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Gunman Holds Hostages On Canadian Airliner In Jamaica


UPDATED, Monday 8:06am: CBC.ca report: Incident Is Over – Hijacker in Custody, Canadian Crew Released: Jamaican Police

Our original story…

Airliner Crew Held Hostage – Shot Fired – Most Passengers Released

A gunman stormed a Canadian CanJet airliner on the ground at Sangster international Airport in Jamaica and is still holding a number of crew members hostage. The incident started Sunday night around 10 PM local time. News reports say the gunmen forced his way through security and charged the aircraft before authorities could respond. Dozens of passengers were briefly held hostage before being released. Although a shot was fired, there are no reports of injuries in the news stories.

There are conflicting reports that two passengers are still being held with the flight crew.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is coincidentally in Jamaica for a one-day visit.

While the truth is, the situation could probably have happened just about anywhere — it didn’t. It happened in Jamaica, a country with one of the highest murder rates in the world and a gun culture that is even reflected in popular music. If any of our Canadian readers are thinking of a vacation in Jamaica, may we suggest you reconsider that Barbados is a much friendlier and safer vacation place.

For the latest on this story, Google “Jamaica airliner hostage” as we will not be updating this post for a few hours.

CBC.CA – Gunman holds Canadian plane, crew at airport in Jamaica

Sky News – Gunman Holds 7 Hostage In Jamaica


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Thousands Of New Visitors To Our Natalee Holloway Stories – Movie and Joran Van der Sloot Thailand Sex Trafficking Video Drive Interest In Natalee’s Disappearance

Renewed Interest Sparked By “The Natalee Holloway Story” Movie

natalee_holloway_aruba-barbados.jpgA new made for television movie about the disappearance of Natalie Holloway was broadcast on Sunday night. The result — a “perfect storm” on the Internet as renewed interest in the case immediately catapulted the term “Natalie Holloway” to the top of the search engine charts. Our two stories about the case received thousands of hits overnight and the visits will no doubt continue to increase as the day progresses.

As a result of this new interest we’ve learned something ourselves: the suspect in Natalie’s disappearance was recently filmed again with a hidden video camera — this time involved in human trafficking of Thai prostitutes to work in Europe. Joran Van der Sloot was caught out in Bangkok Thailand last November, 2008 by undercover reporters posing as Dutch sex industry bosses. Van der Sloot was videotaped accepting cash to arrange immigration and travel documents for the girls — who believed they were being hired as dancers in the Netherlands at $400 per month.


What a nasty piece of work this Joran Van der Sloot is. As related in our February 4, 2008 story (link below), Van der Sloot was befriended by an undercover reporter and confessed on hidden video that he had disposed of Natalie’s body possibly while she was still alive.

The name Natalie Holloway will be synonymous with the word “Aruba” for the foreseeable future — perhaps even decades into the future if her disappearance remains unsolved.

As a side note, we at Barbados Free Press are reminded every once in a while of the power of the Internet to give worthy stories “legs” — staying power in the public consciousness. Although public interest in a story might fade in the news cycle, when something makes the story current, all the background is instantly available to ordinary people on the Internet. As we have seen ourselves on numerous occasions, these legacy stories can result in tens of thousands of new visitors over a day or two.

In Barbados, the political and media elites still think they can effectively control information and the public consciousness. How quickly Prime Minister David Thompson and his DLP party have forgotten the lessons of the 2007 campaign — when a handful of blogs run by ordinary citizens were probably the tipping point in the fall of the Owen Arthur government and the election of the DLP.

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