Barbados Chief Justice Involved In Corporate Law Breaking – Documents Online!

“We were unable to find any financial statements for any of the Chief Justice’s companies. In particular, CGI Consumers’ Guarantee Insurance Company Limited may be required by law to file audited financial statements. I would have thought that since CGI was an insurance company, it would go to great lengths to comply with the law. I believe the public is due an explanation…”

… Keltruth Blog digs into the murky corporate records of Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons

Sir David’s Corporate Records Not A Pretty Sight

The folks over at Keltruth blog have been at it again — rummaging through the property and corporate records that are available to them in Barbados. They don’t always find all of the records, and we have a feeling that some records disappear at exactly the time they walk in the door, and then magically reappear when they leave the government office.

But they always seem to find enough records to piece together the most curious of stories every few weeks, and this week is no exception.

Chief Justice Simmons - Career Politician Is No Independent Judge!

Chief Justice Simmons - Career Politician Is No Independent Judge!

As a lifelong professional politician, Sir David Simmons at times served as Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados, Attorney General and Cabinet Minister in the Owen Arthur government. In private law practice Sir David represented many clients in large land deals and was himself involved in land speculation and business deals through various companies in which he had a stake.

After making his fortune and mastering the Art of the deal, Sir David decided to leave the rough-and-tumble of politics for the stately dignity of the post of Chief Justice of Barbados.

As Barbados Free Press extensively covered in the past, David Simmons had to reinvent himself [at least publicly] before taking the position of Chief Justice. Much like a girl whom too many men know too well, Sir David had to be reborn as a new virgin in search of a husband — or in this case, a respectable job.

He attempted to do this by resigning from politics and the government for a few months before then Prime Minister Owen Arthur [his good friend and drinking buddy] anointed him as one of the most powerful men in Barbados. Once freed from the backroom deals of politics, Sir David’s dignified place in Barbados history was assured…  Or so it seemed…

The only fly in the ointment are all those legal documents floating around Barbados that Sir David signed before he became Sir David!

Well, Keltruth Blog has rounded up some of those documents and it’s not a pretty sight. Apparently the Chief Justice recently testified that he resigned from one of his corporations in 1994. The only trouble is that no record of his resignation appears until 2007 when he was about to be exposed. And then there are other of Mr. Simmons’ corporations where no financial statements were filed for years — contrary to the law.

Barbados deserved a Chief Justice who could be seen to be independent of politics and political favoritism, but the good of the country came second to raw ambition and the consolidation of power.

It was unethical for Prime Minister Owen Arthur to appoint his Attorney General as our Chief Justice. It was unethical for David Simmons to accept the office of Chief Justice, but he wanted it so badly for himself that he was willing to undermine the independence of our judicial system and our courts.

Sir David Simmons wanted to appear as Chief Justice like a Virgin bride on her wedding day, but the corporate documents found at Keltruth are like an old boyfriend at the back of the church yelling, “Hey Hot Stuff, remember that night when?”

Keltruth Blog Digs Into David Simmons’ Corporate Past

Chief Justice David Simmons and the insurance company

Was David Simmons’ resignation from GEM Travel in order?

Chief Justice Sir David Simmons on Ethics

David Simmons resignation from SBG dated 1994 — filed in 2007!


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13 responses to “Barbados Chief Justice Involved In Corporate Law Breaking – Documents Online!

  1. Zip dee da doo day

    If our chief justice broke the law albeit many years ago even decades ago, then he should step down until some explanations are provided. Some of the documents posted at Keltruth needs some explaining by the CJ.

  2. WildyCoyte.

    Keep Dreaming.

  3. reality check

    In the caribbean, The Rule of Law appears to be whatever those in power choose it to be be. This attitude is personified by the fallen US President Richard Nixon in the Frost Nixon tapes.

    “David Frost: Are you really saying the President can do something illegal?
    Richard Nixon: I’m saying that when the President does it, that means it’s *not* illegal!
    David Frost: …I’m sorry? “

  4. PiedPiper

    ahhhhhh reality check, a truer word was never spoken and a very good example of power currupts.

  5. Beefcake

    What happened to the print edition of BFP?

    This would be a good article to circulate around Bridgetown…

  6. BFP, thanks for quoting me. It is good to see another opinion on this topic.

    I noticed that you missed my most recent article on Sir David’s testimony:

  7. Tudor

    Was there a recent ruling in the Nelson case that has not been reported on Keltruth or BFP?

  8. Zip dee da doo day

    Wat is it?

  9. Never happen

    Dig and dig on as much as you like. The law of two (rich and powerful vs the poor, humble meagre man) will not touch David Simmons. There are no laws governing the rich in Barbados only the poor and hungry face the might of the law. Barbados is corrupt, unethical and immoral and the chief justice (base on all the evidence) is not a good man. But then what do you expect, he part of the Arthur administration, which are a ban of dictators and crooks and so by extension the chief justice can be no different.

  10. you can blow from now ’till the cows come home and it is of no significance to men like Sir David. All about power and its use for attainment of prestige.
    Sir David was Prez. of the BLP when Owen was P.M. But to be CJ Sir David had to appear impartial, so resign, lie low for a little while and presto, appointed. Owen had to recommend/comply in order to keep his support from the Senior statesmen of the BLP or lose support as PM. What is not understood by public is that upper echelons of the BLP is family intertwined and run by them.
    The basic theory is:
    Bajan public keeps a lot of “foolish”noise, noise dies down, public eventually forgets, continue on path with intention/plan.
    This theory is endemic to both political sides, and it is why we see “posturing” as a way of “appeasing/seen to be doing something”by both sides when dealing with serious issues.
    Every day “small/little ” people are losing their livelihoods over non-sense and they have no recourse or cannot even get back/ find comparative work. Meanwhile
    the “big-ups” continue to commit impropieties as they please, receive a quiet retirement and big fat pension when caught and we the silly public say “cuddear”. Why assume the position that persons who have reached certain professional levels or are within the ranks of the upper
    echelons of society are untouchable?
    Why shouldn’t COW, MIA, BIZZY, BILLY, the PM, the AG and such like face the music, the full force of the law and be subsequently fired, stripped of assets if required, like those “smaller” down the line.
    Methinks that this is something that has been embedded in our psyche.

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