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Harry Roberts Says Goodbye To Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary… Hello Banks Beer! (Can’t be all bad)

Graeme Hall Wetlands To Be Developed By DLP Campaign Funder CLICO & Leroy Paris

Graeme Hall Wetlands To Be Developed By DLP Campaign Funder CLICO & Leroy Paris

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, one of Barbados’ premier natural treasures and tourist destinations, is shut down and going to waste due to the corrupt relationship between government elites and their land developer friends. Among the hundred or so employees leaving is sanctuary manager Harry Roberts. We received this press release from the sanctuary a week ago, but didn’t have the chance to publish it so we’ll do that now.

Our thanks to Mr. Roberts for the magnificent job he and his friends did in trying to save the last green space between the airport and the city, and we wish him well with his new job at Banks. (Yes, Clive is jealous!)

Enjoy the last mangrove forest on the island while you can folks, because Prime Minister David Thompson and his government changed the law so that the wetlands at Graeme Hall can be developed by friends of the government. (KA-CHING!!! $$)

For some background, see here and here.

Meanwhile, here is the press release about Harry Roberts…


Bridgetown, Barbados
FRIDAY, April 3, 2009
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Making a Legacy in Barbados

[ Bridgetown , BARBADOS ]   “They began to lure me to the Sanctuary back in 2003 saying that it would be quiet and peaceful,” laughed Harry Roberts.

Roberts recalled how the last five years as General Manager of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary was one of the most interesting and challenging of his career.

Construction of the Sanctuary was completed in early 2004, and the mandate to Roberts was to put together a 100% Barbadian management team to do an almost impossible job: maintain one of the most biodiverse areas in Barbados, operate a series of nonprofit and often philanthropic wildlife and education programmes, and make it all operationally sustainable.

It was a challenge unlike any other business.  Conventional economic strategies to increase customer traffic and mass events could easily put the RAMSAR wetland at risk.  The RAMSAR site, partially owned by the Sanctuary, is recognized under the 1971 RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands Treaty as an internationally significant area of biodiversity.

Under the leadership of Roberts the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary provided conservation, research, education and philanthropic services to locals and visitors 364 days a year.

“Seeing thousands of schoolchildren benefit from the formal and informal field education programmes was especially gratifying,” said Roberts.

And in the last five years the Sanctuary became one of the most popular wedding and special group events site in Barbados .  It was the key to earning enough money to support environmental management of the Graeme Hall wetland.

Roberts improved operational sustainability an average of 27% each year, year after year.  But due to external environmental and legal issues that threaten the core US $35 million investment, the Sanctuary was closed in December of last year.

“We weren’t sure exactly how, or if Harry was going to pull it off,” said Stuart Heaslet, representative of the Sanctuary.  “Environmental attractions do not survive if a careful balance is not struck with the core needs of the ecosystem.  Harry’s challenge was extreme.  We asked him to give money and resources for philanthropic projects for the environment and the community, and we also asked him to make the operation pay for itself at the same time.  It was difficult mission.”

“But he did it.  Harry is a patient man.”

“We are saddened how events have made it impossible for him to continue, and miss him already.  We know he is moving on to the BHL Group, and wish him the best.  BHL is lucky to have him.”


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Barbados Sanitation Service Authority Says “Happy Easter”

Big Thanks To Our Hard-Working SSA Friends!

Big Thanks To Our Hard-Working SSA Friends!

Sanitation’s Collection Details for the 2009 Easter Weekend

The Sanitation Service Authority would like the public to please note all details for refuse disposal over the long Easter weekend…

On Good Friday, 10th April 2009, all departments of the Authority will be closed.

On Saturday 11th April 2009, both Mangrove and Bagatelle will be open for regular business and all burials scheduled for the five national cemeteries – Westbury, Christ Church, St. James, Bushy Park & St. Peter – will run as per normal.

On Easter Monday, 13th April 2009 normal collections will resume. Both Mangrove and Bagatelle will open from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm.

Sanitation also provides cleaning services both before and after any special events – call us at either 430-5019 or 430-5052. Let’s keep Barbados clean at all times!

Don’t set out any refuse until 6:00 pm on the night before your next collection. The SSA’s Management and Staff thank the public and wish all a safe and blessed Easter weekend.


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