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Barbados Law Supports Women Who Commit Paternity Fraud

How many times have you heard, “That little chile doesn’t look like [ insert man’s name here ]”?

Women have been playing the same tricks since this world was born. Men have their tricks too, but only the women have the ability to pull the cruel trick of deceiving the world about who fathered a child. It is also true sometimes the women don’t know who the real father is.

Are You My Daddy? Maybe Not!

Are You My Daddy? Maybe Not!

Enter DNA. Every few months in the world press you see a story of some poor sucker who has been paying child support for a dozen years and has just discovered that the child is not his. Story usually goes on with some court ordering him to continue to pay child support. Around the world the system is incredibly weighted again men and it is no different in Barbados.

The Men’s Educational Support Association is calling for a change in Barbados maintenance act and paternity rules. Our friends at Bajan Dream Diary have posted an excellent article by Kathy LaHay. A must read for any man who has ever looked at “his” child and wondered.

Bajan Dream Diary: Are Barbados’ child support and paternity laws skewed against men?


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