Innocent Bystander Shot By Barbados Police – Kim Joseph Begs The World For Justice


Innocent Victim Of Barbados Police Shooting Points To Bullet Entry Scar

Innocent Victim Of Barbados Police Shooting Points To Bullet Entry Scar


UPDATE: September 9, 2010

Barbados Free Press has received information that the victim of this police shooting is still be stonewalled by the Royal Barbados Police Force and ignored by the Barbados Government. Kim Joseph is just one of a number of shootings where innocent bystanders were “accidentally” gunned down by police.

The only way these victims will receive justice is if the world takes notice… because in Barbados the government doan give a damn. Barbados Free Press will continue to run this and other such stories of police corruption and abuse until right is done or they shut us down. We will never forget, we will never let go.

Original story follows (more police abuse links at the bottom)…

17 Year Old Girl Gunned Down By Wild Barbados Police Shooting

No Settlement, No Inquiry In Ten Years

Almost 10 years ago, 17-year-old Kim Joseph was walking her little cousin in Bridgetown. She didn’t know that within seconds she would be shot in the head at close range by a wild-eyed reckless armed man who happened to be an officer with the Royal Barbados Police Force.

10 years later she still carries the scar on the side of her head and bullet fragments in her brain – but there has been no inquiry into the police shooting of an innocent 17-year-old girl on the streets of Bridgetown. There has been no apology from the police or the government. No monetary settlement for a decade of being unable to work due to headaches and other health problems. No compensation for her young life and a promising future turned upside down. No penalty, no disciplinary hearing for the man who almost ended her life due to carelessness.

There has been no inquiry into the shooters level of training by the Royal Barbados police force. There is no question about the adequacy of the rules that govern police officers’ use of deadly force in Barbados – because we don’t do  inquests or inquiries or public accountability in Barbados.

The news media has remained silent about the failure of government to make the police into a modern, publicly accountable law enforcement organization that respects the rule law and citizens rights.

In a free and democratic countries, responsible news media leads the way in holding police and government accountable to the people. Sadly, the Barbados news media traditionally jumps into bed with the government of the day in a quest for advertising revenue — as evidenced by the dramatic change in media support from the BLP to the DLP since the last election.

It is true that our successive governments and the police and the courts generally put so little importance upon the rights of citizens, ethical behavior and natural justice that ordinary people have zero recourse in our society if they are mistreated by government. For the innocent victim of a police shooting to have to wait for “justice” for 10 years is simply more abuse at the hands of the powerful elites who control Barbados.

There is never any accountability in our society for wrongdoing by government officials, police or other powerful people. The Barbados news media has generally been complicit in enabling the police, government and other powerful organizations and individuals to avoid accountability. The silence and willful blindness of our news media to ongoing human rights violations and injustices in Barbados is their shame.

Kim Joseph — shot in the head by police for no reason. 10 years later, still begging her justice…

Barbados Free Press Exclusive: A Victim Speaks…

If I am correct, is it not the job of any police office to do the best of his ability, and by doing that,is to make sure every innocent person in any community is kept safe at all times?

Well that was not the case on October 1st, 1999 in Vine Street, The City. In fact, the only one who was hurt was that innocent bystander, which the police were put in place to protect.
No justice was done on that night. Even up to almost ten years after, there is still no justice.

There is only pain and suffering.

No man should take credit for God’s work. The fact remains, he could have taken my life if not for the grace of God.

He had no control over that bullet. But if I may say, he had control over that gun.

First mistake, never to assume, especially in a life and death situation like this.

Having a job like that your judgement should most probably be 100%. Your actions cannot be taken back.

On October 1st, 1999 whilst walking my crying baby cousin, I saw a man run and crouch down at the side of a house on Wellington Street, the city. Shortly after, I heard only the running of feet. NO voices, no one saying stop or even identifying his self as a police officer. That would have been great if he had done that. At least, I would have the chance to acknowledge something was happening before coming face to face with that policeman’s bullet.

At that time, only one shot was discharged and I saw the fire from that policeman’s gun. After I had fallen to the ground, still clenching my baby cousin, I heard another shot. It’s only when I was being rushed to the hospital that I was more aware of what happened.

The men in the car was bickering at each other. And I heard one say to the other…

”You about the place shooting wild and gone and shoot the girl.”

Everyone knows Nelson Street is a high traffic area. These roads are never empty. I don’t know what type of training they give you guys in the force, but it is hard to believe that you would be running with a loaded gun in any community having the safety off or even with your finger on the trigger. In everything you do, you always cater for error. That is what the safety was for.



Kim Joseph

Victim of wild reckless shooting by Barbados Police

Some of the other stories of police abuse and corruption…

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Secret Withdrawal Of Bribery Charges Against Barbados Cop Stinks Of Corruption At The Highest Levels


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11 responses to “Innocent Bystander Shot By Barbados Police – Kim Joseph Begs The World For Justice

  1. Zip dee da doo day

    Disgusting story but all too typical of banana (or should I say “sugar”) republics like Barbados. Zero accountability is the norm.

  2. Bajan

    We need to get some action on this.
    Thanks BFP.

  3. Sargeant

    Well we know that DT or someone close to him reads the blogs after all he used the story about money laundering to put Mia on the defensive in the H of A. Lets see if he can get Freundel to act on this one, but Lil Kim shouldn’t hold her breath the people in Arch Cot still waiting on the AG.

  4. kiki

    Kim you have to fight for justice to believe in justice
    Authorities will illegally cover up all wrongdoings
    So you must keep fighting (intelligently) to prevail

    At the end of the day the authorities will have to change legal complaint procedures to be prevent corruption and fraud by themselves

  5. WildyCoyte.

    Kim all i can tell you,is that you are not any big shot daughter that this happen to,pick sense from that and thank the Gods you are still alive.

  6. turn to the 26pslam in the bible then get a black candle and pray for who ever shot you ,who dead ,dead and who get badly wounded that their bussiness

  7. remember kim the26psalms god will do the rest no mercy

  8. Their hope is that this will go quietly back underground. These issues need to be addressed and kept alive until actions by the BFP and the Government are taken.
    Helloooooo Nation and Advocate… anyone out there?

  9. ninemikemike

    The fish rots from the head, and COP Dottin is as rotten as they come. He is kept in place by successive rotten administrations who appreciate his convenient inaction. No change can be expected while this travesty of a lawman remains in position.

  10. Learn from my experience!

    And if/when she ever does get compensated
    she’s gonna freak at how little the cheque is made out for!

    Thirty years ago, I was involved in an accident with a Police vehicle (-not my fault at all)
    and after the surgery to repair bones etc.
    I spoke to a reputable lawyer on James St. where we built our case.

    I was sent to a Dr., who job it is to assess the extent of lasting injury that might affect any future bodily function and impairment of lifestyle.
    He showed me the medical textbook from which they work
    explaining as he proceeded
    and I have to admit, the assessment process was very logical.

    -so much percentage for the loss of this or that limb..
    so much percentage for the loss of an eye,etc, etc.

    Has the young lady lost any limbs? -any eyes?
    The photo shown above doesn’t show much,
    maybe a scar or two..
    Has she lost vision in the eye?
    Is she now malformed? ..debilitated? ..impaired?

    My percentage of lasting injury and impairment came in at a paltry 17% (not much!)
    -a quantum upon which both me and the Dr. agreed,
    after working this out together, per his logical text book of damage assessment!
    I was cool with that.

    What wasn’t cool was the astonishing Bds.$19,000 in pure compensation, plus expenses.

    The cheque I picked up that day,
    — after signing a total and absolute waiver to any future claims, regardless of consequences to cranial damage etc–
    came to just under Bds. $ 23K
    but still, wife and I stuck it in de Bank and said praise God for the lil compensation!

    Still, the whole process was an education
    and I share this with you today, that you might gain from my experience back in 1982/83
    and not expect a minimum of $100,000
    cos you ain’t gonna get that for a scar over the eye, girl-friend!

    Just sayin!
    Gird thy loins for a long and quite possibly UN-rewarding fight.

    Compensations of this sort are based on precedents
    -not on American TV lawyer shows
    so God be with you, and Lady Luck too!

  11. iWatchya

    @ Learn from my experience!

    If her lawyer is any good (and I hope she has filed in time), she can sue for damages in loss of earnings (both future and past), future therapy expenses and past expenses.

    I just hope that her lawyer and doctor are honest.

    PS: BFP – What is the prognosis from her doctor? Has she filed suit in court?