Poisoned Chinese Drywall In Barbados? Makes Homeowners Sick – Corrodes Plumbing, Electrical, Air Conditioning

 Corroded Air Conditioning Coils Due to Chinese Drywall

Corroded Air Conditioning Coils Due to Chinese Drywall

Over 100,000 American Homes Possibly Have Poisoned Drywall

Second Largest U.S. Homebuilder Ripping Out Chinese Drywall

This is big folks. During the last four years made-in-China drywall has been used in over 100,000 homes in the United States — and it turns out much of that drywall is giving off fumes that sickens people and pets and corrodes metal. Dozens of homeowners are suing builders, suppliers and manufacturers over the drywall in their homes that is emitting smelly sulfur compounds, poisoning their families and making their homes uninhabitable and impossible to sell.

“This is a traumatic problem of extraordinary proportions”

… Representative Robert Wexler, Democrat Florida, introducing a bill in the House to temporarily ban Chinese made imports.

Legislation has been introduced in Congress to ban Chinese made drywall imports until more is known. Scientists in industry and at various levels of government are finding that the Chinese drywall contains lower grade materials and different compounds and chemicals not found in domestically manufactured product.  Some of the problem drywall carries US private brand labels even though it was made in China.

How Much Chinese Drywall Entered Barbados?

Both the current DLP and past BLP governments embraced China in a big way — allowing Chinese construction personnel to work on many projects in Barbados. The Chinese  Communist government provided many gifts and much support to the country [and probably to the politicians as well].

How much Chinese drywall was imported into Barbados in the last four years? Have there been any complaints from homeowners? Is there any connection between the Chinese drywall and the increases in asthma and respiratory diseases as recently reported by the Barbados medical community? Has any of the Chinese drywall been used in schools, churches, parliament, police stations and other public buildings?

This newly revealed Chinese manufacturing disaster is only the latest in a long series that should cause every consumer to look closely at any made-in-China product.  The trouble is that consumers are not easily able to spot poisoned drywall, melamine-poisoned milk products, children’s toys covered in lead paint or mercury-laced fish products.

What Will the Barbados Government Do Now?

As I write this, the Associated Press breaking news about the US legislation to ban Chinese drywall is less than five hours old. You can bet that governments all over North America and Europe will be talking about this and implementing assessment and contingency planning. We would like to hope that our elected representatives and government employees will also be right on this issue that has the potential to result in significant health and economic problems for Barbadians.

Over to you, Mr. Prime Minister… What are you and your government going to do about this?

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Photos Courtesy of: www.ChineseDrywall.com


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25 responses to “Poisoned Chinese Drywall In Barbados? Makes Homeowners Sick – Corrodes Plumbing, Electrical, Air Conditioning

  1. Hants

    I hope drywall is only used in commercial buildings in Barbados.
    Typical house construction used to be concrete block and or wood.

    More importantly the internet to try and find out the true origins of what you eat.


  2. cq8

    Drywall is used in many residential constructions in Barbados. True, not like in the USA but you will find it in newer houses.

  3. Hants

    I guess drywall removal could be a new business venture.

  4. PiedPiper

    This is how our governments have sold out it’s citizens so that multi-natinal corporations can reap more profit for it’s shareholders. Just one more of many examples of corporate greed that fuels the ever widening gape between the rich elite and ordinary working class.
    Hundreds of thousands of jobs in the manufacturing sector in the U.S. and Canada have been lost to China, plants closing every day and now, to add insult to injury, they will ruin the health of the ordinary working class through tainted milk, poisonous food products, fake pharmaceuticals and now, dangerous building products.
    Where is Michael Moore when you need him? I hope he is busy on another project that will further expose the underbelly of corporations and governments that will sacrifice it’s own citizens in order to make the already rich, richer.

  5. Green Monkey

    As is true for most salespeople, those selling us on the benefits of globalization were careful not to mention that the product they were hawking had some significant drawbacks as well.

    Watch the documentary “The Corporation.” There’s a free version posted on Youtube in 23 episodes, listed here:


  6. Hants

    Very perceptive Pied Piper.

    The danger for us is being tricked by false advertising.eg The product of Canada salmon is raised in a fish farm in China and packaged inCanada in material using labour that is worth more than the piece of salmon.

    Read and educate ourselves so that we can reduce the dangers to our health.


  7. PiedPiper

    Hants, I carefully read all the labels of food products that I buy. Nearly all the shrimp for sale in Canada now comes from either China, Viet Nam or Thailand. Won’t buy them. It was revealed recently, in the Canadian media, that a lot of fish is deliberately being sold mislabeled. In other words, they are selling “Snapper” that is not snapper at all but some other low grade fish from Asia. Consumers today have to be very vigilant and informed.
    Electrical appliances from China are dangerous as they are not properly tested or quality control checked as they should be.
    The drywall issue is just a tip of the iceberg as China is now emerging as a major producer of steel which is why the largest Steel Company in North America, Stelco., is now teetering on the edge of bancruptcy. Chinese steel is inferior in every respect and has been found to be full of defects.

  8. Robin Hood

    Maybe this is what the whole problem was at the Louis Lynch Secondary! As well as a host of other government buildings in Barbados. For example, the old NIS building in Fairchild street, the Water Authority building and those other buildings that are causing problems now. How many years have this been a problem and it is only now surfacing as these buildings age?

  9. Rick Hollister

    I think it is a little premature to put a number on this case. We have not yet agreed on the analytical testing. We have not even determined the remedial scope or protocols will be to clean this mess up. Good luck getting any money out of the Chinese companies. Then there are the insurance companies. Some of the contractors and distributors are not even covered for this so the insurance companies will say. We do not know what long term damage to the health or the property is going to be. Too many questions are still unanswered.
    I have met with some of the top experts in the IAQA field and from around the country in the last month and as an environmental investigator and consultant for 15 years, I think we have a long road ahead of us. Beware of any guarantee solutions to fixing the problem i.e. fogs, foam, and sprays. We don’t even know if this stuff has embedded itself into the wooden substrates in the wall. We have been getting calls from Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Virginia Beach Virginia now there is evidence of possible fraud that may be able to be linked to either the manufacture or distributors.
    We would be interested in hearing from other people experiencing Chinese Sheetrock problems as every case seems to have different details and precursors. We are putting a team of experts together to tackle the long term effects and to opine on the scope and protocols to properly remediate the homes and all the effected personal property.
    Rick Hollister CEI, CMR, CLI
    Environmental Administrators, Inc
    Tallahassee, Fl.

  10. Hants

    I live in Canada so I check this web site sometimes and get a few surprises.


  11. tall-boy

    The dishonesty, greed, and inhumane actions and activity in this country is the stuff of legends, and it happens at every level and in every space, with a coolness, a coldness, and a sense of rightousness, that makes me sick to the stomach.

  12. Green Monkey

    Now it’s toxic fumes from Chinese made sofas, as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald:

    New sofas to blame for rash of allergies

    * Kelly Burke Consumer Affairs Reporter
    * April 12, 2009

    AN unexplained rash could be a sign that your couch is making you sick.

    A toxic fungicide in imported furniture is behind an outbreak of chronic dermatitis, skin burns, eye irritation and breathing difficulties across the world. Medical experts here are warning consumers to watch for symptoms.

    The international journal Allergy has confirmed what thousands of British and mainland European citizens have known for more than a year: new leather sofas imported from China are a hotbed of allergens.

    Dimethyl fumarate, in the form of a fine, white crystalline powder, was found in sachets embedded in the furniture sourced to China. It is believed the body heat generated from sitting on a contaminated couch causes a toxic vapour to seep out.

    Full story here:

  13. PiedPiper

    The Chinese manufacturing sector is like the wild, wild West. The evolution of responsible manufacturing that has evolved in Europe and North America through government inspection, regulation and law is virtually non-existant over in China.

  14. tall-boy

    April 12, 2009 at 5:57 pm
    Hants, I carefully read all the labels of food products that I buy. Nearly all the shrimp for sale in Canada now comes from either China, Viet Nam or Thailand. Won’t buy them. It was revealed recently, in the Canadian media, that a lot of fish is deliberately being sold mislabeled.

    It will only be a matter of time before such information is excluded from packaging in Canada. George Bush did that in that US.

  15. The Scout

    There is a local company that imports sheetrock from china and the cost is way cheaper than that from the USA. About the quality, I’m not sure. Also there is a local company that imports furniture from China and some of this furniture comes with bugs in them and the furniture then has to be sprayed in an effort to terminate these insects.

  16. Mathilde

    My ceiling in my house look like drywall, but how can I tell it from plywood? House was built maybe 4 years ago…

  17. crossroads

    poke it with a stick 😉

  18. The Scout

    Just knock it. Plywood is much more sturdy than sheetrock.

  19. Mathilde

    Thanks guys 🙂

  20. I think that we should go as far as making home inspectors that are inspecting homes being built to completely check the inside of the homes before they are even painted, and to go as far as making sure that they are not counterfeit drywalls (in other words, the drywall would be imported to Canada or Mexico, relabeled, and then imported). If any contractors fails to comply (taping and painting drywall before inspection), they will just simply fail. Even if the sheet-rock is not from China, the inspector has to see all of the labels that is on the sheet-rock. To correct a failure, the contractor would have to completely rip out all of the sheet-rock (even non-Chinese sheet-rock) and to re-do the job until the inspector is pleased. This would go with some of the plywood too as they are not being made right and leaching the toxic gas, and not only that, I read that their cabinet grade plywood is even more flammable than the American grade. Most of their products are also high VOCs, so the gasses emitted from the products can cause some severe health problems from China. There is still a lot of products that we are importing from China that are high in VOCs, we don’t even think about it when we buy the stuff. I feel so sorry for those employees who work for Walmart, Kmart, and all of those big stores that drove the home-town shops out of business. Those employees will be suffering from a lot of health problems sooner or later as they are breathing in a lot of fresh VOCs from products imported from China. (I even feel sorry for those employees trying to get health benefits… The local Walmart here gives about 90% of their employees shorter hours so then they dont qualify for health benefits. They even purposely weasel their employees schedules so they only work about 39 hours a week. The free benefits comes when you work 40 hours a week) They want to make money off of you by having you buy your own health care coverage through a program. They probably earn a commission on it…)

    Anyways, next time I walk into Walmart and Kmart, I will wear a gas mask and to take my time to buy non-Chinese made products. If they ask me what I am doing wearing a mask, I will tell them that I dont want to die in their store as it is laden with toxic fumes from China.. and I will show them an article about stuff made in China… I know that if they really read the article, they will tell their boss that they are quitting because they want to live.

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  22. johnkilpatrick

    I just posted an update on Chinese Drywall. Take a peek at http://wp.me/pqerO-24 and leave me your comments.

  23. Chinese drywall looks like regular sheetrock, but as the years pass it turns toxic.

    Over 500 million pounds of drywall shipped to the U.S. from China during the housing boom following Hurricane Katrina contained potentially toxic materials that can release gases believed responsible for damaging homes and causing health problems.

    Chinese drywall advisors provide their services of Chinese Drywall inspection and testing specially for Florida houses having problem. If your home has been damaged by defective Chinese drywall or if you have suffered problems related to Chinese drywall please contact us today at 561-214-3393 or by filling out the form on this page “http://www.chinesedrywalladvisors.com/contact-chinese-drywall-advisors.html”

  24. Hmm. Things from China are so toxic. I don’t how they pass quality control if they had any at all or any proper regulations? Just wanted to add an additional note, becareful of leather materials made from china. There are recent reports that the leathers used to make leather sofas are toxic and has burnt people’s skin. BE WARNED!!

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