President & Mrs. Obama Release Income Tax Returns – Will Barbados Politicians Do The Same?

UPDATED: April 17, 2010

ONE YEAR SINCE we published this article about President Obama and his lovely wife releasing their tax returns for public scrutiny. That’s another year passed without the integrity, transparency and accountability laws that David Thompson and his DLP promised to implement “immediately upon taking office” in January of 2008.

Transparency? More like “cover up” especially regarding the CLICO scandal and the Prime Minister’s continuing protection of his old friend Leroy Parris. Some things never change ’bout hey. Now the problem becomes “Who do we vote for in the next election?” because – really – there is only one political party in Barbados.

So how about it Prime Minister Thompson… can we see your income tax filings too?

Here’s our original story published in April of 2009…


Bajans Got Fooled Again When They Believed David Thompson And The DLP

Barbadians were told that the David Thompson government would be “The most transparent, most accountable government Barbados has ever seen…”

Well, we all know what became of that, don’t we? We were promised integrity legislation, freedom of information, and a Ministerial code with conflict of interest rules. Instead, we are still a country without standards of conduct for elected and appointed government officials. It is still legal in Barbados for government officials to award government contracts to companies owned by themselves or their immediate family members.

David Thompson and the DLP government lied to us during their 2007 campaign. Their supporters, who so heavily criticized former Prime Minister Owen Arthur and his government for failing to introduce integrity legislation and conflicts of interest standards, remain silent one year two years and 100 days after David Thompson became Prime Minister of our country.

In the United States though, President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have released six years of income tax returns.

It’s called Transparency, Accountability and Integrity.

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16 responses to “President & Mrs. Obama Release Income Tax Returns – Will Barbados Politicians Do The Same?

  1. Red Lake Lassie

    Right on, BFP!

  2. X

    I think the far more pertinent question to ask with our tax deadline looming is why the hell haven’t the Inland Revenue yokels fixed the online filing system. It is absolutely useless!!!!!! Whoever designed and programmed it should be fired.

  3. Knight of the Long Knives

    You actually were able to access it…been trying all day without success.

  4. Sad To Say

    We continously allowed ourselves to be fooled by our political elite. I plead guilty. Was fooled by BOTH the BLP & DLP – and we call ourselves the most literate people in the world. Who are we fooling?

  5. Red Lake Lassie

    I left a message at Barbados Underground on an old article (sept 2008) where the DLP types were promising Thompson would keep his word.

    Nothing but silence from them now!

  6. Robin Hood

    What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barbados politicians do what!!!!!
    Release Income Tax returns!!!!! Yeah, and my name is B. Obama!!! And if you believe that you must be under 5 years of age!!

  7. cq8

    Thompson LIED.

    Get OVER IT.

    DLP BLP all the SAME. One club house where everyone is friends inside.

  8. X

    Clearly most readers of BFP aren’t interested but I finally has success last night. You need to use Mozilla Firefox as your browser – it automatically calculates and is actually quite easy.

    I still think the people at Inland Revenue need to be chastised for this – why make people use an obscure browser and why not make it clearer that this is required. Microsoft’s IE nor Google Chrome worked for me.

  9. crossroads

    Utter nonsense. Our Income Tax Department must be a pack of jokers. See todays nation. An online filer was told to log on at midnight to avoid the internet traffic..hahah LMAO…HAHAHA..,add to this that you can’t even use Explorer as your browser the most widely used browser in the world. back to paper till 2010

  10. reality check


    round up some like minded friends and put up your own slate of candidates. The blogs will support anyone who isn’t full of empty promises.

    never under estimate the power of the people when there is a collective will for real change.

  11. Jason

    One year and 100 days after the election. When are the people going to accept that Thompson lied about his integrity legislation?

  12. Wondering

    Why should the Barbadian people accept being lied to?

    Barbadians are to complacent, if we want change then it is up to us to fight for it.

    There are number of petition sites online where Barbadians could start a petition and once they have the required amount of signatures present it to Government in front of the press and give them a deadline to respond or in the alternative implement the promised legislation.

    While you may think that this would be ineffective the failure of government to respond or act could then be seen as an affront as the government receives their mandate from the people and it is their duty to respond to the people who put them in Parliament.

  13. bajanbat

    The IR have attempted to implement an online system without the slightest bit of advance warning or public education. Not even the most naive organisation would try that. For one of the most significant departments in the administration speaks a lot about the understanding of public needs of that department.
    I tried to access the system but failed – Surprise!! I am not going online until they get their act together, I don’t intend to have the system cause more problems. The paper system must always remain and I will use that. Not every one is going to have a computer or be competent to file online.
    Do you know that there is a NEW FORM A47:108 to be filed this year in respect of payments made during 2008? Failure to file the forms will mean a fine of $100 plus $10 per day for asd long as it is outstanding.
    Form A47-108 states as follows:-
    Every company, employer, individual or person who purchases a good or service (including rent) from an individual must complete form A47:108 . Transactions must be accumulated throughout the income year and one A47:108 completed for each individual who provided goods and services. Two copies of the A47:108 should be provided to the individual who provided the service and another copy sent to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue not later that February 28 the year following the calendar year in which the transactions took place. There is also a process for filing A47:108 electronically or through the web. This process can be viewed by accessing the Inland Revenue’s web site at (
    Completion Instructions
    10. Goods. Nature of Item -Enter a brief description of any goods purchased from the individual.12. Goods. Amount -Enter the amount paid for the good (s) purchased.20. Services. Nature of Item -Enter a brief description of the service purchased from the individual.22. Services. Amount -Enter the amount paid for the service provided.30. Rent. Nature of Item -Enter a brief description of the rental accommodation.32. Rent: Amount -Enter the amount paid for the rental period.40. Address of Rental property.
    This is a significant imposition on every individual to file such forms and appears to have been made retroactively since the forms must be filed for 2008 and I do not recall that any warning of this requirement was made.
    So much for caring and assistance.

  14. I. G. Norance

    with respect to Firefox vs Internet explorer ; the fact that Firefox is better suited to the system is clearly stated on the website. As to internet explorer being the most common browser that is true but firefox is much more robust and technically proficient so why wouldnt you use the technically superior browser especially if it comes at no extra cost. there will always de teething problems with any new system and while there may have been more than normal with the IRD system I was able to file online in March with little trouble.

  15. Nostradamus

    The vast majority of people use Internet Explorer and only I.G.Norance would cause any organisation to introduce a system that does not work with that browser.

  16. The Watcher

    Dear X.
    In your first comment which I found interesting enough to comment on myself, I would like to respond by saying “We can’t fire people whom we do not make accountable to us!” While the idea on an on-line tax system was a good one, the people who were responsible for overseeing its implementation are bafoons who know NOTHING about such systems. But some of us like to hear our names called out in the public forums and see our pictures plastered all across the national papers.
    It’s called GLORY-MONGERING!, and it is the one major disease the Barbadians seem to be terminally ill with.
    Ok. Enough about that fiasco. Because if you knew some of the truths about it, you would probably stop paying taxes altogether!
    To respond to the general question posed in this section pertaining to whether we will have our politicians release their financials here in Barbados like they do in the US I will say these few things:

    1. “Is this the US?”
    We in Barbados want to take and implement (better yet superimpose) US ideas around here lock, stock and barrel without first understanding what it takes to implement some of these ideas.
    2. Want to implement a US styled idea?
    Ok, Let’s start with being PRODUCTIVE in the Public and Private sectors!
    Or, (3.)develop a sense of National Pride like they do which makes them all proud to say, “I am an American! “(Mind you, you’ll have to replace the word American with your own nationality here since we love to copy so much we may forget that fact and repeat it verbatim.)
    4. How about developing a true sense of TEAMWORK to achieve or National goals and objectives and stop this “clowns vying for the spotlight mentality!”
    5. Have a strong sense of OWNERSHIP regarding your country and lands. This way, no one can steal it from up under you, or even get the opportunity to be accused of such.
    To get ANYTHING worthwhile done here, we, the people, have to change the way we look at things. Stop the “tunnel-vision constrained”, myopic madness we couple with this useless, un-substantiated self pride and start thinking as a collective. Want an example of this form of thinking? Look no further than the Jews.
    So, do you still want the politicians to be accountable to you?
    First be accountable to yourselves! Because others reflect what we project!

    I is offa dis wun!