Chinese Cyber Spy Network Invades Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs

New Barbados Flag

New Barbados Flag

An electronic spy network, based mainly in China, has infiltrated computers from government offices around the world, Canadian researchers say.

They said the network had infiltrated 1,295 computers in 103 countries. They included computers belonging to foreign ministries and embassies and those linked with the Dalai Lama – Tibet’s spiritual leader.

There is no conclusive evidence China’s government was behind it, researchers say. Beijing also denied involvement…


…Researchers found that ministries of foreign affairs of Iran, Bangladesh, Latvia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Barbados and Bhutan appear to had been targeted.

Hacked systems were also discovered in the embassies of India, South Korea, Indonesia, Romania, Cyprus, Malta, Thailand, Taiwan, Portugal, Germany and Pakistan.

Analysts say the attacks are in effect industrial espionage, with hackers showing an interest in the activities of lawmakers and major companies.

… read the entire article at BBC News: Major Cyber Spy Network Uncovered


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14 responses to “Chinese Cyber Spy Network Invades Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  1. reality check

    The Chinese hackers have no doubt found that there is nothing to be had in government computers

    Jukecheckedeyskirt said it perfectly in his Feb 8th post

    “I really do not understand you people, the government of Barbados is doing something and that is nothing. You think it is easy doing nothing. It takes a hell of a lot of effort to do nothing. Nothing requires planning to acheive any semblance of non-accomplishment. Take for instance ITAL. In order for ITAL to be considered, we first have to plan to do nothing in order for us to been seen like we are doing something. In Barbados politics, nothing is something because we get something from nothing. Nothing is an expensive ordeal. Politicians say nothing but you have to carefully pick up on this from out of all the articulation and rhetoric.

    Notice that nothing is said on cover ups in this country. Inquest comes to nothing. Alleges of corruption come to nothing. Documents that could implicate persons in collusions and possible fradulent behaviour comes to nothing. Even here on this blog, with all the educators and informed people, all of our talk is coming to nothing.

    So do not say that we are not getting anything because we surely are getting nothing.”

    The Chinese have had thousands of years of perfecting their bureaucracy and with the latest software will probably immediately be able to decipher that there is absolutely nothing going on in Barbados except for the fact that a lot of the peoples money is being spent.

  2. Ah ha! Dat explains why so many chinese people (not de wuns of jamaican and trini origin) wukkin in west indian resturants in Toronto. dem cyber tief we recipes 🙂

  3. Basanti

    I hope they learnt new solitaire moves.

  4. indar

    just like the thousands working in T&T as skills workers clearing garbage and ting

  5. Green Monkey

    Anyone know what was going on at the immigration/passport office down by the careenage this morning? There were three or four policemen outside blocking vehicles from turning into the back alley behind the building and also turning away people on foot from going inside the building. They were telling people they could come back in a couple of hours.

  6. The Scout

    I am worried about the increase of Chinese restaurants in Barbados. Everywhere across this country there is a chinese restaurant. are we becoming a mini N.Y? Does Barbadian still recognised this country as theirs?

  7. yatinkiteasy

    Hi Green was probably another bomb threat..I understand it happens there all the time. I was denied entry last month , becaause of one..and that was what I was told by one of the car washers that hang around there….perhaps its a fired or disgruntled employee causing would think that technology would allow any threat phone calls to the Immigration Office (or any Government Office) to be traced…what`s the problem?

  8. Green Monkey

    Thanks for that update, yatinkiteasy. I thought maybe they was raiding the place to look for Chinese spies. LOL

  9. reality check


    police won’t and can’t follow death, hate e mail, arson and other threats so don’t expect a bomb threat is worthy of a very simple phone trace followed by criminal charges.

  10. Green Monkey

    Well I now understand why they getting bomb threats at the passport office. If I hadn’t held myself in check this morning, I might have let off a couple explosions in there myself.

    Imagine this, I need to get my passport renewed so I hear how Thompy telling we the government going high tech and thing, so I do a bit off googling to see if they have a Barbados passport application form on line. Sure enough, I come up with this link

    Click to access !

    which to all appearances claims to be a passport application form posted on an official Barbados government web site.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t see any notice or pop up window informing the reader that this is a pretty, pretty thing for show and to fool the people that the government really getting onside with this IT and high tech business and what not, but it is not under any circumstances to be taken seriously as a Barbados passport application form.

    Anyhow, naive fool that I was, I say to myself, “Great, congratulations to the immigration department for getting up to speed with the rest of the world and making things so convenient. I’ll just print this off and fill it out, take it to the doc at my next appointment in a couple days and have him endorse it along with my passport photos. So said, so done.

    Yesterday morning was a wasted trip due to the immigration and passport office closure, presumably due to a bomb threat.
    This morning I stroll into the passport office in Bridgetown and hand in the form to the man behind the window. He looks it over for a few seconds and then says. “Where you got this form? Off the internet?”

    I informed him this was indeed the case.

    “Well you can’t use that form, you got to use this one.” And he picks up a form of the desk and hands it over to me. “And you will have to get the doctor to fill out and sign this one too.”

    So there goes another wasted trip into Bridgetown, and I’ll now have to take the time to fill out this new form and to go and humbug a hardworking and busy doctor and his office staff to get this new form endorsed and then burn gas and my hard money unnecessarily making a third trip into Bridgetown.

    Congratulations to the passport office for showing that Barbados bureaucracy is not loosing its touch.

  11. Green Monkey

    Don’t know why that link for the B’dos passport application broke when I posted it above, but if you copy and paste it into a browser window it appears to work and pulls up the fake passport application form on the Barbados government’s web site.

  12. Knight of the Long Knives

    I dont’ mind the chinese. I never hear anbody got robbed, raped, kidnapped or murdered by a Chinese. I never ate from them and don’t plan to start. I dont see them on every corner, never lived in a neighborhood where any lived, the company I work for interviews 100s of people every year and I ain’t never see a chinese show up.