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Poisoned Chinese Drywall In Barbados? Makes Homeowners Sick – Corrodes Plumbing, Electrical, Air Conditioning

 Corroded Air Conditioning Coils Due to Chinese Drywall

Corroded Air Conditioning Coils Due to Chinese Drywall

Over 100,000 American Homes Possibly Have Poisoned Drywall

Second Largest U.S. Homebuilder Ripping Out Chinese Drywall

This is big folks. During the last four years made-in-China drywall has been used in over 100,000 homes in the United States — and it turns out much of that drywall is giving off fumes that sickens people and pets and corrodes metal. Dozens of homeowners are suing builders, suppliers and manufacturers over the drywall in their homes that is emitting smelly sulfur compounds, poisoning their families and making their homes uninhabitable and impossible to sell.

“This is a traumatic problem of extraordinary proportions”

… Representative Robert Wexler, Democrat Florida, introducing a bill in the House to temporarily ban Chinese made imports.

Legislation has been introduced in Congress to ban Chinese made drywall imports until more is known. Scientists in industry and at various levels of government are finding that the Chinese drywall contains lower grade materials and different compounds and chemicals not found in domestically manufactured product.  Some of the problem drywall carries US private brand labels even though it was made in China.

How Much Chinese Drywall Entered Barbados?

Both the current DLP and past BLP governments embraced China in a big way — allowing Chinese construction personnel to work on many projects in Barbados. The Chinese¬† Communist government provided many gifts and much support to the country [and probably to the politicians as well].

How much Chinese drywall was imported into Barbados in the last four years? Have there been any complaints from homeowners? Is there any connection between the Chinese drywall and the increases in asthma and respiratory diseases as recently reported by the Barbados medical community? Has any of the Chinese drywall been used in schools, churches, parliament, police stations and other public buildings?

This newly revealed Chinese manufacturing disaster is only the latest in a long series that should cause every consumer to look closely at any made-in-China product.¬† The trouble is that consumers are not easily able to spot poisoned drywall, melamine-poisoned milk products, children’s toys covered in lead paint or mercury-laced fish products.

What Will the Barbados Government Do Now?

As I write this, the Associated Press breaking news about the US legislation to ban Chinese drywall is less than five hours old. You can bet that governments all over North America and Europe will be talking about this and implementing assessment and contingency planning. We would like to hope that our elected representatives and government employees will also be right on this issue that has the potential to result in significant health and economic problems for Barbadians.

Over to you, Mr. Prime Minister… What are you and your government going to do about this?

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