out it is very important for us to have our own identity. I dont care who wore what the impression you give determines how you are treated. Caricom citizens always look to Barbados for leadership. Owen did this well. Stop being political this is our country and our leaders must truly represent us I have voted B,D and NDP like any smart bajan should.

  22. BFP

    At a world conference of leaders, in the absence of a national dress (which Barbados does not have), the suit and tie is the uniform of Heads of State.

    Thompy can wear whatever he damned well pleases – but without wearing the uniform he will be marginalized.

    It doesn’t matter how you think things should be. What matters is what IS.

  23. J

    On April 24 at 3:30 a.m.BFP wrote: “the suit and tie is the uniform of Heads of State…Thompy can wear whatever he damned well pleases – but without wearing the uniform he will be marginalized. ”


  24. Spray Starch

    Photos are real funny tings. They can convey an idea for from the reality of a situation. Nevertheless I was never one to subscribe to this notion that my clothes represents who I am. And jacket n tie combinations do not denote any level of intelligence integrity leadership ability. When Owen was carting us off to never never land he was the best ting to happen to B’dos.

  25. skinteeth

    you are right, clothes does not denote intelligence but what is appropriate for the situation is the issue. Either or i can live with but what the photo does show is a man who finds it more important to check his blackberry at that point in time, sitting next to 2 very powerful leaders as in Harper and Obama. What could possibly be more important for a small nation leader ? He is clearly out of his depth with the economy, so what other pressing issues are there ?Yes, i’m sure that has happened with other leaders but as in politics ” don’t get caught with your pants down”

  26. Illuminator

    Thompson just doing what most a de rest would prefer to do . How ya’ll is get fool by these first class actors so though ……stupsssseeeeee. Obama can’t sign nuttin he ain’t get instruct to sign , his agenda already done set already ,wake up nah.
    That mile wide smile trick nuff a we already ……stay tuned for de real taste a de pudding .

    One picture don’t always tell de whole story anyway.

  27. bajanbat

    @BFP – you are so right. Some may think that appearances no longer matter but they still carry more weight than many imagine.
    If anyone thinks that Thompy’s poor dress sense would have gone unnoticed by others at that table I think they are mistaken. He will be seen as a light weight in the Caribbean.
    For all his faults, Owen was never going to be marginalised because of his appearance or lack of interest in the proceedings. He successfully made a major effort to improve his public speaking which was poor when he came to office and except for a few occasions, he maintained that improvement. At the end of his tenure he was recognised across the Caribbean and outside as one of the major leaders in the Caribbean. I don’t think Thompy will ever achieve that status with his indifferent attitude and weak presentation. He will have to perform way above his present level and that seems unlikely based on his score to date.

  28. Avatar Gurl

    And what IS, is that we in BIIIIIG trouble!

    Lord help us all!

  29. paul sealy

    When he asks you to get in line to accept the Veri-Chip(Miniaturized Tracking Device) for medical reasons,i guess you will be one of the first in line!!!

  30. Cheryl

    Well said! PERCEPTION CARRIES MORE WAIT THAN FACTS! I said that loud.Persons seeing that picture will form conclusions which will determine how Barbados is treated on the world stage. Who ever is advising Thompson is doing an awful Job. You may all say bad things about Leroy Parris but one thing for sure Leroy would have never disrespected the occasion by dressing inappropriately. All polarised DLP supporters who can think for themselves should get a word to PM that he needs to raise the bar. Mr.PM you are representing the whole country please take your mandate serious if you want another term. Take heed!

  31. Nietzche?

    PM Thompson has been the second longest serving member of parliament. He has been in public life for over twenty five years. Can anyone point me to any speech or written article by him that articulates a philosophical viewpoint, addresses any global/national concern (economic restructuring, environmental stewardship, advancement of scientific knowledge, educational reform, judicial reform and development, etc) in a informed and provocative manner? What are his passions or hobbies? Has he ever recommended a book, a movie or a song to the public as worthy of our contemplation? What motive has he declared as the force behind his political life? On reflection, it seems to me that his sole interest, hobby and passion has been winning elections and reaching the top of the political heap. Now that he has achieved his goal, his contribution to the debate of the issues of the day appears to be only shallow, bored and exasperated banalities.


    This is no defence of Thompson, but it seems to me that we are being very presumptuous about the circumstances in which this picture was taken. It seems to me to have been an informal gathering, in which the the conferees were waiting for something to happen.
    But isn’t it time we Caribbean devised a form of dress that suits our climate. Maybe I should say return to the form of dress, since we had one in the 70’s. Jackets and ties were meant for cold, wintry weather, not temperatures in the 80’s!
    When will we wake up and realise that we are in control of our lives and don’t have to follow every thing the white man does.
    Let Obama and the leaders of other white countries start wearing shirt-jac suits and, believe me, every Caribbean leader will do the same.
    Emancipate yourself….

  33. Mark

    Mr. BFP, I’ve noticed that the premise of your website is based solely on the criticism of the government in power – whether B, D or NDP. If you really want to be a “reporter”, please do just that and leave the slanderous, opinionated speils to others. Thomy is doing a good job as far as I can see. We should be careful not to judge the man by a snapshot as an indication of his effectiveness in representing the interests of Barbados.

  34. Mark

    Oh…and by the way…that silliness that about a shirt and tie being the uniform of Heads of States is utter nonsense. You, I imagine, are well aware of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, yes? Unless a long white sheet draped about the body is a new fashion statement of the latest European take on the traditional suit, he should, by your reasoning be marginalized, no? Now how much is the price of oil again?

  35. read more carefully

    BFP said “in the absence of national dress”. It is true that BFP is negative to BOTH the DLP and the BLP who have raped this country and refused to implement integrity laws. BOTH PARTIES.

    Keep up the good fight, BFP.

  36. Kwame Bajan

    NO, he is texting his wife and, the text says
    “damn, the other Carb leaders got a seat closer to Obama!” ahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha

  37. Hants

    BFP you could Publish the photo on page 18 of today’s Sunday Advocate.

  38. Mark

    Point taken.

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  40. Tek-a-view

    I am not defending BFP but I believe the comments on this blog reflect a wider view of what is perceived as the PM’s lack of performance since the DLP was elected. Another contributor has made a valid point, his speeches, his delivery and his entire demeanour indicate a lack of interest and energy. I have heard it described as being “aloof” while we want him to be “alert”. There is time for sleep and time for work.
    He has in fact achieved what has always appeared to be his goal, holding the office of PM of this island. He cleverly stepped aside to set Mascoll up for a fall then came back like a returning hero to take over and lead the party to victory. Knowing that his challengers were too fragmented to pose a threat to his position as party leader.
    Now what?

  41. paul sealy

    You should have removed the whole comment not just the video BFP,your slip is showing..

  42. paul sealy

    i guess they think its paranoid to and i thought this site liked to awake the masses.


    BFP says,

    We decided some time ago that we would not provide a platform for certain people who use our popularity to promote conspiracy theories. Some other Barbados blogs allow that. We don’t.

  43. BFP:

    In view of your above policy statement, can you explain your promotion of Kathy Davis’ theory?

    Or is it that some CTs are in fact true and you are expert enough to judge their worthiness?

  44. tevin

    david is the best