Hello Gun Tattoos – Goodbye To Our Barbados Sweetheart Rihanna


We Don’t Understand Rihanna’s Message, But We Don’t Like It

Guns are about power and control through violence and threats of violence. Does Rihanna believe that tattooing two guns on her body is some outward show of inner strength? That message becomes hollow mek sport when the person wearing the gun tattoos is a victim of domestic violence who crawled back to her abuser.

rihanna-gun-tattoosAround the table at Barbados Free Press we really didn’t know what to think when we first saw these photos. Shona said “The poor thing is in trouble” while all Robert could muster was a sad “That makes me sick to my heart for the girl.”

According to Huffington Post, the guns on the shoulders are where Rihanna really wanted them, but she ended up putting them under her arms on each side. The ones on her shoulders were drawings prior to the actual cutting of the underarm guns.

We’ll leave it to our readers and not say too much more except that to many of us in Barbados, it feels like someone has abducted our sweetheart. We’d really like her back, but we don’t think that is going to happen…

So sad.

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98 responses to “Hello Gun Tattoos – Goodbye To Our Barbados Sweetheart Rihanna

  1. Eddie

    I think we are overplaying the Rihanna saga.

    Give her a break and stick to more serious issues

  2. Basanti

    sweetheart? that girl has been a — for ages

  3. sad tattoo

    God knows the symbolism or attraction to guns but this is not an attractive tattoo.

  4. dogbitemuh

    U keep professing to know someone you never knew.

  5. woggy

    rihanna is a woman, and it is her body, if a man cud punch she in she face, why she cant mark up she own body as she pleases? this is hollywood ppl, stop getting on like you dont know.

  6. passin thru

    I agree, very sad what has happened to RiRi lately. Like she gon crazy or somethin

  7. Bajan Girl

    In addition to the gun tattoo, Media Takeout and the Mail Online from the UK have recently shown a picture of her wearing necklaces with 2 guns and a bullet on them. The comments on blogs in the UK and U.S. about her are overwhelmingly negative. People are saying she is stupid, a poor role model, and a train wreck looking for a place to happen, among other things. I have been telling Bajans for a couple of years now that Rihanna was a train wreck waiting to happen, but foolish Bajans said I was just jealous. Oh well, this just shows that some of us are smarter and learn things faster than others.

  8. Bajan Girl

    What will it take for the Bajan government to take away Rihanna’s title of ambassador for the youth of Barbados? So far she has publicly badmouthed Bajans to the foreign media, opted to stay with an abusive boyfriend, and is now promoting guns and bullets as “cool” symbols. With gun violence and deaths among Black youth on the rise in Barbados and elsewhere, how can the Bajan government justify keeping Rihanna as an ambassador? She obviously doesn’t take the role seriously. She is sending Bajan youth the message that it is ok to be unpatriotic and to be involved in the “thug life.” Young people in Barbados are raping, robbing, and murdering tourists and natives with increasing frequency. We need to teach them that violence is not ok, not hold up someone like Rihanna as a role model for them.

  9. kiki

    michael jackson was surrounded by beautiful rich
    people who often had plastic surgery

    rihianna is surrounded by gangster wannabe’s…
    watch what happens when queens meets harlem

  10. Sir Bentwood Dick

    I have kept my silence on this young lady till now.

    However, if this is indeed true, I am disappointed.

    After her last lesson, it is sad that she now is, even if misinterpreted, promoting violence.

    Truth is that many young stars find themselves overwelmed by the sudden fame and riches, find themselves ‘lost’.

    Nevertheless, I now fully agree with those who find her recognition as an ambassador of Barbados as inappropriate.

    We have such notables as Suki King, who has managed to remain on top of the Draughts world for decades, yet, what accolade or honor has been given to him???

    He has demonstrated iltelligence, resilience and patience, all characteristics that we should hold as important for any aspiring young, or not so young, persons.

    What about the Merrymen, who have given so much to Barbados, locally and internationally?

    They too have given clean entertainment with great, clean publicity?

    How about Doctors who work both here and in USA, leading their fields in cardiology etc?

    These are people who should be shown as examples to our young and to those who wish to see the nature of our island nation.

    We cannot and must not accept any semblance of acceptance of a violent lifestyle from any representative of our nation, however ‘innocently’ intended, it cannot be fruitful.

    This will not be abandoning the young lady, if anything it should be a wake-up call that she is demonstrating a parting of ways with our ideals, worked for many years by our forebears.

    Gun culture is a ‘US Gansta’ way of life, not that of our island nation.

    That said, as is my right as a Barbadian to protect our image, I will now venture where it is none of my business and advise the young lady, if she ever reads this: Young Lady, if those tatooes are there, get rid of them. Get yourself some personal lifestyle coaching from someone recognised as respectable, I would also recommend spiritual, whether Christian, Buddhist or other. If not, buy some books on spirituality, lifestyle and read on this area, understand, you are intelligent, use it.

    I done.

  11. Sundowner

    Maybe this is a subconscious power thing, showing the world ‘you can’t mess with me any more’
    She’s still very young,(I know some people will say different , but 20 years on from 21 you realise how immature you were at 21!!) she’s experienced a huge amount of fame at an early age and dealt with that very well I think.
    I really think we should cut her some slack, she’s still got the Chris Brown court issue to deal with, she needs support from Barbados not people criticising her.

  12. Duppy Lizard

    The youth of today are corrupt. No respect for anyone or anything. Add to that equation too much money too soon. Unfortunately this beautiful young woman will crash and burn.

  13. Sad To Say

    We made a very serious mistake when we placed this young girl on a pedastal in the past. We need to take back her diplomatic passport, she cannot represent me.

  14. Bajan Girl

    Sundowner, regarding Rihanna, you said, “she needs support from Barbados not people criticising her.”

    I am sorry, but criticism is what she needs. It is the Barbadian way. The American way is to make excuses and allowances for poor behavior. That is why American society is in the poor shape it is in now.

    I don’t know how old you are, Sundowner, but I remember a time when Barbadian society was a peaceful, law abiding society in which the people valued education and children were well mannered. Now, because of the Americanization of the society, it is going to hell in a handbasket.

    People like Rihanna cannot be allowed to continue to send Barbadian youth the message that the American thug life is the way to go. There is no future in Barbados for thug wannabes. Many foreigners are moving into Barbados and literally buying the land out from under Black Bajans. Black Bajan youth need to be taught entrepreneurship and how to run the banks and other institutions in the country. They need to be given the skills needed to literally hold onto the country.

    Rihanna needs to be criticized and efforts need to be made to prevent other young people in Barbados from going down the ridiculous path she is going down. Her parents and other family members need to stage an intervention to help her. The entire country cannot be sacrificed for her.

    PS. American tabloids and blogs are reporting that there are sex tapes of Rihanna and Chris Brown. I don’t know if the reports are true, but there is no doubt that there is more drama to follow.

  15. Hants

    This is about making money. Remember her “Good girl gone BAD” album.

    She is fitting into her environment with an image created by her record label and will make lots of money.

    Bajan youngsters will have to find another female role model with a more benign image.

  16. Take away that cultural ambassador thing from her. she is no good representative for Barbados. actually o second though seeing as how the last international press we get was about beating up a tourist maybe the gun tattoo is a good look for our ambassador.

    next replace the trident wid a cutlass or bazooka an we set

  17. bajangal

    You hit the nail on the head Basanti

  18. bajangal

    I too have been saying the same thing and been accused of the same sentiments.

    Hollywood, fame, power and a “mind-boggling” amount of money to someone who never knew any of these concepts prior to becoming famous has shipwrecked many before and will continue to do so and it has nothing to do with ethnicity or origin. Elvis Presley is one that comes immediately to mind; Michael Jackson and more recently Anna Nicole Smith.

    Just because she is Bajan is no insulator.

    It’s time for Bajans to call what is right right and what is wrong and wrong.

  19. bajangal


    Aristotle wrote:

    Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society.

  20. bajangal


    But our “wise” PM rushed to “anoint” her and Chris Brown with incredible fanfare at Independence Square as if she were a “Queen”.

    Seems he needs to rethink that one.

  21. BOAR HOG

    Much ado about nothing

    Leave Ri Ri alone-wunna

    I love you Rihanna
    you are a normal young person in today’s world

    much love Ri Ri

  22. bajangal

    It’s more serious than you are aware of.

    She is to date the most famous Bajan ever to hit the world scene.

    If she continues along this path what impression do you think people who know absolutely nothing about Barbados except the “role model” this person conveys are going to conclude?

  23. Anonymous

    I don’t know who you are but I agree with you all the way. Rihanna need to shape up and get back on track. we all love her but she needs to take responsibilty for her actions..

  24. Brown sugar

    to reply to Boarhog. if we keep saying things like leave her alone, she will never shape up. yes I do agree she is young and no different from any other teen out there. but she is also a role model for younth people watching her every move. when you decided to go into the spotlight, that is your life, people look up to you, there’s no taking it back. so she does need to set a good example for others. and we have to let her know that. we love her and we are all proud of her, that’s why we are concern. and want to see her do good. and rise high.

  25. kiki

    “young girl live up make good use of yourself
    go to school and don’t you prostitute yourself
    not because you are coming from the ghetto
    you can make a difference to make it better”

    Sizzla – Crucial Time

  26. Micah

    I was who thought Rihanna needed our support during the time of her domestic issues with Chris Brown, and her presumed decision at that time to go back to him. I am somewhat disturbed at her “interest” in guns whether in tatoos or in pendants. She seems to be adopting a gangsta image, and to me it is a sign she is losing her way emotionally and spiritually. She didn’t become a superstar as a gangsta chick, and one can’t help but hope someone rescues her before she slips off the edge.

  27. Anonymous

    A gun cannot represent me- peace.

    She should not be a cultural ambassador for Barbados because the gun is a promotion of a violent lifestyle. Barbadians have never had violent gun crime, so why should our ambassadors?

    Someone may consider suggesting to the young, imprssionable lady that she either get it removed, or add tatoo to make it into a tatoo of peace; then redisplay it for the cameras.

    Now that would be a coup d’etat for a real-live Bajan star, one with class.

  28. The Scout

    Bajan Girl
    I guess all of you would accept what I was saying for a while now. Take away her title at Young and Cultural Ambassador of Barbados, cut her some slack and let her do her thing. This way she would only be hurting herself, not the entire country. She is simply NOT a good mentor for young people especially bajan young people. How can we tell our young people something when their Ambassador is behaving this way.

  29. Eddie

    We seem to have forgotten the type of world Rihannna is in.
    Riahanna is an R&B/Hip Hop/ star. The world she represents is anti-establishment; where dope, sex and guns are the norm.

    Her image might be in keeping the dictates of management, as this is important for the longevity of an entertainer.
    But I hope she is not being sucked in by the temporary, and very often – short lived – glamour of Hollywood.

  30. Eddie

    We need to understand that Rihanna’s employment does not lend to being a mentor for the youth.

    The Cultural Ambassador title is well meaning, but it could turn out to be high stakes poker gamble.

    It reminds me of endowing a living person with the title of “National Hero”, especially if they are not too old.

    That living hero could turn out to be a “living embarrassment”
    Should that

  31. yatinkiteasy

    Rihanna is an idiot!Her music and songs will be forgotten in ten years…max!

  32. Sad To Say

    I hope Rihanna does not follow in Whitney Huston’s footsteps? God forbid.

  33. Nonsense

    Silver and Gold I have none,Tell it to Jesus Ri Ri.

  34. bad boy jim

    that girl is an ass.the goverment of barbados should right away revoke her status as a cultural ambassador for barbados.that thing with mr brown,as i said before was all her making.sad ,very sad .

  35. bajangal

    You are right BBJ what everyone seems to forget is that it takes two to tango.

    I certainly do not condone violence or abuse but they both had a part in it.

    She provoked — he responded.

    If the kitchen is too hot — get out of it. Don’t stay and burn.

  36. Sister Baby

    Rihanna did not inherit her mother’s good and angelic Guyanese genes for if she did she would not exhibit such behaviour. She is a carbon copy of her bad Barbadian father, so sad. And if the the American music people would only come to Guyana they would find Typheon, a better singer and beautiful Guyanese girl, a girl who is packagable for the US and world market, when compared to Rihanna.

  37. bajangal

    Sister Baby:

    Give it a rest………..pleeeeeeeeze.

  38. PiedPiper

    Lord, I am actually getting some good laughs today. Sister Baby you never cease to amaze me, you like a one woman propoganda machine.

  39. bajangal

    Maybe she’s an employee of the Guyana Board of Tourism???? (LOL)

  40. Multicultural

    First of all-WTF does Guyana have to do with anything? Rihanna should not be blamed for anything. I don’t know how she was growing up, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about her when she first started in the music biz. But I have been in the Biz for years and I know that she is easily influenced by her ppl and her surroundings. Rihanna is a product-a brand. She is the last person to get paid from record sales. She can’t help but to act in a way in which is acceptable to the industry. She is constantly surrounded by ppl who tell her what to do, what to think and what to say. At such a young age and so successful–your life is governed by the ppl who market you. Rihanna has to come into her own…and that will take time since she has to get through this whole fiasco with Chris. But as time passes, she will mature and come to her senses. Many of us have done stupid things when we were that age, but we grow-and learn. Let her be–eventually she will realize the mistakes she has made–and she’ll learn from them….such is life.

  41. Sister Baby

    Bajangal, Everyday I turn on the TV it is about Rihanna, Rihanna in a SUV that was pulled over, she was in the car they say, she was going home from the night club in Hollywood, Rihanna gets tattoo shaped like a gun, and it is just on and on Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna. I am fed with her now. My contention is she was given a break of a lifetime, and as such should behave appropriatly, carry the Caricom flag with dignity, but no, she let a man beat her, goes back to him, and just making too many bad decisions.

    Now we have Typheon a great singer, and a beautiful girl, just go to YOU TUBE and punch in Typheon – I am not in love.. and you will see what I mean. Anyway, you never know Rihanna might work for Guyana Tourism, we would have her greet Caribbean Airlines flights.. welcoming visitors to our beautiful country.

  42. Sad To Say

    Multicultural are you Evans Rogers?

  43. bajangal

    Sister Baby:

    I agree with most of what you say.

    All I am saying is this is not the forum to be promoting Guyana and things Guyanese.

    Just stick to the subject………. that’s all.

  44. Sad To Say

    I have a 10 year old daughter who is absolutely fed up with Rihanna. I hope most youngsters in her age group are on the same wavelength. Unfortunately MOST OF US jumped on the Rihanna bandwagon without ever asking who is this girl? Does she represent my values? What if? As her image of this pure innocent teenager begins to fall apart we are now FINALLY seeing Rihanna for what she is. While I wish her the best and do hope that she gets her life on track I sincerely hope that we have learnt our lesson – These stars have a very short shelf life and very few go onto blaze a trail. Rhianna was good for Barbados while she was a star, however, all stars eventually become super novas whereby they explode and in the process consume themselves, eventually collapsing into a black hole where not even light exist. Rhianna is in the process of formulating her demise and she is doing an good job of it.

  45. reluctant nonbeliever

    Typheon? Typhoon? Who de hell dat?

    We in Barbados already have a superbly talented young female recording artiste to make us proud.

    And no, I’m not talking about Rihanna.

    I’m talking about Shontelle. She’s beautiful, bright (writes all her own material) and man, is she classy!

    Next to Shontelle, you have to admit that Rihanna looks like a Swan Street bashie girl with powder on her chest…

  46. My Sympathies

    People need to learn, for themselves, self governance. Teach the younger ones that skill and it will reduce the tendency w/in them to follow the negative elements of the known/shown individual(s).

  47. Multicultural

    LMAO—No I’m not Evan Rogers…lolol

  48. Sister Baby

    Non Beleiver, Typheon is a Guyanese singer, Typheon Abensetts is her name, beautiful girl, anyway listen, I have my TV on and the news break just came on saying something that Rihanna was nominated for some award but did not show up, just this moment that was on the news, look at story. I love Shontelle, just love her and her music, now I can’t relate Rihanna’s music, such as the song Distrubia and the accompanying video.

  49. Bajangal

    Rihanna has given herself over to the “dark” side.

    Many entertainers do this. It is a know fact. There is much documentation regarding Led Zeppelin and this phenomenon.

    Mick Jagger is another perfect case in point.

    She is not a child. She had choices to make and she has made them. She can of course change but that’s up to her.

    As for this nonsense about her “handlers” look at what “handlers” did to Anna Nicole Smith.

  50. kiki

    Bad Publicity Is Good Publicity
    ‘Mo Money ‘Mo Problems

  51. Multicultural

    Leave Ri alone–she’ll live and learn. As I said before, she’ll come into her own. RiRi is lost, but she will be ok. We call make bad choices at one point of the other….it ‘s called THE GAME OF LIFE!!!

  52. Multicultural

    Sorry-I meant “we all”. Typo.

  53. Multicultural

    One thing I am concerned about though, she may have hell to pay if she ever decides she made a mistake with all them tats.

  54. Samo

    Never make a man(woman) a hero in their lifetime, espeially when they are young.They will mess up at some stage

  55. Sister Baby

    Well it Monday afternoon here and my TV is on, and they have just announced the news headlines that they will talk about in an hour’s time, and in the people in the news segment is Rihanna will not co-operate with the prosecutor regarding the Chris Brown incident because she wants it to go away. Will I ever again turn on the TV to view the news and not have to hear the name Rihanna.

  56. Multicultural

    Is everyone here from Barbados?

  57. No living heroes

    Yea, remember the problems Sir Garry had a few years ago in England with the young lass

  58. Bajan Girl

    Sister Baby,

    According to what I read on TMZ today, what you said about Rihanna not cooperating with prosecutors is false. This is what is being reported on TMZ.

    “Sandi Gibbons from the L.A. County D.A.’s office tells us, “We deal with her attorney who says she is a cooperating victim.”
    “Even if Rihanna clams up, the D.A. is used to prosecuting these cases without a cooperative alleged victim. That’s especially true in this case, where there are graphic photos (the worst of which have not been seen), along with Rihanna’s statement to cops that Brown has beaten her before and the violence was escalating.”

  59. Bajan Girl

    Before Black people started showering him with excessive accolades and gifts, did Garfield Sobers ever do anything to help the common Black man in Barbados? I think not, but someone can correct me if I am wrong.

  60. Sister Baby

    Thank you Bajangal!

  61. Bajangal

    Hi Sis:

    It’s a bit confusing but there’s a Bajan Girl and Bajangal which is me — I did not respond to your comment!

  62. Sister Baby

    Hi Bajangal, Thank you for bringing to my attention that there is a Bajangal, you, and a Bajan Girl. Thank you.

    PS I feel a bit foolish at such a glaring mistake, oh well.

  63. La Toyia

    “Guns are not all about power and violence.” In our society-being Barbados we refer to guns in the negative as we have been socialised or conditioned to think this way. Guns are a source of protection. Do you know that in America – states in which citizens carry and have guns within their homes the level of crime is low.

    Rihanna has the right to place whatever symbols she wants upon her body.

  64. Bajan Girl

    La Toyia,

    You said, “Rihanna has the right to place whatever symbols she wants upon her body.” That is true, but Bajans have the right to have their country represented by someone who fits their image, not America’s image, of what a role model should be.

    I have consistently said, for several years now, that I couldn’t care less what Rihanna does personally, as long as she is not perceived as the face of Barbados. I think either the government of Barbados should ask her to relinquish the title of ambassador for Bajan youth, or she should voluntarily relinquish the title. That way, she can live her life the way she deems fit without having to worry about not representing Bajans well (obviously she doesn’t worry), and Bajans can breathe a little easier knowing that she is not representing them, but just herself.

    You need to research crime statistics in the U.S. The crime rate in some states is not low because people are allowed to carry and keep guns in their homes. There are many other sociological, economic, geographical (you name it) factors that affect crime rates. In reality, people in every state in the U.S. carry and keep guns in their homes. The U.S. has a terrible problem with gun violence, especially in Black communities.

  65. La Toyia

    I agree with your point about bajan’s rights to be represented by a person who fits their image of a role model.
    Rihanna has stopped representing Barbados through her image since the days when she danced in kadooment symbolised costumes for her song Pon De Relay and wore a trident ring on her finger. She will never be asked to relinquish her title of Ambassador for bajan youth because her image brings alot of foreign exchange to the BTA and Barbados through the tourist industry. Obviously ethics plays no role in a monetary society.We have moved from being field slaves to being house slaves in Hotels. All in the name of Tourism.

    I have lived in Vermont is 2003 – long after the events of 911 and Vermont does not have alot of gun control rules and their crime rate is low. You are correct about the different factors that effect the crime rate but I believe people should have a right to carry guns.
    America is heading towards a Police State with citizens being disarmed.
    If we are disarmed we cannot protect ourselves. Who then would the control if we don’t?
    As Barbadian we live in a Democratic society. Democracy comes from the Greek word “Demos Kratos” which means PEOPLE RULE not people ruled. We are people who are being ruled.

  66. Worried about Rihanna

    I’m still worried about Rihanna but this web-site shows she has a heart:


    Also, the gun tatoo thing, the whole thing is mind-boggling and questionable. Remember a certain singer called Madonna that used to shock everyone? Maybe Rihanna is trying to shock everyone. Look at all the attention she is getting.
    The gun tatoos could simply be a symbol of protection as someone in this blog above stated. Don’t stereo-type people. Okay, Rihanna, this is weird! We deserve an explanation. Still worried about you. Hope you can appease your fans soon with something positive. Hope you haven’t gone crazy or on drugs. Show us you are okay, okay?
    Maybe it is time to go on Oprah, with or without Chris Brown. Maybe after the trial we will hear you speak publicly. Hoping and praying you get through all of this. Barbados will be a very sad place if something happens to you. Thank God you survived the incident with Chris Brown. Anyway, here’s another web-site:
    Everybody in Barbados, please say a prayer for our Rihanna, whether you are a fan of hers or not, she is a Barbadian and she needs us whether she thinks she does or not. Thanks

  67. kiki

    When celebrities get cash they buy respectability e.g. madonna, ozzy osbourne, anna-nicholle smith

  68. Multicultural

    I will always support and pray for RiRi–she’s only coping the best way she knows how. Cut her some slack…She’ll be ok in the end.

  69. Multicultural

    Rihanna is back in Barbados as of Friday, April 3rd. If you guys see her, give her a big hugg and a kiss for me…. 🙂

  70. Multicultural

    “We seem to have forgotten the type of world Rihannna is in.
    Riahanna is an R&B/Hip Hop/ star. The world she represents is anti-establishment; where dope, sex and guns are the norm.

    Her image might be in keeping the dictates of management, as this is important for the longevity of an entertainer.
    But I hope she is not being sucked in by the temporary, and very often – short lived – glamour of Hollywood.”

    I agree Eddie…

  71. kiki

    is rhianna primarily (a) a singer (b) a money maker?
    if (a) she’s not living up to her full potential
    if (b) she’s doing alright

  72. ashton

    I’ve just read that
    Her split with Chris
    Brown is being Faked !
    Both of their Handlers are
    working hard & working together
    Trying to fool the public
    for $$$$$$$$$ from their fans,
    commercial endorsements to
    salvage both of their careers.

    Even the photos of Rihanna with
    other Men & Living it up abroad
    without Chris Brown are staged !
    Rihanna’s latest media
    escapade’s all have Chris Brown’s Blessings !

  73. Multicultural

    ashton–I wouldn’t put it past them. I believe they are still an item…but if this is true or not is anyones guess. Fact of the matter is–we really don’t know for sure. Chris has a lot to deal with right now and them being together in public will mos def hurt RiRi’s career.

  74. bajanbat

    Yuh hear bout doing the populah thing? Well that is what the PM was doing when he anoint RiRi. That catch him a l’il more popularity with the yutes so that was the play of the day. I don’t think anyone got big enuff cojones to take away her ambassador position either. She is no longer a role model for Bajans, she is anudda Whitney Houston gettin’ ready to tek a nose dive. I am sorry as she has talent and should take guidance before it is too late, but …. time will tell.

  75. bajanbat

    Bajan Girl – you only thinking small. Some Black, White and the majority of the population who are “passing” think that unless their “heroes” walk around the island handing out gifts or favours he/she is not “doing anything for them”. That is also what you expect politicians to do which is why Caribbean politics is in the state it is.
    Why do you expect anyone to be “doing something for you” or giving you something you have not worked for? You have no right to expect it, God gave you life and that is your only “right” on this earth. Too many people expecting something for nothing and waiting for handouts is causing lots of problems in society.

  76. She's a and b

    Rihanna is a and b
    And remember…she’s young


  77. True


    We are on the same wave-length.

    You only have to look at historical patterns of the super stars. They follow the same routes

  78. smh

    i dont think there will ever come a time where this young woman will see right ffrom worng
    i mean she makes some terrible decisions and the prime minister parties it up with her?
    i sorry but i dont know whats going on here, this is the same pm who gave her a fete and placed her on a pedestal.
    at least let the girl know when she going worng, instead of having a drink wit her after she make such horrible decisions!
    its almost like saying congrats rihanna on getting back wit cb, and congrats on ur new gun tattoo.

    is pm david thompson scared of rihanna or wat??????????
    before rihanna there was barbados, and after there will be barbados!!!

  79. crunk brown

    that clown hust plead “not guilty”
    so I guess it was a hant or something committed the domestic violence against rihanna?
    young chris brown won’t even “Man up” to what
    he did. I hope the judge throws the book at him
    to make an example of this crunk dancing liar!

    Chris Brown pleads not guilty in Rihanna abuse case http://www.reuters.com/article/entertainmentNews/idUSTRE5356SX20090406

  80. Kite-watcher

    Rihanna – since you are good friends with the Prime Minister, could you ask him if there is anything he can do about people flying kites all day and all night over Navy Gardens?
    I don’t know if they are just trying to annoy or actually hurt somebody? This is a nuisance and threatening? One of these days somebody could get hurt when a kite comes hurdling down. Can’t the police or defense force follow the string and see where it is coming from and reel it in and maybe even find out who is doing this?
    Rihanna, please can you help us? You are a youth ambassador for Barbados, can you speak to our youth and tell them to behave themselves. (I actually do think it is kids doing it because one day I saw 2 boys around the ages of 10 – 14 walking around the neigborhood what appeared to be looking for a kite that had come down). Thanks if you can do anything. Hope you enjoyed your time at home!

  81. MUFFIN



  82. negroand lovingit

    Before Rihanna was appointed ambassador to the youth it was public knowledge that she skipped classes and had little interest in school and she was a bashment girl. Did anyone expect that to change with fame and money? Even if you put a gold ring through the nose of a swine it is still a SWINE. If you give a bashment girl fame and money she is still bashment just more bashment. Why did everyone think that she would change. Role model to the youth? hmmm do you encourage your young girls to waste time in school because they’re pretty and will make it somehow? Do you allow your children to idolize someone who performs with next to nothing on and poses semi-nude and nude. I am a younf female and I do not idolize Rihanna at all I am more interested in using my intellect to get ahead and to do something for the land that gave me and my forefathers so much and I will pass it on to my female children. Myself and my generation are blessed and fortunate to have come from a small island with such values as opposed to USA with such corruption and they need to see it. Furthermore there is a reason Rihanna decided to stick by Brown-because it is the norm in their relationship to put their hands on each other and she is fully away what part she played in the event, only he got caught and she escaped unscathed. Her conscience is bothering her for her role in his demise. I go to university in Canada and since this Rihanna thingie people here have a very negative impression not just of Bajans but Caribbean women as well. Rihanna does not only represent Barbados she represents the entire Caribbean. She is a sad case and she does not have my support. Just as I make my choices she makes hers as well. Where is her mother anyway she should have never been unleashed like that at such a young age alone.

  83. World Citizen

    Use wunnah heads, nuh.

    Rihanna knew that Chris Brown not only had, but was quite willing to exploit those nude photos of her, and SHE used her head. Or – her upper torso, to be more exact.

    To be more succinct: if I KNEW, almost for a fact, that some monkey-headed, rabbit-toothed little mutant of a woman-beating ex-boyfriend was going to deploy a set of NUDE PICS that I had taken in my VERY FOOLISH PAST, then – to ensure that no such crap re-occured in THE NEAR OR DISTANT FUTURE, I would ensure that the public got a glimpse of what my NEWLY-TATTOED / BRANDED body looked like as…well – kinda insurance.

    So that if – during this NUDE PICS, then SEX-TAPE merry-go-round, someone tries to slip in a few non-me shots, unless the body is sporting two GUN-TATS on the torso, then – as Shaggy says: “It wasn’t me!!”

    But…HOW in hell do people get themselves in these kind of freakin’ ODD situations in the FIRST place? Cheeeeeezeonbread, man…..

  84. Multicultural

    I agree with you worldcitizen—I agree 100%..lolol

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  87. rihanna I wonder what u doing in new york holla back at a player

  88. RIHANN


  89. Fiddla

    I personally think all of you commenting need to get a life shut up and enjoy the music. She is a grown woman with allot of potential. So what if she has inked herself with symbols of guns give it up already. She knows right from wrong just as well as you all do by sitting hear cutting her up. I find it absolutely pathetic you all sit hear and criticize this poor girl. Seems to me the majority are just jealous, and cannot accept the fact that SOME PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT. It’s different when someone like Rhianna has somethings like this inked on her body but yet what about the rest of our society a bunch of young wannabes all trying to be just like her. GET YOU’RE OWN STYLE DRAMA BITCHES

  90. elizabeth

    its just a cute little gun tattoo. why does it have to mean anything. or better yet, ASK HER WHAT IT MEANS and shut the **** up.

  91. mz.caramel

    I really don’t care what tattoos riri has on her body. I mean why should I? It’s not like I’m going to be looking at those tattoos for the rest of my life. I also don’t see why everyone else cares so much. It’s not our business nor is it our body. If you ask me people should just leave her alone, she’s been through enough. She doesn’t need random people making comments about her every move. So just leave her alone.

  92. I love rihanna Ive been following her since sos days lol. I dont agree with the tatoo but its her business leave riri alone.

  93. serena

    she was in uniform , that could be a reason.

  94. GoodyGoodGirl

    Granted we cannot tell her what to do, go, wear, etc..She is a grown woman afterall. Or is she? Being honest how many of us really felt grown up at 21. The saying age is but a number is applicable her. Would the Prime Minister like it if his three daughters started getting tattoos and were constantly highlighted in a negative light by the media? Chances are the answer would be no!! Those of you who are screaming for us to lay off her case, need to wake up and smell the age old coffee. One can argue that she can do what she wants;that she has earned it through her talent or lack thereof, because she is a celebrity and she can literally do as she pleases…..BUT is this really the case? For as much money she makes she is churning millions into her managements pockets. The point is she has a reputation to keep up and a role to play in attracting the consumer to purchase her cds. Maybe she is not in control of everything she does. How many of us honestly would fly in the face of the opportunity to make million? How many individuals would take time to consult or weigh themselves and their situation from an ethical or moral standpoint. Maybe she has passed the point where withdrawal is no longer an option. Like many other things the power associated with fame can be an addiction. The same way that she knows that she has a responsibility to the buying public because of her role as a musically oriented celebrity (why do you think that she had to do that exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer whereby she justified her actions to the American purchasing public which also comprises of CD buyers who might happen to be abuse victims ?) she damn well knows too that she has a responsibility to the Barbadian public. Unlike other Barbadian “celebrities” her role as youth ambassador requires an indepth examination of her as an ethical and moral being. Being such a “positive” and “vocal” person she had every right to respectfully reject the postion being offered to her by the PM. Honestly I think that the PM bit off more that he could chew in the name of building and keeping popularity. The youth of Barbados may respond to “hype” as much as those of any other population in the world, but believe me, we are, like so many around the world, are not blind to hypocrisy.

    I hope the youth of Barbados, recognise that looking for the good in others does not automatically surface the good in themselves. We, like her, have to work at it and put God first. Simply put….she cannot mend Rihanna focusing on the Rhianna is a mask that she wears for the sake of her occupation, but in the end she has to contend with the deeds of Robyn Rihanna Fenty. The critique of one’s self can at times be the greatest sorrow that we could ever endure. Guilt will strike them both.

  95. shelby

    i just randomly stumbled across this. why is everyone freaking out about her getting some sweet tats? it’s her choice. noone has the right to judge her immediately. try living in her shoes for one day. probably symbolizes some kind of protection. tattoos can be a strong sign and message. she’s a bomb woman. and i think even more so since she got those sick guns on her skin.

  96. 117

    I don’t get Rihanna, I would think after her and Chris brown’s fight I would think she would have been more of a good role model for those Who been abused like herself and not promote guns and bullets. And I don’t think it’s no ones fault not Americans or Hollywood.Rihanna is grown and everyone on earth has a say so over there own life ,God gives everyone a chance to do right. Some take the right way and some take the wrong way but it was her choice

  97. Rechael

    How the hell does anyone know whether she crawled back or he stepped up and became a better man? If she wants to get some guns, I say go for it. They may represent protection. Judge not, lest ye shall surely be judged.